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  1. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Once they’re fitted with Luna rosa ride control yep. No different to the youth AC
  2. Larry's AC50 Circus

    I think the only people who will be "worried" about this series are the organisers of the RC44 circuit.
  3. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    Mast head super light weight "Jibtop" flown off bow sprit and cut so it doesn't overlap forestay so it'll tack/gybe itself. I work on the theory that if you carry something like that you'll never need it. Used to love the "wind seeker" jib back when I raced keel boats. Boat speed would go up 2 knots when you put it up and another 2 knots when you took it back down.
  4. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    No this event is raced under the Racing rules of Sailing (except as modified by colregs for sailing after dark). So no means of propulsion except wind and pushing off tree branches.
  5. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    Its not the F85 hull shape that is the issue. My first or second Marley in the early 90s there had been a strong wind blowing from the east for a week so when the wind dropped out for the race there was a heap of water looking to get out of lake wellington as fast as possible. The result was everyone from Hartleys to Farrier tris drifting down the river at the same speed often backwards or sideways. The monos with their comparatively big rudders could kind of stay facing the right way. The tris basically became big dams and would run aground on every corner.
  6. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    or weren't willing to pay for a complete design. "Just do the important bits mate, me and the builders can sort the rest..."
  7. Buying a Beach Cat

    At that age and weight buy a Hobie 14 turbo (with jib) and add a second trapeze. Sail it with a friend like a mini Hobie 16. If you do want to build a boat and have someone who can help have a look at the DS12 plans (they're free).
  8. NETFLIX ??

    yep if Will Smith hadn't been in it you never would have heard of it or clicked the link.
  9. Team Australia

    Yes, that pretty much sums up Artemis's 2013 campaign.
  10. Team Australia

    ETNZ had two boats in 2013, they just painted one silver.
  11. C-Class Little Cup news

    I think there is a lot of value to this. 20 years ago I ran the Uni's Solar car team (badly) while also studying Naval Architecture full time. Its a hard slog and pulling it off take careful management of sleep time tables and priorities. Back then our team had an annual budget well in excess of $100K which was underwritten by the Faculty of Engineering but heavily subsided by other departs and sponsors. The problem is getting the process up and running and convincing the school to back you which is like attracting sponsors and/or investors in the real world. It becomes a chicken and egg problem. Without a flagship event and proven value it is hard to get people to take the leap and when dealing with universities you have to be conscious they have a different set of priorities to the rest of the world.
  12. C-Class Little Cup news

    Lateral loads can be scale with the ratio of righting moment to mast height.
  13. Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    of course then there are the races where it takes longer than that just to go down the river.... Still worth it though.
  14. Entropy Resin --> A Gougeon Company Now

    About 20 years since I’ve used it but SP115 (now available from gurit) used to be a great UV stabilised clear epoxy.
  15. Foil design and fabricate QLD/NSW

    They're in Vic but try Concept Fibres. Matt and Rohan have the skills and contacts you need. Being a small young company they'll go out of their way to make sure you're happy.