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  1. rmgeis

    Symmetric Spinnaker Handling

    I set the chute for the first time solo on Sunday before the Ted Osius race in the Chesapeake, racing in non spin (third race in a row that DNF'd because of no wind). Two things I learned that I don't remember reading about are: Tried to roll up Genoa before the spin was full and got the chute rolling up also. And. Keep the spin halyard on the same side that it is at masthead or it will roll up as you unroll the Genoa. Probably never read about because it is like "Duh" everybody knows that.
  2. Out on the bay today, started my third race, DNF'ed my third race. The Chesapeake bay has the worst wind. Anyway, it was confirmed that my AIS transceiver is working fine, antenna error notwithstanding.
  3. I don't know if the 30,000 refers to the purchase price to total you hope to spend. I bought a S2 9.1 for 8,000.00 a year ago to do the Bermuda 1-2 next year. I have probably spent 30,000 already ( Keeping records produces no meaningful positive) (plus the wife wasted a bunch on new cushions). Probably will spend another 15,000 before I get home from Bermuda. I am very handy and done most of the work myself (engine , rigging and electronics upgrades). Plus spent around 2000 on safety upgrades. Love the boat, happy with the purchase and progress I have made.
  4. I will check the connections. Funny how simple things cause the most problems. Thanks again The following quote is from Andrew Evans book "Single handed tips and techniques" AKA My bible. Jeanne has circumnavigated alone twice and is on her third trip. She has faced these types of problems since I met her 5 years ago. The problems listed above were encountered on a two year old boat with completely new electronics. She has had numerous professionals working on her boat and has become nothing less than an expert herself. There is only one answer. If a boat contains electronics, they will go wrong – without question. So the singlehander faces two options: first is to attend university for four years to receive a degree in electronics engineering; second is to drastically reduce the amount of electronics on board. I prefer the second option. I AM A SAIL BOAT. I NEED ONLY WIND TO MOVE MY MASTER SAFELY AND COMFORTABLY TO ANY PORT IN THE WORLD.
  5. OK. Hooked up the plotter with the VHF via NMEA 2000. Targets are on my plotter along with info on the targets. Antenna error is still there. Actual text is (Top line, bold font) "AIS VSWR ERROR" 2nd and 3rd line "AIS antenna requires service" " Press X to continue". I have received no reply from B&G after Tuesday's email. i have not found myself on marinetraffic.com I am planning on spending a lot of time on the bay next weekend, I will ask a target if they can see me on their AIS. Further updates as conditions warrant.
  6. I am planning to hook up my plotter to the VHF via NMEA 2000 this weekend, maybe that will do the trick, I'll let you know.
  7. I can't remember the exact verbiage of the message. I do know that the 3 words AIS, antenna and error are all there. Further the little AIS icon has a err flashing in the lower right hand corner. It is on the VHF, not the chartplotter, (which are not currently synced). I am using B&G antenna splitter. I just found a way to contact B&G, so I sent them an email, perhaps we can get this resolved. Thanks again
  8. Finally I have used the radio. Other radio's can hear me and I can hear others fine. I do get T/CPA traffic alert about other vessels that could cause a problem for me. I am still getting the AIS antenna error, and I can't find myself on marinetraffic.com. Does this mean that no one else can see my location? BTW, while out Saturday on the Chesapeake Bay, some power boater about 25 feet away, looked at me and said "fuck you asshole". He was under power, I might have changed course about 2 minutes ago, I guess the poor guy must have had to turn his steering wheel. 30 minutes later, this fisher with those "in the water out riggers" that makes his path through the water about 120 feet wide. I had to come about to miss them. He thanked me twice and said "you saved my bacon".
  9. I too bought the V-60-B with the antenna splitter. I am happy so far although I haven't left the pier. Only problem is B&G website has no place to ask a uestion, so I'll ask ithere. 1. I get the error message "error with AIS antenna press X to continue" The AIS seems to work fine I get plenty of targets. Could the problem be a 3 foot antenna mounted on the transom? (will get one on the mast head this fall) 2. I thought if I highlight a target on the AIS screen and keyed the mike, the DSC would only call that target. Is that the case? While I am on the electronics subject, I just bought this yacht a year ago. She came with a Garmin 740S Plotter. The previous owner wired two wires up to power and the thing works great. How can I hook the outher 6 or 8 wires up to the MMEA network? Is there some primer I can get to learn about these networks? Thanks to all in advance
  10. rmgeis

    Geeelong FOS Jan 25.

    What I object to is some lawyer advertising his business on his spinnaker.
  11. rmgeis

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Certainly a lot to think about. I am going to have a pro help me with the rewiring of my yacht. I will also be adding a ICOM 710 SSB. I am also thinking that alone in the ocean (or the Chesapeake or Delaware) with an AIS transceiver 3 meters above the water is better than no transceiver at all. I motored up the Chesapeake solo this summer with no AIS at all, waking up every 20 minutes. I know there are many here at SA with the "can't be too safe" attitude, and I appreciate that, BUT. If I but $5K into this system would I sleep for an hour? Anyway the folks here at the SA Forums are a wealth of information, thank you all.
  12. rmgeis

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Sorry for the confusion. This year I will have the VHF and AIS antennas on the transom, (now two feet apart). Next fall, when I take the mast out, I will put the VHF on top of the mast, leaving the AIS on the transom. Thanks for the link, especially the pros/cons on page 6. Still I will be enlisting help from a pro.
  13. rmgeis

    VHF AIS? Transponder

    Good splitter - $200.00 Another antenna - $50.00 Put the VHF antenna at the top of the mast and the AIS on the transom. That way if you lose your rig, you still have an emergency antenna. BTW This is my plan, but the mast head antenna won't be there for a year. Is there a problem with two antennas close to each other?
  14. rmgeis

    Demographics of your local Race Committee

    I did a race this summer and there was some AH giving a running commentary of what the RC did wrong, and questioning their intelligence. I can see why there is a problem finding volunteers.