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  1. H5000 Graphic Display Updating?

    Only from the usb port as far as I'm aware
  2. what is it?

    nice pull yo. What do I win? A spa holiday for two and a candlelit dinner?
  3. what is it?

    Freak Rocket - Foiling R-Class owned by Hamish Hall Smith
  4. Why did the j90 never take off?

    Yep - Back to the conventional keel stepped carbon rig with rods now, no evidence of its past history with a rotating rig inside or out.
  5. Why did the j90 never take off?

    Certainly a US boat - the old name is on the washboard but I didnt pay that much attention. Black Hawk? Black Knight? something along those lines I think. Someone familiar with the boats can probably fill in the gaps. Now christened Aunt Jessie - the owner has (or had) a 125 of the same name.
  6. Why did the j90 never take off?

    Theres one on the west coast of scotland just about to be relaunched after a refit...
  7. Settings > User > Auto Mark Advance - And set the range within which you want to to detect your rounding and switch to the next mark on the course.
  8. B&G H2000 troubleshooting

    Assuming you have the typical blue Halcyon 2000 compass then thats talking to your network via the fastnet bus, the Speed and Depth talk directly to the main processor. The fact you have lost all 3 indicates an issue with the main processor rather than a network or sensor issue.
  9. Commodores Cup

    I don't think there was any magic ticket, but having their 3 boats pushed right to the top of their rating bands certainly didn't hurt. Catapult was highest rated boat in the fleet and Antix as the first of their 'small' boats still rated higher than a few teams 'big' boats with Quokka in the top half of the entries ratings wise. The faster boats definitely benefited in the conditions we saw (the round the island day excluded when the whole fleet inverted after a break for lunch with the anchors out)
  10. Commodores Cup

    Really tough week of racing as Quagers says - Quite a few abandonments and restarts, and perhaps a few races that shouldn't have been in the first place but ultimately the RC did well to get the full program of races in. The Irish fully deserved their victory but the next bunch of teams were all closely packed together in what was a pretty high scoring regatta. I think 2nd down to about 6th could all have reshuffled going into the last race?
  11. trickle down

    All UK Cherubs built in the last ~10 years use horizontal lifting rudder foils, and quite a few older boats have been converted. Numbers are fairly small at around 20 boats at a typical nationals but there is an upward trend in these numbers since the adoption of the rudder foils. It would be tough to argue whether or not these things are linked but theres no doubt that the foils have transformed the way the boats sail.
  12. newbie bowman tips

    Kites rip more often after they'v left the building. We carry rigging tape for a reason. Tape anything in the hatch area that might snag the chute and spend some time below the hatch. Anything that the chute might get hung up on needs to be dealt with with tape or removal. Sewer needs to take some responsibility that the chute is clear of all potential snags. We once ripped a chute on a J35 because the foot got hung op on the fixed head pump handle. "Hoist!" .... flush. After we launched out of the hatch for one race, the owner bought-in, and the rest of the crew liked it. The benefit of not having the crew off the rail to pack the kite, then to retrieve it near the mark has helped in the tight fleet. A trust was established pretty quickly, so no problems. It took me the first part of the season to persuade my current ride to go to hatch hoists - All totaly convinced now.
  13. newbie bowman tips

    Assuming im repacking into a bag then the sheets and halyard have to come off anyway so if im down below clip them all together and chuck them back out the hatch, then drag the foot of the kite back to the middle of the boat and start stuffing. Keeps the weight out of the bow and its much easier to work with a bit more space and the kite spread out a bit up the boat. If you are leaving it hooked up to hoist straight back out of the hatch then theres no need to run the tapes (assuming your drop wasnt a complete clusterfuck)