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  1. It's not a OK dinghy rudder bag ? Pulpit
  2. Have we got any dates for the regatta ? Is this a one off regatta only ? I'm currently doing the up the 1981 build Dubois 40 "SeaULater" and would love to be part of the regatta. Pulpit
  3. The tempast is a great boat and way ahead of its time and a pity that they only ever sailed in 1 Olympics. Just think what we could of been sailing sooner. It was a true sports boat when it was designed back in the 1960's and can still out sail many designs, designed and build after it was designed. It just goes to show if you have a second rate older designed boat and the support and you can be kicked out of 1 Olympics by a better designed boat and still return the next Olympics after. The star sailors must give good head or have photos of the right people to be able to return like they did. Pulpit
  4. Intresting thing last post is most clubs have members who are riff raff and worst and shouldn't even be allowed to be a member of any club and some non paying crews who do more to participate in the sport and the club they are sailing out off as a guess. Its intresting to have a look at who's around the your club and what they say and do and then go and watch the John Williamson play / movie "The Club" then look around your club again and pick who is who out of the movie. Pulpit
  5. M26 have you ever heard of the KISS method ? Keep it simple stupid If I was building this fin for one of my clients then I would use a laminated timber core and then sheath it in glass and or carbon and use uni's in the lay up and would use vinyl ester resin and I would fill and fair the fin in gel coat. I know that this method sounds low tech and old school and heavier than other methods, the thing is your keel fin and bulb is were you want the weight and the fin will still end up around the same weight as the stainless steel and foam fin that your looking at building and will be stronger. As far as using all carbon in the layup, I think that you are spending more money that you need too spend. Rule of thumb. The thinker the glass or carbon layup the stiffer and stronger the laminate will be. When I make a rudder blade 6' long this is how I make them I make and shape the timber blank and shape it and make the trailing edge short by 40-50 mm. I then cut a grove into the trailing edge and then glue fit a solid fibreglass strip to the trailing edge. I then make allowances for glass overlaps on the leading edge of about 100 mm /4" I lay the blade on a flat surface and mix up a resin and acetone mix and per coat the timber Then glass with 600 double bias on one side over lapping the leading edge 100mm. When the resin has gelled I turn the blade over and glass the other side. When the blade has cured l grind the over laps in the glass and then apply gel coat or flow coat all over the board. I then fill and fair the and polish the gel coat surface. job done and ready for use no painting required. If I was to make a keel fin for a 24' boat I'd use the same method and would and I would use a layup like 600 gm double bias 6-10 layers of uni depending on the weight of the cloth, stopping short from each layer from the bottom of the board 100mm/4' each layer 600 gm double bias depending on the wait of the bulb I'd use all glass or have the uni's as carbon. Thats what I'd do and I've been building boats for almost 30 years pulpit
  6. Wasabi is certainly fast on paper... That boat link is for "Ryugin". She was the boat build before Wassabi. In saying that, in the last Osaka she was leading the fleet before rudder problems that slowed them down. The problems were fixed and the boat still finished the race and still in the top half of the fleet. Pulpit
  7. On My 505 I run a 3:1 main sheet system and it's not hard to hold sailing up wind. It's all about the boom vang. when sailing up wind and I run a 16:1 vang system. When sailing up wind it's crank the vang on and the weight on the main sheet is very little. When the main sheet loads up sailing up wind crank on the vang and the load on the main sheet eases up. Pulpit
  8. Only at least double If they use the Farr 40 rules as a template maybe not. Anyway if you can afford to build a new boat you can afford to run it and campaign it. We aren't talking about the every man on the street here, these owner have the coin and want to play. So let then Pulpit
  9. Maybe the builder should have the ball and build a set of moulds and promote this as the new Farr 40 type of class. Afte all the 50 footer seems to be the new 40 footer. In the past owners have dropped lots of coin in the old Farr 40's because they were a strictly one design class and close racing and this helped he Class grow all over the world and some owners had multiple boats so they could fly in and out for regattas. Why can't the PAC52 be the same type of thing ? There is a old saying "if you build it they will come" I think owners will be willing to drop coin into new boats if they see they are going to get value for the $$$$$ and the racing is close and fair. Let's face it top owners in the Farr 40's used to through $$$$$ in telephone numbers at their campaigns and the PAC 52 could be no different and not a lot more $$$$$ either. What the builder needs to do is talk to the current 4 owners and work together and set up the class to attract more owners and sell the dream that this is a modern Farr 40 type of class, but better and more exciting. Pulpit
  10. I came across the Farr 50 hull "heaven can wait" on gumtree today. It's the hull only and is on a block in a place called Howard in Queensland Pulpit
  11. You may be right abou that. The thing is not every one wants to race multi hulls and some people have more money than brains or just want to play with more than a few boats in he multi hull fleet. Pulpit
  12. My J24 did the same thing as the new boat !!!! History never repeats, unless it's a J Boat
  13. Not in this topic on the 2016 Hobart. We are all focused on this years race You need to go to the 2017 Hobart topic if you want to slag each other off. Pulpit
  14. Loyal's win just goes to show it's the year of the under dog again. Pulpit
  15. Try watching ABC 24 Has been good coverage today. Pulpit