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  1. I suppose with the VOR announcement of a Legends Race next year this forum could be a valuable piece of research for Mark Turner and his boys tracking down the old entries
  2. Doesn't that make it all the more galling then that ETNZ from that little country kicked USA's ass then Alan
  3. Rudder, What can I say - amazing job of providing your fellow anarchists with the footage of every single race in the AC35 - above and beyond. Thank you, - so much appreciated Cheers SS
  4. I think I am mixing up a number of different feeds. I think I should just leave it as I love the J-Class, they are magnificent looking boats, amazing that so many people would want to restore or have a new one built. Did you do a thesis on boats of that era Jay? Respect. Cheers SS
  5. Oops - caught! The idea of the article was to promote just the above - meaningful discussion. Jay, it is interesting that in your first Para you quote Astra, Cambria & Candida as all three were indeed involved in the America's Cup as challengers Astra challenged in 1928 Cambria also challenged in 1928 Candida in 1929 Also that all three were later converted to the J-Class rule. Either way, I stand by most of what I said. The budgets that were thrown at most challengers and defenders took many ideas that while perhaps seen on smaller boats and brought them to a large audience. But I bow to your deeper more specialist knowledge of that period in our sport's history- no sarcasm implied or intended by the way, I should write with my head and not my heart. Or - next time ask my 'Uncle Bob' on America's Cup issues. One small point that has always made me smile. It course be said that this whole 160 year circus could all have started because of a poorly written set of SIs. All scuttlebutt perhaps but if America had gone outside the Nab Tower as the British boats did would she still have won? In fact given the distance sailed (around the Isle of Wight) her victory of just 8 minutes for the "One Hundred Pound Cup" must still rank as one of the closest even though it wasn't yet "The America's Cup" :-) Funny what one challenge can spawn over time. Anyway, likely it will all change again if the Kiwis don't fold like they did 4 years ago. Thanks for the corrections Jay, knowledge is always useful. See ya on the water SS
  6. I am reminded of the Monty Python Travel Agent sketch where one character asks "Is this the right room for an argument?" to which he receives the reply "I've told you once". Well it seems there are people on here who think "I've tod you once" when a scroll through the posts of the last week or so it clearly isn't so - someone else mate! It is very tiresome when you are the target of comeone's angst when it really should belong to someone else. I would also say that one if makes a detailed point in an argument where nobody is expressing an alternative view or opinion, then doesn't that turn the statement (and the supposed argument) into no more than a rant? OK I admit I made a couple of omissions/errors in my writings - I hereby publicly apologise for them - job done but I am out of here, I have better things to do with my time than defend things I didn't say or have what I said misquoted and twisted Might see some of you at some of the stopovers. Sail safe, sail fast. SS
  7. I'm with you DtM, people need to read what's written, not what they think is written or want to see. Staysail, you got me - arrow in the heart. You are dead right - well partly at least. I am an unashamed fan of the Volvo AND the Whitbread before it - yes I, like DtM am around 60 so I am that old. I remember reading about Ramon Carlin winning the first one, I was there at Ocean Village beering it up with what seemed hundreds of drunk Kiwis as Big Red came steaming up the Solent, I have been to more stopovers than hot dinners and been fortunate to do an inport on a 70 and training sails on a 65 and driven photo-RIBs at many stopovers so yes - guilty as charged. Has the race always been right? Of course not. I remember hearing how when, just after the Fastnet which Abu Dhabi broke the record on Ian Walker already knew his boat was unlikely to have a chance of winning because it was fast in the wrong directions. The fact that several races were to the IOR Maxi rule and a different headstay arrangement on Steinlager adjusted her rating so she had 2 feet on Fish-Pie, again game over before the start although I don't intend to take anything away from Sir Peter Blake's achievement in that race The 70's which broke left right and centre, keel bomb doors failing, hulls too light and delaminating especially in the fierce conditions the fleet encountered in the Luzon Straits rigs coming down and multiple legs completed on the deck of a ship, barge or truck. The move to One Design was