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  1. DaveK

    Harken Traveler Issues

    It is on my boat..... but maybe not on a killer 31'er that like to hit things!!
  2. DaveK

    Best Tow Vehicle For US1

    Fred...... wtf, you know I had one of those... and could you post a smaller pic? lol. You could tow it with a miata...
  3. DaveK

    Under water recovery ideas?

    Shit happens... not much in salvage cost other then a day of dive boat that found nada..... Everything was lifted out by hand in 20' of water. The Aussie method could had worked in this case! lol
  4. DaveK

    Under water recovery ideas?

    It didn't travel..... the problem was the boat kept moving while they were trying to drop the rig completely from the boat over an hour period. I locked in my location observations from my boat but went in after awhile not realizing rig hadn't been dropped completely yet. Folks from shore took pics after rig was dropped and that correlation along with sonar data found it right where it should had been.
  5. DaveK

    Under water recovery ideas?

    Rig was located. Yesterdays sonar suggested a couple of things but it didn't scream that it was there. Anyways, they dove it today and found it. Still missing a screecher sail in the bag but at least most of it found now!
  6. DaveK

    Under water recovery ideas?

    We did, another boat took it out!
  7. DaveK

    Under water recovery ideas?

    Great idea! Thanks!
  8. DaveK

    Under water recovery ideas?

    Not so much doing on a lake in this wind.
  9. DaveK

    Under water recovery ideas?

    Lake Travis Austin. Maybe a slight current and unfortunately has zebra mussels now. I just can’t imagine any current here could move a 100 Lbs plus boom. And 3 sails that have drag. Along zebra mussels
  10. DaveK

    Under water recovery ideas?

    It’s in a lake so current isn’t an issue. Lake is pretty clear and thought about test spotting with GoPro cameras. Not sure why I’m being lazy about posting pics!?
  11. So a Corsair Tri was flipped a couple of weeks ago and the mast, boom and sails had to be cut away from boat..... See front page for pic. So we have lots of pics, raceq tracks to look at for reference in search area. But we've gone in there a couple times with Garmin side scan and some live scope and we can't seem to find any evidence of anything in 20-40' of water. There's one idea that perhaps rig was dragged more than expected before it fully released. But I'm wondering what kind of signal would we get if mast was covered by sails? And would yo use any other sonar equipment to scan area with? We haven't done a full grid scan using livescope perspective view but figured side scan should be enough to see it.... Appreciate any ideas or suggestions!!
  12. DaveK

    Sprint mk1 flip from front page

    Well given the rig was dragging bottom, it was set free. Lots of damage could of happen from leaving it. We are still working on recovery of that and perhaps in 20' of water.... The reason for the roll over method is that once the ama bolts where removed on one side for trying other methods, they could not be put back in place without feeling like threads could be stripped. Boat's dry as a desert now in Texas heat!!
  13. DaveK

    Sprint mk1 flip from front page

    And here's a vid of the re-righting
  14. DaveK

    Sprint mk1 flip from front page

    I'll let Bill tell the details since it's his boat but we were racing on a very windy day..... I have the same boat and the 2 women I had as crew had zero kite experience so I just elected to sail sans kite and make the best of it. But Bill is a really good sailor and he did otherwise and took off....This is on Lake Travis in Austin and here's a snapshot of sailflow..