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  1. mrming

    Five months "adrift"?!?

    They’d smoked all the banana skins after week 4.
  2. mrming

    Five months "adrift"?!?

    Why is there a line of seaweed half way up the side of the hull?
  3. mrming

    high tension 36

    There was one of these called Live Wire based in Dun Laoghaire (Ireland) when I was a kid. It was a fast boat and I always thought it was cool as fk.
  4. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Any update Roger?
  5. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Bump. Had a chance to get back to it yet Roger?
  6. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Yep, looks like a yucky job. I have only done a little interior grinding (re-tabbing bulkheads) and it's a horrible job. Why do boatbuilders smear their interiors with chalky crap? The boat I did had carpet glued over that and the glue had crystallized into hard globs that tended to tear the sanding discs. Of course none of it had any structural properties worthy of the name. FB- Doug Glue grinding -That was my 2007 Doug, whilst theboat was still in the yard - i set about about cleaning all the vinyl off the inside of the boat, cleared the local motor factors out of 'tar remover' solvent after reading somewhere it got the glue residue off , which it did but also got totally baked on the stuff, forgot to open the hatches, found myself slumped on the saloon floor laughing my arse off, got with it eventually. FWIW i always thought Westerly's approach to headlining was Einsteins insanity definition made real, 12000 boats built from '64 to '00 and everyone fitted with foam-backed vinyl and everyone of them sagged then fell down, its so well known a problem that it has its own name - 'The Westerly Droop'. Maybe I'm missing something here.... is that a chainplate on top of the portlight? I don't see the chainplate obscuring the window in the interior shots, is the windowframe structural? Un-reinforced chain plates were a standard feature of British boat building! AFAIK that is literally it, no backing. They probably added a couple of extra layers of CSM. That's your legendary "brick shithouse" build quality right there. My terrible French boat on the other hand has hefty rods connecting the back of the chainplates to a large frame glassed into the hull. No problem winding in the necessary rig tension in this froggy death trap.
  7. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Ironic that one of the members actually doing major work on an iconic UK boat gets banned from YBW. Says a lot really. SA may have more swearing / banter but people are actually a lot nicer on here. YBW members give lots of great advice but it's often delivered in an odd way where people are trying to one-up the other contributors. Shows the difference between a heavily moderated and lightly moderated forum, and it's no surprise that lighter moderation (SA) works better providing you're not an uptight armchair admiral.
  8. The Loch Long class. Only raced on the Clyde (Scotland) and at Aldeburgh (Suffolk, England).
  9. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Awesome work as always Roger. I'm also guessing you're the only Centaur owner who's ever been to a PE gig.
  10. mrming

    Ever heard about Coppercoat? Is it effective?

    We have a small swing keeler which sits on the trailer with the keel up, and as a result is a PITA to antifoul. I re-did the bottom and chose Coppercoat because: I wanted to do the bottom once. The boat is hard to paint and I don't want to be under there every season. Coppercoat is tough as hell and lasts at least 10 years. We scrub every 4 weeks so the actual antifouling properties aren't that important. It works okay but not amazingly. People report different results depending on their area. We're in a high fouling area and nothing works that well. Coppercoat works just as well as the International Hard Racing I used before. So I would say it depends what you want. If you scrub regularly it's good. If you're in an area where people have had good results with it, happy days. Also as others have said, bottom prep is key. It stuck to our hull like glue.
  11. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Lars switched his coverage of the project to his Instagram account - Not sure where the work is at, but she's sailing.
  12. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Just catching up with the latest. Brilliant stuff as always Roger. This is starting to rival the "Flirt of Paget" thread in terms of dedication to the cause of superior design and craftsmanship.
  13. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Merry Christmas Roger! We UK types will be queuing up for a sail on the ultra-Centaur when she's done.
  14. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Great to see the continued progress - keep it up Roger!
  15. mrming

    Westerly Anarchy

    Thanks Kymeric - looks like some epic mods going on. Looking forward to seeing how it looks compared to a normal one when it's all done.