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  1. razorback


    Well boys, I survived drinking away my pain and am again present, clean, and sober. Well, mostly. HOLY SHIT we were close! That's how it goes though. Something about the CWS seems like teams have to get really, really close a couple of times before they break through. Some comfort in the belief that the two best teams at the the end of the year did actually meet in the finals. Congratulations to a very fine Oregon State team. I do love a great baseball contest, even when it doesn't go my way. On a sort of related note, Razorback Jr. is still playing ball. His 16U team participated in the 16U Wood Bat National Championship in Atlanta last week. 384 teams, biggest damn tournament of any kind that I've ever seen. Every college coach & scout were there. Quite a few MLB staff shirts carrying around clipboards and stopwatches too. Big time atmosphere. Our team won a couple of good ones, played terrible in a couple of losses, and probably played their best game in a loss in the final game of the trip. We played the dreaded Team Elite Prime, a national all star team with everybody on the roster either committed to a very high D1 school (SEC, ACC, etc.) or just waiting to be drafted. They represent 12 states, plus 2 Canadians, plus 1 USVI kid. They have the #1, 4, 7, 15, and 20 overall individual prospects in the class of 2020 (according to Perfect Game). They are ranked, unsurprisingly, #1 in the country. So our Grays, pretty much a Cincinnati local team (though in fairness, all the boys are pretty much the best player in their class at their respective high schools, so it's not exactly the bad news Bears) take the field against essentially Team USA in front of a bank of radar guns and video cameras being manned by guys wearing golf shirts that say Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Reds, Gators, Tigers, Bulldogs, etc. It was all pretty amusing till I saw a guy wearing a straw hat just like the one I had on. HOLY SHIT! THAT'S WES JOHNSON! (Razorback Pitching Coach). This is big time! A Razorback coach flew to Atlanta to watch a game my kid is playing in! I think I reached for a bag to breathe into at this point. Now, I am realistic enough to know that he ain't here for Lil Razorback, since his fastball MIGHT hit 80 mph if he's really pissed, but still, that's pretty cool. Well Wes almost got a look at Junior pitching after all. Our Grays played the gold platers off their asses and nearly beat them. Lil Razorback was 2-2 plus a walk and a sac bunt as the DH against pitchers headed to LSU and Tennessee. He made the final out in the final inning at home plate in a bang/bang collision play with a catcher that isn't expected to bother with college. We lost 4-3. Junior had warmed up in the bullpen prior to hitting in that last inning and was headed to the mound if we got it into extra innings. Elite Prime went on to win the whole event. All that said, Lil Razorback did pitch some while down there. 5 innings pitched, 0 runs, 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 hbp, 5 K's. Not bad at all considering the competition. I do have mixed feelings about his performance vs Razorback verbal commits. He faced 2 of them that I know of. They were a collective 0-3 with 2 K's and a dribbler back to the pitcher. Neither of them has a prayer of hitting his curveball. So, I'm proud of him, but a little concerned about my future Hogs.
  2. razorback


    Knight/Loseke/Cronin were perfect. Couldn't ask for a better game. Knight is just a killer competitor. He's not 14-0 by accident, and he's done it against the best the opponent can throw. Heimlich, Mize, Hjelle, Rolison, Singer, Kowar, Pilkington, etc. He's got good stuff. He's got GREAT stones.
  3. razorback


    OK guys, be advised that I will not be changing any article of clothing, nor bathing, nor shaving, nor altering anything that might screw up the flow of chi around here for the next day or two. its not that I believe in any of that hocus pocus, it’s just that we are on the eve of the day I’ve looked forward to for probably 44 or so of my 51 years and I don’t want to risk anything going wrong. My God we’re close. WPS!
  4. razorback


    Yup. Helluva run. 3 cheers for the Dawgs from here. Whoever wins this one will have earned it.
  5. razorback


    Watching and rooting for you! Dawgs & Hogs final is how it should be.
  6. razorback


