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  1. Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    I had a claim with Geico Marine and had no problems with them either. In fact, I always thought BoatUS was managed by Geico.
  2. Rough Gemstone Cutting

    There were several places that you needed a tax id, jewelers membership id and business cards to get into. They really filtered people out of the good places and that's probably where the gold and nice diamond stuff was. I'll know next time so that I have all my documentation in order.
  3. Rough Gemstone Cutting

    Here's some pics from the gem show in Tucson. Some of it is very nicely done with expensive shit and most of it is just trash. And the people that work the trashy booths are another story. I ended up with a small hand full of rocks for around $1000. Even when spending $3 a carat on lower end rocks, it will add up quickly. A 3 gram stone would be $50. Imagine tourmaline at $50/carat = $750 for one tiny small rock. Total FAIL
  4. Rough Gemstone Cutting

    Yes we so miss EVO!!! Definitely miss him dearly!! Ill post pics of gems if I ever get there. 6 hours in Austin airport and flight cancelled. Paid $500 for a new flight. Plane late and missed connection in Phoenix. Still waiting on later connecting flight.... Sucky day but nice to remember EVO!! Hope he is doing well up there!!
  5. Rough Gemstone Cutting

    Waiting 3 more hours for flight... guess I can binge watch netflix. Maybe black mirror.
  6. Rough Gemstone Cutting

    For sure Ms Key West is going. But she can't leave until tomorrow.
  7. Rough Gemstone Cutting

    Anyone here into that shit?? I started cutting stones 6 months ago. Going to Tucson for the big Gem Mineral show now... although my flight has been delayed 4 hours So now I can use that time to pester you guys. I haven't been to an event like this and have little knowledge about knowing wtf I'm looking for but will figure it out. If any of you mental giants have info to offer then please do Here's a couple of stones I've cut lately. This is just a CZ from a bag of stones I happened across. Good practice on a hard stone to polish but not worth anything. Red Zircon.... basically a worthless stone but nice never the less.
  8. Screecher fabric weight

    Well you are right Thom that nylon doesn't last very long. Weta class screechers really suck since they don't last long at all.... I had 4 of them blown out and I certainly don't want nylon for this sail either. I also don't believe the one in the above pic is nylon as well but could be wrong.
  9. I have a 24' Corsair Sprint 750 and the screecher is really heavy. Like jib weight heavy. I had one made for my Weta that was .75oz material and is really nice. Obviously, this is too light of material for the bigger boat but how light can I go and still be ok? I'm not gonna use this sail to get upwind in any breeze at all. Hee's the photo with the bigger light weight screecher.
  10. NETFLIX ??

    Stranger Things
  11. I have done some crazy stuff... but

    I live near this toll road and drive it daily. I think I've done 130 on it in my Golf R and the access road is not 80 but the main one is and it turns to 85 just south of Austin to almost San Antonio. The scary part about this road is that it's recently built in the middle of nowhere and wild hogs roam on it especially at night. Many people have died just due to that. Over the holidays a family van hit one and crossed over hitting another family head on killing both drivers and a couple of other people. Hard to believe that the van could even cross all the over since the median is like a minimum of a football field wide and quite deep in places.
  12. Eight Bells Vic Manning

    Very sorry to hear this! He was always helping at the club. I did see him Sunday with his wife Pat behind the bar serving food for Red Eye Regatta
  13. Jupiter flyby - Amazing

    Looks like hurricanes all over the place.
  14. Key West things to do?

    Haha! Yeah she is a gem!! I travel home today but it was a really great trip! Here's the last pics from the boat trip last night!!
  15. Key West things to do?

    Thanks we had a great time! We are now in Stuart FL north of West Palm. She has her best friend here and my college room mate lives here. He's taking us out for a xmas cruise on his 30' center console fishing boat this eve!! Hope everyone has a great xmas and I'll post a couple of pics later!!