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  1. Frenchboat 220 electrical to North American 110-115

    There could also be difference due to differing EU vs ABYC standards.
  2. Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    Lightly used 27's go for less than 100000 euro and a new one can also be bought depending on options for 100k depending on local taxes. Contact details for new purchases are on www.thinkseascape.com.
  3. Frenchboat 220 electrical to North American 110-115

    There should be no difference on the 12V side so you only need to consider shore power to battery charger and any ac circuits so not a big deal.
  4. Getting back into sailing

    Fora 1-2 person dinghy I would also look at the newly introduced Seascape 14. While performance data is still preliminary it looks to be another great design from Seascape and Samuel Manuard. It’s a very versatile dinghy which might fit your bill well.
  5. Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    As Olaf is looking for an offshore capable boat for short handed sailing with the occasional family cruising, it seems to me that the most important criteria is how easy it is to handle the boat short handed in various seastates while not forgetting docking stern to etc (which a good windlass with a remote and some practice will handle on any boat). In that regard I would lean more towards proven European boats and pay less attention to fancy wood exterior and heavy boats. One of my concerns moving from a traditional old sled to the light and agile Seascape 27 was how easy it was to single hand. I was very pleasantly surprised how easy the 27 was to handle for hours on end without autopilot - well trimmed tiller forces are finger touch light. Add to that a sail/displacement ratio that makes the boat responsive while safe and easy to sail and you will never look back. If the Seascape does not fit your bill take a look at some of the other European makes like Pogo etc. I have sailed the Pogo 12.50 in Greece (www.fastsailing.gr) and its a great boat in heavy weather and a bit sluggish upwind. Also probably too big for what Olaf is looking for, but smaller Pogo’s might fit the fill.
  6. Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    The Seascape 27 would fit your criteria well being offshore cat B rated and optimised for shorthanded sailing. Marine head and a small galley are optional for your cruising needs. With a trailer you can easily get to one of the many racing events supported by Seascape. See www.thinkseascape.com for more details.
  7. double trouble

    Well said!
  8. double trouble

    They used to say that about Japanese cars and electronics a few decades ago! Don't underestimate the Chinese.
  9. B&G Zeus 2 Polars

    I was very happy with the Triton/Zeuss system on my old boat and looking forward to the latest versions on my new boat arriving in spring. Talking to the B&G representatives at Mets I decided to stay with the basic system as its my understanding that that the sensor systems are essentially the same with baseline systems and their more expensive units. The major difference is in calibration options ( note - their professional wind sensors are better placed in undisturbed air so that is a consideration). I did consider the Airmar DX900+ sensor instead of the standard paddle wheel type - concern of performance when planing (air bubbles) and a general lack of user feedback (cost too). The Hercules system is pricy and there are other options such as Sailmon - still a bit expensive, but I understand more affordable options are in development. What map options do you recommend? On my prior system (7" Zeuss) I had Navionics and could select map area up to the 2GB memory card capacity. This was a bit cumbersome when I had to change map area due to memory limitations. I also found the zoom options less than perfect - zoom out to see more than a mile or so and depth contours disappeared.
  10. NEED HELP !!!

    Heavy duty if you are draining the swamp!
  11. Fast "safe" boat....

    The Pogo 12.5 is a great boat and loves weather, but in my opinion tough to sail shorthanded as its a big heavy boat with lots of sail area so winch loads are considerable. I sailed it with a crew of 6 and it was great fun. I would look for a smaller Pogo or other. Corsairs have done well in distance races.
  12. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Meanwhile - testing continues!
  13. Seascape D2 aka 14

    At or before fall Annapolis depending on arrival of the first boats. For updates I recommend you contact your US or Canadian dealers.
  14. Seascape 24 in the works

    Looking for a Sportboat - Yacht have just published 2 nice videos comparing (mostly) interior features. In German, but still interesting. See: http://www.yacht.de/yacht_tv/test_technik/spasskisten-unter-segeln--teil-1/a115798.html
  15. Fast "safe" boat....

    As you will be singlehanding a more recent boat with a good cockpit layout and low sail handling forces will be important. I would look towards boats designed for off-shore (category A or B - mostly european such as the Figaro, Pogo, RM and Seascape 27). For training I recommend trying out the guys at www.fastsailing.gr - they have some nice one weekers with experienced skippers using Pogo's. There are also a couple of Pogo's available in the Caribbean. A few Figaro's and Seascape's are in NA.