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    Anarchists in Chucktown

    I'd say its the premier OD regatta, not big boat. No room in the harbor us big boats. I've lost interest in super early wake up calls, heading off shore then being the last ones in and to the party. (which is same old same old) I also hate "drag racing" through the jetties. I was hoping a couple years ago when they moved us inside after being blown out off shore that it would stick. CRW has dropped off my radar unless there is nothing else going on. Spring Break with my wife (a teacher) has become more important to me.
  2. echo

    CRW 2019

    That's a great ride. It used to be the day after the bridge run. I just did a 50 mile Gravel Fondo thru Francis Marion NF a few weeks ago. It was SCHWEET. No CRW for me this year. The wife is a teacher and it's her Spring Break. Key West bound...
  3. echo

    winner finally comes forward

    Rumor has it he/she/they spent months getting their fortune in order before they stepped forward. I know people that know people...
  4. echo

    Looking for a trailer to fit a 36.7.

    7'2" . Mine shipped with mast below the boat.
  5. echo

    where is it?

    SAV. Dang it !
  6. echo

    new prop

    I need some help in a hurry. I need a new folding prop and looking for value, quality and performance. I'm not too thrilled with my current Kiwi prop in the high fouling/growth waters in Charleston. I've had flexofold before and liked it. Max Prop too, maybe... Thanks.
  7. echo

    Charleston, SC - advice needed

    That's Charlotte, N.C.
  8. echo

    new prop

    Ended up with the flexofold. Thanks,
  9. echo

    new prop

    Yep, leaning that way for sure. I just wanted to see if there were any other options i was not familiar with. Thanks.
  10. echo

    18-19 ski season

    It was a great trip, thanks.
  11. echo

    18-19 ski season

    Didn't hike up Ptarmigan ridge, huh ?
  12. echo


    I'd say the owner's kid was on Opti #18122. Ya know, providing a slight advantage to him/her.
  13. echo

    18-19 ski season

    You've had quite a run out there. I have a friend with a house in West Vail so is ski there a lot but would love to try new spaces. I looked hard at the Ikon pass but was not sure i could maximize it this year.
  14. echo

    18-19 ski season

    I'm planning an Ice Coast trip with my daughter after the New Year but before her college ski racing starts up. Jan 2 - 7th. Looking at 1 day each at Hunter, Gore and White Face then over to Killington for 2 days. Thoughts?
  15. echo

    Bike Rack Anarchry

    Get a Kuat. Make sure that any securing arm you get touches the wheel, not the frame. It will scratch the frame over time.
  16. echo

    Bikes, Deer, Car.
  17. echo


    Well, there is this thing called THE OCEAN. They could try that...
  18. echo

    Ft. Lauderdale to Key West

    Which 105 ?
  19. echo

    Tour de France - 2018

    Any thoughts on the motor doping scandal that hit yesterday ?
  20. echo

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    I sold a boat years ago like this (2 private parties) and hired a broker to handle the paper work. Paid him a minuscule fee.
  21. echo

    Asheville, NC

    I know I'm late to the party but... spend a night at the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It close to 5000' in elevation. BTW; It has the restaurant not Mt Mitchell. But Mt Mitchell is worth a day trip; highest peak east of the Mississippi at 6600'+ . You can't go wrong in Asheville from it's own funkiness to the unlimited outdoor adventures. Depends on what do YOU like to do... Biltmore is beyond awesome. Buy Tix online in advance Most breweries per capita in the country. Multiple waterfalls near Brevard. Dupont St Forest. Shining Rock Wildernesss Area for short but spectacular hikes above 6000" PM me for more... I go there a lot and have friends that live there. May is the perfect time too. It's barely Spring and the tourists aren't there yet.
  22. echo

    8 Bells Everett Pearson

    Dang , my grandfather's name was also Everett Pearson.
  23. echo

    J-105 cruising down the ICW

    There has been a resurgence of a J-105 fleet in CHS. It could have been one those boats heading to it's Winter "home". We had our last race of the year this past weekend.
  24. echo

    Beneteau dropped the First line?

    I think motor are still all made in France. Think they looking to squeeze more out of their Nth Carolina sailboat factory. South Carolina factory but who's checking ...
  25. echo

    Beneteau dropped the First line?

    There will be a First 35 in Annapolis.