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  1. scottyMO

    Dear Dr. Rules

    So wait, you’re in a race, sailing around an island and you run aground ....
  2. We wanna thank the Oakland A’s for making this afternoon possible........... by losing. -Bob Weir, Oakland Coliseum, 10.9.76
  3. scottyMO

    NRA paymaster in Mueller/FBI probe and sanctions

    The nra is allowed to make campaign contributions and have a specific account set up to make them. The funding of that account is unknown. The nra accepts foreign money and has recently admitted to accepting money from russian sources.
  4. Hmm, and nothing’s happened yet in congress
  5. Have we spoken yet about raising the age to join the military to 21 and immediately disarming and sending home every person under 21 currently serving in the military, cause I’m sure that would severely disrupt the nra and its ability to make profits?
  6. oops sorry guys, I thought that’d come through as a pic
  8. Jerry’s playing on rosebud this evening, and I especially dig the audio starting at about 2:07, I don’t know how to describe it but being able to actually hear his pick hit the strings is so fucking cool. It’s rare that I can hear something like that
  9. scottyMO

    Trump's top Russia lawyer resigns

    Walking towards bankrupting the WH
  10. scottyMO

    Trump Congratulates Putin on Stolen Election

    Hahaahhhh, The Royal w/ cheese, godddammn
  11. Long distance runner what you standin’ there for? Get up, get on, get outta the door.
  12. We always did feel the same, we just saw it from a different point, of view.
  13. I do love string music !
  14. So I’ll take it as a no, there is no reference that you will provide us which shows when and how they were rated, so your argument is currently sad and weak. It’s entirely your opinion and your thread, but you’re giving us your opinion with the same argument(s) you have already previously posted. This new post is lame and boring. Now and as it was yesterday, you’re only, simply, complaining.
  15. You did start this thread, by complaining but let me ask you this, who gave the current rating of the band that caused you to convulse and spasm out in your little chair over there? They’re overrated? What’s your base?