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  1. pulpit


    South, The Mal Hart boats had a slightly different set up than Kaos. When we built the Inglis 40’s we made a fibreglass moulding that the Keel fitted into. The keel had the head fitted loosely into the keel moulding on the boat and the keel was pinned in place. When the boat was set up right it was then back filled with chock fast to fill up the void around the keel frame. The boat also had big stainless steel frames bolted either side of the moulding from memory that were bolted to the bulkhead as well. Pulpit
  2. pulpit


    Hey Chucky, That’s right, the boats were set up that way. One of the reasons for setting up the Keel box that way was for easy transport between regattas or to give you a option to have a inshore or off shore Keel options as well. Pulpit
  3. pulpit

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Snowden, The Mount Gay 30 is a great Boat the problem is you picked the wrong one. You don’t want the Scott Jutson one, The David Lyons Mount Gay is a far better design. Most of Jutsons boats are either pigs or Dogs. I only know of 2 of his designs that are any good and they were both designed by the builders and Scott did the engineering. They are the Seawind 1000 and the austral clubman 8. Intresting fact is Austral Yachts ended up owning the Justson Mount Gay moulds. They did tweak the design a little as well and it still didn’t sell that many. Pulpit
  4. pulpit


    Swanno, Jim Inglis did design a 37 as well. There is a few of them around and Mal Hart built a few extended 37’s to 40 as well. I can’t remember any called Wild Thing. These boats perform very well as well. Mal Hart won the Melbourbe to Osaka in his 40 and “she’s the culprit” offen does very well in the southport race and other races. Pulpit
  5. pulpit


    I thought that there was 7 - 47’s isnt there a boat call advantage as well ? Pulpit
  6. pulpit


    The Inglis 47 fits into the story as Grant’s first of the Inglis 47’s and I think it was the first time he used the name “Wild Thing” and is a timber hull and ply deck. The boat was made famous for the photos that Richard Bennett took of her surfing down the west coast of Tasmania in 1990 Pulpit photo by Richard Bennett
  7. pulpit


    Chucky I think the 86 had the deck cut off and used on the next boat and the hull was sold off. As far as the Volvo 70 goes, that was never a Wild Thing. It was build for the Volvo race and I thought it was funded in part by the Vic government And Matt Allan. Matt ended up with the boat after the race. Pulpit
  8. pulpit


    Mad, The 47 that was the original Wild Thing, is on the Gold Coast at Gold Coast city marina. Grant bought it back a few years ago from a Tasmanian. The last time I saw it, it was just sitting on the hard stand after the centre board case had been cut out and the deck changed and the cabin made longer. Grant, last time I saw him was looking for a TP 52 rig and Keel fin. Not shore if anything else has been done to it since then. All work stopped on the boat just before they started work on the 110 tri call the “The Yot Club” Pulpit
  9. pulpit


    Which one ? The 100 ? The Inglis 50 ? or the Inglis 47 ? Pulpit
  10. pulpit

    Australian Sailing

    That just looks like a over grown Opti. I’m shore that AS will support any race you want to enter in this design. It looks like a project that GRS has been working on and will be supporting. Is it the new Olympic short handed design ? Pulpit
  11. pulpit

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    It’s my understanding that the federal government is setting up a education program to teach the Sunfish about social distancing. If poor old hoppy was still around there would even be money in the pot for his campaign, I mean his environmental project to save the whales as the Sunfish would fall into the same category I’m told. Pulpit
  12. pulpit

    Australian Sailing

    Snoopy, AS and WS have a thing about sail numbers and it’s hard to work out why. When I was the Australian measurer for the Optimist class I asked the then head of the classes Technical Committee, Jurgen if we could change the rules for sail numbers to open up the tolerances between the number. Optimist sails only ever failed measurement in the sail numbers. The response that I was given was it was a performance issue and it couldn’t be done. I then ask him about another issue in the class that was a performance issue and was told it wasn’t a problem. So go figure. The problem is common sense in AS or WS just isn’t that common and they only care about the top end of the fleets. To build a fleet you need to work and encorage the back 1/3 of the fleet and forget the top 1/3. AS and WS just don’t have a clue anymore and GRS and other AS employees just live in fairy land and have forgotten about the real reasons most people sail. Just look at couta who is walking away from the sport he loves because of the red tape and bad management of our sport. The biggest problem that we have is we could close down AS tomorrow and the next replacement governing body would end up having the same Skumbags working for it and we would just end up in the same place with the same skumbags running the show. It’s very sad Pulpit
  13. pulpit

    Australian Sailing

    greasy al, I think that you left out a very important word in what you said “Bullying”. The said employee regularly comes across as very forceful and if you disagree with him he uses his job role to bully his way into getting what he wants. Like most bullies he goes and bullies behind closed doors and not in public so as to look like he is doing a fair investigation and treating the members fairly. Its very sad I think. Pulpit
  14. pulpit

    Financial Goal, a boat in both Hemispheres

    Sailandsales, i know of a few people here in Australia that leave 505’s in Germany and they go over each year to sail a few of the bigger regattas. They leave the boats at Jess Holgers, segelsports farm. I’m told that he charges a fair price and the boats are undercover Pulpit
  15. pulpit

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2020

    LB, Has the protest committee been put on standby or have they already being booked and accommodations paid for ? Afterall they race different rules in Queensland or is that just the Lota game fishing and fight club that have their own rules ? Pulpit