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  1. dickie greenleaf


    Got mine in the mail on Monday. Order number 234. Threw it on the Melges tonight for the first time, and man... I'm impressed. Easy to read in the sunlight, I love the ping feature for the line - incredibly easy to use and accurate - timer is easy to use, and it's just a great little package, period. Fast data updates.... just great! Totally worth the wait. Apart from what it does now, I'm looking forward to an app at some point, and the additional features that they are considering. In short, I love it... period. Works as advertised. Well done Vakaros! Total win. DG
  2. dickie greenleaf

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    Congratulations my friend! Yup... the boat was out practicing yesterday, but I had a hall pass - My wife and I were sailing the 36.7 for the weekend. I practiced last weekend with the team, and now the boat is in the slings getting the bottom cleaned up. Good luck Hroth! DG
  3. dickie greenleaf


    I saw it in January at Sundance, and even got a chance to meet Tracy Edwards while I was there... It's a great documentary, highly recommended. DG
  4. dickie greenleaf

    Chicago/Mackinac Race 2019

    This will be my 16th straight Mac for me - J111 class this year. Yup. DG
  5. dickie greenleaf

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    If an order is placed today, when will it ship? Mr. Vakaros... any guidance on this? My wife wants something under the tree, and this would be perfect.
  6. dickie greenleaf

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Not to me. A straw poll in my household and in my family told me that such a request would be expected and, quite frankly, appreciated. Common response in the house... 'we'd be offended if they DIDN'T ask about looking at the jacket....' All this garbage is due to someone NOT asking ahead of time. I'd rather ask, and it's doubtful that it would be held in bad taste. A 10-year old, given the facts and circumstances, would have most likely done a better job in preparing a list that needed to be done in advance of locating the body. Prepare for the eventuality that the body would be found... get your ducks in a row. DG
  7. dickie greenleaf

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Simply put... they (the CYC) can just 'ask,' of which, it's doubtful that any family would say 'no thanks' to such a request. Our sport is an incredibly small family, and knowing the passion of why we all do this race, it would be an easy 'ask' directed to a family that would most likely, and totally, understand on behalf of the racers. From my perspective, I echo others, in saying my level of trust in these systems now has me second-guessing whether or not they'll work. I found myself during Saturday evening of the race, pounding to windward in my full gear, saying (in my head) 'if this thing doesn't inflate, I'll be fucked' not knowing what had happened hours earlier. I'm a small dude - 145 lbs - foam floatation is fine with me. I'm truly upset at the thought that the CYC wouldn't have the foresight to approach the family and ask to examine the vest EVEN BEFORE the body was recovered. A simple 'we are incredibly sorry, but we really want to get to the bottom of this by examining the vest' would have done the trick. Fuck... I would have made the phone call myself on behalf of the 3,000 racers that rely on safe equipment. DG
  8. dickie greenleaf

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    The CYC has an ethical commitment to the race for which THEY write the safety rules..... They could have simply said 'we would like the opportunity to determine the cause of failure, so it doesn't happen again,' and shut the fuck up. It's doubtful that any family... ANY family at all..... would disregard such a request knowing the lives that rely on the safety equipment that failed. So... what's the CYC supposed to do, you ask? 'Ask,' is the answer. I'm 'lamenting' your laziness in wanting an answer. Signed, DG A 15-year competitor in the CYC race to Mackinac
  9. dickie greenleaf

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

  10. dickie greenleaf


    I'm waiting for J-boats to register J121.org before I get too excited. DG
  11. dickie greenleaf

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    ... and looking forward to the race. Good times, for sure. DG
  12. dickie greenleaf

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I believe the same thing happened on the 111 that I sail on as well. Whatever.... it's been fixed. Can't expect perfection. DG
  13. dickie greenleaf

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Surprising the amount of pole deflection under load. Thanks for the videos.... Always first class! DG
  14. dickie greenleaf

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Congratulations. Looked good in the water today. And already some offshore fixes to the rig. Me like! http://www.blur.se/2012/03/29/j111-blur%C2%B3-nastan-klar Blur splashes tomorrow afternoon in La Trinite. Love the white, my friend. Nice. DG
  15. dickie greenleaf

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Looks good, bro. DG