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  1. That would be cool but do you think they would have any energy left after the trip from Capetown. Then of course they would be knackered for the leg to their home port
  2. Actually Jack there is NO financial link between Sun Hung Kai Properties & Sun Hung Kai & Co although they do share a heritage. You are correct however that daddy did serve time for 'financial irregularities' :-) And actually RS, the route of the race is to a large degree down to the nationality of the sponsors. Sure there are some stopovers that are almost 'traditional' or what some people might call iconic (much overused word that) but do you think Dongfeng would be in the mix without a Mainland Chinese stopover, or the Hong Kong stop might just perhaps have convinced Lee Seng Huang to fork out some brass on a team, or the Hague suits Akzonobel and Brunel and a start in Alicante must surely have made it easier for Pedro Campos to convince Telfonica and now Mapfre to sponsor a team? And don't forget the long trip north in the Indian Ocean to visit Abu Dhabi, or Auckland for the Kiwi teams (OK that is now a GENUINELY iconic stop admittedly) So in actual fact the location and nationality of the sponsors has had quite an influence on the race over the years. SS
  3. Sorry Retired Sailor but if you are Chinese and not Malaysian it needs clarification. just correcting Jack Sparrow - see next post
  4. Additionally the sponsor is a Malaysian not Chinese SS
  5. Had to zoom out quite a but for the Scallywags though - SS
  6. Sorry Rushman but I am looking at YB on my iPad right now - and as a double check my iPhone too SS
  7. I might be unpopular for saying this but we get what VOR give us. Note the word GIVE - it is very difficult to complain about something that we don't pay for. There are many reasons I could think of for the 3 or 6 hour hit but the likes of the VOR survives on measurable metrics - that's at least one way they justify their existence as a cost centre to Volvo AB and Volvo Cars. If they encourage people to click on every 3, 6 or whatever hours to see the latest update the click count naturally goes up. Add to that their "breaking news" at around the time of an update ceases to be 'breaking' because everyone has seen Team Whatever do their Crazy Ivan breakaway when it happened 1 hour 35 minutes before (or whenever with continuous updates) Another lost bunch of clicks. I am also not sure if continuous updates out on the web would cause a cost increase to the VOR over 6 hourly or 3 hourly update - the tecky nerds in the thread would perhaps be able to tell us better. Personally I am glad it wasn't (and won't be) continuous. It is already distracting enough from the day job with the frequency we have at the moment but maybe some have more time on their hands (or more discipline) than I do. SS
  8. Sorry I only have one team for obvious reasons although there are a number of teams where I know some of the sailors on board. Also a fan of Sam Greenfield who brought the race alive with his drone work and had to smile when I saw the Facebook video from a drone suggesting this was the future - perhaps but it started 3 years ago and Sam's presentation, alongside the Inmarsat VP, at the Auckland Prizegiving was absolutely awesome. Shame it could never reach youtube. SS
  9. So right Bucc. 2 races back, just after Abu Dhabi had broken the Fastnet Race record, Ian Walker already knew he had a problem. In fact he is on record (In Seahorse no less) that without One Design the following race (or even sponsorship) would have been far more uncertain
  10. You are not alone Alinghi, especially as they were the surprise package up until then. But the way they buckled down. Shore team delayed to Ushuaia by a 24 hour Argentine air crew strike, the Chinese guys having to say on the boat for the motor sail up the coast because they couldn't get visas in time to get off the boat, another team refusing to sell their spare mast to DFRT meaning a mast had to be flown to Rio from Dubai via Schipol (halfway round the world) followed by a 650km road trip up to Itajai. Their result into Newport was a comeback worthy of Lazarus. I will never forget that part of the race - very emotional. SS
  11. You think?
  12. It is going to be a long 9 months starting in October - better order the extra-strong coffee now and beat the rush SS
  13. Bloody hell, that was close. The fat lady can shut up now!!! SS
  14. Strange the differences between the Yellowbriock and VOR control. I would have thought they were getting the same info off the boats. ss
  15. love the gentle sniping on this thread, much more tongue in cheek and adult than in many - keep it friendly guys, like a yacht club bar after a few pints :-) SS