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  1. Intresting thing about the keel repairs is that they pulled Oats out of the water after the southport race at Rivergate marina over night and removed and resealed the keel bolts. The crew said they hit the bottom coming in the the marina berth. Pulpit
  2. Comanche isn't for sale. The boat captain is a Queenslander and has come home for a few weeks before heading off to sail the J class before coming back in November to take the boat down to Sydney for the Hobart. Yes it's cheaper to leave the boat up here in Brisbane than in Sydney so what's your point. A program like this what's a few $1000 dollar in the overall running costs. With a boat that draws 6.8 m there isn't many places to be able to hard stand a boat like this anyway and Brisbane is a port of entry for boats coming from overseas. As as far as WOXI, why would the Oatley's want to up grade her. She is paid for and is still one of the fastest 100 footers around. Why change her, still plenty of life left in the old girl. Pulpit
  3. JS, you have it all wrong, they didn't retire because of the weather, after all they were making a movie remember. It was Down Periscope with the US fleet that were playing war games. When Donald (who was playing the baddie) lost and killed 3 extras. The set was shut down and that's why atta girl went to tin can. Afterall they had had navy uniforms for the movie and wanted to try them out in tin can bay. I here that the girls as far as gimpy were making a beline for tin can to see the boys and the even the girls in the retirement village were lining up to try out the Atta Girl Knee Pads with such a sharp dressed crew. So LB is freeman still crying over having to pull out of the race ? If so just remind him that there is No Crying in baseball and to tuffen up princess. so when does filming start again or are you going to spin this into a 2 movie deal ? Pulpit
  4. LB How dare you use such language on this site, didnt your mum ever teach you not to swear and use dirty 4 letter words ? You will I'll have to go and wash your mouth out with language like that. Very disappointed pulpit
  5. Yes she is still at Rivergate she is now on the hard stand for the next few months I'm told. Pulpit
  6. Terra was designed after the 41's we launched her after the 50 Hobart pulpit
  7. Terra firma was the one off race version and not a b&h or sydney 41
  8. I Think that Ricco has his hand on it talking up how well Oats did in this race. This is Black Jacks first sail almost since the boys have put the boat in the water after the refit, it's a bow sprit and a respray not much else in the time they had. Oats is a very well campaigned and set up boat with no $$$$ spared. The boys on Black Jack with the time in the boat out sailed Oats hand over fist. Give the Black Jack boys a few months and Oats won't be close in under 12 knots and over 18 knot and Comanche will be starting to give Oats a sailing lesson as well Ricco needs to be think long and hard if he thinks he's had a great race with Black Jack and showed a good performance. I think that Oats should of been at least 30 + minutes ahead of the boys and not 3 1/2 minutes. The boys on Black Jack out sailed Oats no queation asked in this race and the learning curve is headed skywould. Black Jack will be a different boat by Hobart pulpit
  9. News flash Arrived today the big Indian to Brisbane at Rivergate marina. Oats and Black Jack still coming from finish of Sydney to Gold Coast and will be here later on today as well. Pulpit
  10. LB Ive worked it out what the movie is, its as plan as plan can be. The USS Rony Reagan is in town for war games, special clearance for drones to fly and film. Its Down Periscope and you are staring as Cmdr Tom Dodge with your misfit crew and instead of being a boat load of drunken fisherman in the war games your a boat load of drunken sailors. So are you getting the captains tattoo for the roll ? After all all you are sponsored by Atta Girl ! Pulpit Cmdr. Tom Dodge (Kelsey Grammer) is not thought of very highly among his fellow Navy officers. So when he's offered the captain's seat on a decrepit boat that is part of a simulated challenge on the water, no one expects much from him. Set on getting his underdog crew in line in order to win the event, Dodge must face off against his nemesis, Adm. Yancy Graham (Bruce Dern) -- who will do anything to see Dodge disgraced and finally kicked out of the Navy.
  11. Now Duncan, Now tell the hole hole story and remember there was a Video and photo's that went with it. from memory it was blowing dogs off chains that day and they got a small puff of breeze of 40-50 knots. The boat did nose dive and kept the rig Intacked and no real damage to the boat not even the spinnaker was ripped. The only reason it had to stop racing was they lost a man overboard and had to start the engine to get him. They were great shots by bikini and the video was great. Talk about timing. Pulpit
  12. LB 15 it it sounds as if your all over it in the race planing. Have you booked the Atta Girt Knee Pads grid girls for the per race and post race parties and fan days ? Pulpit
  13. News flash Black jack has a new sponsor - Warner Brothers. After the successful sponsorship of pirates of the Caribbean, Warner Brothers are announcing the new Jaws 4 sequel I've just got a bigger boat Black Jack. The lead roles and screen play are still being sorted out as we speak and looks very promising. Warner Brothers are also in per production of the new Mobby Dick movie "beware of the white whale" and are Currently in talks with the PHS 3ed place winning master LB15 and plan to start early filming in the next Keppel race aboard the atta girl knee pads and believe that the wide back deck is a awesome filming platform with all of the new garden furniture from Bunnings.
  14. Shaggy When I grow up as a little kid the Jatz were to rate how long the old mans sermons were, 3 Jatz ment it was a short sermon, 6 and it was way to long and time to stop. Is that why you need the Jatz on board to keep the kids happy when LB regails you all of the stories of his past ? As for the dog, we all know that LB grow up believing that "men were men and sheep were nervous", He's a real gentleman as you know. The dog is to help keep all of LB's past gladstone and Keppel conquests at bay and under control. LB's reputation for owning 3ed is legendary in this race and makes him a sporting legend and I think that we need to Remove King Wally's statue from in front of the sandpit and replace him with a statue of LB. a true sporting legend of Queensland If it helps we could email the makers of suits and get season 7 that's currently in production and ask if LB could advise and critic it. After all that would keep him very busy below decks. Pulpit
  15. Not a bad little trailer. How long is the main show ? it will be intresting to see the whole thing. pulpit