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  1. soma

    what is it?

    Tommy put a prototype version on his F40. It was featured in Seahorse about a year ago?
  2. soma

    what is it?

    Not my project, it's Tommy's. Built in Bristol. shipped south a couple of weeks ago. She'll be based in St. John in the VI..
  3. soma

    Gunboat 68

    What's the word Greenflash? Will we see her sailing in 2018?
  4. I think it shipped a couple of months ago. It wasn't there when I visited the factory last month...
  5. soma

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Man, forgive the typos above. Sail, not sale. Effort used twice in one sentence. That "edit" option disappears quickly!
  6. soma

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Overall, the project is going well. -We got heat set up in the tent this week. It's not below freezing yet but it's getting cold. -The plan is to wrap up all major boatbuilding by Xmas. There'll be a lot of mop-up but (hopefully) the big stuff is over by then. -The painters are doing great. We should have all exterior surfaces to finish primer by Thanksgiving. Then we move into the salon/galley, then head down below sometime in the new year. -We've managed to hang onto the target of 7-9 guys aboard each day. Newport is crazy busy with boats trying to get south, but somehow we still had 7 guys aboard today. (Too many guys and everyone is tripping over themselves, too few and the project drags on too long and you end up with 20 guys on the boat at the end. Get on the throttle early and stay on it). -At this point, I am still saying that we are on target for a May launch. With that said, I know it's really easy to just backload the schedule and say "voila, we are on schedule!". When that fails, you just reschedule the launch and say, again, "Voila, we are on schedule". So for now (knowing that I live in a glass house) I'll stick with May. -The next big decision is whether to go for laminated glass ($$$), tempered glass ($$), or acrylic ($). Interestingly, the Gunboat fleet has chosen the heavy and expensive laminated glass route. It's not often that you opt for the heavy and expensive option. Usually, you pay a premium for the light option. I equate it to buying $5 sunglasses at 7-11 vs Maui Jims. -The Harken 65's @ 48v spit the line out at 2m/sec. That's sick. That's faster than the hydraulic 990's. Stop by anytime. I'm there most days.
  7. soma

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Gotta have a drinks fridge. Had to redo a lot of the taping. This is the coachroof taping. The hull/deck join was atrocious, too. All told it wasn't a lot of time but there's a lot of redo's everywhere.
  8. soma

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    This gives a good idea of what the longeron will look like. You can see the double tapered section and the raked forward martingale strut. Also note the curved T's. We are adding a foot batten in the furling solent. Lots of solar. Steve McNally has been awesome at generating these renderings.
  9. soma

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Here you can see the board exit and how far inboard it is. It's a tight fit between the mast and the board. (this is the old martingale strut. We were going to do a low strut that the sale would tack over but decided to cant it forward instead. Better headstay tension Here you can see the cant-in board solution that bought us all the extra RM. This shows how the curved T hides on the hull topside, hopefully getting out of the water on the windward side. This idea is 100% Dirk's. I just smile and nod.
  10. soma

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    We did 22 digital versions of the forward cockpit trying to get it right. This is close to the final version. This is basically the final version. We built 3 versions in plywood/foam. The "classic" 55 cockpit left a little to be desired so I really wanted to get it right. On the Gunboat 68 we similarly built several mockups. In both cases, the effort was 100% worth the effort. We decided to open up the line bin and push the windlass shelf all the way forward.
  11. soma

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    The tramp track is now on port and starboard. By the end of next week we should be to final fairing/primer on the topsides and underbelly. Then we start on the deck and coachroof, but those should be quick. Most of the surfaces are SeaDek or solar. The trunks are now in port and starboard. This shows how we saved the door to the head, hatch, and topside window. The bed inboard should work out well. More board details. You can see the repaired centerboard trunk aft of the daggerboard trunk.
  12. soma

    Can anyone ID this Cat?

    If fixed rigs were faster I am sure boats like Gitana, Spindrift, IDEC, Dogzilla, Alinghi, MOD70's, ORMA 60's, etc would have them. Or...Catanas, Outremers, Gunboats. Or...IMOCA's. There IS a case to be made against rotating masts (two more lines to pull...and extra windage...and ???) but stiffness, strength, headstay tension, and weight aren't valid criticisms. Also, the absence of a rotating mast on Comanche doesn't support your argument at all. First of all, Comanche is a shockingly underperforming boat. Secondly, it's a monohull with a (relatively) narrow shroud base. Thirdly, It's A SLOW BOAT! (Sorry, I just really don't like that boat or that use of money! You could buy 10 MOD70's for the price of Commanche and be faster on every point of sail. For the same money as Comanche you could have built a wicked multihull that would have been faster than anything the French have dreamt of and owned every record in the world for a decade).
  13. soma

    Can anyone ID this Cat?
  14. soma

    Can anyone ID this Cat?

    Fat Cat. I think Gino designed it as an ocean record breaker. It got converted to a cruiser with a deckhouse. They got a new mast last year after a lightning strike. GMT built the mast, I think.