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  1. soma

    New outremer model coming

    There is nothing innovative about a pivoting helm. HH used it to good effect before Balance, Alibi before them.
  2. Ummm...these are not the droids you’re looking for?
  3. soma

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    No news from Daedalus in a while, either.
  4. soma

    Used cat market

    I keep thinking that the price of the older “new” Outremers will break but they don’t. The 2010 49’s are still getting top dollar. Eventually the TS42’s and TS5’s will show up on the 2nd hand market, and produxyionnst Outremer will continue, making the older ones less desirable. But for now...tough sell.
  5. soma

    Used cat market

    Tris are the best value BECAUSE their depreciation curves are so sharp. Finn/B53 was an absolute steal. Paradox at her trading price was a smokin deal. It’s true...not much room aboard, but they’ll blow the doors off of a “performance” cruising cat on the water. The Rapido is close to being a great boat...but it isn’t. The Neel is an f’in eyesore. But somewhere out there (still unbuilt) is a perfect tri.
  6. soma

    Used cat market

    Oh, and that O55 in the Bahanas was priced WAY below market. Someone got a great deal.
  7. soma

    Used cat market

    I’d choose the 471 any day over the 47. Catana has really cheapened their brand. There’s been a big push into the charter market (that’s been hugely profitable...but at the cost of quality. The older boats were built by crafstsman, the newer ones are plastic/CNC mass production boats. I also wouldn’t trust any of the displacement numbers. But that may be beside the point. I don’t want to derail a great conversation.
  8. soma

    ARC / ARC+ 2019 - Multihulls

    There’s plenty of beating. Saba to St. Barth’s. North side of SXM. Les Saintes to SE Guadeloupe, then the real PITA, Redonda to the finish.
  9. soma

    ARC / ARC+ 2019 - Multihulls

    Hmm. Allegra had to retire, giving Hallucine (TS5) the line honors. I hope everyone is ok. The other time Allegra did the ARC they had some major issues and retired, too.
  10. soma

    ARC / ARC+ 2019 - Multihulls

    The 52’s were REAL slow. The TS5 is substantially better.
  11. soma

    ARC / ARC+ 2019 - Multihulls

    Good to see the APC78 perform. But to me, the big news is how the TS is punching WAY above its weight. 2nd place on the water out of all boats?!?
  12. soma

    Used cat market

    GLY was around $20m last I heard. Sorry for a derail, but I can’t help but wonder how Safe Harbors is financing their activities and how they’ll stay afloat the next downturn. They’ve made quite a few large moves. I’d imagine they’re leveraged up to their eyeballs.
  13. soma

    Used cat market

    Does anyone have a graph of sailboat brands by sales? Beneteau Group at $1.2B, Catana at $100m, Gunboat at $7m. Where does Swan fall? Oyster? Bavaria? Catalina? Obviously, the big money is in building “bad” boats, but any other conclusions?
  14. soma

    ARC / ARC+ 2019 - Multihulls

    No Gunboat in the ARC. That’s the APC78, stretched to 82’. Irens design, looks like a Gunboat, but aft helm. Not as quick as it should be but beautiful.
  15. soma

    Used cat market

    Makes Gunboat look super tiny. One boat per year @ +/-$7m per boat.