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  1. sparau

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    2: Yes I should have said it's a toxin not a poison, apologies, it is a waste product of all animals. However as I mentioned earlier in the thread studies have shown that at 1,000 ppm it will likely have negative long term effects on all animal life (raising ph of blood) and has immediate effects on cognitive processes. 3: You might be getting your prokaryotes and eukaryotes mixed up. But just because a eukaryote existed 2.7 billion years ago doesn't mean they could break down plant matter... Especially considering there weren't terrestrial plants with leaves for them to practice on Ever noticed that there aren't any "new" coal deposits, they are from the carboniferous The point about the breaking down of plant matter is that a tree in modern times only sequesters carbon in it while it is alive, releasing a couple of hundred million years of sequestered carbon back into the atmosphere will have an effect. 4: Perhaps, it is however technically feasible to create safe nuclear reactors which produce much less waste. What's it going to cost if sea levels rise by 2 metres? Somehow as a species we can afford over a billion cars but 10,000 carbon capture plants and electricity to power them is impossible? As a final note it makes me laugh that as a species apparently some people are making plans to terraform Mars while others deny that we can have an effect on Earth. LOL.
  2. sparau

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    An increase in the energy of a complex system can lead to greater higher and lows yes, surely you've noticed that with waves But no, decreasing energy in a system usually will not lead to greater highs and lows. In a large scale yes we are in fact heading back into a period of glaciation but the scales are several orders of magnitude out.
  3. sparau

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    Don't be shy, elucidate.
  4. sparau

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    Point 1: There is no link between science and politics. Point 2: Whether CO2 has an effect on climate (and you'd be an idiot to say it doesn't given the correlation between it and sea levels over the eons) doesn't change the fact it does have an effect on animals. It is a poison. The standard responses to CO2 is rising: "Plants love CO2" Yes but the only reason CO2 was sequestered 300 million years ago is that there were no bacteria which could break down plant matter so leaf litter built up and was sequestered into the earth by plate tectonics. When leaves fall off trees now they are broken down and the carbon in them is released back into the environment. There is no useful feedback loop that will quickly reduce CO2 levels. "There's nothing we can do" We can build new generation nuclear reactors (much more efficient with no chance of meltdown) and convert the electrical energy into chemical energy by capturing carbon from the atmosphere and turning it into fuel. Thankfully big money are getting into this now.
  5. You said, I quoted it. One more and the ghost of BS will appear !!! Good post though
  6. sparau

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    Studies show that at 1,000 ppm CO2 starts to affect cognition, also it raises the ph of your blood so long term there could be effects on the pulmonary system, this has been recorded with rats but as yet no human trials have begun... Oh, wait, take it to medical anarchy
  7. sparau


    I still laugh at the use of "Carpe Diem", if i had been "Carpere Diem" 2 years ago I would have been fish or worm food (apologies to any latin experts, best guess at past tense) I was lucky and collapsed at home with my wife around when 2 aneurysms burst in my head, 80% mortality rate, 80% chance of needing permanent hospitalization, 12 days in an ICU. EDIT: and my first ride in a helicopter but I was in an induced coma. grrrr lol. If you don't like headaches you don't want to experience a craniotomy, they run a circular saw lengthwise along your skull and split it in two, I watched a video of one after getting out of hospital, ha ha So a 4% chance of getting to my self rehab where I walked 1,000 km (200 meters would originally put me back in bed for a few hours) then graduating to pushbike which I have now pedaled 3,000 km. To complete how conflicting Carpe Diem is I still wake up every day and go "wow, no tubes, sweet" put some Pendulum or Prodigy on and dance with my kids before setting off alone for a 3 hour ride in the bush. So if anyone can translate this to latin it would be a better saying: "Seize the day unless you are going to have a major medical emergency where you should go and play canasta in the waiting room of a well equipped hospital..." Perhaps not quite as pithy as the original but more accurate
  8. sparau

    Beneteau to Use Wind Powered Freighters

    Sounds more complicated and less reliable than carbon capturing your fuel to me.
  9. Or a farmer in Cambodia, they are often plastic too Fuckin humans. Spent a month in Cambodia in 2001, it was heartbreaking seeing teenagers with missing limbs.
  10. sparau

    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    Really, the same Canada where these guys come from?
  11. sparau

    Guns on Boats

    Are you telling me you can get people to pay you to say shit like that? That's hilarious, no they won't want to bean you with a bottle then ram it up your ass, it'll make em want to have a swim. You can make a break for international waters at 5kn while they carouse.
  12. I think a time lapse still camera attached taking rigging photos. If enough people like the photo or the found poetry have a dispenser release a maraschino cherry as a reward. I would guess it would track well on go fund me as a performance art/social experiment.
  13. sparau

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    One of the most refreshing things about South East asia is their understanding that rules only slow things down so should be ignored.
  14. sparau

    Fast "safe" boat....

    Oh thats kinda unsporting, a bit of help can't hurt. From observation all the biggest ocean adventures seem to involve having an element of non binary gender crew or captain. Perhaps start in small ways, get your gimp to call you Sir/Maam and copy Rimus's wardrobe.
  15. sparau

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Some design questions I hadn't considered before: "My 40' cat hasn't enough windage" "The cockpit is too exposed, more interior space required" "Don't want no stinking swim platforms and waterline length is overrated, overhangs are cool" "I'd like to be able to put office chairs above my head to look up girls skirts" "What's the strangest place we can put extra berths?"