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  1. So with that many changes to the Boat and shipping costs it makes you think that Matt Alan for a few extra $$$$$ has the better deal than buying a second hand boat. Pulpit
  2. pulpit

    elliot 780 - solo

    Danimal, Why go to all the work and fucking about and going to a canting keel ? Why not just build a deeper or heavier keel and keep the old Keel for fully crewed racing ? By beefing up the centre board case with bigger bulkheads would be cheaper than trying to put in a canting keel or you could just add water ballast. Pulpit
  3. pulpit

    Masthead vs Frac Assym

    Strategery, It all depends what type of Sailing your doing ? e.g Wide open water light to moderate breeze and mostly runnng then a mast head all the way to go. Tight reaching in a narrow Channel in a 10 knots or more then fractional is a better option. I sail on the boardwater in a narrow channel on the Gold Coast and so offern a Boat with a mast head asso or kites are on there side when reaching in anything over 10 knots and Sailing slow when a fractional would of been a better choice. So if it was up to me, I’d go a fractional kite medium length pole to start with and add a mast head later and pay the dollars and get the kite build for your boat. This way if you go to a mast head kite at a later date you will not having to re set up the boat. Talk to your sail maker If you end up going a mast head kite, then I’d still go a medium length pole and still get a kite designed and made to fit the boat. Don’t think a second hand kite off another boat will work on your boat and be as fast as a kite build for your boat. Talk to your sail maker. pulpit
  4. pulpit

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    LB The jungle drums and beating and is it true what they are saying about the new races in the pipe line ? The Boxing Day Sydney to Hamo via Hobart race - a pit stop in Hobart to have James pick up the crayfish and oysters and to restock up on a few bottles of Don Perry Oatlie. Or you could do The Pittwater to Hayman Island with a wave to the Coffs finish Boat as you sail by. - BJ’s owner only just found out he needs to own a Island to play in the main game in 100 footers in oz. The Sydney to Gold Coast Race is now the Sydney to RQYS so the trophies don’t need to even be taken out of the Pool room for prize giving. and the Brisbane to Gladstone is now the Brisbane to Brisbane - because 100 footers don’t hang around Gladstone with all the common people. Pulpit
  5. pulpit

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    LB, There is only one reason that the Lota game fishing and fight club are having a race to hamo. That is to help out there own BJ crew to collect the silverware. Afterall when you are in a corporate / Royle box you don’t want to deal with the common riff raff when collecting your silverware at any bush club. I understand that the club is also building a new pool room to put all of BJ’s silverware. in. It’s like the Oatie’s have hamo yacht club for Oat’s as their pool room and the fight club needs to do one better. Pulpit
  6. Doh, if the boat is in Perth then the Boat is probably set up to drop the mast as a lot of boats their sail both inside and out side the river. A good crew could drop the mast in 15-20 mins if they new what they were doing and then have it back up in the same time if the boats set up right. How did you come up with the figer of $15k that sounds way to cheap for a 40 footer, even for a back load from Perth to Melbourne ? pulpit
  7. Sportscar You are spot on with the costs and they can mount up quick. I’ve seen owners ship boats across the country with the keels still on and paid $20-30k more than they needed too. Anyway it it would be a greatdown hill ride to sail it back from Perth. pulpit
  8. pulpit

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    See, I told you to put the fenders away when we left the dock. Other wise people think they can raft up any time.
  9. pulpit

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    Black jack, Its nice to dream and as much as you would like to see a few new boats on the water and have a go at building them yourself. The hull mould looks like it needs a major detailing and I can see a week in washing and then sanding and buffing before you even start to think waxing the mould in order to get a shine in the mould otherwise you will end up sanding and detailing each boat for a week each before you get them to look any good. As as far as $25k for a new Boat on the water ? Tell him he is dreaming. Do your sums and add up the part before you even talk to the owner of the moulds and remember that the moulds are worth nothing and will cost you lots if you have to pay storage or to move them around. Leave this one one as a dream. pulpit p.s I’m a shipwright and I own a few sets of moulds and for a old design you can’t give them away.
  10. pulpit


    LB It sounds like the trash talking is starting for this fight. So what are the odds for the fight and has the fix been set up yet so the rematch is bigger and better and pays more ? How do we get part of the action who is running the book William Hill or Sports Bet ? If we play this right we can all make some money Pulpit
  11. pulpit


    So is the Rocky fight club moving on the Hamo next So what’s the main bout going to be ? LB “PHS 3ed place god” 15 v Last “ don’t call me cup cake” Post in a 12 round thriller. Who is the promoter and how do we part of the action for us that get tickets ? Pulpit
  12. LB I think that Last Post needs to be carefull making claims about if he wanks or not. Afterall legend Australian Kevin Bloody Wilson wrote a song about that. It’s called “ I gave Up Wanking” pulpit
  13. pulpit

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    LB Houston we have a problem.? Well done on the IRC 3 place you all worked very hard to get it and well deserved. The thing is the holy grail in Yachting is the Brisbane to Keppel PHS 3 place Overall and Mayfair was 8 Overall and 5 in her division. What is the story ? Claiming that you won the holy grail in getting 3 in IRC is not the same as the real holy grail of PHS 3 Overall. All year it has been talked about How it is the only prize to get and as a god and master of winning the PHS 3 Overall in the Keppel race. What’s the story ? Also, when’s the main event on and has the Black Jack crew entered this time or are they just thinking they are better than the rest ? pulpit
  14. pulpit

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Don Any idea how much it will cost to come and play in a new Figaro 3 ? pulpit
  15. Hoppy Thats great in theory and in a ideal world let’s go for it. The problem that I see is what happens if the wrong VPP’s are chosen or who will choose the VPP’s to be used for that days racing. One Boat may have more of a advantage over others or be disadvantaged depending on the VPP’s used. The only program that I think works well and fair is Top Yacht when it’s left to work over the season and it’s not played with by the handicapper or race Committee. pulpit