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  1. I think the problem here is that you'll drive off your cruiser division. The person that starts the race in the cruising division, isn't out to potentially race against the carbon 3di'd monster. They want to race against cruisers.
  2. The flick button was available around the fourth pick or so. Somehow I got put in charge of it with the 24th pick! (I could carry on all day!). I don't remember exactly which pick the Bears passed him over, but it still makes my day.
  3. To be fair, 23 (I think) other teams passed him by in the draft. He's earned the right to play with a big ol' fuck you chip on his shoulder. And he does it well!!
  4. Well I guess I'm finally going to be gone for good then!
  5. Seeing as this thread is full of experienced short handed folks from the proper coast, what's your opinion on the Olson 25 as a short handed boat?
  6. And just as corrupt as the RNC. What's your point?
  7. Guess what? I go to work every day and I'm yet to feel any effects from the clown. Please tell us what direct effect that muppet has had on you so far. Let's hear facts. I want to hear direct effects to you, specifically. That'll be a great basis for a rational discussion.
  8. You muppets have fun. In case you've wondered why it's a democrat love fest lately in PA, this is it. I offered my view, and I'm not a die hard republican or trump fan, but you can't see two feet past the party line. A rational discussion is impossible. Have fun with it, but know, you're part of the problem.
  9. Or... a lot of us voted for an idiot hoping that just maybe both sides of the aisle would wake the fuck up and realize we're sick of the way our country is run by "me first" career politicians. The whole system is broken. We got left with two shitty choices. I'm what I can best describe as a fiscally conservative liberal. Our current system will never allow a candidate I like. Our country can survive 4 years of stupid. I'm hoping both sides learn the lesson of what happens when they back political whores. You get a clown as a consolation prize.
  10. The real question is what the hell is wrong with Democrats in that their best effort lost to him? Our whole country gets to share this honor!
  11. Furl, tack, unfurl.
  12. I actually believe him. One was at anchor, two had run aground, and 3 were half completed, rusting away in a near by boatyard.
  13. While I don't disagree with with you, kneeling during the national anthem just came across as offensive to many Americans, and understandably so. I agree with what he was protesting, I just don't like how he was. I respect his right to do what he did, but also respect the right of various team owners to pass him over because they don't want to offend their fan base. As a stockholder in my team, I'd consider hiring him a bad business decision unless the team was desperate, which thankfully, we're not.
  14. Simple. Indio is a whiny cunt. He can't fathom the fact that NZ lost. Oddly enough, I'm struggling to find any of us Oracle fans who have lacked the basic sportsmanship to go all conspiracy theory on NZ's win. That muppet just can't seem to accept that sometimes, the better team wins.
  15. No reason to worry about it. Green Bay will win the conference anyway.