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  1. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Closer to 150kg max. At https://www.facebook.com/thinkseascape there is now also a short upwind video and with its debut at the Dusseldorf boat show tomorrow, we should shortly have more info.
  2. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Nice video on Facebook.com/thinkseascape.
  3. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Launch is imminent!
  4. Sailing New Zealand

    Winter blues on the east coast - need to think of better sailing weather! Recommendations for sailing (new year) in New Zealand welcome. Scenery and good sailing conditions are a big plus and so is affordable planing boats - either rental or as part of a crew. Long shot - anyone know approximate cost of shipping a 40’ high cube container from the US east coast?
  5. What Are Your Sailing Goals for 2018?

    Dinghy wise, I'm looking forward to sailing the new Seascape 14. Otherwise my new Seascape 27 will ship from the factory in Feb after being at the Dusseldorf boat show so take a look at it if you are there (and of course the new 14)!
  6. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Base price is 8200 euro so you can expect around $9700 ex. factory plus duty, shipping and handling and taxes at current exchange rates. For a quote you should contact the US dealer.
  7. Another what's the best dingy question

    Don't lock yourself in - start with a simpler configuration and upgrade as your skills improve - the new Seascape 14 (with an Australian dealer) and a few others permit this by simply adding sails rather than more expensive options like mast and or sail changes etc. Simplicity of boat handling and stability are also important and so is of course comfort!
  8. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Probably 150kg. To simplify things it also has a GNAV vang and snuffer bag system for the genakker. Per Seascape tradition the rig and sprit is all carbon and rudder is in a casette.
  9. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Yes - and all continents except Africa. See: http://www.thinkseascape.com/dealers/
  10. Seascape 14

    Thread is in the Dinghy forum.
  11. Seascape 14

    The Seascape 14 dinghy is now officially launched for more info go to:
  12. Seascape D2 aka 14

    The Seascape 14 is now officially launched and should sail in the next few days. Hull weight 67kg - vinyl ester vacuum infused. Carbon rig, SA(U)=8.5-12m2, SA(DN)=8.5-23m2. Price ex. works 8200euro. http://www.yacht.de/yachten_jollen/neue_boote/exklusiv-bilder-daten-und-preise-der-neuen-seascape-14/a115155.html http://www.thinkseascape.com/2017/12/seascape14/
  13. What boat to buy?

    Modern sport boats are designed for squaretop mains so chopping 1/2 of it off makes little sense! My Seascape 27 have a 28m2 main + 21m2 jib + 80m2 gen. You start reefing around 15kts depending on crew. I dont have the Seascape 24 areas with me, but they are not a lot smaller giving it an SA/D higher than the 27 and the Melges 24. The S24 is a very good in-shore boat and has reefs in the main for when it blows.
  14. What boat to buy?

    The Seascape24 will meet/exceed your requirements - fast, trailerable, beachable and ideal for short-handed sailing and a cabin when you need it.
  15. Pogo Like Sailboats in North America

    Based on your requirements the Seascape 27 would fit the bill perfectly. Smaller, but also cheaper than the Pogo's. Offshore cat B and trailerable with both US and Canadian dealers it's optimised for shorthanded sailing and winner of the MAC 2014 doublehanded class. ------------------ (How come there are not other similar designs available in North America? or are there? Looking for short handed, performance sailing, weekending / cruising.)