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  1. that is 1-2% faster than Artemis over 3? legs (~15 minutes?). Spot the ETNZ wheelie at 12:20ish (may not have been racing)
  2. ETNZ and Oracle will have a good idea of relative speeds from that, but we are none the wiser. That Slingsby has posted it suggests Oracle feeling happy enough.
  3. Incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to get accurate wind direction measurement at such high apparent wind speeds and with the wing twisting and altering the wind flow for 10's of meters around the wing (even upwind of the wing). They will have spent a lot of effort on trying to optimise this and improve their wind direction sensing systems, getting further in front of the wing can help a little, as can a lot of CFD work and look-up tables so you can estimate reasonable offsets under all conditions.
  4. I doubt GTF will be competitive with BAR at any point. BAR are better financed, have a pretty elite CFD dept (F1 pedigree, they know how to do fast and effective development), and pretty well figured out controls with a stellar helmsman. Sadly for BAR they seem to have missed a few tricks in wing and perhaps foil controls.
  5. ETNZ about 5% shorter mast on screen so about 5% further away and given they are staying in line with GTF are therefore about 5% faster. Encouraging.
  6. It does look polished, but those little improvements don't add up to much compared to big items like foils and induced drag on wing because the alternatives are already pretty well faired. Helps build esprit de corp, but probably doesn't make for any significant competitive advantage. Do like how tucked down the crew are looking though. Windage on crew is significant.
  7. With another iteration of AC in the same class (with some rule tweaks to diminish impact of high cost/hassle items, eg specify minimum foil thickness for greater durability) the performance will converge further and the racing will get tighter. I'd like to see them race on bigger courses and longer races where picking the wind has more impact. The racing in IACC monohulls got tighter and tighter as the class evolved, and 2007 was the best AC match of the lot (other than 2013).
  8. what evidence is there that ETNZ are faster or slower than Artemis or Softbank? Team insiders might have a better idea, but then again maybe not, given 1-2% likely differences in speed. The teams will not hold anything back (other than perhaps tempering any potentially dangerous aggression against weaker opponents) when racing starts - to suggest otherwise is naive.
  9. Part of the general Oracle mission to fuck ETNZ over as much as possible (by reducing their visibility to their support base in NZ with no ACWS, bad TV deals and now dysfunctional app)?
  10. No, but that is the effective extra cost they add to the team with all the extra support and training staff they need, building space, gear, travel, accommodation (+ for families) and facilities required throughout a campaign, as well as the extra gear on board the boats that needs to be fitted and maintained for them. Their salaries will generally be in the $1-300k range.
  11. >$500k per grinder per year for 3 years + increased build and maintenance complexity of boat and replication of equipment for two hulls is just ridiculous - and pointlessly backwards. If you are some sort of zealot about only using wind power then use a small wind or water turbine to power all the hydraulics and actuators? or if it has to be muscles then can we use a few huskies on treadmills (cheaper and greater kW per kg). Solar power+battery would be easier, cheaper, and higher performance. Even the old lead mine IACC yachts were using 100's of watts of electrical power to drive all their instruments and navigation computer systems. There is also history to guide us: AC33 used onboard IC generators to power winches etc
  12. As fast as they have looked to date that is pretty scary, and makes previous loss record against Artemis less significant. Continually amazed by how late race foils have been arriving - implies that analysis does most of the work in learning how to sail them optimally.
  13. If you want accessibility; Kite foiling is only just behind AC in speed, the whole kit costs ~$5000 (but should slowly come down, and second hand prices are lower - it isn't that expensive to make), and you can store it in your house and carry it in the back of your car, so it is super-accessible for urbanites. It should become an olympic sailing event in pretty soon. I also expect that someone will come up with a small seated, single handed kite hydrofoil in next few years that can challenge an AC50 due to less drag and greater righting moment, and will open it up as a sport to older and less nimble competitors. The AC50's only cost about $5million each. If they went to solar+battery powered hydraulics and automated foil ride-height controls, had tall hangers so they didn't need to be rigged every day and had central pod for skipper and trimmer (no grinders, no tramp and far less complex hulls/cockpits), perhaps increase beam slightly to compensate for lost righting moment then would be a whole lot cheaper to operate. Might halve campaign costs, the grinders cost millions per year per boat, and add nothing to the competitive nature of the sport.
  14. An emergency brake - like a fast deploy and close parachute/drag brake - could be a handy addition to big foiling cats for the future. The onboard positioning systems are accurate enough that they can probably see a collision coming 1-2 seconds ahead, and could give a big red button to umpires for penalties as well as helmsmen for emergencies too. Would probably be able to prevent most collisions which seems like a worthwhile enhancement from a safety and cost point of view.
  15. It is going to be very difficult to find time in the posted racing schedule to allow for repairs of multiple day duration. There is only about 1 day per week off during the whole LV cup. Every boat has to race every race day. And there doesn't seem to be any allowance made for bad weather. They are going to get very busy trying to do catch-up races as well (particularly during the semifinals and finals where boats have to race 2-3x per day).