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  1. razorback

    USS Indianapolis Found

    Thanks for the warning, but too late by a few years. That truly is a breathtaking story. Sail on, gentlemen.
  2. razorback

    Meade Gougeon has passed

    I'm just a basement shop, DIY hack, no kind of pro. But I've got to say that the Gougeon's products (and accompanying education, examples, etc.) gave me the ability to take on all sorts of projects that were previously (in my mind) the province of the gods of DIY. The sort of guys that crafted objects out of thin air using skills passed down from their grandfathers. That isn't my lineage. My grandfather kept his world going with bailing wire. My dad is a duct tape guy. I made a bunch of messes (still do once in a while), but now my family and friends turn to me when they need something done, because in my little world, I have become that guy. I take significant pride in being "handy", and spend many, many rewarding hours learning and building now. It's a huge part of me that was totally born when I started following the Gougeon brothers, years ago. Rest in peace, brother. For every one of the pros you gave a trade, I guarantee there are several regular guys like me that you gave the gift of pride in doing good work.
  3. razorback

    College Football 2016

    That sucked.
  4. razorback

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    +1 for the "RUN!" club. Too many sound Cat 22's in the world to tackle that. Forget the "flip it & get my money back" thing unless you are talking about restoring a salvage that you got for free to usability. In that case, also forget it. BUT, because inexperienced sailors will often associate "known" with "valuable", a nice Cat 22 kept nice is usually easy to sell (relatively speaking) so you shouldn't take a money beating if you don't buy a charity case. Somebody up there mentioned S2 7.9. Absolutely a superior boat to a Cat 22 in just about any way imaginable, but so much bigger that it's not really in the same league at all. Roughly 4,500 lbs vs 2,500. LOTS MORE BOAT. Maybe that's good, but if you trailer much, ramp launch, step rig shorthanded without a hoist, etc., be aware that the 7.9 is a MUCH bigger handful. Bigger rig, bigger sails, bigger tow vehicle, etc. all equal bigger $ to own & maintain. Lots of people do it, but it isn't the same. Now, S2 made a 6.9/6.7 that wasn't as popular as the 7.9, but it'd be more comparable in terms of portability, still with superior quality/performance/etc. S2 should hold value as good as any, better than most. Now, since I do not subscribe to the "common is better than not" school of thought, (I've got an Impulse 26. Awesome little boat. Love it. No market value whatever.) I'd rather have a Santana 21 (swing keel, I think the 22's were all fixed, but could be wrong). Prettier, faster, and should be really cheap if you can find one. Lindenberg 22, Merit 22, etc. are racier and a hell of a lot of fun. Decent one probably a little more $. The various Schock/Santana models built on the 23' daggerboarder might fit the bill. Precision 21 & 23 are tidy looking little craft, but I've never seen them go, so can't confirm if they sail like they look like they should. I think they were both Jim Taylor's, and he seemed competent. Beneteau 235 was an innovative thing that seemed to get around pretty well. Not sure how many swing keels they made. All that said, my brother has a Cat 22 that he drags to the scenic but tiny Cascade lakes in Oregon. He's had it for years, sails all the time with his wife & two wee boys. It's been a great boat for him.
  5. Thanks guys. It's actually far simpler than I had feared & makes sense. If the rest of my week goes that easy, I'm a happy camper.
  6. Sounds great Hroth! I don't get to globetrot as much as many on here, but when I do, I inevitably think "That was great, but I'd really rather just gone back to the BVI with my family". Really is hard to beat. Good thing you missed JVD & (I assume) Anegada. That makes your mission incomplete. You must return.
  7. razorback

    How to discourage "campers"?

    Yes, but this behavior is also common on level road. I drive I-5 a lot (usually with the cruise control set at the speed limit +5 mph) and it is *so* common for someone to pass me on the left, then pull in front of me and slow down. Or, they pass me on the left and then stay in the left lane, pacing me. Or, I pass someone and they speed up as I am passing. Or they let me pass them, then they immediately pass me (and slow down once they are again in front). All this time I am driving a steady 75mph on cruise control. And it's not just me, I see other cars do this to trucks as well. It doesn't matter what type of vehicle I am driving, either. Pickup, SUV, sedan, compact, rental -- no difference. Only in rare cases do I think this is deliberate behavior. Instead, it appears to be some sort of subconscious thing. Same thing in flyover country. Like you, I believe it's subconscious. Something akin to the instincts coursing through my Corgi to keep the herd together.
  8. Hi guys, Long time, no see. I used to be here all the time, but being in a no-sail location has sort of whacked my enthusiasm. Anyway, I've got a question that I figured would give me an excuse to check back in. I'm helping a friend do a boat search. He wants a 40ish cat for the typical float up & down the ICW mission. The question here isn't about the boats, that's easy. Where I'm clueless is all the business about registries, taxes, buying boats abroad, etc. Facts that might be pertinent in this case: The guy is a US/Canadian dual citizen. Not just on paper, he really is. He owns homes of roughly equal value in both countries and is active in communities on both sides of the border. Up to now, has usually spent his summers in PEI (Canada) and winters in Cincinnati (USA). (Yes, I know, anybody that can afford it shouldn't spend winters, or arguably any other time, in Cincinnati. That's a different thread.) The boat will, as mentioned, migrate mostly up & down the East Coast, vaguely between PEI and however far south he feels motivated to take it. He won't be on it full time, will be on it for a while, then find a place to park it for a while, then back to it as opportunity presents. Always in a marina, he and his lovely wife are not going to spend a ton of time on the hook, I'd guess. If I had to pick a location where it would spend the most time, I'd say Florida. So obviously, the question is whether some of the boats advertised at attractive prices across the Caribbean, but marked 'Not for sale to Americans...' would be available in some kind of advantageous terms to somebody in his situation. I'm really just trying to figure out whether to scratch these boats of his list or not. Anybody got a link to wherever the line starts for learning what you need to know about this sort of thing? How about a helpful broker type?
  9. razorback

    College Football 2016

    He roade a raille oute of towne withe alle ussualle supecttes carring tourches and pichforkes. SA loste a vallabelle assette that day. Cant say that's surprising, but I bet that was something to see. Thanks Sol. The football gods felt sorry for us after seeing the mauling we took at Auburn. It's really quite a league, isn't it?
  10. razorback

    College Football 2016

    Hi guys, long time no see. Watching the game today sorta made me wonder if BG was still around. If so, you're welcome! WooPigSooie!
  11. razorback


    Sorry Sol, we got our share of creative strike zones too. USC gets walk-in winning run on a ball that hit the magic box and 2 of next 6 Hogs called out on balls that missed it by a LOT. Announcers gush over Gamecock resiliency. Methinks they just didn't have an alternative script.
  12. razorback


    It just hit me that I'm coming to visit right in the middle of the big one! You pull my Hogs through our side & I'll do what I can for your guys on the other side, then we'll fish on Monday & watch Game 2 of the finals! My Riverbats might have to coach themselves on Tuesday. Edit: I prefer this FSU baseball video:
  13. razorback


    5 teams left & either Cinderella or the champ goes home tonight. It sort of adds a twist that neither of the 2-0 is a top seed. Assuming USC eliminates KS, both semis would feature the favorite having to beat the underdog twice.
  14. razorback


    Look the hell out, the Hogs are smelling something...
  15. razorback


    Gators can catch a ride to the airport with Stony Brook if they hurry. Kent State 5 UF 4. That #1 ranking was cute. Hogs & USC in the big boy game In 20 minutes. WPS!