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  1. Bad Andy

    Chicago Boat, RV and Sail Show

    Blow it up and restart it. Make it easier/cheaper for the vendors to come in and find a way to get something new and fun in there. The same booths are there every year with the same displays selling the same stuff. People stop coming because there is nothing new to see, vendors stop bringing in new stuff because there aren't enough customers to justify it.
  2. Bad Andy

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Just booked a charter boat for the event, see ya'll down there.
  3. Bad Andy

    New sails

    Couple of thoughts: Since you already have runners it is a no brainer to go to a square top, somewhere around 22-24% Headboard to P ratio so that it will twist properly. Sail area should be somewhat similar with a straight leech to what you have assuming it is a roachy mainsail. The square top will perform better overall and will twist off at the top for an automatic depower which will make the boat easier to sail short handed. For a Code Zero to qualify as a spinnaker which is the generally prescribed method for a boat of this type, the mid girth (SMG) has to be at least 75% of the foot length of the kite. Any smaller and it falls under the tweener or large roach headsail rule and will effect the rating. If you have no concerns for rating the sail will come down significantly on the mid girth. Depending on where the sail falls in the inventory, you are looking somwhere in the low 60's percentage wise, less if you want more of an upwind sail, more for a reaching oriented zero.
  4. Bad Andy

    New sails

    Jeff, Did you buy Redrum? If so you got an awesome and proven boat! For headsails I would recommend dropping the overlapping jib completely and running a Code Zero on a top down furler. This will be a faster set up in the majority of great lake conditions and will simplify headsail changes. You would run just 2 jibs (AP and a J3+), with most of your changes from your AP to Zero on a furler and back being very easy with less time on the pointy end.
  5. Bad Andy

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    This is the Whomper, it has a structured luff for positive luff roach but carries a proper cable as well so it furls and stays furled correctly
  6. Bad Andy

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    Here is a shot of a her big sister off the J121. This boat carried two zeros, this one and a monster we call the Whomper with a 40' foot.
  7. Bad Andy

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    Dan I sent you a PM but I worked with a few of the J88's in Chicago to develop a Code Zero that can sail 55 true (30 AWA) in sub 10 knot conditions. The sail sheets to the jib tracks and measures as a spinnaker. We passed a number of 40 footers with a genoas and a 395 during the Chicao to Mackinac race. We did need to add a bobstay, but were able to do it with minimal modification to the boat and a set up that is easily removed for class racing. Andy PS we already bought an Ad
  8. Bad Andy

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Not all 3di sails are made the same, check the 3 digit number that they use to designate the sail (like 360). If it doesn't start with an 8 than the primary fiber is not carbon. The endurance is either 760 or 780 meaning the primary fiber is dyneema and the secondary fiber is Aramid (760) or Carbon (780). They never tell you what % the secondary fiber has but it's believe to be in the 10% range. I would expect the endurance line to be in the ball park of a Hydranet sail in shape retention and weight, about the same in durability.
  9. Bad Andy

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Minis are required to use polyester for their Mainsail, the minute you allow carbon none, you'll never see another polyester Mainsail. Look the difference is minimal on day 1, other than weight polyester sails will have similar shape to a higher tech sail. The difference is on day 100 the polyester will be bagged out. By this time the top end mini proto will have a new mainsail, but the club racer won't. That's where there's a huge value in using a better material.
  10. Bad Andy

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    I actually think the nordac is one of the slicker 3di products, but it's not up to the task for a square top in the multi, too much stretch. Stick with a load path sail but put some carbon in it, if you're going 3di ask for a product line starting in a 8 for a primarily carbon sail. Nothing else beats a shit ton of carbon in a sail at the moment.
  11. Bad Andy

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    No no no a polyester sail for a square top is a disaster. Whoever suggested a polyester sail for a square top should be tarred feathered and ran out of town.
  12. Bad Andy

    Chicago Area III

    Surprisingly its not George, I just sorted who he is. Another bitter old man who got the boot from the YC a few years back. His exit email was epic though! Turns out he taught me everything I know about sailing.
  13. Bad Andy

    VANGUARD 15 North American Regatta

    Alright man I have no idea who shit in your cheerios but here is the scoop after speaking with a ton of people involved. The weather was shit and everyone was warned by to OA as to the conditions so a lot of people sat out. The weather also caused a lot of cancelled flights so they were already missing boats and crew (the winning boat had to change crew last minute for this reason). For the local sailors it was tough weather but not outrageous, we would have probably ran our Thursday night series in these conditions with the greener sailors sitting it out. The RC boats had motor issues Saturday which caused races to get cancelled because they lacked proper chase and mark boats. Racing was kept short Sunday because of the breeze and cold. The boat you were referring to as being in the water was never in any real danger and was attempting to sort it out on their own. There was another boat on standby and we all know if it goes belly up to pull the sailors out and get the boat later. It never got to that point. I know it may look scary from shore with the waves and wind but see my above post about someone calling 911. If the fleet feels someone was in real danger they would have called in help. Its not hard to sort out who I am so feel free to come by CCYC for a drink to discuss your plans to help run races for us next season . I'll buy. PS the distance is almost never taken at V15 races because we run 20-30 minute races, so no one cares.
  14. Bad Andy

    Chicago Area III

    I've got him narrowed down to three people, all of whom do little sailing and complain a lot about everyone else is doing things. Actually I am pretty sure who it is and I thought he was booted from SA for being a pain.
  15. Bad Andy

    Chicago Area III

    The 3 Crib Fiasco results took about 30 seconds to figure out, they used the minute to record place since it was a pursuit start. It has since been sorted. Can you run RC for all of the events next season so we can all see how its done?