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  1. soma

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    Did I see/hear that Maserati wasn’t in foiling mode this time?
  2. soma

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    Always a great race on the MOD's. It seems they almost always split the elapsed and corrected time wins. Now that they have finished, we know the deadline for the boys on Shockwave. 17:30 tomorrow. An hour before sunset. 9.3 knot vmg average. No problem!
  3. soma

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    The boys on SW seem to be holding on to 1st on corrected!
  4. soma

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    Nice move by Mana heading to the coast first. Huge lead over Maserati. Never a good idea to bet against Brian! Looks like the guys on SW are having a good race with Primonial. Ultime has the potential to be a weapon (I reckon) but not without some serious $$$ on crew and gear.
  5. soma


    I thought the G4 #2 had the automated flight controls. The F4 had upgraded manual flight controls. I also thought the G4 #1 had a big factory upgrade that brought her up to G4 #2’s automated status.
  6. soma

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    D3 have some great software that really impressed me. That let me spend the lockdown playing with settings digitally that pointed to areas to investigate this week leading up to the event. The guys ran some tests on the water. Our polars have jumped bigly.
  7. soma

    Rolex Middle Sea 2020

    I was supposed to be on Shockwave but Malta wouldn’t let me in. I’ve been in a country with no positive cases in 100 days, but it’s not on their official “green” list. We did a bunch of VPP work during the lockdown and found some big gains. Plus, I realized the boat hadn’t been weighed in about 8 years. We found out she was about 5% heavier than previously, which got us 1.5% on rating. I’m bummed I’m missing it but I’m looking to following it.
  8. soma

    SeaCart 26

    Calle Hennix (owner of Seacart brand) has to be around somewhere. Very nice guy, I'd assume he still he'd still be happy to help.
  9. soma


    ??? The G4/F4? The same builder built all 3 G4/F4. Holland Composites. Great guys, reach out to them for more info. They’ve tried to skate through the shitstorm and stay neutral as the world burned down around them. They still love the boats and have (seemingly) supported the owners to extent possible.
  10. soma


    She might be faster without the foiling set up, at least in open water. The F4 was barely faster in the C600 than a Gb62. I think the constant transitions from displacement to foiling and back to displacement mode was slow.
  11. I love it. Interesting that the designer is Mark Lombard, though. I thought Christophe Barreau had designed all of the previous TS boats. It still has the distinctive TS look. Im not sure about the rebranding, though.
  12. soma


    To be honest, a TS5 would likely be as fast for the same money, with the added benefit of 3-4 real cabins.
  13. soma


    I’m guessing that is on PJ’s property in Wanchese, with the Daedalus branding on it. i think it’d be a great boat in a foil assist configuration. Don’t HAVE to go full flight mode. it would be a great coastal cruiser/weekender.
  14. soma

    Last of the Gunboat 55’s I saw that on Yachtworld yesterday. I guess PJ is back in the Guboating business. I’m sure Gunboat/GLY are losing their sh** about this. “It’s not a Gunboat!!”
  15. soma

    Last of the Gunboat 55’s

    There were a half dozen unfinished 55's in NC when the Gunboat bankruptcy happened. They've all been finished as sailboats with the exception of this last one.