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  1. I'm helping a friend get his Mk3 up to speed.  Do you know where I can get a polar diagram or target speed/awa chart?  Thanks, Leroi/Voodoochile


    1. Rail Meat

      Rail Meat

      An Akilaria Mk3?   Best shot might be Brian Harris at Maine Yacht Services.  He has one.  

  2. voodoochile

    Thompson 35 (38')

    Saw this on another site. Way cool boat. If I were a younger man! ..https://www.facebook.com/groups/139759656707273/permalink/235775973772307/?sale_post_id=235775973772307
  3. voodoochile

    Importing used boats from Europe to the U.S.

    The same. Who U?
  4. voodoochile

    Importing used boats from Europe to the U.S.

    OK, so where did your S40 come from, what port of entry, and what do you think was the sum total of everything?
  5. What was the actual cost and what size boat?  What entry port?  Thanks, Leroi


  6. voodoochile

    Importing used boats from Europe to the U.S.

    So what was the actual $ cost with tax and everything? Thanks. Leroi
  7. voodoochile

    Good mobile repair service Norfolk VA?

    Try Tidewater Marine Services. Gaston is a talented guy and can probably direct you to people who can do what he can't. TIDEWATER MARINE SERVICES, INC. PO Box 1991 Newport News, VA 23601 US (757) 739-9808 gsaada1@cox.net www.tidewatermarineservices.com
  8. voodoochile

    Shore power gfi tripping

    Take the cheap simple step first. GFCI's can wear out over time. Replace the GFCI and see if the new one is tripping.
  9. voodoochile

    Chesapeake Bay Debris Cancelling Racing

    Saw a huge Loggerhead turtle in the starting area a few weeks ago at Leukemia Cup. Getting better for sure, long way to go.
  10. voodoochile

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    I needed to raise my new quatro type cabin top winches 1.5" so I had my local mill shop lay up 2 layers of 3/4" PVC cut from 1 x 8 planks, cut into a circle and beveled a 1/2" . Been on for 7-8 years I think I paid around $75 for a pair. PVC also available in 1".
  11. voodoochile

    Getting a pre purchase survey out of state?

    You're wise to hire your own surveyor. Dealer recommended surveyors rely on repeat business and don't want to screw up the deal. I used to sail out of Urbanna and it's a pretty sleepy little burg. I've reached out to a rigger friend in Deltaville for recommendations for you. If we can't find you one there, there are plenty of surveyors in Hampton and Annapolis, both an easy drive. What boat are you looking at?
  12. voodoochile

    Rudder Bearings

    Per Moon's comment, the old bearings can be difficult to remove as they are often bound up in the tube. Sometimes they can be driven out like with a 2 x 4 and a hammer, other times they will need to be cut out. Work involves - obviously- hauling out, removing rudder, then removing old bearings, installing new bearings, reinstalling rudder. Wheel steering is more involved than tiller. None of this is difficult, just takes time and there can be complications. You should be able to get a firm quote from your yard. Call me if you decide to do it yourself, we've done our 38' one twice. First when worn out, then again when tornado blew us up on our floating dock against the rudder.
  13. voodoochile

    Replacing rudder

    Here's all you need: http://www.fastcomposites.ca/site/marine/foils-a-z/?doing_wp_cron=1529840706.7484378814697265625000 Box up your old rudder, ship to Phil (Canada). Give them a call and they'll talk you through the packing and customs stuff. Done.
  14. voodoochile

    Cracked Tylaska

    Several years ago, an employee stole a bunch of Tylaskas from the factory before they went through final inspection. Tylaska offered to inspect/replace for free. They wanted to be sure to protect their reputation as to the quality of their product. I'm betting if you contact the company, they will replace it.
  15. voodoochile

    DTB 2018 5/25/2018 - DH class

    Beware of the Potomac. Choose how to cross it according to the tides. It'll either suck you in or flush you out.