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  1. echo

    Bring a Trailer Auction site

    I tried to sell a 1992 Corvette ZR1 with 24k miles on it. (my father left it to me an I have enough hobbies) It was a total shit show with armchair and weekend wrenches coming out of the woodwork to pick it a part for no good reason. It was total bullshit and I let the editors know it when it ended. I got lots of PMs from folks saying how bad my auction was and how unfair it was. I sold the car a couple of months ago for about $4k over the highest bid.
  2. echo

    CORA Flag

    I was a CORA member and at first sight I knew the burgee resembled the Confederate flag. That's why I never bought one. CORA is full of good people from what I know. IMHO they have bigger problems that than the burgee. Too bad about about Sperry leaving. Hopefully CRW can survive...
  3. echo

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    If I am correct it starts at 9:00PM EST in the USofA ? The YouTube broadcast on a 70" HDTV is phenomenal.
  4. echo

    Anarchists in Chucktown

    I'd say its the premier OD regatta, not big boat. No room in the harbor us big boats. I've lost interest in super early wake up calls, heading off shore then being the last ones in and to the party. (which is same old same old) I also hate "drag racing" through the jetties. I was hoping a couple years ago when they moved us inside after being blown out off shore that it would stick. CRW has dropped off my radar unless there is nothing else going on. Spring Break with my wife (a teacher) has become more important to me.
  5. echo

    CRW 2019

    That's a great ride. It used to be the day after the bridge run. I just did a 50 mile Gravel Fondo thru Francis Marion NF a few weeks ago. It was SCHWEET. No CRW for me this year. The wife is a teacher and it's her Spring Break. Key West bound...
  6. echo

    winner finally comes forward

    Rumor has it he/she/they spent months getting their fortune in order before they stepped forward. I know people that know people...
  7. echo

    Looking for a trailer to fit a 36.7.

    7'2" . Mine shipped with mast below the boat.
  8. echo

    where is it?

    SAV. Dang it !
  9. echo

    Charleston, SC - advice needed

    That's Charlotte, N.C.
  10. echo

    new prop

    Ended up with the flexofold. Thanks,
  11. echo

    new prop

    Yep, leaning that way for sure. I just wanted to see if there were any other options i was not familiar with. Thanks.
  12. echo

    new prop

    I need some help in a hurry. I need a new folding prop and looking for value, quality and performance. I'm not too thrilled with my current Kiwi prop in the high fouling/growth waters in Charleston. I've had flexofold before and liked it. Max Prop too, maybe... Thanks.
  13. echo

    18-19 ski season

    It was a great trip, thanks.
  14. echo

    18-19 ski season

    Didn't hike up Ptarmigan ridge, huh ?
  15. echo

    18-19 ski season

    You've had quite a run out there. I have a friend with a house in West Vail so is ski there a lot but would love to try new spaces. I looked hard at the Ikon pass but was not sure i could maximize it this year.