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  1. J 121

    Yikes on the main flake job...although probably not easy on brand new 3di's
  2. J92S Inquiry

    J-100 doesn't interest you?
  3. J/100 tuning #'s

    We just received our new 3Di 100% jib with a roller furling RBS top-batten for extra leech support. The new sail is about 10-15 square feet larger than our previous quantum OD jib. It completely changes the way the boat sails in less than 10 knots of breeze. We fooled around with the idea of adding a big genoa like Bad/Good Girl but at the end of the day we didn't do it in order to keep things simpler, sail with less crew, not install genoa tracks, etc...Keeping her a beer can boat right now. The bow-tacked kite downwind is definitely not ideal, especially in under 10 knots of breeze but as soon as you can put the bow down and ease the tack line to lift tack and project the kite to windward things slightly improve. On our boat we have the mast butt all the way forward and the shrouds just tight enough so that the leeward shrouds are just going slack in about 15-18 knots. Probably a little too loose in that much wind and a little tight under 7 knots but we feel it is a good base setting. By the way we currently rate 96 (up from 90) a year ago in the GYA and we will probably appeal for another 3 to 6 seconds in the Fall. Ideally, if we ever intent on really racing her around the buoys we would probably order a 155% genoa, penalty pole and go with an over sized symmetrical kite.
  4. Allegedly Jimmayy & the boyz went out early this morning according to their brand new youtube upload... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2noL5TTE9c
  5. Team NZ

    Where is MyIslandHomeisBDA!!!?
  6. Who are the rumored other interested parties? Prada? They were pissed off that they changed the rules quarter-cycle once they had already had spent a lot of time and money on their AC62...in fact I seem to remember it was already being built when they changed to the AC50 rule.
  7. J29 or J100 ?

    Our new to us 100 is the perfect singlehanded/doublehanded/shorthanded daysailer. Autopilot is a must. We installed the Raymarine EV-100 system with an above deck mounted tiller drive that works like a charm (once you get it wired correctly...lol). As far as PHRF racing goes. The boat is very sticky in light air (<10 knots) in it's OD configuration. Once the breeze gets into the teens, you start to charge upwind. The Gulf Yachting Association just gave us +6 sec/mile so we are now at 96. So we will see how that does during the spring. Downwind is a little frustrating with the bow-tacked assym as the sail does not want to rotate out from behind the main. Overall, perfect boat for the retiree. Extremely easy to sail, and the boat is drop-dead gorgeous.
  8. J 105 tiller pilot

    Raymarine EV-100 works very well on our J-100.
  9. Maximizing a j100 for DH

    My dad is primarily looking to singlehand cruise and possibly might catch the bug to race again down the road. If that happens we would most likely add genoa tracks and go with a symmetrical kite. Just out of curiosity, does the mast come stock with a topping lift sheave?
  10. Maximizing a j100 for DH

    This boat, I believe is 2005 Hull #40, former Hopscotch out of Maine, now Sunspot out of Dallas. Hardly used, almost never raced. Well for starters, we already knew the boat sank in it's slip in Dallas during the December 2013 ice storm. The boat had an autopilot installed at some point (rudder shaft cut and actuator arms attached to rudder post). Whoever commissioned the boat for the current owner left the rudder "gaiter" (fancy name for rubber seal on the rudder shaft) off. Boat was weighed down with ice and water started flowing in. In short, the boat was submerged in fresh water for less than 24 hours. The current owner had the rudder gaiter installed, the engine completely rebuilt, and new TackTick instruments installed, and left it at that. The chartplotter and autopilot seem to be dead from the sinking. Somewhere along the line it had a new Flag Blue Awl Grip job done and for the most part it looks great. Whoever re-did the teak on the boat last got strip-ease or some sort of solvent on the paint near the toe-rail and the paint job is bubbling/haxing (not something that can't be fixed). Additionally, there are spider cracks in the transom finish (having this investigated further). The only other real issue with the boat is the bottom job. Looks like they just slapped on more paint over paint over the years and its flaking off (again, not something that can't be fixed). Having the boat surveyed this coming weekend. Hoping that everything comes back okay and no structural issues.
  11. Maximizing a j100 for DH

    My father and I are heading up to Austin this weekend to check out the J100 there. If all goes well it may be making its way to New Orleans. Anything specific that we should be checking out? The boat is currently on a trailer with the mast down.
  12. what is it?

    The fishing hook tiller is pure genius. Can't wait to see a spin trim whip around it in a gybe!
  13. Artemis?

    RIP Bart.