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  1. I love how a system like that...used by every RTW solo sailor, is too risky/hard for a fully crewed boat sailing 600 miles. I've personally got 75,000 miles with a lashed headsail and never had a malfunction or need to go aloft. Just another example of the overly cautious attitude.
  2. Ouch! I can tell you that while I was still working for Gunboat we were asked to opine on the draft sailing requirements for the race. What I saw seemed excessively conservative and I stayed far away from the debate. My impression was that the motivation was simply concern with running a clean, safe event...not excluding anyone who was a "threat" on the water. I think the Bermuda Race fleet has a litigious mindset and a history of weather events, and no one wanted an "event" in the debut year for multihull participation. To be clear, none of the Gunboats met the requirements as built. Several Gunboats decided they didn't want to spend the $$$ to comply. Those that competed spent the money to make the mods to meet the requirements. Personally, I don't know why the Bermuda Race requires more/different safety requirements than the Transpac, C600, RORC trans-Atlantic, or any other ocean race, but the organizers chose to play it safe. As for the 36-hr delta between Elvis and the rest, it looked pretty clear that if you didn't get through the ridge the door was closed. Elvis squirted out, the other two got stuck with the rest of the 155-boat pack.
  3. How many E. coast 57+' tris are out there? Arete (ORMA60) was entered but no-showed (REW, that was you?). Paradox coulda entered, but didn't.
  4. How many E. coast 57+' tris are out there? Arete (ORMA60) was entered but no-showed (REW, that was you?). Paradox coulda entered, but didn't.
  5. This point has bothered me for months. The 57' cutoff was most definitely not written with Fujin in mind. Two Chris White Atlantic 57's have flipped. One Gunboat 55 (57') was abandoned. Do the math. Fujin was collateral damage Elvis, as always, has absolutely crushed and made it look easy. As for Merlin, I say well done. GB60/62s aren't meant to lose to TP52's...let alone 40 year old leaners.
  6. The F4 was different from the G4. Not massively different, but meaningfully different I checked out the TF10's yesterday. Wicked boat, can't wait to see them on the water.
  7. soma

    Gunboat 68

    Yeah, that bothered me too.
  8. soma

    Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    2:19 Phaedo 2:27 Nala 2:28 Flow 2:33 Morticia 2:33 Flash 2:41 R-Six 2:55 Thirst 3:11 Guyader
  9. soma

    Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    2:20 French Tech 2:34 Phaedo 2:35 Nala 2:39 Morticia 2:49 Flow 2:50 Flash 3:04 Guyader 3:07 R-Six 3:11 Squid 3:14 Thirst
  10. soma

    BVI Spring Regatta

    Not really, no. Chim Chim is the lightest 62/66, but she has 6 air con units, 2 watermakers, drinks fridge, icemaker, pop up tv, etc. The interior furniture and finish burns weight. The wetpreg is also heavy. The tooling wasn't getting any more fair, either.
  11. soma

    BVI Spring Regatta

    The 62's had pretty stumpy masts so their power to weight ratio wasn't very impressive. That's why there are so many new masts in the fleet. The thing I find so interesting is that in the nearly 20 years since the 62's were designed, no one has come up with a faster boat (in this market segment). The MC2-60, anything by irens, the new HH's, the VPLP/5x "No Limit", they are all slower than the early 62's. We'll see if VPLP can compete on the water with the new Gunboat 68. Everyone has used science (!) to figure out what makes things faster, but the "science" was wrong in hindsight. I remember walking to the marina with Peter Johnstone before the 55's first race and he was convinced it was going to crush. It was always hard to tell if Peter believed his own bullshit, but he certainly seemed to believe it that morning. They lost by 38% on the water to a pre-turbo;d Elvis. It wasn't even close. A lot of it comes down to weight, though. The 62's, though mostly fiberglass, are still lighter than the newer, all-carbon, infused boats. It shouldn't be that hard, to build a lighter boat, but no one can seem to do it. Full credit to the guys in S. Africa (Phil n Laura especially) that built the early boats. Also worth mentioning that the early boats were Pete Melvin's project. Arguably, Gunboat has been coasting on the reputation of the S. African boats ever since.
  12. soma

    Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    33 today!
  13. soma

    Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    Holy shit! Nala crushed today. Looks like even money between Phaedo and Flow. 3:37 French tech 3:37 nala 3:55:04 flow 3:55:51 Phaedo 4:10 morticia 4:18 R-Six 4:28 Guyader 4:35 Squid 4:59 thirst DNS Mach Schnell DNS Flash
  14. soma

    BVI Spring Regatta

    It was light to medium. As for Elvis, both.
  15. soma

    Voile de St Barth - Multihulls

    Today's elapsed results: 3:18 Phaedo GB66 3:21 Flow GB60 3:33 Nala HH66 3:45 R-Six HH66 3:49 Flash HH66 3:56 Mach Schnell 5x 4:09 Guyader ts42 4:15 Thirst gb55 4:19 Squid ts42 DNF Morticia DNF French Tech