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  1. shanghaisailor

    The Australian Sailing and RQYS Kabuki Theatre Thread

    Thanks Jack :-( I'm not the font of all knowledge. A few observations that some above have failed to realise. Perhaps never used an AIS or even a VHF. There are a number of reasons why a boat will not be identified on AIS much less Marine Traffic. Firstly the AIS ident is provided via VHF which is already a weak signal from a racing yacht and entirely dependant first of all on the transmission circuit. AIS was, after all, initially designed for vessels of over 300 tons which are an infinitely more stable transmission platform and being generally built in steel provide a much greater ground plane for radio transmission (read the books) During my mi-spent youth (a long time ago) i was part of the CB Radio crazy that swept the UK. In fact i was secretary of a club of 4,800 - i was right into it. If your 'rig' - the radio and antenna was tuned badly you would be lucky to be heard a few blocks away but get it right, particularly the SWR of the antenna and you could speak to the USA from the middle of England and I have done so. The AIS set up on most yachts uses a splitter to enable the same antenna to be used for both AIS and VHF transmissions. That in itself reduces the effectiveness (read reliability and range) of the signal of both transmissions and i bet like most yacht installations it has never had an SWR meter within half a mile of it. On my own boat i eschew this set up and have a dedicated antenna for each system - a bit more clutter but a lot more reliability. One also has to realise that it is all operating in a marine environment. Were the cable junctions secure and damp and salt free, the GPS and VHF connections on the AIS, the splitter (in and out). I cannot see the NoR or SIs so cannot comment on the exact wording but there are a number of reasons why an AIS is ACTUALLY SWITCHED ON and the information not getting out through to Marine Traffic Regarding the case in point, the boat radioed in pre-race that they seemed to have a problem and the fact that the Race Committee statement quoted as a fact found that they appeared intermittently would perhaps point to a fault somewhere in the antenna circuit. I seem to remember a 100 footer in a much longer race last year that was reportedly not transmitting AIS details correctly due to a claimed circuit fault. The change in the published decision with point 4 being removed as hiding something is a wonderful but (I believe) completely pointless conspiracy theory. Point 4 appeared in the "Facts Found" part of the decision and in my opinion it was correctly removed because it wasn't a fact, it was an opinion. It was also erroneous in that is it relatively easy to discover how efficient an antenna system is using a Sine Wave Ratio (SWR) Meter. To measure the SWR using a sound system you key the mike, to measure the AIS you just switch it on to transmit. Also if on switching on the AIS the SWR meter didn't deflect you would know instantly you had a problem (no signal coming down the coax) . Whether it was transmitting the position and other information would be easy to check on another AIS receiver. That said, these would be dockside checks and unlikely to be performed on the fly, especially when racing and a yacht is likely to be completely oblivious to the fact that they are "AIS invisible" unless specifically told so. I use as a point of reference for this multiple conversations and advice over the years from my closest UK sailing buddy (and excellent mainsheet trimmer) who has spent his entire working career (40 years - he's an old bugger like me) with mobile communications all the way up to satellite dependant yacht telematics. (Look it up) AIS is a puppy by comparison. My final comment i would direct to Shaggybaxter. I dare you to tell Nev Willis to his face that you have zero respect for him. I have worked with him and found him to be straight arrow. Apart from anything else he was only one of 4 Judges in this case, all of which hold various levels of Judge certification. The actual decision? Well the RC are quoted as saying that the AIS reception from the yacht in question was intermittent. Does that not mean that they could be seen sometimes and not others? That points very strongly to a faulty system unless they were flicking it on and off which sounds pretty doubtful to me. I may have missed something and the above is just some thoughts FROM A DISTANCE. It's an absolute bugger being a judge or umpire. One party in the room is always going to be happy and the other party pissed off. Come back at me if you think i am wrong - it is how we learn after all. See ya on the water (soon i hope - bloody virus) SS
  2. shanghaisailor

    Rule Changes, Episode 3

    I'll let you do it next time them Brass
  3. shanghaisailor

    That’s... uhh... one way to install a traveler

    Perhaps he saw it offered cheap on Craigslist and couldn't resist the bargain
  4. shanghaisailor

    Colleges dropping sailing as a varsity sport..

