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  1. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    That's a good argument to apply to an OD fleet.Any mixed fleet like this needs a rating system to equalise boat capability. In theory after applying the rating (OMR in this case) all boats would finish on the same corrected time if their crews were equally skilled and sailed to the same level and had the same wind/sea conditions. So it is designed to determine the best sailors. You can also apply a rolling handicap system to try and give every player a prize. Some regattas do both to reward the best sailors for the week and recognise those who improve the most and would likely win the handicap prize. Encouragement awards for fun regattas at Airlie and Hammo are fine but when we get to the real championship at Wangi everyone wants to win on OMR!!! Just on that bit I've highlighted bold, I disagree - a poor design is a poor design and a rating system need not correct that. I'd say if the boats were well designed, crews equally skilled, etc...
  2. Have to agree. Last Post and Lydia. Either you have something to tell the SA community or you do not. To date you are both guilty of rumour mongering and innuendo. I had thought you both above that. Dude, this is Sailing Anarchy... seriously...? :-)
  3. WetWild, we're not the OA for the nationals. That is a different event for which the OA is the Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club. We cant speak on their behalf, questions about that event and its PR or media need to be directed to that event. I believe Shane Russell is your man.
  4. WildlyWet, there is no mention of the nationals because YA is not running the nationals. Speak with Shaneo about the nationals.
  5. YA's position is stated publicly in the email which was copied into a post above, and in this month's newsletter at http://www.yachting.org.au/another-australian-championship-for-audi-hamilton-island-race-week-2016/ You have it in stereo. Give me a call if you'd like to hear it again.
  6. Hi All, You're welcome to contact me. My direct line is 02 8424 7408. I've spoken at length with Shane Russell from the Wangi Amateur RSL Sailing Club and we're all okay. I've spoken with Zorro2 who has provided some comment above (I think his posts were before he and I spoke), and we're all okay there too. Regards, Glen Stanaway Sport Services Manager @ YA
  7. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Thank you Sir. It comes to me at YA and results get circulated to those people involved in specific projects reviewing the SRs.
  8. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2207736/Review-of-Special-Regs-for-Keel-boats-and-Multihulls For those who'd be so kind... Thanks!
  9. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Don't think I mentioned inattentive tacticians. As for inattentive drivers...there are bucket loads of them and your probably one of them. You're not your
  10. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Yes, and you've been around long enough to get it. The draft is dependent on the weight. Weights vary. The heavier the boat the greater the draft. The class rules have minima and maxima dimensions. Eg: A class minimum weight. But boats might be heavier. A maximum sail area. But some sails might be a bit smaller. Anyway Mr Bag, its quite reasonable that a OD class has small variations in any data.
  11. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    flatbag, surely you can be more positive than that...
  12. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    There's going to be a forum on IRC for interested boat owners in a couple of weeks in Melbourne. James Dadd, Chief Measurer from the RORC Rating Office will be the guest speaker. For information please go to http://www.yachting.org.au/?Page=53305
  13. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    and i'm still a bit miffed (i might have to get pissed) that for all the opinions and varied dominions not one person calls not a sound through the walls of the sports governing body who they say is quite shoddy but works pretty hard at managing the yard of yachts and grots who haul sheets and tie knots pack sails and drink ales but all more or less fail to make one bloody call to find out the truth and all about how it is run sorry, "administered" my son but i must now go as it will start, the fine show of the QLD Reds leaving the Sharks for dead.... sorry guys for the above, but a bloke's entitled to amuse himself.
  14. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    my pleasure. we're here to help. thats all pretty heavy stuff, and stuff that i'll leave to the politicians. i will focus on my job in the trenches. or perhaps "on the winches" would be more apt. But you got me, we dont run it. we administer it locally. there is a difference and i shouldn't have used the word "run". if i meet you at the melbourne irc boat owners forum, i shall buy you a glass of the sandringham's cheapest red wine. out of my own pocket (i cant afford the good stuff).
  15. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    when you call ask for glen stanaway, that way when i answer i'll know to put me on so i can speak to you next installement coming soon. Ok, I'm back. I beg your collective forgiveness for my late reply. I have no excuse for not putting communications with the sailinganarchy community as my highest priority. I shall cast myself face down on the ground in humility and submission as I await for what I hope will be a kind, caring and intelligent response. The IRC service is a not for profit activity. We sat down and looked at it in detail a couple of years ago, hence the shifts in price you would have seen over the last couple of years. We had to get it up to cover the costs involved with running the system. The fees we collect over the year are needed to cover all sorts of stuff. For every dollar of IRC income, we have to allow for... Before even starting to cover our own costs, we forward a significant chunk is payable to RORC (and they own it, so thats not unreasonable) And after that, we then forward a proportion to the state MYAs. We do this because each MYA has to factor in costs toward paying staff they use, such as at YV there are people there employed and helping run IRC. The amount of work varies between state to state based on their capabilities and the number of IRC applications annually. This duplication of services is one aspect we're looking at. Several staff are employed by YA who help look after IRC. Primarily Bob Chapman, a fair chunk of me, part of an accounts person, a little bit of others as well. Travel costs nationally related to IRC. Meetings in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane etc. Prorata costs toward commercial office space in Sydney Prorata costs towards all the admin costs here. An annual AUS IRC Measurers conference. The measurers from Melbourne are coming up for this. Representation for AUS at the annual IRC Congress in GBR. We're represented by Malcolm Runnalls who has done a great job and has really worked hard on the UNCL & RORC to get a fairer system. The costs of the system are spread across the fleet... its all balanced out between the applications that have one minor change, and those that occupy a large amount of YA's time. Not everything travels easily and IRC issues come up that occupy a significant amount of staff time, which are handled for the good of the fleet rather than individual boats. You should all be pleased to know that if we proceed per the discussion document linked to further in a previous post, the local MYA administration fees which are applied in some states would disappear with no corresponding increase in YA's fees. This will obviously reduce costs to the boat owner in many states (not VIC though I understand, sorry guys). There's no plans to increase fees this coming year - assuming the $AUS doesn't nose dive, we are looking okay. As I'd offered before, call me if you want to discuss it. I even published my direct line but no-one has called... not one... I'm starting to feel a little hurt, unloved.