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  1. EC2018 Thread

    1st solo finisher on his home built trimaran in just over 3 days time .. Way to go Archangel!
  2. EC2018 Thread

    Anyone know the details on Ironbob and the Juice. Last ping had them rowing? at 4 kts pointed directly at Key Largo and maybe 1/2 way across the bay. Based on their track they are the real real ;-)
  3. EC2018 Thread

    Darkness is an hour away and I'm getting anxious for Archangel. He's not updated lately and his last ping showed 0 knots!
  4. EC2018 Thread

    Scrappy/Fidget are rhum lining .. Will that go? Archangel was following but spot has not updated for several hrs now. Based on previous comments for the avg mariner, it will be interesting to see if team Seadog is the wiser of the 3!
  5. EC2018 Thread

    Archangel posted a video on his page from Flamingo prior to his dept. He was in good spirits and well rested after a midnight beaching at east cape sable, had a tear in his mainsail parallel to the leach, and was planning to take the great circle route to Key Largo!
  6. EC2018 Thread

    Looks line Archangel has put ashore at East Cape! He pinged twice in the same spot and then hit the beach! Maybe the breeze filled in? Hoping all is well. He commented he could not experience another 25 knot night like last night. He's the leading solo adventurer!
  7. EC2018 Thread

    Latest Race Owl ping shows the on the beach at 0030!
  8. EC2018 Thread

    Spawn was doing 9 kts 30 min ago with only a couple of miles to go at last update. They must be on the beach by now! Race owl ping says they are in at 0030
  9. EC2018 Thread

    They too must have had good intel of the bay eh .. Even if they are 1st timers! Made it look easy in the dark ;-) Hope they will share a bit of their story!
  10. EC2018 Thread

    Would hurricane Irma have significantly changed some of the swashes or are they fairly consistent do to the shallow nature of the bay? Just saw that easterlies have a large impact on depth!
  11. EC2018 Thread

    That looks amazing under "ideal conditions. Can't imagine it in the dark! Thanks for the realistic perspective - awesome clip!
  12. EC2018 Thread

    Is it possible to navigate the shallows from CP3 to Key Largo - shortest distance? Is there a known channel? What are typical depths and how much does the tide influence ones options? Looks like the leader is almost to the Everglades CP
  13. EC2018 Thread

    Looks like the lead solo sailor is back on the course and back in open water according to latest Race Owl tracker. Sail fast and stay well Archangel
  14. EC2018 Thread

    Appears that Swamp Monkey and Chainsaw returned to Choko? Issues? The lead boats tracker has not updated, but Spawn is moving nicely right along the shore. When are you going to head back out Archangel? Well done on the solo effort so far!
  15. EC2018 Thread

    Is that to say that as the tide ebbs the water is flowing in a SE to NW direction up the coast and as it floods it is flowing the opposite. Can't really fathom navigating the Everglades!