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  1. six foot skiffs?

    I went to Mystic seaport in Connecticut last year and had a good look at one of the old "sandbaggers" they had on display.It looked good and i had a long chat with the guys who sailed it.I doubt we could leave any of our historic skiffs tied to a wharf like that as our older boats fall over very easily.I enjoyed mystic seaport and it was a great day. The "modern" 8ft skiff that TA posted is owned by Paul Notary and he is well known in the skiff scene down here.It capsizes very easily and is difficult to sail and it's the only small boat that i have seen where the sailor wears a crash helmet.I dont think i would go down that path after seeing and hearing paul's experiences. The 10 footers are a blast and the foot of the jib is longer than the boat and the boom overhangs the transom by a fair margin.They are starting to get a good fleet down here and many older 18ft skiff guys go out for a laugh.Only problem with the 10 footers is no where to put the esky. Anymore photos of the 10's in your hard drive Tornado alive? I think that old 16 under small kite is about to gybe because they had to drop the jib/forstay to swing the pole thru with that generation.Ahh fixed kite poles make it much easier to find a good forward hand...
  2. six foot skiffs?

    The 6ft skiffs died out decades ago and probably for good reasons. The 10ft skiffs are the way to go for these older smaller boats and they do have a fleet of them down here. Maybe Tornado Alive can dig thru his hard drive and post some photos of the modern 10ft replicas.