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    guitar, loud screamo music, trying to keep a laser 2 upright :)
  1. It's about 85% through the pdf in the "In Latitudes" section. Sorry no page # as none display, If you search the pdf for "Maia" it should take you there. Thx Maia and well written
  2. Some design questions I hadn't considered before: "My 40' cat hasn't enough windage" "The cockpit is too exposed, more interior space required" "Don't want no stinking swim platforms and waterline length is overrated, overhangs are cool" http://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-catamarans/crowther-islander-46/203790 "I'd like to be able to put office chairs above my head to look up girls skirts" "What's the strangest place we can put extra berths?"
  3. Don't worry he said that last time but magically found some later on for the Mahi... It's all written into some script he follows for each driftathon. Give it a week or two and we should see the "running low on food" followed by "found some".
  4. ^^ Jim you are completely right but how can you expect people not to bash someone threatening physical violence to Miss Piggy? (Since you don't read that thread and I give you credit for such I'll just add it was Brent's response to someone putting up a Miss Piggy meme for fun.) As pointed out, Brent is his own worst enemy when it comes to online persona and in line with the whack a mole concept, he keeps it up.
  5. Kudos for the most sensible comment of the last 17,000.
  6. Maybe it did happen and they still laugh about it around beers. "Remember that boat, the guy was so proud..." "Then you wrote that note..." *Laughing and falling off bar stools ensues*
  7. Perhaps you need to be more literal with Brent's comment, I mean I haven't seen much of value "in" a BS boat.
  8. Doesn't seem to have much bridge deck clearance, did they leave the 800lb of powder aboard?
  9. Not yet, too busy working 7 days on my stupid barely making money business to even sail our Laser 2 ! Great stories and advice though, thanks
  10. LOL, we learned it is a good idea to have fully closing tents after one night sitting on the floor playing cards. A mouse zinged through the tent, followed 3 seconds later by a large tiger snake at high speed. Quite possibly the fastest I have ever moved... A variant of Godwin's law for sure.
  11. I take if you guys have seen this? http://www.sciencealert.com/watch-this-giant-australian-spider-capture-and-attempt-to-eat-a-mouse
  12. That is a fabulous news site
  13. So she owns a hammer in Virginia. What has that to do with the story?
  14. That part of Sydney Harbour is where the bull sharks are... I guess you are joking but you remove 80% of the very few (per capita of people swimming) shark attacks by not being in a black wetsuit and popping in and out of waves like a seal (note that myself and my kids do that most weeks of the year). Well that is the explanation for great whites, not sure why tigers seem to like surfers, perhaps just the thrill of the chase? AFAIK bull shark attacks are mostly around breeding areas which are usually estuaries. After many years of windsurfing/swimming/snorkelling/surfing the fact is that if sharks really liked the taste of human there would be a lot more munched Aussie humans
  15. Ebay is a gold mine today, how's this for a fair hull... Supposedly balsa cored glass, doesn't give much confidence in the builder. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Roberts-Ketch-yatch-56-foot-project-/122425122712?hash=item1c811b1f98:g:8AcAAOSwA29Y3zqk