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  1. 8 Bells Everett Pearson

    Dang , my grandfather's name was also Everett Pearson.
  2. J-105 cruising down the ICW

    There has been a resurgence of a J-105 fleet in CHS. It could have been one those boats heading to it's Winter "home". We had our last race of the year this past weekend.
  3. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    Yes, it is. I just replaced the teak. Having a dodger/bimini made as we speak.
  4. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    I have a 2003 36.7 for sale in Charleston SC. It's the lowest priced one in the country. (Or should be) Need to sell it to fend off medical bills an college tuition.
  5. Robby Gordon super trucks

    He's been known to "test" his trucks on the streets of the business park where he builds them here in Charlotte, NC. And by testing I mean building jumps and the like...
  6. Next AC venue options ?

    I'm sure Charleston would shit all over it self to host it. I can't think of a city that thinks any higher and mightier of themselves than CHS.
  7. mondo bondage

    Did you read his list of "Partners" ? I'd say some good old fashioned bartering with some front page add space and he'll have this boat tricked out in no time at very little to zero cost.
  8. Who makes the best battle flags?

    I got off easy. My boats name is Echo so bought a huge 3x5 "E" signal flag right off the shelve.
  9. Having two OD events so close together in both date and distance can only be good for both.
  10. Atlanta

    Supposed to be completed in June. Traffic will still suck... World of Coke is cool too as is the CNN tour and Piedmont Park.
  11. St. Augustine area

    The wife and I are thinking about moving our 36.7 from CHS to St. Aug. for a change of pace. We may even keep going South over time. Does anybody have any inside info and/or pros can cons about the area. Racing is not a high concern anymore but it would be nice if there were some. Or better yet, other recommendations for the central Fla coastal area.
  12. St. Augustine area

    I looked there but the main marina is still closed. I'm assuming from hurricane damage. No solid time line for reopening.
  13. St. Augustine area

    Yeah, that is a little too far up the ICW for us. However New Smyrna is an option.
  14. Tangent had a gift PHRF rating so I am sure it's ORC number was similar. Although I hoped for more a accurate rating. Like Clean said I've seen them sail terrible and still win. I know all the ORC boats they beat and most of them are very well sailed most of the time. It's hard to handicap a one one-off type boat.
  15. Hard to get excited about paying almost $500 to race PHRF/pursuit or even ORC/offshore against all the boats we race against on a regular basis. Glad we're out this year.
  16. The morning of a regatta with everybody wearing the same "oh so imposing" black Gill, Musto, HLloyd, Zike, and what ever overpriced brand you choose is no different. What is the same is the conversations at every post race/ride party. Cycling, sailing or what ever floats your boat... blah blah blah I'm so great, i did this, we did that. remember when... Everybody needs a vice and the gear that fits.
  17. I've had more fun doing the deliveries in cruise mode than at most of the races where I was heading. Go a week ahead (get a cheap slip on the mainland) and return her home a week or two later. Maybe even tie in a long weekend of cruising with friends, family and soon to be enemies... That's what I did for CRW before I moved my boat to Charleston permanently.
  18. Help me find my next boat?

    Oh it's awesome. I've been from Mile 1 at Norfolk to Daytona and all points in between. The bridges and shoals South of Swansboro are the only real hassles, (IMHO) South of Myrtle Beach to Georgetown is the best part.
  19. Help me find my next boat?

    Beaufort. I wrote and asked the broker for clarification. Spent a lot of time going up and down the ICW from Morehead City/Beaufort to the Neuse River. I would go off shore if I was heading South to avoid the ICW to Wrightsville. Good luck on your search.
  20. Help me find my next boat?

    Where in NC ? I had 36.7 with a 6' draft and it never held us back. New Bern was my base.
  21. R.I.P. Rick White

    We stayed at his Key Largo "resort" a number of years ago. I towed my Hobie 20 there after a Mid Winters event in Tampa. Nice guy but I didn't see much of him. Mary ran the place. He was legend in the multihull world for sure.
  22. Business Etiquette and raising prices

    I've got good relationships with a few other cabinet shops around. I've debated about starting a little group that gets together a few times a year to talk shop to discuss things like this. Be VERY careful with that ! Collusion, price setting and risking insider info. Seems petty at your level but...
  23. Background on this photo?!

    Looks kinda old school...
  24. NFL 2016

    Well you are playing the Panthers, everybody's "get right" team for 2016. Should be ugly. We're either on Concussion Protocol or on year IR. Either way, we're done...
  25. NFL 2016

    The Panthers are in trouble.