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  1. Coolboats to admire

    To look cool, and that boat is way cool!
  2. 28 foot cruisers?

    One of the fibreglass versions of L. Francis Herreshoff's H28 perhaps? Quite a few were produced from factories in various places round the world in the 70s & 80s. * Parkins Marine, Florida * Compass, New Zealand (Mainly sold as hull & decks for owners to finish) * Far East yachts * Walker, Australia Vaguely recall a South African manufacturer but could be wrong on that. Not fast boats by most definitions. L.F's design criteria were grace of line, stability, sea-kindliness, sound construction principles, economy, simplicity, and good materials. So, while not fast a well sorted example will get to it's 6.5kt hull speed fairly easily and stay there. If there's too little wind and you need to get home the motor will do the job. They invariably get where they set out for, a few have circumnavigated, they're more comfortable than is reasonable to expect of a small boat, and they hold their value. They're not a trailer sailer but you've said you understand the complexities of trailing such a big boat. Currently 12 for sale here in NZ with asking prices from NZ$7k to $26.5k
  3. Coolboats to admire

    Downwind & reaching probably OK. Owners report very easy motion, and little of it. However, upwind would definitely benefit from motor assistance. Tacking through 120 degrees would be just too painful. Anyway who said anything about sailing - this is about being cool. For sailing I think I might prefer this:
  4. Coolboats to admire

    3000+ posts and no Bombigher? Let me put that straight:
  5. Coolboats to admire

    Definitely Cool. Rotating 700kg to windward via a carrousel makes it fast too! http://youtu.be/Kpam9wkHAKw
  6. Thoughts on engineless sailing

    Kind of like these guys: https://www.youtube.com/user/alaskagraphy They use an engine though so perhaps we're wandering a bit off topic. New thread - "Promoting the cruising lifestyle" perhaps?
  7. Ugly dodger collection

    Not sure. I don't know Charlie but I know a bit of the boat's history. I keep getting drawn to Cicero as I've see her advertised for sale but she's not quite right for my program. Perfect for Fijordland, a dash across the South Pacific to Patagonia, and any high latitude cruising ground. Cicero's been listed at Busfield Marine for a while now but they took the listing down a few days ago. I hope she has sold - it'll stop me getting sidetracked and tempted; and the boat deserves to be out cruising again. This thread is over a year old and has nearly 300 postings - all in the search for a non-ugly dodger. Nearly all experienced cruisers demand a dodger. It appears that Cicero and her sistership Thunderhead may be the only boats to achieve it prettily.
  8. Ugly dodger collection

    And McMullen's version's canvas extension gives two best seats.
  9. Ugly dodger collection

    I'll concede the midships dodger is ugly. The ugliness is reduced by the presence of a nice wooden dingy beside it sitting almost as high. But the boat looks much better with both gone. Concessions to practicality I guess. The boat has two companionways - one through the pilot house and the second is the one midships protected in this example by the soft dodger. (Photos below of aluminium sistership.)
  10. Ugly dodger collection

    Hard to sustain an argument that the hard dodger is ugly in the face of this sistership built in aluminium by McMullen & Wing.
  11. Ugly dodger collection

    Another view