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  1. I went with one of these for my newest PFD: http://www.mustangsurvival.com/professional/near-shore-water-rescue-vest?division=professional&country=25 ,wanted something bulletproof. It is a little bulky though, fine for keelboats, but makes it tough to duck under the boom on small boats. I like places to clip a light and whistle for night racing too. On the inflatables, look at the area behind the neck and find one that won't snag. The ones I've worn would catch on the the upper lifeline when hiking over the lower and coming back through. Also, you meant 30C, 86F, right?
  2. Soooooo, fill us in with the details!
  3. Sure its got some loopholes, but still good job to Ohio! I've never had any hassles from the Coast Guard, its the county mounties harassing everyone... "After a short Lake Erie walleye fishing trip on the annual Governor’s Fish Ohio Day, Ohio Gov. John Kasich took time out for lunch last week and to sign the Boater Freedom Act. The legislation reins in local and state officers from boarding local pleasure and charter boats unless there is a reasonable suspicion that laws are being broken, according to Cleveland.com. Sponsor Rep. Rex Damschroder, a Republican from Fremont, told the website that boaters in northwest Ohio have been complaining about constant safety inspections by local and state agencies, including the Ohio Division of Watercraft. Some boaters have been checked multiple times during the same day and cited one instance of a local boater being brought to shore while face down and in handcuffs, even though a breathalyzer test showed no evidence of alcohol use, Damschroder said. Lake Erie Marine Trades Association president Ken Alvey told the website the random stops had hurt tourism, fishing and boating in general." Now we need the same thing in Michigan! email your Rep: http://www.house.mi.gov/mhrpublic/frmRepList.aspx
  4. Was at the club last night, Lake Erie is low too. Having the centerboard up doesn't matter when the rudder is in the mud... This may help though: http://www.freep.com/article/20130328/NEWS15/303280140/Gov-Rick-Snyder-signs-20-9M-bill-to-dredge-Michigan-harbors
  5. We agree, the bracket we used for development had a cotter pin, which was very easy to lose. The production bracket will need no tools, and have no loose parts. We had to order some stock to machine the test bracket from, as soon as it arrives we'll get the CNC going and post pictures as soon as its done. We're trying as hard as possible to keep one function per button, especially for button functions that are used often. We do have code in the firmware to distinguish a short press from a long button press. The only place this is used is for the timer, because the rest of the buttons are dedicated to the starting line marks and the page button when the timer is on the same page as the starting line distance. With the new firmware and a remote, you'll be able to split the button operations between the RockBox and the remote, for a total of 8 buttons that each do one thing. Allowing the user to select what each button does should help with this also, by eliminating buttons that you don't want. Also, as additions to the firmware are made, we plan to add "expert" settings to the Commander PC software for settings that most people won't want to change, but if you really want to get into things you'll be allowed to tweak settings such as disabling the GPS, changing the degrees that reset the wind shift graph, etc...
  6. Been a bit since I've had a chance to stop by the forums... Here's an update on the bracket: Our original design that was to launch soon after the RockBox Blue launch had a few issues, with the design and with the supplier. We had to take a step back and are finally getting there. Today we are machining up a few test parts to try them out for fit and function. We agree that the batter cover does make it more difficult to mount, the reason for its design was to allow permanant mounting of the RockBox to a flat bulkhead with the batter compartment located inside the boat (since you can power the RockBox with 12v batter power too), this hasn't proven to be the mounting method of choice though. So, the work on the bracket continues. Here's a screen dump of the test parts: The real brackets for production will be a little less clunky, and will be injection molded. FIrmware! We are still buried in code working on the next update. There's quite a bit changing that you can see, and a lot of changes behind the scenes to make the RockBox better. Here's what you'll be able to see: Waypoint distance function Waypoint bearing function Time to waypoint function A function to project a waypoint based on distance and heading Save current position as a waypoint Starting line mark positions saved to the SD card (in case the RockBox is turned off after they are set) Data log output in standard NMEA GPRMC sentence format for importing into Google Earth Update to the on screen remote setup, so you can test the remote Users will be able to select what each button on the remote and RockBox do Auto change of the page after a user selected distance past the starting line Auto change the page for upwind or downwind Freeze the distance to the line on the screen for a user selected time when the timer = 0 (so you can see if the RockBox says you are over early or not!) Save and display waypoints in various formats User selectable log rate User selectable damping on speed and COG User selectable functions for each page, and how many pages there are Once this is done, we already have a full list of new things to add to the RockBox and will start right into the next firmware update. I'll try to stop by the forums more often and will answer any questions you have!