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  1. Race tracking

    On the other hand, owners that can not spend $50-100K for a race will not mind if they can see boats ahead in a light spot, and you want them considering the next race too, maybe even more. You watch boats sailing into light spots in short daylight races too, so it is a normal part of the sailing game. Owners that can spend that kind of of money can also buy online wind prediction, online AIS positions and sophisticated radar equipment to track weather and opposition, they have that advantage anyway. If they sail into a light spot they probably have hired the wrong pro navigator and pre race weather consultant. Real time tracking just levels that playing field a bit, I don't think there is anything wrong with that.
  2. I can assure you Frans Maas never ever saved weight on keel structures, he lived and sailed on quite a rough part of the North Sea and build and designed all his boats to deal with that, his build quality could match yards like Nautor's Swan. This boat has raced 10.000's of miles in offshore races like the Fastnet in much heavier conditions than on the day of the accident without any problem. Although the boat was more than 20 years old it was maintained meticulously, every year it would come out of the shed like it was new, I would not have hesitated for one second to join Frans and his boat for any offshore trip. From the upturned picture of the hull the bottom looks fully intact. Investigations are undertaken at this moment so I don't want to jump at conclusions, but my cautious guess is faulty keelbolts, maybe due to corrosion or fatigue.
  3. The European sportboat championship has just ended in Chioggia Italy. It feature 40 entries with boats of all types and sizes. First was an Italian one off, second a Delta 84 and third a SB 20. Results and pictures: http://www.orcsportboateuropeans2016.com/en/
  4. One Ton Cup Revival 2016

    The One Ton Cup revival 2016, taking place in Breskens, the Netherlands is already showing promising entry numbers from an international group of participants. The fleet is divided in classic RORC One Tonners and two classes of IOR One Tonners. Could the One Tonners follow the steps of the reviving Quarter Tonners as we see in the UK, or will this be a one time show? www.onetoncuprevival.org
  5. ORC certificate

    "no VPP in existence can accommodate planing and non planing boats" Actually VPP's can handle planing boats without much difficulty, designers of boats like IMCO 60's and TP 52's are not just guessing around about the target speed of their planing designs. If you look at the results of the worlds, boats like TP 52's and heavy Swan 45's are well mixed in the results, so rating it is also possible. Rating and predicting surfing is a bit more difficult though.
  6. Velocity Prediction Program

    Just spent the 10 Euro's at ORC sailor service and get the right results. Getting your hullfile imported in a free or cheap VPP is nearly impossible and the results will be as valuable as their price.
  7. What Could Go Wrong?

    It looks exactly like an oversized McGregor. Maybe they tried to copy it and forgot to include the waterballast and the huge outboard?