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  1. I got divorced today.

    Interesting that the filipino's are crazy religion wise. Yeah I know it's all catholic and I'm ok with that. There are a couple that are hot as hell but lack communication and then others that are also hot, have great sense of humor but have 5 year old kids. I don't do kids. I did that already. Maybe bad to say but I don't have dogs and I don't have kids because I'm done always worrying about that. Ill post pics of who I think is hot!! Since when did GA allow pics? None of these have kids. And btw, I don't want someone 20 years younger than me. I'm 55 and these are all in there 50's as they say..
  2. I got divorced today.

    So I've been perusing a Filipino dating site lately to check it out. Am I crazy? A good friend of mine married one this year and he moved there so I thought I'd take a look around. There are a lot of people there that have had a hard life and look it but some are pretty hot. I dated a woman here for a year and it ended a month ago so I'm back looking again. A local woman would be easier to weed out but just for grins wondering how many here have looked at other countries for woman?
  3. Hey Dave.  We would love to catch up with you and your friend. As most people know, the Philippines is our home and I plan to die here.  

    Here are my contact details.



    skype: georgemhackett 

    1. DaveK


      Which island do you live on?

  4. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    I totally support youth sailing and AYC is all about that but, the club had so many parents, kids, coach boats... etc all over it that I just avoided the place all weekend. I stopped by to fill up the beer cooler with ice and the place was packed. I'm of the opinion that it was from someone participating from out of town. The local kids leave their shit everywhere (usually in my way) on a day to day basis and nothing goes missing.
  5. Andrews 80 Donnybrook

    Nice ride George and enjoy your post. You are in part the reason I bought UK sails. Love to have a beer with you in the Philippines sometime if you are still there. A good friend of mine moved there recently and I'm gonna visit him in the next year.
  6. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Glad you made it down! Next time you should just take my house and stay there. That way your cousin can hang out and watch tv all day. I'm never there anyways since I stay at Tina's condo on the weekends.
  7. J70, cheating and pros

    Is this the official J70 worlds thread? If so, kinda sad!
  8. 2017 Centerboard Circuit of Texas

    Sunday morning looks light but Saturday looks like a nice 10-15 day.
  9. Spinnaker Bag?

    So I have add one more thing about solo sails.... they deliver their shit quickly!!!! I got the bag today and ordered it last Thursday. Kinda unreal to me coming from England. Anywas looks super nice and the large size fit my kite nicely!! Thanks Donmarlin!!
  10. Spinnaker Bag?

    Wasn't too bad really. 75 GBP plus 30 shipping translated into $137.
  11. Spinnaker Bag?

    I ordered the solo sail bag!! Looks really good for the price!!
  12. Spinnaker Bag?

    That does look nice! I'll have to find out if they take paypal for the money conversion.
  13. Spinnaker Bag?

    Ebay seems to have a few. The Quantum looks the nicest so far. I looked on Norths site but didn't find anything from them.
  14. Spinnaker Bag?

    Cool thanks!! I'll check them out.
  15. Spinnaker Bag?

    Anyone know of a place to buy a nice kite bag. Ya know, the kind that's more of a box bag and has a wide opening so you can deploy and douse into it!! I had a nice UK bag but it blew off the nets of the corsair. My fault for not fasting it down.