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  1. Something doesn't add up. There has got to be more to the story. The world of a professional racing sailor is nothing like that of a sailor in the merchant marine and by litigating he had to know he would never work in the industry again. It seems an odd choice to forgo decades of potential employment for what would be, after lawyers fee's, a relatively small amount of cash. Bill
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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    There was a conf call last night between the US based J122 owners and JeffJ last night. There were some interesting comments that are worth sharing: 1)J111 continues to sell well; equipped and race prepared on the startline runs 320-340k. There is increasing interest for a more optioned up interior for the J111. 2)In full OD spec the J111 will probably land at 1.094 as the boat with 1.091 has a reduced sailplan. (IRC) 3)J122's are still being built and sold, but the 5 sold last year and the 3 under construction right now all have gone to Europe. Putting a new J122 on the startline in the US is still a 500K plus endeavour, although there seems to be interest in the 122's currently in the used market which can be probably bought for 350-400k. 4)The discussion of rating is problematic. The 122 was built for IRC while the J111 is focused on one-design. Unless the breeze is up, a 122 is going to kill a 111 around the bouys boat for boat. Off the wind in breeze it will be the other way around obviously. I own Otra Vez, J122 #47, so I have a built in bias if you will, but I think having a Rhode Island built boat that is drawing such great interest is only good for the sport. Bill