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  1. voodoochile

    What is this? (Raymarine)

    Our ST60 fluxgate feeds to a Pathfinder Smart Heading box that then feeds info to the Seatalk network through our E80 GPS. "Heading" is displayed on our ST60 Multi display and on our mast Tacktic maxi displays. Maybe a call to Ray Technical...? the gray box is an E12102 Pathfinder Smart Heading
  2. voodoochile

    Moving a wide boat across the US

    We tow Voodoo 2 between Richmond and Hampton pretty regularly for winter work. 11K lbs, 12' beam, trailer height is 13'8". Our F250 with tow package and 6 l. diesel pulls it fine but it's only 80 miles. The catches are numerous for coast to coast....1) bridge and tunnel width/height restrictions 2) overpass heights 3) DOT permits 4) insurance 5) time and fuel and lodging (I guess you could sleep in the boat?) 6) mountains....sooner or later! maybe both. Your call. Great looking boat. I think we sailed against you in the Round the Lights Race? Anyway. Good Luck! Leroi
  3. voodoochile

    Anybody know of a Tripp26 for sale?

    Try Dennis Hanick/Chesapeake Bay rflyer@verizon.net .
  4. voodoochile

    Tampa - Sarasota Racing This Week?

    Numbers down...? Not sure but 164 boats this year on 3 circles.
  5. voodoochile

    Sinergy 40 vs. Sydney 40AC

    Looks like a nice boat in good condition. Probably reaches better that us, but a bit under powered at SA/Disp = 22 and at 51 PHRF, not much of a step for us . I have a serious aversion to balsa cored boats. But "thanks" and Happy New Year!
  6. voodoochile

    Sinergy 40 vs. Sydney 40AC

    $$$ Been there, done that (penalty pole). Big light air improvement at our target angles, but we go back to symmetric when TWS hits 10-12kn. Only 2 Tripp 38's built. We give up 6 sec. for pole length and spin size. I think you're close on the Sinergia PHRF number. Sydney 40's rate 6ish.
  7. voodoochile

    Sinergy 40 vs. Sydney 40AC

    We're currently sailing a Tripp 38 that's pretty good across the wind range for W/L and rates 54/60 PHRF, it just doesn't foot/reach well and we get hurt by the assym boats on random leg races. I like X- Boats but the 35 is not a step the the direction we want to go. I do appreciate your input!
  8. voodoochile

    Sinergy 40 vs. Sydney 40AC

    Yea, SA/Disp is 25+, but small headsails worry me where we are. Thanks for your input.
  9. voodoochile

    Sinergy 40 vs. Sydney 40AC

    Thanks for feedback. We're leaning more towards something with better reaching/off wind performance.
  10. voodoochile

    Sinergy 40 vs. Sydney 40AC

    Yea, sorry. Sinergia 40.
  11. voodoochile

    Sinergy 40 vs. Sydney 40AC

    Anyone have any input? I've had feedback on the Sydneys, what's the skinny on the Sinergys? Seem to be similarly targeted markets in the racer/cruiser area, not much out there on the Sinergys. Build quality...performance...any info appreciated. Thanks.
  12. voodoochile

    Fixed window replacement

    Totally right. And the Sika 295 has a special primer.
  13. voodoochile

    Fixed window replacement

    What's it look like inside? Can you tell by measuring if there is a lip that the window mounts against? If so, you can likely do away with the trim which may be tough to find and just bed it in Sikaflex.
  14. voodoochile

    Carbon fiber hull - corrosion

    Are you sure you're using the correct anode? And enough of the correct anode?
  15. voodoochile

    SA Classified ads are branching out

    None of the non sailing stuff comes up on my screen, just the Schock and Dobroth boats. Hacked?