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  1. I'm making a rudder

    Alan H I use double bias and not biaxial cloth. The difference is that cloth weaves run in different directions biaxial cloth weave runs 0 /90 degrees double bias weave runs 45 / 45 degrees I find that the double bias mat just raps better around the leading edge and rounds of the blades far better than the biaxial cloth. As far as adding carbon into the laminate, I feel that this is over kill. If I was using a foam core then the carbon makes sense as the foam core has no balls in it to keep it from bending so the extra laminate would be needed. You are using a timber core so the glass is really only sheathing the timber. If it needs more laminate then I’d only add extra laminate to the leading edge as it’s the thickest part of the blade. pulpit
  2. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Hey I was just looking at a news feed tonight and came across the following story. Its not our man is it on his record attempt ? Pulpit Solo yachtsman rescued 2100km off the coast of Perth A UK sailor attempting a solo voyage around the world has been rescued 2100km off the coast of Perth after losing his mast during a storm. The yachtsman, who has not been named and is said to have started his journey in England, ran into trouble on Thursday evening when a storm ripped the mast from his yacht. An emergency signalling device alerted the US-based International Emergency Response Coordination Centre, who then relayed the emergency signal to the Australian Marine Safety Authority (AMSA). A US merchant carrier, the Patriot, changed course to assist in searching for the man. AMSA also chartered a Falcon 900 jet from Perth to fly to the search area, with a Western Australian police officer on board. The jet and the Patriot arrived on the scene yesterday afternoon at 12.30pm AEDT. "The sailor was brought safely on board the Patriot at 1320 AEDT," AMSA said in a statement. The yachtsman was confirmed to be in good health. He is due to arrive in Fremantle aboard the Patriot on Monday. Send your photos videos and stories to 9NEWS
  3. I'm making a rudder

    Alan H The way you are making the blank and shaping it is great and is a good method for the home builder and a great start. If I was building a rudder / fin for one of my clients then I would use a laminated timber core and then sheath it in glass in the lay up and I use vinyl ester resin in the lay up and I would fill and fair the blade in gel coat / flow coat I know that this method sounds low tech and old school and heavier than other methods. The thing is it’s simple and cost affective and by the time you fill and fair and then paint the blade it’s still only 1-2 kgs heavier and far more longer lasting finish than paint. As far as the extra weight of the blade, I’m shore you can put your boat on a diet and remove more than that in crap out of the Boat. The advantage in using vinyl ester resin in doing this job is it’s easier to use than epoxy resins and cheaper. Vinyl ester resin works like polyester resin when fibreglassing and has epoxy resin properties in water proofing and strength and is 1/2 the price of epoxy resin. As far as using carbon in the layup, I think that you would be spending more money that you don’t need too spend. Rule of thumb. The thinker the glass layup the stiffer and stronger the laminate will be. Ive had no trouble in the rudders that I’ve make using the following method with a timber core. If you felt that you needed more glass then I’d put 1 extra layer on the leading edge all the way down the blade 200 mm wide When I make a rudder blade 6' - 7’ long this is how I make them I make and shape the timber blank and shape it and make the trailing edge short by 40-50 mm. I then cut a grove into the trailing edge f the blade and then glue in a solid strip of fibreglass to the trailing edge. The Advantage of doing this is I can get the trailing edge razor sharp and no air bubbles. I then make allowances for glass overlaps on the leading edge of about 100 mm /4" I lay the blade on a flat surface and mix up a resin and acetone mix and per coat the timber Then I glass the blade with 600 double bias on one side over lapping the leading edge 100mm. When the resin has gelled I turn the blade over and glass the other side. When the blade has cured l grind the over laps in the glass and then apply gel coat or flow coat all over the board. 2-3 coats of flow coat I then fill and fair the gel coat / flow coat I apply more gel coat / flow coat if needed. I then polish and buff the gel/ flow coat surface. job done and ready for use no painting required. I’ve found that this method works very well and that the gel / flow coat surface is long lasting and that the rudder blades tend not to get scratches or chips in them. On 1 Boat a 24’ footers that I made a swing rudder on 10 years ago is still in very good condition and we sail in shallow water and touch bottom all the time when racing. After all rubbing in racing in shallow water. Thats what I'd do and I've been building boats for almost 30 years pulpit
  4. Seascape 18 outboard

