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  1. DaveK

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Yeah thanks Tom!!!
  2. DaveK

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Well did the race start??
  3. DaveK

    Sourdough starter

    This isn't coming from me about bread baking...... I've read this in a couple of books and basically, San Francisco lends its weather to produce a certain type of bacteria in the air where in Austin, it's hot and dry so a different thing floats around here and gradually over time, starter becomes more about whats in your air vs somewhere else.
  4. DaveK

    Mystery Drone Flights over NE Colorado

    Wish there was video of the drones.... We had a view of a string of lights the other morning but most likely SpaceX stuff https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/starlink-satellites-spotted-over-houston/285-57cd9397-a229-4c15-87e4-5772923846f4
  5. DaveK

    Halyard slips in clutch?

    Thanks guys!! Appreciate the help!! Didn't realize you can replace the cam!!
  6. DaveK

    Halyard slips in clutch?

    Ok so I replaced some halyards from 7/16" double braid to 5/16" single braid control-DPX. I suspected I may have slippage and thought I could just replace the clutches but isn't there a way to to bury line inside the 5/16" or is it on the outside..... and what exactley is the process??? New clutches are pretty pricey! Thanks for the ideas!!
  7. DaveK

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Yes thanks so much!!
  8. DaveK

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    So I've looked at the past 3 pages of replies and wondering if it's yet possible for us people in USA to watch the start of this race?? Seems every year it's not unless you a have a vpn or something that hides your location.
  9. DaveK

    Jib Furler Suggestions

    I ordered the fancor 110 flat deck. Apparently it’s the one that comes stock on a J111 and can be had quite a bit cheaper than Harken mkiv.
  10. DaveK

    Jib Furler Suggestions

    I had to hire a rigger to make the new forestay and he took it apart. He has to swedge fittings on ends or wire and maybe no way to bring 25’ of plastic extrusion by machine. Not really sure. And thanks for CDI thought.
  11. DaveK

    Jib Furler Suggestions

    I've recently encountered some damage to my forestay which has a Schaefer 700 furler. The forestay needs replacement so the plastic extrusion that snaps together broke while taking it apart. We knew this would happen and I could just buy another extrusion but I'd kinda like to look into other furler options. This is a Corsair MK1 Sprint and I do race it.... Obviously I don't point as well if using a hank on but I like the ease of use. I'd like something with a lower drum and possibly an oval or smaller luff extrusion than what I have. I have searched here and it seems either Harken or Facnor is the most suggested. Finding availability is a little difficult but there is fa Facnor 90 in Houston. Just wondering if anyone has other suggestions or thoughts before I spend $2k on something???? thanks for any help!!
  12. DaveK

    Shroud diamond wire removal???

    Couldn't resist....
  13. DaveK

    Shroud Diamond Wire removal?

    Thanks @ryley I'll ask over there too
  14. Anyone have any idea how this wire gets removed from the shroud? It doesn't slide at all thru the hole and the tip isn't removable as far as I can tell. Unless it's glued on somehow and polished smooth around it. You can see the difference in color between the tip and shroud tubing but otherwise it's very smooth around it and looks integral to the tubing. This is a corsair sprint 750 mast from 2006 and they are still using the same shrouds today.
  15. DaveK

    Shroud Diamond Wire removal?

    Is this Ballenger Spar? It’s a Sprint 750. thanks!