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  1. Beams alone might provide sufficient 'safety' buoyancy at 75ft scale. So maybe it can work - really only needed at zero speed. And with such a wide craft should not need to lower and raise foils.
  2. Foyle

    Team NZ

    Ports of Auckland is the obvious location 77Ha in the CBD, and piss-poor productivity/profitability ($80million/year from land valued at 3-4billion dollars). Efficiently run ports handle more cargo with a small fraction of that land area so with a bit of investment in more efficient automated container storage and movement tech and some effort to make the notoriously bad port workers a bit more flexible in their practices should free up the space they need pretty easily. There would also be little extra cost in shifting much of the non-Auckland bound cargo to Tauranga for a year or two.
  3. Foyle

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    Hydrofoiling monos could be competitve with AC50's: long light skiff hull with pointy bow for pitch-pole resistance. Wing, long trimaran type cross beam with hydrofoils on ends. Or could have a half length cross beam that slides side to side to make the boat narrower. Could put lateral resistance on daggerboards on the hull with the outrigger hydrofoils being only for lift. A good compromise for those that insist on monohulls, and could permanently lift the performance of sailing monohulls - on a platform that can be trailer able and cheaply berthed at a marina.
  4. Foyle

    Team NZ

    Yeah, I also suspect that Ashby wants to helm - after all that is where the glory is, and he is definitely worthy of it. He might stick around for a two boat ETNZ program, but I suspect he will get a very attractive helming offer from somewhere - he, Burling, Tuke and ETNZ design team will be near the top of every headhunters list (if AC remains in similar foiling cats). They are all professional sportspeople with finite career spans, and for all the work, risks and sacrifices they make they deserve their chance to make retirement money without being called names for it.
  5. Foyle

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    Foiling trimarans are great, except for the useless central hull that just adds weight cost and drag. Catamaran layout is the only layout for a foiler that makes sense. If you make a catamaran wide enough then you don't need retractable daggerboards or movable crew for increased righting moment. And with 2m draft on the daggerboards and rudders it can handle 1-1.5m waves just fine.
  6. Foyle

    Why was TNZ faster ?

    Suggest you think about that a bit more to figure out what your misunderstanding is. Adding weight to a boat (with a few possible weird exceptions) always increases righting moment, because centre of lift or buoyancy is always to leeward of centre of mass of boat (even without movable crew or ballast) when the boat is heeling to leeward due to form stability in a displacement hull/s and leeward hydrofoil lift in a hydrofoiling boat.
  7. Foyle

    Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    Will the AC36 class allow female crews to be competitive (ie eliminate need for elite level male strength and endurance)
  8. Foyle

    Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    Are wings more expensive than sails over a full cup cycle. What is your guess at the overall financial cost to ETNZ of: 1/ the loss of the Auckland leg of the ACWS (more or less than 5 million), 2/ move from mainland USA to Bermuda (more or less than 10 million) 3/ change to AC50 from AC62 (more or less than 5 million)
  9. Foyle

    AC36 - The Venue

    If can make boats that can handle 1m waves (which seems like a useful design improvement) then do it off the North shore in the Hauraki like previous AC's. If need smaller waves then down in the more protected waters between Waiheke and Beachlands/Howick. Would be nice if we could have tall hangers/sheds and a class of boat that didn't need to have their rigs taken down every night 25m tall doors wouldn't be that hard to do (and could reduce land footprint of base facilities if they built up multi level rather than low and flat). Another option might be a few barges raised up on piles as temporary 'land' space for the cup. a 100x30m barge only costs a few million and takes a few months to get built, and could potentially be sold on to next venue to speed up cup cycle. A purpose built hanger/base ship that could ferry boats and facilities around the world for ACWS type events would be a great way to manage the show.
  10. Foyle

    Why was TNZ faster ?

    +1, though a bit hard on Barker, Barkers AC failings were all about having a slower boat.
  11. after 30 minutes there still appears to be zero availability on torrent you posted, perhaps problem with seed upload?


  12. Foyle

    Race Replays

    Hi Rudder, could you torrent each race from now on individually after each race so as not to give away result. Cheers
  13. Foyle

    Live Racing Thread

    No, I know local historians from the area, Richard Pearse at best had a couple of bunnyhops well after the Wright brothers flew. Wright brothers deserve all the accolades for doing it first and doing it with good scientific/ R&D practice.