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  1. ARC 2017

    The Rapido seems to have found her stride. Even with the 5x and pulling away from the monos.
  2. ARC 2017

    That's a bit generous. They are 4 miles away from a Lagoon 62. They had also been the northernmost boat in the leading pack. To be clear, I'm not picking on the Rapido, the ARC is always interesting to see on-the-water performance vs expectations. I would've expected the Rapido to be 200 miles out front by now. Take last year's race. The Outremer 5x was as fast or faster than the Irens 78. That was a shocker to me. Anyway... That TS is launched. Interesting, too, that the old Outremer is so far out in front of the newer 5x. That Catana 62 is hanging in there, too. Of course, you never know how much folks are motoring. The year we did it we didn't motor at all, but some folks do.
  3. ARC 2017

    That TS is a serious over-performer. It's punching way above its weight class. A different TS42 did remarkably well in the C600 (until their daggerboard broke). I'm saying it's the boat. I'm excited to see the TS50. The TS52 was a dog, but maybe they are on to something. I'd love to know what's going on with the Rapido. I am a fan of the boat, and Paul is a great guy. I don't really want a true Gunboat killer on the market (for obvious reasons) but I never considered the Rapido as being in the same market segment. Its design brief and intent are closer to Paradox, but Paradox is light years faster than a Gunboat.
  4. Does every boat come with Mischa as standard equipment?
  5. ARC 2017

    It's always a little hard to draw conclusions until it's over...but a healthy fleet of Multis are racing in the ARC again this year. TS42 is off to a great start. Rapido is underperforming a bit in 4th. Good showing for Outremer with boats in 2nd and 3rd on the water.
  6. Gunboat 68

    The Gunboat 68 offers more salon seating and volume than the Gunboat 60 and 62, but less than the Gunboat 66. With that said, the aft cockpit is bigger than the Gunboat 60/62/66's. All 4 of the 4 VIP cabins are larger than the largest cabins on anything but the Gunboat 78 and 90. And it should sail circles around virtually any other production boat in the world, so it has that going for it. Which is nice.
  7. Not well anymore. The ships in PR survived Maria but there's no way out of anywhere. STT has 2 flights daily. STX is frogged up. SJU is like a refugee camp with people wanting off the island. There's no way to get supplies from anywhere to anywhere, either. It's a mess. At this point, help HAS to come from the States.
  8. Houses survived both storms. No word on Soma since Maria. I know the storm surge was bad for Maria, so she may have gotten bashed up again. Anyone have a spare F40 rig?
  9. Don't tell me what I know. I own two homes in St. John. I own a boat in Tortola. I've been there, on the ground, since Irma. I have dozens of friends there. I've lived there since '94. Trust me, I have a pretty good idea of what's there and what it will be like in 3 months. Is there fuel TODAY? No. By December? Of course. I think it'll be the best winter in the VI in a long time.
  10. I think it's the best year to cruise the VI in a long time.
  11. Well, I have a boat. I've got two decent sized holes on my starboard side and the mast is trashed. She's resting on the beach/rocks, so maybe additional damage I can't see. All told, not bad. Now it's time to start looking for a new mast. I'm thinking Axxon. They make nice, affordable carbon rigs.
  12. Hey Anarchists. As you probably know, I own(ed?) a Fornula 40 cat in the Virgin Islands. She was on the hard at Nanny Cay, strapped down, but the eye passed of hurricane Irma over the island with 185 mph winds. I haven't gotten a report on the boat but I can only assume she's toast. I also have a house on the top of the mountain on St. John (about 4 miles away from Soma) that's damaged. I spent 2 days sitting in our office in Newport, nervously hitting "refresh" on my Facebook feed, watching as the destruction of my isiand community was updated, feeling paralyzed and feeling powerless. Something inside me snapped and I decided to get busy. I flew down to Fajardo, Puerto Rico (which was largely intact) and began organizing deliveries of supplies and evacuation of the sick/elderly/injured/pregnant/etc. So far we've gotten about 5 tons of goods in, and about 500 people out. I'm on the ground coordinating evacuations and relief supplies I haven't seen my house or boat yet, instead concentrating on helping my community. Once I go "north of the wall" I'll lose all comms and wont be able to help anymore None of if this would've been possible without Jayenne and her team at East Island Excursions. They've put their whole fleet of day charter power cats at our disposal. We are running 4-5 boats per day, up to 2x per day, delivering supplies and evacuating the neediest. Jayenne has been funding her team's costs out of pocket and so far they've spent over $25k of their own money helping their neighbors to the east. They've set up a Gofundme account to help offset some of their expenses. If anyone wants to help today your contribution will help TODAY. https://www.gofundme.com/virgin-islands-relief-from-irma?pc=fb_dn_cpgnstaticsmall_r&rcid=r01-150504746135-d4ac0fd96d1c4b21 This is an actual catastrophic disaster with real people in dire need of help. The federal govt is being painfully slow at responding. Looting at gun point is going on as a result of hunger and need. The sooner people have their basic needs met, and the fewer people that are competing for those limited resources, the sooner things will get better. And hopefully I still have a boat and will see her again...
  13. Huge congrats. They CRUSHED it.
  14. Magregor 26's big brother at 17KTs

    I've long said that that is the ugliest boat in the world. We got waked by 'em once on a GB62. It was a 16' wall of water. No joke. My 2-yr old son and I go down to Newport Shipyard every day, I've been teaching him terms like "crane" and "forklift" and "powerboat" and "sailboat". I asked him if Mitseeah is a powerboat or a sailboat. He said "sailboat"! I said, "you'd think that, but, no, it's a powerboat".
  15. GB 60 v 66

    I don't think Gunboats are substantially different from most boats in this regard. The old rule of thumb (10%-20% of replacement cost) applies. Gunboats generally don't have the expense of maintaining lots of metal and wood (expansive teak decks, varnish, etc) but do have the amortized cost of nice sails, rigging, and hardware. You don't HAVE to have 3Di sails, but they're nice on a platform that really benefits from it. (Unrelated, but I was wondering what the race course delta would be between "Elvis" circa 2003 and "Elvis" today. The fleet (and the industry) have come a LONG way in those 14 years). With that said, there is probably a 10:1 ratio between the operating budget of the most expensive program and the least expensive. It's up to the individual owner to decide where they want to fall on that spectrum. A summer of dockage at a swank marina in the NE can cost $75k alone. A mooring can be had for $1000. A bottom job in the NE can be upwards of $20k. In the Caribbean, it can be done for $5k. There are similar deltas for basically everything aboard. There is no right or wrong, just personal preference. Everyone wants their boat maintained in "Bristol fashion"...until they get the bill.