not popular with all but the eventual winner of the last race is on record as saying it was really the only way to go and who would doubt Ian Walker's credentials. But to suggest that I "doesn't like my posts because he can't abide any criticism of this event or anyone or anything connected with it." smacks of paranoia on your part Staysail. Potter - sackcloth and ashes for me, I should read things more carefully myself it seems, I misread the reference where she was - according to the source "rescued by the Royal Navy" and took it to be her lifted off the boat. Humble pie on that one and from what you have just said, even that is wrong if they just stood by in a support rol'. Anyway, as far as I am concerned - case closed. Wonder which team will be next, perhaps the skipper will have done no ocean miles then no-one can pick fault he he! Stay calm and carry on peeps SS
  8. Retired Sailor - Strangely shipfinder.com has Vestas Wind showing (12 hours ago in the free version) as doing 2.8kts at the entrance to the marina in Alicante where there is a VOR conference going on right now. Don't want to read too much into it and the info maybe wrong but have always found this site very accurate. I used it to track the progress of a container ship that had a 50 foot racer we shipped up from Oz earlier this year and it was dead on. Staysail - you are so often apparently defensive but thank you for the compliment about being "very sure on yourself". That is because I check the information before I write it and I can assure you I mentally kick myself when I am inaccurate as I was when I omitted Dee Caffari's Barcelona World Race (thanks Potter for the correction.) My point wasn't that Dee or Sam was the better sailor, try reading what people write before using the "READY, FIRE, AIM" technique, it can save a lot of misunderstanding and having re-read your post I think it would be hard to interpret that your "mouthing off" comment was aimed at anyone else. Anyway - have to drag myself back to the day job, shame because it is so much more fun here. Cheers all SS
  9. A bit if a fan is he? :-)
  10. Yup Potter - points to you, I completely forgot about that one. primarily because it was not a race that I follow but 100% correct. Staysail, you don't half write some rubbish. After your latest post I looked back at some of the fantasy stuff you wrote about Dongfeng. You saying I was "mouthing off" is more than just a little of what, in the UK, would be called "the pot calling the kettle black". If you don't understand what I mean - look it up. That said, one of the cool thing about the Anarchy forums is everyone can have their opinion. However, In my mind Potter's reminder of the BWR is that with 2.5(ish) more laps of the planet Dee Caffari, like I said "has more ocean miles" two laps of which were against the prevailing winds. I didn't say Sam was not an excellent sailor, of course she is- but in terms of miles she would have to do quite a few transats. You say you've "lost count of Sam's transatlantic races", well actually, I understand, she has done eight - impressive in anyone's opinion. Anyway, on this one we have to agree to differ, we have agreed on may things in the past and are bound to be in the same camp or different camp many times in the future. Stay well fellow anarchist. SS
  11. I think we are actually both wrong, I forgot about her skippering one of Chay's boats.. Her first go round was as a skipper in Chay Blyth's Global Challenge event. 2nd was sponsored by Aviva to replicate Chay Blyth's circumnavigation against the prevailing winds hence her Autobiography title "Against the Flow". 3rd Vendee Globe, again sponsored by Aviva making her 1st woman to circle both directions. 4th With SCA in last VOR. I can't think of a 5th but might be wrong. But you are completely correct Potter, she has sailed twice around with a crew and most importantly, one of those occasions was as skipper and also with an amateur crew in the same vein as the Clipper which must be a tougher assignment and with a crew that knows completely what they are doing. Don't underestimate her, she actually has more ocean miles, I'd wager, than Sam Davies. SS
  12. All those naysayers a couple of months ago saying that there wasn't going to be a full start line :-) Dee is a welcome return to the VOR and with (I think) 3 circumnavigations to her name certainly knows her way round the planet. Only two slots left - will we see newcomers filling them or more familiar faces returning? SS.
  13. the rule you are looking for is 49.2 but that only applies if you are on a boat with lifelines
  14. Perhaps if you were sailing downwind with your torso outside the lifelines while holding a sheet. Nothing in the rules that says you can't and nothing I can find in the RRSAC V209 either
  15. So which Rule would that be?