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  1. stormy petrel

    Boat construction IS carbon sequestration. The petrochemicals in a boat are basically inert (except for the oil in the engine and the diesel in the tacks). For me, it's more a visual problem than an environmental one, and I'm generally quite sympathetic to environmental concerns.
  2. GB 60 v 66

    We are using thermo-formed core with infused carbon skins. So...middle of the road. A wet layup is impractical for production boatbuilding, especially in Europe. Prepreg would add about $1m per boat, so a big disincentive for the weight savings. We are using a lot of Nomex/prepreg for flat panel stuff (floors, bulkheads, etc). And furniture build methodology has greatly improved. The 68 won't approach the 62 in regards to weight, but it will be FAR more luxurious than the 62/66, and there's no reason it shouldn't be faster than the 62/66's (wider/taller/deeper/stiffer). It will have the refinement of the 55/60, too. The idea is the best of both worlds.
  3. GB 60 v 66

    Build methodology, too, moves the needle on weight. Kerfed core that's infused isn't light. The e-glass, wet-layup boats are pretty light. The carbon, wet-preg, nomex boats weren't bad either.
  4. Multihull Crew Training - Perfect

    Been friends with these guys for a decade or so. Super cool family.
  5. Gunboat 68

    The recommended engine is a 80-hp Yanmar turbo diesel with Saildrive that exists inboard.
  6. Gunboat 68

    Unfortunately, the days of selling Gunboats at a loss of over $2m per hull are over. Surprisingly, it just wasn't a sustainable business model. We now have to sell Gunboats with a slight margin built in. That puts it closer to $5m...
  7. Feel free to PM me for help. It's a big topic. There are lots of good boats if a Gunboat isn't in the budget.
  8. Actual Ultim actually lost

    Oops, didn't see the FP article. Cursed, indeed. In fact, it's a bit suprising Joyon had such success on the platform.
  9. Actual Ultim actually lost

    Stupid question, was this the same Sodebo that the Chinese guy was swept off of? Or am I getting my history screwed up?
  10. ARC 2017

    Generally, I agree with your assessment about the American market and weight. We are working on Gunboat 5508/5702 currently. The American owner has totally embraced the minimalist spirit and we are truly simplifying the boat. It feels good to turn the trend line around. Wess, I think you and the wife will be really excited when you see what we're doing...
  11. Gunboat 68

    Thanks Drake!
  12. Gunboat 68

    Big day in France!
  13. ARC 2017

    Agreed, Paul. The ARC is a poor gauge for true racing performance. As you rightly pointed out, it IS a rally. Nevertheless, it normally features a variety of interesting boats on the same water at the same time. In the absence of other data it's instructive. I hope you get out back together quickly and we see you in warm Caribbean waters soon.
  14. ARC 2017

    Personally, I don't expect a 1.5x-2x speed difference from a multihull. Generally, my rule of thumb is that a decent cruising cat should be as fast (or faster) than a decent cruising monohull that is 1.5x the size, or, that same cruising cat should be as fast as a grand prix monohull the same size. The TS finished about 500 miles ahead of a Pogo 40, which is approx the same value. It beat every monohull with the 66, 88, & 88 closest on the water. I dont know why you expect such a performance differential. Multis are quick, but not that quick. Comparing Grand Prix mono vs Grand Prix multi nets the same sort of numbers. A MOD70 is faster than Comanche, but not by ALOT. Maybe a rule of thumb could be that a racing multi is approximately as fast as a racing mono that is 1.5x the size?
  15. ARC 2017

    100% wrong. First of all, an Oyster 885 is more like 20x the cost (http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2013/Oyster-885-2825114/Oyster-Palma/Spain#.WiSHLUFOmEc) not 2x-5x. Second, I've sailed 10's of 1000's of miles one up on a cruising cat (3-4 crew total) and approx 10k miles racing offshore in a cruising cat. We race 2-3 up (6-9 total). That's no different than a tp52. I'll bet the TS has one of the smallest crew lists in the race.