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  1. Maybe the wives do..
  2. To each his own - I agree w/the no or minimalist interior, but, that little boat isn't much bigger than your Hobie, and looks solid enough and has lines pretty enough that I think she'd be worth saving. That said - I do have an admitted savior complex for old boats, bikes, cars and tools. That perfect one that TAK posted does show the potential, but the example in the ad looks to me like a hull with probable problems. The hull is the cheap part of a boat. I think it's priced a bit high at $300. "Worth it" is certainly in the eye of the beholder, unless we're talking market value. No way could that be fixed up and sold for profit, but someone could fix it for personal use. It wouldn't make a lot of economic sense, but then, pleasure boat ownership never really does. Would generally agree about the "profit" with the exception to those with the tools and talents.. Have seen a couple little cape dorys rehabed by a group here in Maryland that do it as a business and sell them at the Anap boat show.
  3. That seems like a VERY doable project - you could make a birdsmouth spar for the missing mast - new rigging and you'd have a neat little gunkholer for probably less than $1500. I bet you'd blow more than $1500 on any rig that didn't involve clothesline hardware & blue tarp. OTOH it's a pretty little boat. I would not be inclined to criticise anybody for going the distance with it. FB- Doug Don't know what you would pay but here is a mast and boom / rigging that I doubt would be more than $300.. http://delaware.craigslist.org/boa/3954949091.html I am sure you could pay a lot more than 1500 to get to this but...
  4. Not a mock but looks like a interesting offer for someone looking for a gentlemens day sailor.. Sailmaster 22 1969 sailboat - project boat - $300 (Weems Creek) http://annapolis.craigslist.org/boa/3943030985.html