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  1. Sailing is cheap

    Remember to factor in mental health, no phone calls, good day with friends, etc. Where do you feel better than on your boat? Delivery to Solomons, A town, Hampton.....Bruce or Jimmie or someone on the stereo, cold beer in your hand, autopilot working , wind off the stern quarter. Need I go on? Sailing has kept the 357 away from my head for years . Cheap by comparison.
  2. Dyneema Deck Railings

    So when your deck owner doesn't change out the dyneema in a few years and his kid falls through....? Homeowners are notoriously lax on maintenance.
  3. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1992/Tripp-55-Custom-3132593/ME/United-States Brooklyn Boatyard build. Amazing and in great shape.
  4. Cleaning bottoms in Annapolis

    Call Marlene, Anne Arundel Dive Svc. http://www.aadiveservices.com/contact_us
  5. Tripp 33 polars

    Tripp 33's are really ticklish and have to be well sailed to succeed. That said, they've won class at Key West, Miami SORC, Screwpile and many other venues. The keel is especially sensitive and efficient near max hull speed. They have huge rudders which make rig tune/placement critical for balance. We regularly held a lane behind faster boats by footing off 3-4 degrees to get water over the keel and were keel lifted above the boats ahead. Magic! They are underpowed down wind and really benefit from penalty pole or (masthead) assyms as seen above. If you can find a dry one (balsa core/Carrol Marine) that hasn't been beat up too bad, they can beat most anything. Including MHOB J29's which are really good boats.
  6. Tripp 33 polars

  7. VC Offshore vs Bottomkote

    Had a chat last week with Marlene/Anne Arundel Dive Svc regarding Offshore vs. Black Widow. She helped with some research on the Black Widow product and felt it performed well in Annapolis area as compared to Offshore/Baltoplate which is already banned in a few places and is likely to be discontinued in the next year or so. The only hitch Marlene mentioned was that the Black Widow paint was extremely hard which made sanding difficult. We've been a Baltoplate boat for many years and will buy up some supply for the next year or so as insurance, but the Black Widow stuff sounds like it will get as smooth as we want - at least 600 - and stay that way.
  8. Down the Bay Race (Chesapeake)

    Looks like less than 5kn for a long ways. Breakfast isn't likely. Need lots of beer and bug spray.
  9. VC17 Alternative

    If I recall correctly, Petit had a product called SR-21? that was similar to VC-17. It's seems to be replaced for 2017 by their black widow performance bottom paint. I would imagine you don't have any experience with any of these products since these are freshwater paints. The Black Widow paint looks interesting. The old Baltoplate formula included Molybdenum, B W has that plus some other slicking stuff and they pimp it as "hard", so I'm thinking vinyl? Anyway, love to hear some feedback if anyone out there is using it.
  10. ST60 flush mount kits

    What I need is a St60 (not plus) kit. Try Ebay for covers.
  11. ST60 flush mount kits

    Thanks, guys!
  12. J/35 Backstay Piston

    FWIW, I left a response on the gear site.
  13. J/33 Backstay

    Talk to some class guys for how much headstay tension you need. There should be a tuning guide available either from the class or from Jboats. I doubt you'll get enough tension with a cascade. Checks will indeed pull shape back into main, they will also limit bend - depending on how flexible the rig is - to transfer the force to the headstay. As to being able to adjust from the helm, if you're driving (I'm assuming you're racing?), you have no business doing anything but driving. Your main trimmer should be doing that in conjunction with your headsail trimmer to balance the helm and change gears. If it's awkward for the main trimmer to reach, maybe tactician or your honey can sit back there and do it while she rubs your neck and holds your beer! Enjoy your new toy. Leroi
  14. ST60 flush mount kits

    Are there different kits for the 60 vs.60+ instruments? Thanks. Leroi
  15. Awlgripped Mast Touchups

    Why not scuff up the bad spots, prime w/chromate, and touch up with some rattle can appliance epoxy. It may not match perfectly, but it will protect your mast for $10-$15.