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  1. 80% that France are the first to Get Tae Fuck.
  2. Exactly this, though I suspect a little bit lower speeds. The AC72s were 40-42kts at about 16kt true wind speed on the reaches, so the more efficient AC50's in13-14kts wind are probably getting into mid 40's Boat Speed with incipient cavitation. Above that point you need to start designing foils to manage the cavitation onset smoothly and with less drag and damage. Below 40kts boat speed it is all about optimising the profile lift to drag.
  3. Ainslie is the face and the name, he is most certainly not the guy making the big calls - lacking the necessary management skills. For that you are looking at Martin Whitmarsh. He has had various leadership roles in McLaren through the last 2 decades at McLaren before being ousted in 2013, and now he has bought his talent to bear at BAR.
  4. Boo fucking hoo, do not trust any university generated 'studies' on gender bias, it all gets rammed through an appallingly skewed filter that strips out balance in favour of "social-justice" crusading conclusions for career gain. All graduates have to do shit jobs at times, it does not necessarily mean that there is significant gender bias. But consider; compared to males how many females spend their teenage weekend fixing cars, motorbikes or building model aircraft, or playing with robotics, or tinkering in the garage, or programming computers. Are the female graduates on average as passionate about engineering and problem solving? Your interest and motivation (as well as intelligence) are strong determinants in how well or fast you will progress in Engineering. If you are merely in it for the money (which is what makes Chinese engineers mostly shit), you won't progress nearly as fast. I know a few good female engineers, but none that are passionate about it (eg to the point of having engineering hobbies) as men - for them it is really just a job, and few of them seem to stay attached to the technical side of things over the longer term, they wander off (by choice) into more management and administrative side of things. Elite engineering is dominated by passionate engineers with 1 in 300 to 1 in 1000 intelligence, and surprise surprise they are mostly men.
  5. spray is mostly about the nose shape of the foil. The pointier you make the nose, the smaller the area of high stagnation pressure that squirts water out vertically upwards. But a pointy nose in highly disturbed and turbulent surface wave environment does not make for the lowest drag foil.
  6. Just because you can see spray doesn't make it important, it has very minor impact on overall drag. Skin drag (wetted area dependant) and induced drag (foil length and depth dependant) are orders of magnitude more important.
  7. Most male engineers would be delighted to have more female peers, the monastic workplace environment (aside from the interesting work) sucks socially. But engineering doesn't appeal to many women as a career, only about 1 in 5 engineering students are female, and many go into non-technical career paths once graduated.
  8. There is very strong tendency to conservatism in elite technical endeavours. Backing a radical idea that fails in a big organisation can kill your career, backing the conservative/consensus approach might not win you anything big, but won't get you blamed or fired (mostly won't be seen as your fault it you are unsuccessful using standard approach). That is why most breakthrough innovation happens in small startups.
  9. Yeah pretty worrying that Oracle can afford to have a crash bad enough to put them out for a week and suffer basically no consequence as they can still race in the AC, but whoever they hit would likely be eliminated. If you are JS and you have just one boat that looks faster than you, you might just be more willing to take big risks when racing them in races that mean nothing to your campaign.
  10. Sure, but the teams will have spent a lot of time optimising their twist profiles to minimise drag for a given driving force, and will likely all have converged to quite similar solutions. The lift foils are designed with a lot of twist so that the outer portion does the majority of the lift at typical foiling speed, the inner lower angle of attack section is primarily there for low-speed maneuvering and lift off where the foil has maximum angle of attack. So the righting moment will be very similar for all the boats - probably within 5%.
  11. All boats have nearly identical righting moment and so nearly identical lateral force. Visible spray might look problematic, but even (as an example) 100 litres per second being lifted 1-2 m only make roughly 5kg of drag and 40kg of extra lift needed at 40kts , which is perhaps 1.5% of total drag. It is likely far less than that, and could be reduced with horizontal fences on the foil noses - but teams have determined that that is better just to ignore it. Compared to the foil skin drag (which will be there regardless of spray) and the quarter wave and induced drag (tip vortex) being generated by the foil lift it is no big deal.
  12. Maybe true, would need much longer legs with bigger separations for wind spotting to be important, but short courses give more potential for screwing up manoeuvres. Hard to get bored in 20minute races even if they are walk-overs. Old IACC races could last 1-2 hours and were frequently very one sided (once lead was more than 20-30s) - really more boring in my opinion (though still very watchable).
  13. that is 1-2% faster than Artemis over 3? legs (~15 minutes?). Spot the ETNZ wheelie at 12:20ish (may not have been racing)
  14. ETNZ and Oracle will have a good idea of relative speeds from that, but we are none the wiser. That Slingsby has posted it suggests Oracle feeling happy enough.