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  1. shanghaisailor

    The Covid-19 conspiracy thread

    Took tough calls Clean but it seems to be working. Strange not many countries are putting them into practice. i live in China and we have several friends who have lived through the 76 day lockdown in Wuhan. FYI the sponsors of Dongfeng Race Team are based in Wuhan. I could write a lot more but why feed the flames of the idiotic conspiracy theories. They clearly have more time on the their hands than i do See you on the water SS
  2. shanghaisailor

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    I'm just glad i am here Jack
  3. shanghaisailor

    well this is bullshit

    Well tell Coastie you are heading out to do some fishing (make sure you have a rod and spinner on board) and if stopped on the way back in just tell him you were fishing but not catching
  4. shanghaisailor

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Only twice Jack :-) For the last x weeks if i go to get the groceries i get temperature checked driving into the mall car park; i get temperature checked waking into the supermarket and then i get temperature checked when i drive back into my residential compound. You are so right about this and surely a basic difference between what has happened here in China and now happening in the US & UK is that they took it seriosu once they knew what they had on their hands. The US, for example knew about this on Han 3 and after their administration went through stuff like "it is under control' or 'it will go away' they are now warning that 'over the next two weeks there will be a lot of deaths' while here with a population of 1.4 Bn there were 5 +ve tests yesterday. Nobody's fault except their own. Why can't they see that you cannot pussy foot around with this thing.
  5. shanghaisailor

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Depends how much you actually want to control this pandemic and stop its spread. For over a week now there has only been 1 or 2 locally infected new cases here. The thing that amazes me is how much lassitude some countries have shown in getting to grips with this. Masks have been worn by many Asians for years when they have a cold or cough As a fever is one of the early indicators of the virus, temperature testing is nothing more than common sense. For years when you entered HK or Mainland China there is automatic temperature streaming, ever since the likes of SARS. All precautions should be taken - if you don't you are nuts. China is currently the safest place in the world to be. Every time they find someone who is positive and take them out of circulation that is one less person that can infect me.(or anyone else)
  6. shanghaisailor

    Wuhan's Crematoriums Are Filling Thousands of Urns

    Hey dorydude im sure the author of the article will hate you for suggesting facts should get in the way of a good story. People get older, the virus hasn’t changed that. It’s a bit like those who say the number of deaths from cancer is increasing. Fact with that one is we have cured so many diseases that used to get us, something else will. We just haven’t got round to curing the big ‘C’ yet.
  7. shanghaisailor

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    You are right - up to The Ocean Race to sort out scheduling - the COVID-19 has thrown the whole world into the melting pot.
  8. shanghaisailor

    Synthetic standing rigging conversion

    PBO's let down is that after 4 years it all needs to be checked because of potential UV attack. We have just moved from PBO to E6 Carbon but it is EXPENSIVE, about 75-80% more than PBO but it claimed to be a virtually forever product - we will see. But it is beautifully light. I cannot remember the weight reduction in the rig (We are talking Swan 82 here) but it is significant. Having said that we were told the undressed mast was 1200 Kg
  9. shanghaisailor

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    The challenges just got bigger. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a 12 month postponement. The Clipper Race has done so, Euro2020 is now likely Euro 2021, the Olympics etc so it would make sense to avoid conflicts for air time and perhaps even for some athletes. Also perhaps give the breathing time for teams and sponsors which was probably need to happen anyway.
  10. shanghaisailor

    Good News Thread

  11. shanghaisailor

    Good News Thread

    Sailing clubs in Shanghai starting to re-open. Still with limitations and caution but perhaps shows, Figures in China show about 80,000 positive tests and 74,000 already sent home. Shows that this thing is beatable - tough times but beatable. It's been a fucking horrible couple of months and we aren't out of the woods in China yet and the cost in lives and the economy has been painful to watch BUT I think we are turning the corner here.
  12. shanghaisailor

    Hurley 22 Refit

    Keep the engine. An iron topsail can be the most useful propulsion in the wardrobe. Is it inboard? Rare for the early 22's as most had an outboard in a well. I sailed on two examples back in the (shit) 60.s - now that makes me feel old. One was called 'One for the Road' and had 2 x 40 oz optics in the hanging locker. They were considered decent little cruisers in their day before everyone wanted more berths than waterline length and wanted to park their boat in a marina instead of a swinging mooring
  13. shanghaisailor

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    Agreed twolegged, great system if properly set up. My Quarter tonner was on a 4 wheel trailer like that. When i brought her to China i towed her all the way from Port Edgar Marina just outside Edinburgh to Felixstowe behind a LWB Land Rover 110 and hardly knew it was there when braking and i had a ton (literally) of shit inside the boat - not the slightest hint of the trailer trying to control the tow vehicle (Landies are rated to 3 ton towing capacity)
  14. shanghaisailor

    best pic of the year?

    Well this 9th grader reached out to some people who actually know the rules. A pool of IJs and IUs i have got to know while umpiring. Between them i reckon they have over 100 years of racing experience and countless events up to and including the America's Cup, World Championships and other major regattas including the Olympic Regatta. I am putting together an 'educational piece for the front page. To give you a head's up - Human Pole was universally reckoned to be illegal. An on the water judge could only penalise however, if written into the Sailing Instructions otherwise a fellow competitor would have to protest. Watch this space -
  15. shanghaisailor

    Stay, No Go

    I don't know who was "interviewed" by them but we spoke to crew members who were either at the airport or on their way home and well as the 'really technical bit' of checking the Clipper website. 2 verifications that made me confident in calling out the original sensationalist report. The irony is when they arrived back at Subic they had come from, as you know Subic. Also for the record, one of the Chinese stopovers stopped them coming but the government rules in force meant they couldn't have any welcoming parties and of course the complication of changover crews getting home from China.