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  1. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    Probably, from time to time!
  2. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    They all have it. It’s part of the cooling system for the foil canting hydraulics.
  3. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    Yes it is.
  4. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    No, you’re still fighting over nonsense. You keep getting banned for being a fucking idiot. There’s a reason for that.
  5. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    Likewise, it’d be pretty cool if the UAE boat didn’t rely on an Aussie skipper.
  6. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    Sure, and require a staff to maintain all the systems year ‘round. These are heavily computerized, precision hydraulic toys. The average tractor mechanic won’t be doing the maintenance. I suppose you’re right though, assuming the owner has a few million a year to run a forty foot toy.
  7. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    That’s hilariously optimistic! I’ve come around and like the boats, but they won’t trickle down to “us” anytime soon.
  8. Monkey

    We are doing great

    But then people might whine about the Blackhawk, Chinook, Kiowa, Little Bird, the short lived Commanche, and probably a few more I’m forgetting...
  9. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    Poor guy is such a gutless coward he had to change his username. The crap he was posting is such garbage, he actually had to change his name. And by all means, call my bluff princess. I’ve given out my name, address, and phone number here.
  10. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    I’m just going to assume SClarkey is pouting again.
  11. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    Not so much hate as just pointing out sheer ignorance.
  12. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    Has anyone seen SClarke and Mako at the same time? I find it hard to believe New Zealand has that many stupid people.
  13. Monkey

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    It’s amazing that you still think the Xerox joke is clever.
  14. Monkey

    Team NYYC

    I’m an American and I acknowledge it was a little dodgy. I didn’t like it, however, it wasn’t done with nefarious intentions. Money was drying up, and Oracle tried to make it cheaper. It never should have happened, but it wasn’t some sort of Evil Larry ploy.