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  1. pulpit

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Curious It’s interesting in what you have said and I tend to agree with a lot of what you are saying. The intresting thing about the basic handicaping system is, I know that at my home club of Southport they tried AMS and have gone back to a PHS system as the same boats were winning all the time as most owners can’t sail their boat to its rating or spend the money they need to to be able to sail to the rating as well. So the sailors that thought they were hot shots had their asses kicked. I think that most Clubs and AS forget that if you want a fleet to grow it’s not the front end of the fleet that they need to look after. It’s the back 1/3 of the fleet. If they are happy your fleet will grow and it’s these owners and crews that will either buy the top boats or better boats in the in the fleet as the front end of the fleet upgrades or they will go out and bring a new boat into the fleet to beat there mates. I’ve also seen the crews on the back 1/3 of the fleet buy the boats they are sailing on when the owner upgrades so the fleet grows that way as well. I also think that the clubs also need to look at the prizes that they give out as well. I sailed a race this week and got 2nd and won 2 x 6 packs of XXXX beer that’s dish water that I handed back. I still remember Sailing at one club that all crew were members and a trophy fund was built into your membership and every time we won even a club race the whole crew who sailed that day on the boat were given a set of glasses and even if you were a ring in for the day you still got a prize if you were on the winning boat. At the end of the season if the Boat won any of the major prizes for the season the crew were rewarded as well. What ended up happening was the owners were finding that the crews would help more in the running of the boats and the costs and it was more of a team effort. Just my thoughts pulpit
  2. It’s interesting reading what everyone has said about the collision and I still love the Clark and Dawe “the front fell off” I could watch it over and over again. When you you look at each of the ships the naval ship I believe should of given way to the tanker. The size differences and draft in the 2 ships means the tanker had very few option to get out of the way War ship KNM Helge Ingstad Tanker Sola TS length 134 m 250 beam. 16.8 m. 44 m draft 4.6 m. 13.1 m displacement 5290 tons 62557 tons 112939 tons loaded speed max 27 knots. 11 knots So if you look at the basic stats of both vessels the frigate had less draft, was shorter, was half the size of the tanker and could of very easily got out of the way of the tanker. It’s the old thing of “Might has Right” for the tanker and the naval officer just being pigheaded and not moving out of the way of the tanker. I keep thinking of the old story US Warship doing 30 knots and on collision course with radar contact. Warship captain radios I’m a US warship closing in fast on you, you must alter course and get out of my way. Voice on the other end radios back No, I’ll not alter my course. You must alter your course. Warship captain radios again getting pissed off You must get out of our way or we will run over you, I’m not going to alter my course. Voice on the other end saids again No I’m not going to alter my course, you must alter yours now. Warship captain is very pissed off and radios back one final time This is US warship alter your course or I’ll blow you out of the water. Voice on the other end saids I’m a light house, it’s your call pulpit
  3. pulpit

    This is going a bit far

    woahboy, The Boat House taven is in Coomera in Queensland, just down the road from the builders of Riviera, Marimtino and Quintrex power boats are built as well as 2 major marinas are as well. So on Friday afternoons the Boat House puts on titie girls to walk around selling drinks to get the workers in and drink and every hour, 1 of the topless girls does a strip show. They start about 1pm in the afternoon and run through to about 6 pm. So when the girls are doing the show the bar top has the girl on it in only a g string doing all sorts of thing to keep the drinkers there. So the bar sees more action than a lot of guys on a Friday afternoon As for the part about the titie girls being better than the local girls ? Across the highway in Upper Coomera it’s known as Upper Coomera Rua because of all of the New Zealand Maori’s and there is a lot of very ruff looking girls that live in the area as it’s a real working class area. I feel like I need a shot just thinking about it. Pulpit
  4. pulpit

    This is going a bit far

    Now LB have you been there on a Friday afternoon ? The titie girls are much better that the local girls and the bar gets more action and naked woman that most guys see all year in 1 Friday than most guys see in a year Pulpit
  5. pulpit

    RIP Ian Kiernan

    Up until 2 years ago my sister Inlaw Cath Hew was running that boat. Cath owned that boat for about 15 years. Darrel has only taken over that boat since then. I’m told it’s a great boat to sail short handed. sail on Ian. pulpit
  6. pulpit

    Which Cookson 12 would you buy?

    Dick, Samurai Jack has changed the keel to a deeper one. Mick added about 18” to the draft. He add a extension to the bottlom fin about 2 years ago. He has also added a bowsprit as well. pulpit
  7. pulpit

    RIP Ian Kiernan

    It’s a very sad day to hear about Ian, he was a very great man and he got us all thinking about the environment and doing something about cleaning it up way before the politicians were even thinking about climate change. It just goes to show you start with a simple idea and keep it simple stupid and anything can happen. Sail on Ian and thank you for what you have done to improve our planet. pulpit
  8. pulpit

    Reefing systems questions

    And what club is running it, is it’s sid’s Australia YC ? I wonder how you would go getting a marine permit to run / close the harbour to run the race from another club and if the CYC has a long time deal for Boxing Day with the marine board ? pulpit
  9. pulpit

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    No wonder funerals cost so much these days. If only the greasing families knew they were running Offshore race boats they would go to another funeral director. Pulpit
  10. It’s not a bad idea the pedestal. If you think about it, the grinder is always on the Center line of the boat so your not having to compensate the weight on the rail and they should be able to trim faster and longer with the grinder than hand winching. If you look at what they have spent builting the boat as well the cost of the pedestal isn’t that much and it’s probably a lighter option than power winches and extra batteries. Pulpit
  11. Think what it would rate as well ? Winner winner chicken dinner pulpit
  12. pulpit

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Grogo yes the age allowance will help. The thing is if you look and the weather for the last few years it’s been a dream run. We must be due for a major southerly buster this year and a up wind boat not a back choice. Pulpit
  13. pulpit

    Keel WTF...

    weightless I pass. All I know is the cups history has more twists and turns in it than most sporting events and back then “he who held the cup, call the shots” most of the time. Now, how do we prove the keel up the top is the Banksy design ? pulpit
  14. pulpit

    Keel WTF...

    weightless Back then the AC rules were all about the “Deed of Gift” and the holders of the cup called most of the shots. When the Deed of gift was disputed it ended up in court. So the Cup PRO controlled both fleets. What happened was the contenders raced 1 series one week and the defenders would then race the next. The AC has changed a lot since the 1980’s - 90’s some for the better and others not so. Just think how the cup would look now if the boats still had to be built in its home country and then shipped to the event and the designers and sailors had to be citizens not residents of the teams homes country. Just look at the mix of sailors in all teams that are Oz’s or Kiwis in some countries teams. pulpit
  15. pulpit

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Lynch Under the rules in most races if you have life lines fitted you don’t to wear life jackets. It’s up to the skipper or crew to make the call to put life jackets on. In saying that the life lines were very loose. pulpit