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  1. Haddockjr

    Why is a boat still racing after it finishes?

    Per this definition, I understand that "clearing" the finish line does not necessarily require a boat to sail its entire hull through the finish line. Immediately bearing-away after poking the bow across the finish line is OK, as long as the finishing boat does not hit a finishing mark or interfere with another boat racing. True?
  2. Haddockjr

    Thistle buoyancy bags vs foam

    http://www.leftcoastboatworks.com https://www.facebook.com/woodenthistles/ Unfortunately, Paul Nelson passed away late last year.
  3. Haddockjr

    Thistle Running Rigging

    Great Midwest Yacht Company PO Box 364 140 E Granville Street Sunbury OH 43074 740.965.4511 http://nowwebsites.net LINE & WIRE... http://www.nowwebsites.net/line_&_wire_c518.html?PHPSESSID=cb529d5a314c00b3885076d6d5867179
  4. Haddockjr

    Rule 18.3 technical question

    Thank you. I realy appreciate your attention to detail.
  5. Haddockjr

    Rule 18.3 technical question

    This ^^ is the part that I did not understand. I now understand that exoneration (under 64.1 (a)) is only available to a boat that was fouled. P was not fouled by S1. If P forced S2 to sail above CHC, regardless of reason, she should have done turns or been DSQ'd. Thank you
  6. Haddockjr

    Rule 18.3 technical question

    Thank you. I have learned a lot as a result of this post. Related question. Similar to the OP, we don't have any protests or after race rules discussions since we are meant to be a 'friendly' racing club... Consider 3 boats approaching a windward mark to be left to port. 2 boats enter zone on starboard tack, (S1 & S2). 3rd boat (P) ducks S1 and tacks from port to starboard on S2's lee bow, but within the 3BL circle (P has no mark room). S1 is sailing below the starboard layline, but has earned mark room that allows her to pinch above CHC to make the mark. When S1 pinches, she slows, resulting in P overtaking her. Since S1 is both leeward, and has earned mark room, P is forced to also sail above CHC to avoid her. P is promptly "sandwiched" between S1, (leeward boat to port with mark room) and a S2, (windward boat to starboard that P isn't supposed to take above CHC). S1 rounds the mark cleanly, with only inches of mark room from P. There is mild objection from S2 that P forced her to sail above CHC as they (P & S2) tap rails, (no damage). Since there was contact between P & S2, I guess there was a foul, but I'm not sure who fouled who. On one hand, S2 was right. P did not have rights to take S2 above CHC. If P is allowed to do this because she is forced to keep clear of S1, P is effectively getting mark room even though she tacked in the zone. On the other hand, I'm not sure what P's options were when S1 pinched to shoot the mark. P had nowhere to go at that point.
  7. Haddockjr

    Most Valuable Anarchist

    Brass - rules
  8. Haddockjr

    Tactical compass recommendations for a dinghy

    radicalmove: Thank you. The Garmin 70UN does look like a viable alternative to the Ritchie XP-98W. However, it does not have a tactical scale and the dial is smaller (58 mm vs. 78 mm). https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/p/509971
  9. Haddockjr

    Tactical compass recommendations for a dinghy

    Thanks. I agree that the TackTick Micro would be my preference to. Unfortunately, it is not class legal. The only digital compass approved for use is the Nautalytics. I understand the TackTick Micro doesn't display lifts and headers, but it can display a tactical compass scale, and it includes a race start countdown timer in addition to displaying digital compass heading. The class only allows digital compasses if they are only capable of displaying the digital compass heading. I couldn't find a Brunton sailing compass online. I agree the that Garmin (Silva) 103PE Racing Elite Sailing Compass by Nexus looks like a good option. It's just not obvious to me that it is better than the the Ritchie X-Port Tactician (XP-98W). It definitely doesn't look 3x's better, which is how much more expensive it is compared to the Ritchie compass. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MJ3J7J6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3A5EVSPJ589PZ
  10. Haddockjr

    Tactical compass recommendations for a dinghy

    No. Sorry. I should have clarified. TackTick is not allowed in the class. Class rules DO allow a digital compass, "...provided that the devices do not have the capacity to provide any information other than the digital compass heading." I think this effectively limits us to a Nautalytics compass. http://nautalytics.com/ The Nautalytics looks good, but I think an analog compass would be more intuitive for the crew and for me. I thought about adding a TackingMaster Tactical Sailing Aid, http://tackingmaster.com/, but that ends up looking a whole lot like the functions of the Suunto K-16TAC split-up into two devices, one of which would be on my wrist so only I could see it.
  11. I would like to buy a new tactical compass for a dinghy. Other than their sensitivity to angle-of-heal, I have heard good things about the Suunto K-16TAC. Unfortunately, I can't find one for sale. The Ritchie X-Port Tactician (XP-98W) looks like a decent option. https://www.ritchienavigation.com/research-compasses/compass-by-activity/sailboat-racing/x-port-tactician-surface-mount/ Any other suggestions?