    So many comments about sailing being expensive. Really? I would have though a dozen or so 420s along with the boat park fees was almost insignificant compared to the cost of maintaining an American Football pitch or basketball court and building or do the colleges charge people to watch the college games? I don't know, just asking. I am not American and therefore have no knowledge of the US system other than that they exist. I would have thought that far more leaders and 'titans of industry' sail in an orgainised manner than play football in the same way and the kudos for the educational establishment would be all the greater for that. But i am a sailor so naturally biased.
  5. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    I actually agree with you PaulK. (Impressive language skills by the way.) On the odd occasion where I have infringed and the many more times i have heard a shout I would often be hard pressed to tell you if it was protest that was actually shouted. A good or better protest room lawyer would or could use that to their advantage to have a perhaps valid rule breach brushed aside on a technicality. That was the point i was making about the use of "tone". Whatever the language, an angry tone is an angry tone or a frightened tone is frightened tone. Maybe some sort of sound signal? I don't know. That leads, at least in my mind, the frequent breach by some of one of the basic principles of our sport "When a competitor break a rule they will promptly take a penalty" and they don't. Sailing is a "self-policing sport" and self begins with ones-self. Oh, if only everyone was honest! I remember one event where a more experienced boat broke a number of rules during the event but no flag so we could do nothing. Finally they were about to be OCS in the penultimate race but pushed down on the leeward boat and there was contact but they saved their OCS. It was light weather conditions so we trickled the judge boat through the fleet until we could ask them if they 'knew' they broke Rule 11 on the start line. They answered yes (silly boys). We then invited them to do a penalty or we would protest them under Rule 2. It perhaps wasn't by the book but they had knowingly cheated. And it wasn't the first time that team had raced to their OWN rule book. Perhaps they might think again next time we meet on the race course. As the King is often quoted "If in winning a race you lose the respect of your fellow competitors, you have won nothing."
  6. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    Easy to say for a native English speaker. It is not quite such a natural word to use for a NON- English speaker. We are fortunate that historically English is the language of the nautical and aeronautical world but who is to say that will always be the case. It is natural if an inexperienced sailor who has learned the whole rule book in their own language when fouled, to shout out in their own language when under pressure. To expect any different is perhaps sliding towards the 'superior race' situation which the whole world is trying to stamp out right now. Having said that, when we umpire races in China most sailors actually already use the word 'Protest'. Perhaps that is for the benefit of the laowei umpires :-) Not accusing you of anything TJ - far from it - but if our sport expects the developing nations to join in the fun we perhaps have to cut them some slack in this area - maybe we shouldn't - opinion is mixed in this area. The sailors I referred to up thread were very young Chinese at their first Youth Worlds and their protest (which I saw the form for) was pretty cut and dried but thrown out on the technicality that they shouted "Protest" in Chinese in the heat of the moment (and were honest enough to say so in the room). Technically the correct decision by the jury but the rule breaker got away scot free. I saw the look of disappointment on the sailors' faces as they had a pretty strong case apart from the 'own language hail'. This change to 'Hail' is a good step in the right direction, even if "Protest" is always used it shows our governing body is listening. Tricky area!
  7. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    You will find many events will specify in NoR or SIs an alternative signal. It is not appropriate to define An alternative signal in the general RRS as different types of racing have different alternatives. For example in match racing (enshrined in Appendix C) Arm signals are used. In SuperYacht racing because of ‘exclusion zone’ type distancing VHF radio is used and as mentioned kite boarding also has an alternative. So the wording of the rule is, in my view, correct.
  8. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    See 16.1 now & new
  9. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    Good point but current 16.2 doesn't prohibit starboard tack boat from changing course, it states the starboard tack boat must give the other boat room to keep clear. That is quite a difference. I know of a number of defence attempts where the starboard tacker claimed they were headed and HAD to bear away - it just complicates the hearing. Perhaps 16.2 wording is to hammer home that you cannot bear away if it means the port tacker hasn't got room. 16.1 really should cover pretty much all occasions and 16.1 contains 2 definitions which are crystal clear.
  10. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    Most superyacht regattas (probably all) include in the instructions that yacht may signal hails by radio.
  11. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    I was just referring to the exonerations (god i hate that word, every time i type it i have to use the spell checker - one of my bogie words) and i typed my response to you with a smile on my face. Good to see someone else that is interested to read the changes. I think in the main the tweaks improve the rules and make it all more logical
  12. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    If budget is a concern Heisenberg you can always download them FREE from and carry them as a pdf on your phone :-) I don't think the Rules Committee sit in a darkened room and make up the changes themselves. Feedback is given during the previous cycle from people who should know and, I understand, this forms the basis for the tweaks
  13. shanghaisailor

    same old, same old - not quite!

    You are way ahead of me TJ -
  14. shanghaisailor


    Completely agree Ncik. China is what might be called "Enlightened Communism". Most country's governments are at neither one end or the other but I do believe that the USA is closer to the one extreme than China is to the other and it does seem than a significant number of people have been 'left behind' in the rush towards the American Dream. Maybe I'm wrong and always willing to be proved so - it is how one learns.
  15. shanghaisailor


    Maybe that's why there was such overall compliance in China. In the first 3-4 weeks of COVID I only saw 2 people NOT wearing masks the whole time and they were a foreign woman and (I presume) her daughter. And it has worked. Now with the latest flare up Beijing has been largely closed down again. It is not rocket science, if you trap the droplets with a mask they can't land on someone else's face. Just what is the average EQ over there?