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  1. Even the hobie tiger had three different "standard" sails during its period at the top. And I guarantee having experienced it with the tiger that a new deck sweeper from one of the independent lofts will be cheaper than a one design compliant wildcat or infusion main.
  2. How many hulls and what race. Either way hard to go past Verdier right now.
  3. I remember having the same problem 15 years ago. Bought a set of Paper tiger plans but couldn't bring myself to build/buy one. Bought the best H16 I could find, fixed it up but couldn't get excited about racing it so convinced a handful of other guys to go F18 with me. Sounds like that's died in the arse though. What really hurt is I sold a Boyer MK2 A in Australia for $1500, got to NZ and discovered a similar 5 years out of date A there was worth about $12-15K.
  4. True but you'll be up $500 no that's not a typo. Taking into account future spendings.
  5. Put it on Craig's list and sell it for $100.
  6. If they're going big monos they should make them Iso12215 cat a compliant. Then they'll get extra entries
  7. The design process is going to be the reverse of last time. Good teams will be looking at the rule and the proposed course and working out if they really want to foil or if they should be looking to optimise vmg.
  8. I always thought key to the spirit of the F18 class was that you could shop around and buy the gear you thought was the best from a range of suppliers rather than be restricted to one supplier or specification.
  9. a good sail maker will do you a kite specifically designed to be braced between the bows
  10. Didn't NZ endeavour wind the Whitbread then the Sydney to hobart?
  11. if the 2020 cup is held anywhere except wellington in July, then foiling monohulls will be a joke unless they define a reaching only course.
  12. If it does nacra need to take a good look at their engineering.
  13. People don't hike like that on a boat with a trapeze, but if you introduced a rule that said no trapezing Olympians (who we all know aren't people) would.
  14. shroud preload is consistant across the too cases so i didn't include it. Reaction R1 at the chain plate is (100kg X 900mm + 80kg x 2500mm) / 2175mm added tension in wire is then R1/cos19 degrees. I left it all in kg as I figured converting to newtons would just confuse the metrically challenged.
  15. That's a totally different argument. my statement was that people getting on trap doesn't automatically cause in increase in compression. If the argument is "now I have more righting moment so I can sheet harder etc.," then that is a different thing.