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  1. Until you have personally had an severe tramatic brain injury from the simplest of accidents should you really be telling people who should or shouldn't wear helmets
  2. Fucked up supposed to be in F1 topic.
  3. What might the new updates be that Redbull have been talking about recently.
  4. Have had a simple fall at home "sober" and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury I can totally understand why they may wish to have helmets. 18 months later the first epileptic seizure as a result of the injury. Having attended the brain injury clinic and witnessing a guy that was hit by a boom he was a semi vegetable. When and if I get back on a boat I have bought a gath helmut as I am one of the lucky ones that has had no serious effects a result of my injury. Go to a brain injury unit and see how many window lickers there are as result of head knocks it is not pretty. No offense to those that have had serious repercussions intended.
  5. Thanks IB
  6. I am currently in the south of Sri Lanka what time could I expect to view the Brazilian F1 on there satellite TV. That is Star sports 4.
  7. I have been a fireman for many years and someone told me that if you get a bic lighter and a piece of dowell to help insert it into his exhaust pipe. Once he has run the engine long enough and it gets hot enough. Well I will leave the rest up to your imagination.
  8. So if the rumour is correct ( read it somewhere ) and red bull are not going with Renault next year who will they go with.
  9. Practice 2: Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Vettel, Button, Ricciardo, Raikkonen.
  10. On the Hard, Tikipete, thankyou. Dry Amour I hope your doing well, as a matter of interest did the neurologist give you any indication of the potential of epilectic fits as result of your TBI.I had my first visit yesterday to my works neurologist 3 and a half months after the injury and he indicated that the next 8 months was a possibility. I.E no swimming or stand-up paddle boarding by myself. And yep farts don't smell any more.
  11. Just discovered this thread and I hope he keeps recovering. Had a simple sober fall a few months ago at home resulting in fracture from the sinus to the back of the head, cerebal bleeding and a bit of permanent damage. 9 days in hospital and don't remember a thing of the stay, have been told I was an arsehole most of the 9 days. Currently on light duties at work and not confident of getting back to full duties as a 26 year firefighter, therefor the sack. How easy things can change your life in the blink of an eye when it happens to you. Remember to smell the roses because it is not much fun when you can't I know. Something like this does touch your heart when you join the club!
  12. Wow, touched a raw nerve. Ok maybe not his trophy in a literal sense but just saying he has had his hands on it for a bit longer than most.
  13. Gorn it wouldn't be fair, i had a look at the boats website today some nice photo's of it .Dont know if anything will beat it on the lake, meaning doug should get his trophy back.
  14. Yeah Gorn, the beans are yours to spill. so as to speak.
  15. Hey Gorn, a farr 40 begining with" K " , coming from afar perhaps?