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  1. Monkey

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I hope so. If the one design portion of the rig is a problem, then we’ve got real issues. Already 0 for 1 on the foil arms.
  2. Monkey

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Well, they nailed the end plate effect with the dock. Not sure if it’s fast though.
  3. Monkey

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Sorry, but that’s the dumbest damned thing you’ve ever posted.
  4. Monkey

    Doyle vs. Quantum #3

    Aren’t you running North these days?
  5. Monkey

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    The tender isn’t any better.
  6. Bruce is to lawyering as Doug Lord is to engineering. When in doubt, repeat a useless argument.
  7. Monkey

    What happened to all the dump trucks?

    I see an endless barrage of dump trucks on the last mile of my commute to work every day. Oddly, they’re always painted tan and empty, often in convoy with shiny fire trucks. (Oshkosh Truck test drives all their military vehicles and fire trucks on the same stretch of highway I use). It makes for amusing scenery.
  8. Monkey

    shipping sport boat SF to NY

    As others said, your budget is laughably low, however I may have a possible solution. Rail. I’ve shipped a Jeep from Wisconsin to Nevada, then back again. If you’ve got a tow vehicle, it’s possible that it could hit your budget. We spent about two grand for the flatbed car round trip, but that was with twice as many terminal fees. You’d have to ship the tow vehicle hitched to the trailer.
  9. Monkey

    Scooter Talking Trash bout his Competition

    Seriously man, you are just as much of a cunt as he is. In real life, both of you are probably decent guys. On SA, you’re a pair of assholes who think a little too highly of themselves. Learn to leave PA in PA. That’s a venting ground. It has no business in ruining sailing threads.
  10. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    Seriously guys. Please stop quoting Smackdaddy. Let all of us that enjoy the AC have our peace. There’s no need for that intellectually challenged muppet. He offers no redeeming value, and just makes everyone think all Americans are assholes. We’re better than him.
  11. Monkey

    Scooter Talking Trash bout his Competition

    Go back to PA where you’re a self-proclaimed badass.
  12. Monkey

    Checking depth sounder out of the water

    Leave the boat in the yard approximately 200 years. Wait for sea level to rise. Verify functionality.
  13. Monkey

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    On the topic of radio comms, keep an extra handheld in the tow boat to lend the towee. It’s amazing how many sailors only have the fixed mount VHF at the nav station, which is useless if you’re trying to talk to the person steering. Although the fixed mount is probably better located on a powerboat being towed, probably half the tows are the result of a dead battery.
  14. Monkey

    Scooter Talking Trash bout his Competition

    Especially considering said accuser faired in the keel in a one design, and based on photos posted on his own front page, uses illegally slack life lines. Maybe it could just be a case of “takes one to know one.”
  15. Sorry, you get a fail on this one. You wanted political points. Thankfully, most of us Americans are better than that.