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  1. shanghaisailor


    Pax Jack. It's difficult not to react when you have friends boats wrecked. Nothing fake about that. What wasn't fake was the strength of the gusts coupled to the storm surge. However while there has been quite a bit of fake news surrounding the storms there is nothing 'fake' about the impact in Hong Kong. It doesn't matter whether it was 40 knots or 140 knots, a lot of boats have been sunk or severely damaged and some people I have spoken to, one who has lived in Hong King al their life (high side of 50) told us she has never seen an impact like this on the boats on the water. I also would refer to the photos I posted (and I have dozens more) - no photoshop, real boats sunk or on the rocks, nothing fake about the heartbreak of those owners. But yes the media certainly do hype these things up. I just about wet myself laughing at the weather channel reporter doing his little dance as if it was blowing like hell while the two guys walked past behind him - a perfect video bomb. Anyway, normal service is now resumed and the clean up continues. SS
  2. shanghaisailor


    I wrote a tirade Jack, but I deleted it because it is really not worth it. It is easy to be blasé about the losses of others, in this case the approx. 60 people that Mangkhut killed. When you are personally involved it takes on a different timbre. Ask any of the sailing and boating community in Hong Kong right now. I wouldn't tell them you were the Jack Sparrow who wrote the "out of context" post though, they might turn unfriendly
  3. shanghaisailor


    What is babble to someone the other side of the world is real trauma to those living through it Jack. We were fortunate to NOT be in Hong Kong but still had F10-F11 coming through our compound and even here some trees were uprooted. In HK at least 30 boats sank, ended up smashed on the sea wall or dumped on the hard by the almost (3.9) 4m storm surge. One person's "babble" is someone else's personal trauma or tragedy. Sadly an RP52, (the old Yendys) and the first Chinese team we worked with when she was called APAT was one of the victims with goodness knows what damage to her ended up perched metres above the water having been literally thrown there by Mangkhut. Sad to see - and she wasn't alone. SS
  4. shanghaisailor

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    No wonder he has 50k+ posts if he posts everything 7 times.
  5. shanghaisailor

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    @Frazer - that's cool to know and yes, Animal was her name when I bought her and I was going to re-name her until I had my first sail in her then promptly changed my mind as it was so appropriate. I had an Enterprise and a Hornet before her and I think she was the first boat I 'fell in love with' - she was beautiful AND a handful in a blow. Glad someone with more time patience and most importantly boat building ability bought the insurance write off and rebuilt her. Alan Warren must be in his 70's now. I am also the high side of 60 but wouldn't dare to give myself the title classic :-) See ya on the water SS
  6. shanghaisailor

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    All those above who commented that shouting fake rules when you know they are fake being completely out of order, I am in complete agreement with. It's not smart! It is just another form of cheating (or bullying). Might be difficult to prove but a quick protest or two might just break his habit. A bit of ostracising in the bar afterwards might also help. If a sailor has to resort to this sort of unsportsmanlike behaviour then he is not as good as he thinks he is. Rule 2 - no messing! Our sport does not need this sort of behaviour. It should also be factored in that the victims who are most likely to fall for it are the newbies to sailing and an unfair game being played on them is hardly likely to keep them in our sport. No time for cheats! SS PS Thanks for posting that vid Frazer, brings back happy memories.
  7. shanghaisailor

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    I used to have a Merlin, many years ago. Can still remember the sail number 2808. Her foredeck was like a piece of furniture, you could have used it as a dining table. Then one late autumn some bastard took her tie down lines off and she was blown over, broke the mast and twisted the king plank. She was actually clinker and if you look at the video you will see that even the modern moulded boats have a clinker 'effect'. Very tweaky boats and an absolute joy to sail. SS
  8. shanghaisailor

    Favourite Boat pic?

    You obviously missed Meteorology 101 :-)
  9. shanghaisailor

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Ha ha - good point but seeing some of the comments over the years of some on here I think left is more appropriate he he. I do appreciate your sense of humour though Sail4beer. See ya on the water SS
  10. shanghaisailor

    Favourite Boat pic?

    His & Hers Quarter Tonners. Thomas and Dubois designs. The wife's boat to the left
  11. shanghaisailor

    Favourite Boat pic?

    A protest waiting to happen perhaps
  12. shanghaisailor

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    I have just read the first few posts schessor put up in the links and is it scary/sobering reading. Thanks for the links by the way. These guys have a TOTAL lack of understanding under their obligations under the IRPCAS Rules. It almost sounds as if the idiots on the motorboat should have been flying their day shapes for "Not under command". How any skipper or helm - on a day where the first statement claims perfect visibility - cannot see a 30 foot high sailing boat mast beggars belief. At "30 knots" a power boat is doing half a mile a minute and for a helm NOT to be looking where they are going for the amount of time the sailing boat would have been visible and still not been able to avoid a collision is not just irresponsible but entirely culpable. Just sayin' SS
  13. shanghaisailor

    Boat Captain/Manager?

    WE bought a Cookson 50 in Sydney and it had been looked after by a retired aircraft engineer. She was so immaculate you could have eaten your dinner off the deck. I prefer the idea of a retired person as they have a lifetime of work ethic behind them. Cheers SS
  14. shanghaisailor


    Hi Mad. I see you got my point. A company is NOT going to be interested in spending marketing dollars in an event that doesn't go to at least 1 or 2 (probably or hopefully more) of their current key or target markets. I personally don't know of any company that would throw money at something they didn't know what they were getting. Hey - wait a minute - the banks. Leading up to and during the sub-prime mortgage debacle didn't many banks buy lots of derivatives when they didn't know or understand what was in them? Perfect? Anyone got the phone number of Bear Sterns they would buy anything - what do you mean they went bust? Seriously though, it is a concern for anyone serious about considering a team for the next go round. SS
  15. shanghaisailor

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Moonduster - would advise NOT using that argument in a maritime court of law - Interesting how quoting the ACTUAL rule requires me -in your eyes - to 'be on my high horse'. The point is that, no actually the fact is that Rule 5 & Rule 6 are fundamental to the application of the ColRegs, particularly in regard to Rule 6. It is rather like blaming a pedestrian for getting knocked down on the sidewalk because he couldn't jump out of the way of the speeding drunk driver fast enough. If your only recourse to someone who states fact is pathetic childish insults then clearly your educational level is nothing for me to worry about. So tell me - what DO YOU think I am pretending to be that I am clearly not?, sorry SO clearly not! I'm out of here