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  1. Nice Cliff!!! Now stay on that diet!!
  2. DaveK

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    Yes I am thinking about it but in the Corsair!!! I really have a love hate thing about that race!!
  3. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    Nice. I wonder which DJI he is using? Seems like plug and play with live FB vid voice over. Pretty cool.... I may need to upgrade. I have old shit with big ass video antennas and heavy freaking drone.
  4. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    It's a-cat ama's and I believe the main hull is from a nacra 20. He built it when he moved here to Texas and it didn't quite have enough displacement at first so he widen the rear of main hull and it fixed it. I'm actually very impressed that it made it!! The boat is pretty solid.
  5. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    Archangel just posted that he is about mile out from finishing! First solo boat!! Way to go Mark!!
  6. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    Apparently there was zero wind last night. Archangel posted a vid on FB about how frustrating it was not to be able to finish but he is moving now.
  7. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    So Scrappy fidget are almost thru it... mean while the other 2 boats have no forward progress while playing it safe. Archangel did what he said he would do so good for him. He's a tough guy and gonna make it. Gonna be a long night though.
  8. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    This is gonna be interesting now to me. I specifically spoke with archangel about crossing Florida Bay and he said he wouldn't do it unless there is a nice west wind. Well there isn't anything close to that right now and in fact it's gonna be on the nose easterly. But it looks like he's playing follow the leader now.... and going for it...lol
  9. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    So the group of 3 boats at CP3 have moved out for the finish. Seadogrocket. Scrappy and Archangel. They won't make it before dark but maybe they can follow each other and stay out of trouble.
  10. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    As far as I know, Archangel posted a vid on FB and plans on making it to the finish. He does have a ripped leach on his main and is taking on some water. But said he was going for the last 70 miles.
  11. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    So I was at wetafest in Ft. Walton years ago (2012?) and a couple of boats t-boned badly and Randy was asked to fix it. We hung out at his house while he fix the badly damaged boat and Scizzors was there. So I asked him a lot of questions about it. Notice that the ama's are very small and they where made of Home Depot pink foam core board. Very thin and not sturdy at all. His response to that was it is submersible, therefore self rescuing. A Weta's ama is also very thin so it can be submersed. I hadn't thought about that until he made that observation. So he knows wtf he is doing (obviously) and those surf boards for ama's must have been considered to be submersible to self rescue.
  12. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    Not a lot of details but one would assume that the fix wing sail was destroyed and his boat probably isn't self rescue from a capsize but I'm not sure of that as they enforce self rescue as part of the rules.
  13. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    Mark, archangel, is doing great! And I know he is going long and safe around all that. Kinda weird how Flamingo is tucked in there as CP3 but then you have to back out of there to get clear. I remember Smyth trying to cut across the bay out of CP3. He went 20-30 miles in and couldn't go further, so he had to back track. Florida Bay is something I'd really like to see sometime as it's described as neither water or land.
  14. DaveK

    EC2018 Thread

    I got it to work. It appears my guy, Archangel, is the solo lead boat just behind swampmonkee. They are approaching Everglades City. Is that CP2?