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  1. voodoochile

    DTB 2018 5/25/2018 - DH class

    Beware of the Potomac. Choose how to cross it according to the tides. It'll either suck you in or flush you out.
  2. voodoochile

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    This stuff works great. Ours has been down for nearly 10 years. https://www.yourautotrim.com/nadedotfl.html easy to install, glues down, trim edges w/razor knife.
  3. voodoochile

    Floor Question

    It's a fuckin' FLOOR you yachty bitch! Sorry, I'm a carpenter. Sole to me is that Dee-troit music from the 60's...black guys, lotsa horn, fancy suits and dancing.
  4. voodoochile

    Floor Question

    We did our floor with this stuff a few years back. Used old floor boards for templates, covered with a textured vinyl called "deco dot". Really light, totally impervious to water. https://www.merrittsupply.com/product/nida-core-structural-honeycomb-plain-h8pp/
  5. voodoochile

    SYDNEY 40 AC

    Good point. Just have to find a non-Carrol built one.
  6. voodoochile

    Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    "stainless" is not always stainless. I like Jaramaz' idea to block the moisture, then maybe even another layer of glass and fare it out. Water is getting in so there is some degree of flexing going on.
  7. voodoochile

    SYDNEY 40 AC

    So there are pluses and minuses to the Sydney 38, 40 and 41. What's the consensus on the best choice for performance?
  8. voodoochile

    SYDNEY 40 AC

    Our runners last for years....you have a winch surface or sheet cover problem maybe? Just seems odd.
  9. voodoochile

    SYDNEY 40 AC

    Big thanks for the responses. All reinforcing my feelings that the 40 AC is a better choice for light/med. air buoy venues. The rudder is a fairly easy fix. Rig location and tuning is what we really like and my crew is very capable of finding the right setup. Thanks to all. Leroi/VoodooChile
  10. voodoochile

    SYDNEY 40 AC

    Thanks for the info. Do you have any feelings regarding the 38 vs. the 40?
  11. voodoochile

    SYDNEY 40 AC

    Yeah, I remember something about the rudder being modded to hold better on reaches...? Could be some mast placement. Someone on the site had one, I'm hoping to get his attention. Our area is all PHRF with a couple spots north of us doing ORC/ORR. As to tweaky, our last 2 boats, Tripp 33 and Tripp 38 both had a very narrow but very rewarding groove upwind and we're used to runners/checks for fine tuning. Thanks for your input!
  12. voodoochile

    SYDNEY 40 AC

    I'm looking for particulars, the good, bad or ugly. How it sails in mixed fleets. Our sailing area is Chesapeake Bay with a lot of lighter air and principally as a bouy racer with occaisional medium distance races. We're in the process of looking for our next boat and the AC 40 looks like a lot of boat at reasonable prices. I've read the magazine/manufacturer specs, looked at the data. It's a 17 yrs old design but built by a good builder. The Syd. 41's were thought to be a breakthrough hull design, the 38's and 40's were further developments of that with the AC 40 being aimed at an Admiral's Cup and possible one design. Whatcha got?
  13. voodoochile

    SYDNEY 40 AC

    I know I read something a while back re the Sydney 40 AC. Can't find it in the search window. Anyone help? Thanks.
  14. voodoochile

    Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    This is the way to go. For extended cruise, get an extra tank. A little blue juice and there's no odor. Oh, and they never stop up.
  15. voodoochile

    Spraying the inside

    My broker took some interior pics last weekend, I'll post as soon as I get them. Interior shots aren't always easy to see. As I mentioned earlier, we used a satin finish which is much more forgiving that gloss.