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  1. Beams alone might provide sufficient 'safety' buoyancy at 75ft scale. So maybe it can work - really only needed at zero speed. And with such a wide craft should not need to lower and raise foils.
  2. Foyle

    AC36 - The Venue

    If can make boats that can handle 1m waves (which seems like a useful design improvement) then do it off the North shore in the Hauraki like previous AC's. If need smaller waves then down in the more protected waters between Waiheke and Beachlands/Howick. Would be nice if we could have tall hangers/sheds and a class of boat that didn't need to have their rigs taken down every night 25m tall doors wouldn't be that hard to do (and could reduce land footprint of base facilities if they built up multi level rather than low and flat). Another option might be a few barges raised up on piles as temporary 'land' space for the cup. a 100x30m barge only costs a few million and takes a few months to get built, and could potentially be sold on to next venue to speed up cup cycle. A purpose built hanger/base ship that could ferry boats and facilities around the world for ACWS type events would be a great way to manage the show.
  3. after 30 minutes there still appears to be zero availability on torrent you posted, perhaps problem with seed upload?


  4. Foyle

    Race Replays

    Hi Rudder, could you torrent each race from now on individually after each race so as not to give away result. Cheers
  5. Foyle

    Race Replays

    I just wish to fuck Ken would learn how to say something like: "VMG is the component of your speed in the direction the wind is blowing", or (mostly true) "VMG is how fast you are moving towards the next mark" rather than long winded non-explanations about angles etc that don't actually explain it. It is an issue that comes up in every race so figure out a quick explanation and spare us all the waffling.
  6. Foyle

    Oracle Team USA

    [LE to Captain of Musashi] Deploy the turtles!
  7. Foyle

    Oracle Team USA

    More sandbagging fantasists. It's bollocks. No team has been holding back anything significant since the start of the LV. They might have a few minor improvements in fairings, and perhaps slightly revised ideas as to what are most competitive daggerboard configurations compared to competition, (ETNZ has so far chosen upwind speed over reaching) but will be nothing that has a noticeable effect on boat performance - it is only an effort in managing esprit de corps within the team to keep them all pumped up. Like the pointless start of day hull polishing effort that used to be done on IACC boats.
  8. Foyle

    Team UK

    Gashby interview said that they just sailed like a "bag of spanners", not calling out any tech issues in Race 2, scary if true. BAR caught a couple of nice shifts too. All boats have nearly identical efficient top speeds (around 40kts), so very little difference between boats on reaches or downwind as they are all pressing up against the incipient cavitation wall where drag starts to skyrocket. The big differences are upwind where boat speeds are 30kts and reduced windage and foil drag can make a big difference to the multiple of wind speed that can be held.
  9. Foyle

    Team UK

    With the huge bags of money they have they should get in fast and poach some design talent. Designers can win AC's, sailors can only lose them.
  10. Foyle

    Race Replays

    anybody managed to figure out how to watch virtual eye of earlier round robin races? - In NZ and keeps coming up with GBR JPN race, with no option for anything else.
  11. Foyle

    Team UK

    Ainslie is the face and the name, he is most certainly not the guy making the big calls - lacking the necessary management skills. For that you are looking at Martin Whitmarsh. He has had various leadership roles in McLaren through the last 2 decades at McLaren before being ousted in 2013, and now he has bought his talent to bear at BAR.
  12. Foyle

    Team UK

    I doubt GTF will be competitive with BAR at any point. BAR are better financed, have a pretty elite CFD dept (F1 pedigree, they know how to do fast and effective development), and pretty well figured out controls with a stellar helmsman. Sadly for BAR they seem to have missed a few tricks in wing and perhaps foil controls.
  13. Foyle

    Oracle Team USA

    As fast as they have looked to date that is pretty scary, and makes previous loss record against Artemis less significant. Continually amazed by how late race foils have been arriving - implies that analysis does most of the work in learning how to sail them optimally.