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  1. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Wasn't aware i did that - my bad if i did I'll just keep my mouth shut about everything then, just in case TTFN SS
  2. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Oh? You collect the stuff for them do you? ;-)
  3. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Weird, the stops I have been to had free water vending machines - only prob was you had to know about them beforehand and take your own cup or bottle. Might have been a good idea if they had publicised that fact in the promo material SS
  4. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Looks like Mapfre and DFRT are paying the price of match racing each other and ignoring the rest of the fleet at the moment. Like you I think Akzo is playing it right at the moment, their VMG is twice everyone else except the Scallywags and Mapfre looks like they have the sea anchor out.
  5. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Ha ha ha - not in the least paps49. Some people reckon Mr Hancock is a has been, maybe so but unlike so many he actually HAS been if you get my drift. I don't mind if people have a pop, everyone is entitled to their opinion otherwise the site is mis-named. And as far as Mr Bitter's comments about "protecting one's sources"? It's called respect my friend. If I am told something in confidence it remains in confidence. SS
  6. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Not mentioning any names but so many on here appear to be too, too willing to have a pop at others efforts while adding nothing constructive themselves. Bound to get trolled for this but as a much better man than any of us said "“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” In case you didn't know it was President Roosevelt but was often used by GBR National Athletics coach, Frank Dick (don't get fucking smart) - who took GBR distance athletics from obscurity to world class and world record performance - in his motivational speaking appearances. SS
  7. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    funny that. I actually read what I have written before I post it but maybe they weren't following the events of Leg 4. SS
  8. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Not foot in mouth kawalski but totally tasteless. Do they have any idea at all? Any such comment coming so soon after the incident leading up to the Hong Kong stopover along with the fact that the authorities have yet to conclude any report on the incident beggars belief. SS
  9. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    No initiative - not you Stief but VOR. If a few Chinese can get the Pro-Am out Live to 1.98MILLIOn with a couple of iPhones and WeChat channels then...well say no more SS
  10. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    It was if it was to much trouble for VOR to make any real attempt. take a look at the DFRT Facebook page, they do put up some DF (rather than VOR) videos up there form time to time - saw a cracker the other day. Search as Dongfeng Race Team SS
  11. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Nope because they weren't internet streams per se. They were a couple of bods with iPhones, one on Dongfeng and one on TTOP and they were going out on wechat. Just like a phone call or video call isn't retained on a server neither was this but, as I said 1.98m 'tuned in'. I just thought that was chuffing amazing Pretty impressive when VOR couldn't do the previous day's inport live. I am sure they had problems with China's 'firewall' but I am able to watch livestreams from outside China without a VPN so I don't know what their challenges were. I'm sure someone on here might know Ss
  12. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Love some of the comments about HK & China. When will the world wake up? China 2nd biggest economy in the world, Volvo Cars Owned by Chinese, Volvo AB 8.4% owned by Chinese. Pro-Am in Guangzhou unofficially livestreamed - using 2 iPhones would you believe - through we chat and a using a total of 17 channels to 1.98 MILLION active viewers. VOR could only manage a delayed broadcast of the previous day's in-port race. I wonder what VOR's all time record for a livestream viewership is, I bet it doesn't come close to 2 million. Does VOR need China? Well as the sponsors depend on ROI and every single team in the current race (and previous one if I remember correctly) have either a business benefit from visiting China or an important message to tell in China. Quite simply VOR cannot afford to ignore China or the opportunities it presents. Of course I am biased but as I actually live here I can actually see the opportunities rather more clearly than those who have never even visited. Just sayin SS
  13. V70 -> V65 -> V????? What should come next

    Going bigger probably not a viable option as bigger means more crew. Crew and their logistics is a major part of the cost of a fully crewed yacht race around the world. Just work out the cost of salary plus costs of flying home or flying out WAGS to each stopover along with accommodation during stopovers. More shore crew required to look after the bigger boat It all adds up hugely. Bigger also means more powerful, more expensive build, more expensive parts, bigger area required for the boatyards and race village ALL increases costs. Number of stopovers needs to remain the same in my view as this is where the sponsors get a sizeable chunk of the ROI by being able to invite important customers, clients or influential people to see their brand. Already some stopovers have additional logistical problems, for example getting under the bridge at Melbourne or the boatyard being remote from the village at Hong Kong to name just a couple. In some ways going to 60 feet returns the race to a successful part of its history, the W60s. The new boats need to have similar reliability to those boats as nothing switches off fans quite like a boat completing a leg on the back of a truck or the deck of a ship. Having said that I think Volvo managed the 'race within a race' last time round with the Vestas rebuild and it was a remarkable achievement. Ironic we have similar this time round with the same sponsor. SS
  14. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Ýou are right in many ways, the to-ing and fro-ing in between legs is almost as interesting as the legs themselves. In HK and Guangzhou i had a couple of encounters with Witty. Think what you like, he's not as bad as his press. Dry (very dry) sense of humour and clearly doesn't hold a grudge. WE agreed that when he and me have some mutual free time we would sit down and have a conversation rather than an interview so his side of the story could be told fairly and not twisted. I appreciated that he realised I am non political when i write and have no axe to grind. It needs to be remembered that there are two sides to every story and as best as I can recall we have never heard his side - perhaps that time is overdue. SS
  15. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Sorry THEY do NOT have a spare everything. the former SCA is NOT owned by the VOR. It was purchased, not sure whether by SCA or Atlant Racing but is certainly not VOR's to cut up with an angle grinder Just sayin SS