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  1. That makes no sense when you extrapolate into more modern food. When making a sandwich do you apply the butter/marg after the other fillings?

    Prada Cup

    Coutts probably patented the word.

    Prada Cup

    I thought they were running software for that kind of thing.

    What on earth are these things?

    Watch the footage between races. Deck is so close to waterline that the cockpits flood and drain as the boat wallows from side to side.
  5. and this time.... Oh wait. hold on Having said that my money is on ETNZ. Having said that... we saw today that the slower boat can win if sailed better (every time I glanced at the speeds LR was going quicker).

    F1 - 2021 Longer Harder Faster

    Because I've been told more than once on F1 threads that I don't know shit I have a few questions for the group.. 1. With Honda and Redbull throwing everything at there last engine spec and knowing its going to be locked in from 22-25 will the new engines be reliable? I pretty sure there were times last year when Max was wishing he still had a Renault engine. 2. Do the floor and aero changes effect the high rake (redbull) or low rake (merc) cars more? 3. Will it matter? 4. Will Haas's new driver pairing give Williams their best season in years? 5. Who is going to end up on top at Alpine? 6. Has Ferrari remembered how to make a legal 1000HP engine? 7. Will Vettal shine in a green car (when was the last time a green car won a race?) 8. With 3 teams in a row running stories about Ricciardo's wide hips after his "first visits to the factory" will he end up with the nick name "Shakeria" and never be able to tell a lie again?
  7. Did you ever hear about the agnostic, dyslexic insomniac? He lay in bed all night wondering if there really was a dog.
  8. I posted in another thread that Oracle started winning in SF when they started footing upwind like a hobie 16. The brits need to follow similar advice and start tacking like cat sailors.
  9. Waiting for Giles to say “Shut up Ben and steer the boat”. As pretty much everyone has said they need to win the start (or at least start equal) then control the race till the first cross.

    Prada Cup

    The truth of the turn around is that the cancelled race gave the US team the chance to visit sailing anarchy and other online forums and read the comments from every IT literate Cat sailor in the world saying they were pinching too much and it was killing them. As soon as they got back they started sailing it like a Hobie 16 and the rest is history.

    How to become the Challenger of Record

    give at an un-controlled twist and put them on White Island

    Hybrid German mainsheet system?

    The end blocks on your current system take close enough to 100% of the load so with what you've proposed you still end up with the 8:1 taking 100% of the static load. All you've done is taken some shock loading off the 8:1.

    How to become the Challenger of Record

    In the current climate if you don't have a rep on board at the conclusion of the last race you want to hand challenge documents to the front desk of the club and to their legal representation the moment the race finishes (documenting the time clearly). Pretty sure there is nothing that says who has to accept the challenge so just an envelope handed to reception would probably count. You then have 2 choices both of which will require good lawyers. 1. Proceed to the NYSC with a case that you challenged first or 2. Wait for the better than even chance that the original challenger of record defaults then push the case that any contracts signed between the two parties no longer have any value demand via the courts that you're appointed COR. On a side note. When was the last time a challenger of record actually won the AC? Do you really want that poisoned challis?

    Prada Cup


    Prada Cup

    that'll make it hard to do any more than routine work on the boats.