    Thanks Sol! We’re fired up about it, as you can imagine. You’re right about repeats being tough. Just too many great teams to get through twice. Getting to the final over Florida definitely gives a feel of legitimacy. Gotta beat the best to be the best! Both remainders on the other side have been rolling, but I’ve gotta admit that OSU is almost scary. Holy crap they can hit! But we’re there with all the arms as intact as they can be at this stage. All that’s left is doing it. Let’s go boys! WOOOOO Pig Sooie!
  7. razorback


    Can't disagree with any of that Sol, except the part about the Texas game. My idea about that is going to seem like a distinction without a difference, but stick with me. I think you'll see what I mean. I keep hearing the announcers go on and on about how the champion needs to win that first game. The numbers make that obvious, but I think the reason usually given is too simplistic. Obviously coming through the losers bracket adds games, and depletes pitching, so everybody just says "used up the pitching" as the reason. Here's my take: Nobody wants to lose game 1, so everybody throws their ace (naturally). Most of these aces have really gaudy records (Knight at Arkansas 13-0, Singer @ Florida is 12-1 or something like that, etc.) These teams almost always win when their ace is up. It's a punch to the head when they don't. It's disorienting when that isn't happening, and to Sol's point earlier, defense presses, errors happen, bad pitch selection from pressing means unproductive at bats, etc. So separate and above the obvious attrition of arms, I think the unraveling of team psyche from the unfamiliar situation of an ace not dominating is a significant factor. Baseball is very much a state of mind sport, and when that which you have always counted on fails, it's naturally disruptive to your state of mind. The teams that throw their ace and win just get their psyche reinforced and strengthened, while 1st round losers have to get off the mat with the new realization that this isn't going to go according to the plan you visualized. It's not impossible to overcome, but it would take a very confident, unshakable team. Texas is a very good team, but they don't have the recent history of success that Florida does. I'd be surprised if that doesn't translate to Florida shaking off the loss a little better and winning one more, unless they have truly checked out. But all these guys are super competitive, and I don't expect they'll go that quietly. I think OSU eliminates the Huskies on the same basis. TTech and Hogs could really have some fireworks. Two offenses that just don't give you a pitch off. I don't know enough of TTech's bullpen to speak to theirs, but Hogs pitching gets erratic after first 2 guys. 3rd starter has been dominant, and a complete no-show. Can't tell till you send him out there. Same with the back end of the bullpen. On a good night, my boys are very, very hard to beat. It's just a matter of stringing enough of those nights together. From what I've seen, TTech has a similar feel and that might make for a classic. Grabbler it looks to me like things are going about as well as could be hoped on your side. MSU & UNC should be a battle. Lots of momentum on both sides. Whoever wins will have to deal with OSU again, and I suspect they will be tougher to eradicate than any of the other 1st round losers. We've been hoping for a Dawgs & Hogs final here (father in law was MSU 3rd baseman in the '60s) and we've got our fingers crossed.
  8. razorback


    Yep. Gotta start to wonder if the Gators didn’t break into a home run trot a little early this year. End of the season, everybody was saying “doesn’t matter, they’ll still be #1seed”. Then SEC tourney “doesn’t matter, still # 1 seed”. I’m not counting them out at all, too much talent & experience. But it can be hard to restart if you shut down early.
  9. razorback


    Thank you sir. That was indeed fun. Where I come from, beating the hell out of the Longhorns is all the Father’s Day gift any of us need. Grabbler’s Dawgs just keep doing it too. Better get a big lead early if you want a chance against them. TTech might be better than anticipated. They are handing Singer his ass as I type, and that doesn’t happen often.
  10. razorback


    Hey! 1 game, 1 surprise (at least to me). I did not see the Beavers stumbling in game 1 like that. Well done Tar Heels.
  11. razorback


