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  1. So what happened to the boat if you ripped your keel off? How did you get back? And is the keel lost? Galveston bay isn't a very nice place. I hate that water... just nasty. I did my internship at a polyethylene plastics plant in early '80's in Texas City. Some of the old timers there told me stories about that water in the bay from back in the 40's. Unreal how bad that place was and still is to me. But if you live there and wanna sail, that's about your only choice. Thank god I don't anymore!
  2. I just had my girlfriend text me this pic when I was looking at the Chesty pic. I'm seriously not such a boob man but whatever.... I'll take 'em. Apparently she just had a bra fitting. Chesty.pdf
  3. What was the one that capsized?
  4. The front page link this thread about High Priority that flipped??!! Guess it's the wrong thread.
  5. What kind of tri was this boat?
  6. That's always worth a rewatch!! Been awhile!!
  7. Ok cool! That I do have a visual on. I can run the bottom of the Y up thru the sock out to the belly line. Not sure what a billet block is but I have snatch blocks that would work. Thanks!
  8. Thanks but I'm not going into a hatch. I have a toilet ring with a sock I wanna use. And I still don't have the visual on the rigging as I do want 1:2 reverse purchase on it. I think it would be easy even in a windward drop.
  9. Well please post the freakin video!! Or diagrams of how it's rigged! I wanna rig my Corsair 24 with a quick take down thru a ring into a sock and it's only a 600 sqft kite so it should be pretty easy. In general, my issues arise from lack of skill with whoever I have crewing and douses are when things get busy at leeward marks. It's been awhile but I think Vipers run a similar system that I want.
  10. And??? WTF..... just when this thread was getting good!!!
  11. I just realized I'm off next week and wanna order hatches today to install on my boat next week. I just can't get to boat until tomorrow to measure so asking here. They are either Lewmar or Bomar low profile and I have notes that say 15.5" x 20.5" but can't find anything that size. Thanks for any help on this and I know they are the same size on MK1's and MK2's.
  12. Thanks! So what's so useful about it? I'm not one to cut wood by hand!
  13. I went the other way around..... sold the Weta and bought a Sprint 750.
  14. I didn't realize 7 sailors died