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  1. soma

    Is this what we have come to?

    I took a tour of that Sunreef in Cannes. They asked why I was taking a tour (ie buyer, broker, etc). I told them I just had to see a boat that ugly in person. It’s ugly for a mid-1950’s East German office building.
  2. soma

    AC45F Lux for sale

    Hell yeah. Just waiting for the border to reopen!
  3. soma

    AC45F Lux for sale

    I talked to one of the guys who is involved with the program today. He said it’s a ridiculously good deal. As for the effort involved, he said they would leave it on a mooring for up to 2 months at a time (with frequent diver cleans). Obviously, access to a crane and a yard is good but not necessary. I can also report that I watched 6 or so AC45’s with their wings up go through a 35-knot squall on their moorings. No dramas at all. They have a pretty clever mooring system that prevents sailing snd makes sure they just windvane. If anyone wants to get in touch I’m happy to help. The owner is motivated to sell
  4. soma

    AC45F Lux for sale

    Great boat. I know the guys who have it and sail on it. The containers alone are worth $60k.
  5. soma

    Over the horizon

    I don’t know about the Light...mine’s a Standard. My wife is 6’2” and has no issues with headroom on our boat. I’d assume the headroom in the hulls is equivalent. I can’t say the same about the deckhouse, though, without having been aboard. I did see Charm last month, though. She looked good. We were all in sorta lockdown mode, though, so I only hung on to the toerail.
  6. soma

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    I hear he's tiptoeing back into working on the boat. I haven't heard that any contractors are actually working on the boat but I guess he's building some parts for it himself. My impression is he wants to finish it simply and just get it in the water. I have to admit I'm a little bummed, it was going to be really cool..I'm definitely glad to NOT be in the US righ now, but I would've liked to see the original vision completed.
  7. soma

    Best bunk orientation

    I’d argue athwartship. You can sleep feet forward on delivery if needed.
  8. soma

    Used cat market

    Let’s hope it’s a quiet hurricane season!
  9. soma

    Used cat market

    I bought through Offshore Spars. I think it was BSI. Steven King from Offshore is a great guy to work with.
  10. soma

    Used cat market

    I got quotes from most of the options, big names and lesser knowns. The final choice was what I felt offered the best compromise between longevity and performance. The cheap 3di were still expensive, and I've found 3di doesn't go past 5-6 years. My research said †hat Dacron anything just stretches. I wanted a big roach in the main and anything worse than laminate wouldn't hold up at the 55' range. The choice of North cruising laminate was on par with other brands laminates with the loft support and knowledge base of North. Covered. I don't think anyone sells Kevlar uncovered for any application. I've got 100,000 miles under Kevlar rigging so I feel pretty good about it's reliability. The cost isn't bad, either, basically on par with lesser metal options. Dyneema was more expensive and probably less desirable characteristics for shrouds. I love it where it makes sense, but not for shrouds or diamonds.
  11. soma

    Used cat market

    I've gotta agree. The BVI charter scene is pretty decimated. The S Pacific appears it will be closed for quite some time. I doubt many folks will want to spend 30 hours on a plane(s) even when the S Pac is open again. I also doubt folks will want to go charter in 3rd world countries anytime soon (S Caribbean, C. America, etc). I think there MAY be a chance that bluewater cruisers see a bump in sales and maybe price, too, to fill the "bug out" buyers...but I also think that the coastal cruiser/charter market will crater. At this point, the only ones really affected by economic contraction are the poor and lower middle class, but the hits will be coming for the middle and upper middle class. If I could sell my boat at "full value" right now I would in a heartbeat. But...I don't think that's gonna happen. I'm happy to continue owning but liquidity leaves lots of good options in a cratering economy.
  12. soma

    Best out of the box French Cat

    Yeah, the 42 is good. The TS5 is great.
  13. soma

    Best out of the box French Cat

    Buy used. It’ll cost less and be more reliable. No boats are good out of the box. I’d say the most reliable point is about 2 years old.
  14. soma

    Pro Surfers on a Gunboat

    Floors almost certainly aren’t ply. That’s likely just for workers moving around during the build. They have to be composite. The volume between has some systems (steering? Some exhaust components? Wiring?). In hindsight, that could’ve been cool area for tankage. My Outremer 55 has cabin soles over 1’ below the waterline. That means shallow bilges (and low freeboard) but no room for tanks.
  15. soma

    Pro Surfers on a Gunboat

    Great factory tour video from Gunboat. Will is a great guy and loves what he does. Loick is da man. As for the top hat stiffeners, VPLP and GB wanted a hollow bridgedeck for strength, systems, and weight savings. I didn’t agree at the time but didn’t fight it. The older MM Gunboats had 50mm core with skins top and bottom and external top hat stiffeners. The 68 gives up bridgedeck clearance as a result with about 10” between the salon sole and the bridgedeck. The 68 is also wider, so presumably there’s a bit more slamming on the 68 relative to the 62/66’s, but it’s still a high bridgedeck relative to what else is on the market. I still wonder about the viability of the business model. They launched one boat in 2018, one in 2019, and plan to launch one in 2020 according to this video. They’re beautiful boats, but that’s a lot of effort to launch one boat/year. But...they’ve lasted longer than I expected, so what do I know?