    Y'all are still here? Dang! It's been awhile. My landlocked status has had me MIA from here in general. But with the festivities in Omaha getting fired up, I wondered if this thread still existed. Good to see you again. FYI Grabbler, Lil Razorback is now 6'1" and a P/OF for his High School and travel teams here in Cincinnati, so I'm still seeing plenty of baseball, and the bleachers keep getting nicer! He mostly plays in college/minor league parks with the summer team. As an aside, we go to a lot of wood bat tournaments, and the maple bats that have become so popular make a BEAUTIFUL sound! Indianapolis last week, Columbus this weekend, Atlanta, Nashville... it's fun, but I do miss sailing. I have told myself for years that he's only going to do this for a very brief time, and the water will be there when he's done. Anyway, feels good to touch base with you guys and I'm ready for the CWS to start right now!
  12. razorback

    USS Indianapolis Found

    Thanks for the warning, but too late by a few years. That truly is a breathtaking story. Sail on, gentlemen.
  13. razorback

    Meade Gougeon has passed

    I'm just a basement shop, DIY hack, no kind of pro. But I've got to say that the Gougeon's products (and accompanying education, examples, etc.) gave me the ability to take on all sorts of projects that were previously (in my mind) the province of the gods of DIY. The sort of guys that crafted objects out of thin air using skills passed down from their grandfathers. That isn't my lineage. My grandfather kept his world going with bailing wire. My dad is a duct tape guy. I made a bunch of messes (still do once in a while), but now my family and friends turn to me when they need something done, because in my little world, I have become that guy. I take significant pride in being "handy", and spend many, many rewarding hours learning and building now. It's a huge part of me that was totally born when I started following the Gougeon brothers, years ago. Rest in peace, brother. For every one of the pros you gave a trade, I guarantee there are several regular guys like me that you gave the gift of pride in doing good work.
  14. razorback

    College Football 2016

    That sucked.
  15. razorback

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    +1 for the "RUN!" club. Too many sound Cat 22's in the world to tackle that. Forget the "flip it & get my money back" thing unless you are talking about restoring a salvage that you got for free to usability. In that case, also forget it. BUT, because inexperienced sailors will often associate "known" with "valuable", a nice Cat 22 kept nice is usually easy to sell (relatively speaking) so you shouldn't take a money beating if you don't buy a charity case. Somebody up there mentioned S2 7.9. Absolutely a superior boat to a Cat 22 in just about any way imaginable, but so much bigger that it's not really in the same league at all. Roughly 4,500 lbs vs 2,500. LOTS MORE BOAT. Maybe that's good, but if you trailer much, ramp launch, step rig shorthanded without a hoist, etc., be aware that the 7.9 is a MUCH bigger handful. Bigger rig, bigger sails, bigger tow vehicle, etc. all equal bigger $ to own & maintain. Lots of people do it, but it isn't the same. Now, S2 made a 6.9/6.7 that wasn't as popular as the 7.9, but it'd be more comparable in terms of portability, still with superior quality/performance/etc. S2 should hold value as good as any, better than most. Now, since I do not subscribe to the "common is better than not" school of thought, (I've got an Impulse 26. Awesome little boat. Love it. No market value whatever.) I'd rather have a Santana 21 (swing keel, I think the 22's were all fixed, but could be wrong). Prettier, faster, and should be really cheap if you can find one. Lindenberg 22, Merit 22, etc. are racier and a hell of a lot of fun. Decent one probably a little more $. The various Schock/Santana models built on the 23' daggerboarder might fit the bill. Precision 21 & 23 are tidy looking little craft, but I've never seen them go, so can't confirm if they sail like they look like they should. I think they were both Jim Taylor's, and he seemed competent. Beneteau 235 was an innovative thing that seemed to get around pretty well. Not sure how many swing keels they made. All that said, my brother has a Cat 22 that he drags to the scenic but tiny Cascade lakes in Oregon. He's had it for years, sails all the time with his wife & two wee boys. It's been a great boat for him.