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  1. sails call

    30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    PM NYBOZO1. He had a Columbia 32 racing the 40 footers (Farr 40 / J120s) in Buffalo. The Columbia 32 couldn't hang with the big boys on 2 mile weather legs. It didn't end well and the boat was sold. I believe it is in CT now. There was at least a thread or two about it.
  2. sails call

    Vote: Asshole Contest in Political Anarchy

    Take it to PA. We don't like you type here.
  3. sails call

    Force 5

    A friend of mine offered me $1,000.00 for it to become a beach boat for his kids. I thought the offer was a little low, but then again I have no idea of what it's value is. I'd hate like heck to see this boat get destroyed by a bunch of teenagers. In my time my friends and I destroyed a couple of Hobie 16's, Laser's, and a 14' motor boat with a 25HP Evinrude hanging off the stern. I'd hate like heck to see this boat get beat on by a bunch of teenagers.
  4. sails call

    Force 5

    I'm the second owner of a 1978 Force 5. It's in really nice shape. The first owner had it for 20+ years and rarelyused it. I've owned it for 5 years and have maybe sailed it 10 times. The sail is still crisp. I liken it to a barnyard find. Are there are Force 5 enthusiasts left? It's nice enough to sell to someone who would appreciate it. If there aren't, I'll put it on Craiglist. What do you think? The boat is located in Western New York.
  5. sails call

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    How did you know that First Today was being trucked from Youngstown to Buffalo?