    Hey kiwi sailor, if I was going to get a outboard I’d go for a 2 stroke as they are simpler motors for what you are looking for. The Mercury/Mariner/Tohatsu 2.2-3.3hp are the same motor. The difference between the 2.2 and the 3.3 is a fuel restriction plate in the carburettor. Same weight. Inbuilt fuel tank and the 3.3 has forward neutral / gears and about 15 kgs If you feel you can handle more weight in the motor about 21 kgs I’d go for the Mercury/ Mariner / Tohatsu 4 - 5 hp outboard. Again it’s the fuel restriction plate in the carburettor that is the main difference in the motors for the same weight. The bonus with the 5 hp motor is it’s fitted with a inbuilt tank as well as a remote tank option. This is great if you want to go cruising or are doing a longer race we’re you may need to top up the fuel tank. Pulpit
  5. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Last time I spoke to the boys on BJ the mods haven’t been that great. Single Dagger board forward lifting rudder and sail area changes. The boys told me that if they play with the keel or fin they will lose the tungsten bulb that is grandfathered. 10 ton almost half the size of a 10 ton lead bulb. So the boat is is still almost as designed. What other changes could they do ? The mast is about 3-4 m shorted than Oats. BJ owns 12 knots and under why go taller mast. They Could cut and shut the boat to increase the down wind performance, should of bought the Indian for the money it would cost to do that. So what have the boys got left to do ? Longer bowsprit, bigger kites and maybe DSS. BJ is still one of the best all round boats that is still very close to her original design and still sails to her rating. pulpit
  6. Hey hoppy, have a a look at this it could be your new home http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/20-ft-shipping-container-home/ pulpit
  7. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    I think that you both have it wrong. Both the international 110 and flying fifteen are both fixed keel boats and a sports boat has a dagger board keel. So it’s got to be the international tempest. 22 feet long, 6’4” wide, 3’7” draft and only 480 kgs designed back in 1965 the other boats are quick, but not designed to be trailable like the tempest. pulpit
  8. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    Mmmm it’s intresting to here what is being said. About this Boat and the trip they have planed and are about to undertake. I’m told the motor in he Boat has only 100 hrs or so on it and will push the boat along at 9 knots. It’s running a fixed blade prop. As far as the planning the trip and crew are concerned. It’s been well planned by seafarers who have 100,000 miles + under their belts. Just remember, most of us can talk the talk and never walk the walk. These guy’s are talking the talk and are walking the walk. If they pull it off them they will be heroes and the arm chair admirals will say, I told you they could do it. If they fail the same arm chair admirals will say I told you so, they failed. Yes it’s a big trip and good luck to them and safe travels and let’s hope they post a great story telling us about the trip. Good luck and have fun boys and girls pulpit
  9. hoppy In any changes that you make to the boat you need to weigh up the gain or loss in your rating and the benefits overall. Look at the Sydney 38's went from hounds kites to mast head. Rating went up and so did Performance. The Performance gain out weighed the rating increase. If you reduce sail area it's easier to sail short handed, the thing is your slower around the course and it can be harder to sail to your rating. If you added electric winches and kept your current sail area your rating would go up and sail handling is made easier and so you could sail closer to your rating with less crew. Some times a small increase in rating is out weighs the benefits. Its a fine line in getting your rating right and sailing to it. If you want to try a few simple cheap options have you looked at these spinnakers - we all drift at the same speed in under 5 knots so why have a extra large spinnaker that you need to take down in 12-15 knots. Why not have a spinnaker that you can fly up to 20 knots. Little bit small spinnaker better rating. Smaller head sails - like spinnakers why have a No1 furling head sail you need to reduce as the wind picks up. Think about a No2 furling head sail instead. It would rate better being smaller and you would use it more offen. Crew numbers - IRC and AMS have short handed crew ratings. Nominate a crew size and see if your rating changes. Pulpit
  10. Sydney to Hobart 2016

    I found this little news snippet about the race, I think it was in the Betoota Advocate. Very classy, reputable and reliable news source. The Sydney to Hobart race record is under threat again this year by the spaceship looking CQS. In what is looking like almost perfect down wind conditions forecast. It's hard to see the record standing with such a quality boat entered. Sailing master Dr Emmett Brown believes that the new "flux capacitor" that they have just fitted should give them the edge over the other boats. We spoke to Marty Mcfly the new bowman on CQS who is sailing his first Hobart and he believes that Biff Tannen in "Solveig" will be hard to beat. It's going to be a fast race and if we can get across the paddock before the southerly buster is due we maybe able to take the triple - line, handicap and race record. We're looking forward to the race and the party in Hobart. Pulpit
  11. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Intresting thing about the keel repairs is that they pulled Oats out of the water after the southport race at Rivergate marina over night and removed and resealed the keel bolts. The crew said they hit the bottom coming in the the marina berth. Pulpit
  12. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Comanche isn't for sale. The boat captain is a Queenslander and has come home for a few weeks before heading off to sail the J class before coming back in November to take the boat down to Sydney for the Hobart. Yes it's cheaper to leave the boat up here in Brisbane than in Sydney so what's your point. A program like this what's a few $1000 dollar in the overall running costs. With a boat that draws 6.8 m there isn't many places to be able to hard stand a boat like this anyway and Brisbane is a port of entry for boats coming from overseas. As as far as WOXI, why would the Oatley's want to up grade her. She is paid for and is still one of the fastest 100 footers around. Why change her, still plenty of life left in the old girl. Pulpit
  13. Brisbane to Keppel

    JS, you have it all wrong, they didn't retire because of the weather, after all they were making a movie remember. It was Down Periscope with the US fleet that were playing war games. When Donald (who was playing the baddie) lost and killed 3 extras. The set was shut down and that's why atta girl went to tin can. Afterall they had had navy uniforms for the movie and wanted to try them out in tin can bay. I here that the girls as far as gimpy were making a beline for tin can to see the boys and the even the girls in the retirement village were lining up to try out the Atta Girl Knee Pads with such a sharp dressed crew. So LB is freeman still crying over having to pull out of the race ? If so just remind him that there is No Crying in baseball and to tuffen up princess. so when does filming start again or are you going to spin this into a 2 movie deal ? Pulpit
  14. Brisbane to Keppel

    LB How dare you use such language on this site, didnt your mum ever teach you not to swear and use dirty 4 letter words ? You will I'll have to go and wash your mouth out with language like that. Very disappointed pulpit
  15. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Yes she is still at Rivergate she is now on the hard stand for the next few months I'm told. Pulpit