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  1. grs

    Australian Sailing

    We put these on our website and social media, circulate them via three different newsletters, and email owners of IRC/ORC rated boats for whom we have an email address. Not only does that exhaust our practical means of communicating with the sailing community, the large number of responses we get provides for an excellent cross sections of views from said community.
  2. grs

    Australian Sailing

    Snoopy, there's changes to charts being considered. Go here to see what else might be on its way.
  3. grs

    Australian Sailing

    Since I am here... indeed. Whilst I’m happy to explain, this isn’t an Interpretation in accordance with SR 1.01.5 If I got an email on this, the following is what I’d reply with. Yes, there is scope to run it as a Category 6 race adding additional safety items for night without all of the unnecessary Category 5 items. There is scope to do this in both contexts of the word; to a certain extent, there is opportunity. The responsibility sits with the organising authority to choose what race category it should be. It’s up to your club. This is in SR 2.01 at “An organising authority shall select the category most suitable for the type of race to be sailed, the locale that it is to be sailed in and the conditions under which it is to be sailed.” The club and its committee carry this responsibility and duty of care to the sailors. And they carry the liability risk. So, back to scope. What’s reasonable? Its easy for the club to rest on the default SRs. To make the decision to go Category 6 plus stuff and finish boats after sunset, the club should go through its safety management system and risk management processes to arrive at what the additional safety items might be, satisfy itself why the other safety items are unnecessary, and how it will manage the race and a possible incident in the dark. My recommendation is to not only do this, but make sure it’s all written down. There will come a point when applying Category 6 plus stuff will still become unreasonable and implausible. That is to say it wouldn’t withstand the ‘straight face’ test and is clearly beyond said scope. Finishing boats just after sunset and getting them home under a rising full moon, that could probably be explained. Doing an overnight race around the bay under a new moon, probably not. Race categories are something we don’t intervene on unless there’s something patently ridiculous going on. There’s a few that raise our eyebrows in curiosity, but it’s the club that does the risk assessment and has the duty of care applied through its safety management systems. We’ve got a heap of stuff available online to support your club. There’s an online course that explains the functions of a club and where it sits in the context of safety. This is at and I recommend your club’s sailing committee go and do it. Doesn’t take long and they’ll be better informed for the time spent. There are a small truck load of safety, risk and incident management stuff at But most of all we’ve got an excellent bunch of people on the Vic safety sub-committee who can help your club. Go to here to kick off. Sorry to mix up my sports.
  4. grs

    Australian Sailing

    G'day MM. The info trail starts here.
  5. My understanding is that the by-laws apply to admission to the club, where as the RRS apply to entry into a race; two different things. This isn't much of a change. Any club can already determine who they do or don't give admission to their premises, in accordance with what ever their terms are.
  6. grs

    Cayard to run US Sailing

    That sir, is an uncommonly astute observation. Especially here.
  7. grs

    Australian Sailing

    Oh please, it was never stuff of that quality.
  8. grs

    Australian Sailing

    My Anglican upbringing only ever got me as far as Altar Boy with the incense and what not.
  9. grs

    Australian Sailing

    I'd say they'd be have to be hard up to call me. My position (or stand, to use your word above) is a personal one really. Its simply a case of me preferring to sail on a boat out of the club I am a member of.
  10. grs

    Australian Sailing

    This is true, but not what I was talking about. All I'm doing is trying to find a SB20 to sail on out of the club I am a member of.
  11. grs

    Australian Sailing

    Yes, error made on my part. Revoking the appointment was the correct thing to do.
  12. grs

    Australian Sailing

    A reasonable question. Its a request for redress, rather than a protest. See rule 76 at
  13. grs

    Australian Sailing

    Nothing. But I'm a member at the DSS.
  14. grs

    Australian Sailing

    I checked in with the FBYD640 but he's looking at crewing with others. The SB20s race with spinnakers mid-week which would work for me. Not that fond of the white sails only races. A thompson 7 would be ace; great boats. we could stop chatting here and just sort it all out on the gunwale.