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  1. pulpit

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    LB Are you shore it’s not Lota’s fishing clubs power boat’s trying to get more entries in to log racing ? Afterall they want to go north for winter as well and a log race to hamo is a great way get away from the wife and then the weather will turn bad apparently for the trip home. pulpit
  2. pulpit

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Wasn’t M3 the boat that the owner from Perth died a few years back and the crew got left some money to keep campaigning it till it ran out ? pulpit
  3. lydia, why do do you think they were not trying on the price ? Trucking a boat can’t be done by any trucking company. The only thing that is interchangeable in this job is the prime mover. The trailer is a one off build and even most oversize trucking companies don’t design there trailers to carry power boats let alone a yacht. The beam of the mumm is over 3.5 m so will need a pilot car at $100 - 150 per hour and the truck will use 1500 odd litres of fuel. Now depending on the time frame to move the boat and if a back load can be found your not going to save much more money. Any way its the extras or hidden costs that are the killer in trucking any boat. Pulpit
  4. So hoppy, Was that just for trucking or did that include the extras - mast out, water to truck and truck to water and mast in ? If that was just for trucking that’s not bad as it’s a truck and pilot and around 2000 kms traveling. How much from Airlie Beach to Melbourne ? Pulpit
  5. pulpit

    Hanuman for sale

    Has anyone stopped to think about the problem in owning this boat ? We could all find a way to own and run this boat. The problem is I can’t afford the woman that would go with this boat. Think about it - ex wife, play thing / trophy wife and then the girl friends or mistresses. They would all want to be spoiled and would cost more than owning the boat it self each and running costs. Pulpit
  6. pulpit

    Hanuman for sale

    Parma A boat like this costs a minimum of 10 - 15 % of its value per year just in general upkeep and this is before you even leave the dock and that’s in cruising mode. A short turn walk on mooring in the med will cost $10 per foot a night for s super yacht. You want to go to the Monaco Grand Prix to watch the race ? Well a skipper I know did the sums a few years back for a 98 foot power boat and it’s staggering. Must be ready to be moved in 3-4 days before the race. It’s not just drop anchor were you like. 3 days for the race and can’t move for 3 days after the race. So 10 days $100k US just for the race. So owning the boat is cheap, it’s the running cost that are the killer. This boat would cost you $2 - 2.5 million dollars a year just to cruise and up keep. Rember bright work and varnish and a lot of up keep and work. Now if you want to race and join in on the pissing contest and be a contender. I’d think you would be looking at $7.5 - 10 million dollars per year. After all when you are playing with the big boys you don’t want to be the “Johnny now body” in the fleet do you ? After all Wild Oats 100 costs $5 million a year to do just a handful of races and think what a TP52 costs when you have to have the best of the best in crew and sails just to be at the pointy end of the fleet and keeping your good crew. If you get a “Johnny now body” on your boat because he’s cheap and you drop your rig He’s not cheap then. Big boats = Big bucks Pulpit
  7. Hey Lydia Looks interesting and I can think of a few options for courses pulpit
  8. lydia It was taken that way anyway. You are right through, races like the S2H were started as a adventure and Christmas fun in the holidays. Now the average boat owner struggles to even get to the starting line. Clubs do need to look at how to grow there races. Just look at the fastnet race, they have moved with the times, single handed, double handed, multi’s and super yachts and there fleets just seem to be growing they now are running a second race for the single handlers. Just think about what our races could come if we think out side the square. Pulpit
  9. PIL it all depends on how good the topless female crew look. Post a pic and we will all rate them for you.
  10. Don’t forget only life rafts for 1/2 the crew only and the skipper must go down with the ship.
  11. So in this multi S2H will we also be short handed fleets as well ? May any I also ask who is the host club running the race ? Pulpit
  12. pulpit

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    LB I understand that a travelator across the cockpit is one of the options in the build of the 50. So no walking for you across the cockpit each tack. I also understand that a stairlift to get from the deck into the cabin is possible as well. Its as they say “Miracles just cost more and the impossible just takes a little longer” pulpit
  13. pulpit

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    AS would of sent their best man for that inquiry “Stand in the way”, full of piss and wind and no guts or balls. AS finest Here’s how it would of worked. “Stand in the way” would of done the following He Would of told you what you want to hear and tell you all is good and bagged the other guy. Then he would of talk to the next guy and told him what he wanted to hear and bagged you and others to the other guy. He then would of played the “Tony Jone card“ thanks for you question now let’s move on” this is a quote from Stand in the Way him self. Next comes a few late night drinks at 1 or more regattas or events with who ever “Stand in the Way” feels will give him less grief in the long run if he sides with them ( quite offer the rich guy with the big mouth and brains in fare play) He may try and get all of you in the same room for a “let’s talk and sort this out”. He’s only doing this as sport and fun (for Stand in the Way) and play with the big mouth and have some fun and piss him off that he must give up his time to hear the truth and make you think that “Stand in the Way” is working on getting a result. Always a hidden agenda to catch the guy that’s going to get shafted off guard. next the findings, the rich guy with no brains gets let off Scott free and the little guy gets shafted. At the end of the day the guy who gets stafted is a long time sailor and know the rules and fare play better than most and will give “Stand in the Way” less grief and then gets the shits with AS and our sport suffers in the long run. So this is how AS would of handled this matter. If it sounds like I’m fucked off with AS your right. I got shafted by “Stand in the Way”. I’m a big boy and I can handle it. Whats worse is I’ve seen “Stand in the Way” shaft a 12 year old kid who AS, World Sailing and the World class he sails in support this kid, they all say he is a Australian sailor, to let the rich guy ( 2 of them are from RQ) with no brains in fare play have there way with shafting the kid and “Stand in the Way” moves on to the next AS problem to solve. No wounded our sport is suffering pulpit
  14. pulpit

    Adam 10m

    Ronan, Look up Adams 10 “Scarlett Runner”. Sail number “Sm9”. This boat is currently for sale in Australia. It is the Boat that Rob Date who used to own the RP52 “Scarlett Runner” did up as a fun Boat in Melbourne. It’s said that he spent close on $150k on this boat in doing it up and making it rate on IRC. The ratingvthat I found for the Boat on the Australian Yachting web site is 1.014. They are advertising it for just under $50k pulpit
  15. pulpit

    Adam 10m

    Ronan, I think the Boat you are looking for is the Adams 10.6 and not the Adams 10. The reason is the Adams 10.6 is the same hull as the Adams 10 just lengthened and I think a little more freeboard. The 10.6 was made to be a more of a cruiser/ racer than the 10 flush deck. The 10 also had a cruising version as well with a different deck moulding on it as well. The 10.6 was a updated 10 with a new deck mould and a better keel / rudder and a bow sprit. It was designed for the melbourne to Osaka race from memory. The 10.6 has most of the fit out that you require. The only problem it had I think is the headroom As it’s under 6 foot. As it’s a Adams 10 hull it should still be able to get the same age allowance as the Adams 10 and it’s still a low tech layup. On sailboat data first build date for a Adams 10.6 is in 1980 same as the Adams 10. Its worth having a look at and may be a better option for your needs. As far as transport it will still fit into a container for transport. pulpit