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  1. Monkey

    Tourist Power Boat Anarchy

    I kind of want to build one of those. Don’t judge me.
  2. Monkey

    Black Lives Matter

    The police haven’t released the police officer’s identity, but he’s an incredibly nice guy, but also happens to be black. I can’t wait to see how the press spins it.
  3. Monkey

    Black Lives Matter

    Actually, the confusion is on them. They bussed in people from all over the state last night. Kind of sad.
  4. Monkey

    Black Lives Matter

    Just google black man shot in Sheboygan, WI. That should fill you in. I’ve already been deposed. (I’ve been arrested by the cop involved.
  5. Monkey

    Black Lives Matter

    The BLM bunch is having a field day in my little city. It’s going to be a little embarrassing when they realize the cop who pulled the trigger is black. He’s a good cop too.
  6. Monkey

    2020 Fishing Thread

    I fish out of Sheboygan, WI. They’re going nuts around 85 to 110 feet here. Best fishing I’ve seen in years.
  7. Monkey

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    It’s a good update in that they’re being very open in telling everyone what’s going on. I’m pretty sure everyone appreciates that.
  8. Monkey

    2020 Fishing Thread

    This little guy had me thoroughly confused this morning. He hit a Dipsy that was out 125’. He took off on a run out to just shy of 400’ of line before I could make any progress. I was half expecting to find a sea monster on the end of the line. Fun way to start the morning though!
  9. Monkey

    INEOS Team GB

    You’re right. I had two different brands mixed up. That’ll teach me for posting under the influence.
  10. Monkey

    INEOS Team GB

    I’m amazed no one noticed that the official engine supplier for the INIEOS chase boats is officially gone. Someone backed the wrong horse. edit: at least the kiwis chose well!!
  11. Monkey

    The Lies of the Reich Have Real Consequences

    So you’re a mindless sheep just like him? I’ll answer your question when you’re willing to talk like a grown up. When you sick fucks quit associating Republicans with Nazis, I’ll take you serious.
  12. Monkey

    The Lies of the Reich Have Real Consequences

    He isn’t capable. He’s a bitchy old man who whines a lot and then begs for money to pay for his sailing. I guess we all need hobbies though.
  13. Monkey

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    You do realize how simple the solution is, right? Get a bunch of red masks made with MAGA printed on them and sell them outside the Trump rallies. Those muppets will buy anything with MAGA printed on it. Once a few people fall for it, the rest will think “oh, I guess masks are good now or there wouldn’t be MAGA ones.” Next thing you know, you’re selling them faster than the hats! Meanwhile, all the media coverage of the crowds at the rallies would show mask wearing people. The trend catches on... Dumb people are easy to manipulate.
  14. Monkey

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Nah, the delivery crew will just be 8 or less.
  15. Monkey

    The rise of the KAREN

    Excellent advice. I had a new neighbor accidentally think the ugly chain link fence in my backyard was on his property. I came home one day to find it torn out and a much nicer wooden fence being built. We sorted it out very friendly, (I even paid half) but the $200 to have a lawyer write up the paperwork to make sure it was clear that it was my property was money well spent.