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    The F1 2020 thread

    Really not sure, I’m a bit pissed. I carried Russel for most of the year just cause he was cheap. Traded him for grojean a couple of weeks ago. I swapped Hamilton for Bottas when the COVID news came out as I didn’t want to forget to make a change at the last minute. But that leaves me stuck with a reserve driver in a HAAS unless I’m willing to cop some penalties. Wildcard let’s you make lots of changes in one week without paying for them. Exactly what you need this week. In hindsite I’d wait and see what the coders do price wise before committing. With hulkenburg they swapped him in for Perez and stroll at the same price but the Russel situation is harder and there is a chance that how they handle it could decide who wins there contest (won’t be one of us).

    The F1 2020 thread

    If you’re not into it move on... How much fuel did the AC teams use flying their boats to NZ? How much fuel are their chase boats burning per day? the 450hp engines on the back of the ETNZ cats burn about 150L/H each at open throttle.

    The F1 2020 thread

    well its official.. F1 cars will still be burning fossil fuels this weekend but. Norris will be driving a black car <-- how good is that and Racing Point, Maclaren and Renault are all still in the hunt for third with potentially more points on offer if Norris doesn't fully step up on a track that to my eyes suits Renault --> Racing Point --> Maclaren so it is actually possible that by the end of the weekend rather than one team being clear ahead in 3rd the race for third could actually be tighter than it is now.

    The F1 2020 thread

    F1 really haven't done a good job of marketing the efficiency of their Hybrid engines. Running at close to 1000HP for 300km on 150L of fuel is quite amazing.

    Covid surge still a mystery

    Yep you're going to be getting regular booster shots for the rest of your life, the only question is will they be annual, every 2 years, 4 years, 10 years ....?

    The F1 2020 thread

    Some stories saying Russel might drive the merc. How good would that be. It would answer a million questions about both the car and Russel as a driver. I think it would make Bottas nervous. If Russel can step in and make a half decent show of it (I don’t think he even has to beat Bottas) then Bottas knows at the end of his next 12 month contract he’s gone.

    The F1 2020 thread

    breaking news Hamilton out of this weekend's race due to Covid. Will give us a great snap shot into how much of their dominance is the car when someone else has to step in a do well with 3 hours practice. Thats two of my fantasy team out for this weekend and its only Tuesday.

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I did that with a car once. Thought it had been stolen, turned out we'd parked it on another level.

    The F1 2020 thread

    Things still looking tight for the minor places in F2 as well. I so want to see Mazepin finish 6th or worse. Not because I have any ill will towards him, just because it will be funny to see HAAS forced to scramble if he doesn't finish high enough to get the super licence points he needs. Do you bring back one of the guys you've fired? Offer Hulkenburg a ride (Perez has basically said he's only interested in a competitive team) or offer Ilott the seat he deserves based on merit instead of bank balance. Of course after his effort on Friday I think if Albon doesn't come 4th or better this weekend he might be looking for a new drive as well...

    The F1 2020 thread

    I stopped watching the leaders around race 3. Midfield this year is awesome though.

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Short of a major rule change I think you'll see the black boat going back in the shed for a top to bottom rebuild then coming out and doing every race possible for the next 4 years and then starting with Alex at the helm again next time. What I'll be interested to see, given no-one except maybe Alex Thomson Racing and VPLP know the true potential of the boat, is how many of the ideas find their way into the next generation of new boats.

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Nice bit of Australian design that, you'd never guess the platform started out as a pocket cruise boat.

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    I’m still getting my head around the whole stranded thing. I know part of it involves what people can afford. But my Brother in law flew out to Vietnam 3 weeks ago on a business trip and I believe flies back in next week to then go into pre-arranged quarantine for 2 weeks. genuine question. How is it possible for his company to arrange that but all these 30k people not to be able to get back under their own steam?

    Vendee Globe 2020

    exactly. The shaft is damaged so they have cut off some tip to reduce loads. You're a better engineer than me if you can tell from a photo of a cracked solid (or close to it) carbon structure what % it has been weakened and therefor decide how much to cut off. Remember, from an engineering point of view the outside skins do most of the work so how deep are the cracks? This is very different to the maths done for Alex Thompson where it was a case of working out the shear strength of a de-laminated bond or putting more carbon on a skin than what was there before.

    Vendee Globe 2020

    That's a pretty arbitrary decision. There is no way you could determine the appropriate amount of foil to cut off based on photos of a cracked structure. How long before he cuts more away or it breaks right off?