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  1. smellibits

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Umm.. I think Your Mom may pop up in the west!
  2. smellibits


    Your mom, Ticks my box I can't conceive that Scally would have given up searching so quickly as he alleges, and is it odds with what VOR are saying. As rather reluctant, reactive communicators as they are when the s... hits the fan, as did it with Vestas going into HK, I prefer their account to Handjob's effort because they can't afford to get it wrong. Very offensive, immature, ill-considered effort in almost every respect, although I will nod to the notion that the cockpit is extremely exposed. But let more informed, unemotional views be espoused when the circumstances of his MOB become known. First post on the subject, so I'll convey my thoughts to his family and friends particularly, and the Scally team, and to the whole fleet, who can't be feeling too good about things at the moment - and also acknowledging moments I've had when I have been involved, as I suspect most of us have, in instances very close to the wire, some of which in hindsight simply should not have been allowed to occur, but others which were beyond any reasonable anticipation in the circumstances.
  3. smellibits

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    BM, I think you were right. When you and Thistle hardened up I was already to leeward and leaking by c5NM. So you 9 me ) go with the other route. Sailed the stretch OKish. But I think a quick boat well sailed wouldn't have suffered as much, but no way ( IMHO) in as conditions emerged, would it have panned out. Great fun ( better half away ) jagging through islands though Round the corner I'll have some different options from you I think. But also recognising it's bollocks not to kit the boat up fully.
  4. smellibits

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Driftwood. Everything up - jib, staysail ( poled out ) foresail, a blooper, tops'l, mains'l, mizzen, towels, dinghy dropped from the stern most davit, blankets, towels and hankies, with boards up. 6kts. Might have to drop the pole on the staysail with the gap to be squeezed through in about half an hour. Still, have a rendezvous with the trimaran in about 5 hours and so will accelerate - belatedly. Right guest no. Under a brit flat.
  5. smellibits

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Slow boat to China. Went the coast route, westwards. Now approaching Cape le Grand, and readying for island dodging. DTF c300NM less than Shockwave, but wind going flakey and it'll be slow to Cape Leeuwin, and any advantage should be gobbled up. Boat is Guest64418. Only extras are code 0 and foils.
  6. smellibits

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Am in for this leg. Good to see familiar enemy. If there's room to squeeze smellibits into the listings, that would be grand.
  7. smellibits

    Origami Boat Thread

    I believe BS wanted to be ousted because he knew that on this site, at every turn, he and his views ( with some very occasional exceptions a long way back which were of passing interest ) were being demolished and he found or was provided with the means to get banned. Doubtless he'll claim those grounds were a conspiracy to suppress his wisdom. Good riddance. But I'm afraid there was a rather horrible inevitability about it all. Thoughts go to RP and his family. If for no other cause than reassuring Panope, steel ( and aluminium ) boats are great IMHO and nothing BS can say or do will do traduce that, or ought to do so in any reasonable person's mind. They are much admired hereabouts, particularly in continental northern Europe. I have a steel Dutch built mobo built on trawler lines and I adore her and her qualities, and if I say so myself, those shine through in admiration when set along side the admittedly rather faster, but thirstier GRP comparators. I even have a very small steading main ( and a jib, though what that might achieve leaves me scratching my head ). I doubt that even in a F8 they'd get her over 4 knts. Must try it, but we could be claiming the sub 4.5 knots shitbox accolade. Anyway here's to Shit Gargler fucking off.
  8. smellibits

    Live Racing Thread

    Glad all well. At least with BAR's DNFs they crossed the start line. Sorry for the Kiwis. Hope no major issues and they're OK for racing tomorrow, if called upon. But I have to say, towards a very small percentage of posters, there's some schadenfreude on my part.
  9. smellibits

    Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    Agree. V interesting. Can't find the detail now, but wasn't Chris White quite excited by his Mast foil arrangement which was also 360 deg. rotating albeit he didn't have a soft sail add on? And I think his first rig fell over! Only asking, not dissing anyone.
  10. smellibits

    Other Virtual Races

    Nor was it.
  11. smellibits

    Other Virtual Races

    Been to a beach party for half an hour. Took a while to drag myself away. I fear this is not the last one.
  12. Good idea YM about a new thread, and good luck with the current race. I think i'll do the RORC 600, sans options, to sate the continuing post VG withdrawal symptoms. Starts in just over 24 hours.
  13. 27408.6 Ooch, and didn't go west in the S Atlantic. I enjoyed going down and coming back up the Atlantic, but I have to say the IceZone and what it entailed made the middle section very tedious. Well done top dogs.
  14. I've been having a great tussle with Golden Rose since the Doldrums. Max distance has been ( effectively ) 20 NM although at times actual distance between us might have been 50 or so. So it goes. Except when I get back from being out for the day a bit over 3 hours ago, he's done brilliantly be going much deeper up towards the Scillies than my rather tighter approach, and he's close reaching down, when I switched, on at 47deg AWA. He's going to cross me by about 3 NM. I have a 5 minute look. If I stay on the outside, it looks like I'll have a touch more wind and a similar wind angle. So I tack on a similar handing, about 1.5 NM to leeward and the same distance behind. Now I've benefitted from the inaccuracies of the wind readings before, having sailed over him within 3 NM considerably faster and in more wind than the wind readings were giving. The reverse happened here. He was getting half knot or more of wind, and was pointing 1 degree higher on the same AWA. Fine. I'm sure we've all seen this. Tried a few things, for a couple of hours or so, but the overall prognosis was not good. Be patient nonetheless? Perhaps, but I reckoned the odds aren't good, as he can quite readily cover, which the swine seemed to be doing, And I have to go to bed for an early start. But the weird thing is, to shake the dice, I've just tacked back and his wind when I did so was 18.4 knts. When I crossed his track 20 mins later it was 17.7knts! Odd, unless he's sleeping with someone at VR. We have a glass of champagne on who crosses first. That's good, in fact very good. What slightly concerns me is getting out to California to buy it. About to tack back, and see if I can get him to Brexitland.
  15. Managed to miss the green bits. Lots of places with redolent names. Barren Island, Speedwell Island, Great Island, Muffler Jack Mountain, Goose Green, Grantham Sound, San Carlos, Foul Bay... Magool, did you beach at Beaver Island? If so, did you really stay on board?