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  1. Bad Andy

    Chicago Area III

    This is what I am hearing as well
  2. Bad Andy

    Chicago Area III

    The Hook will still run without MMYC, details being sorted.
  3. Bad Andy

    Chicago Area III

    Word from a customer who was at the board meeting said that since they had cancelled every other race at the club it was poor form to allow the Hook (and 100 miler, also canned) to continue. No sanctioned racing at MMYC scheduled at the moment.
  4. Bad Andy

    Beer can racing - When to protest or not

    I have solved many similar issues by bringing over a few beers to the boat of the offender after the race and calmly and politely discussing my issue with them. Asking questions of their point of view helps immensely instead of starting with a you're wrong attitude. A little humor and goes a long way too.
  5. Bad Andy

    Should we rethink reefing points?

    You can put the reefs where ever you want on the sail. Standard is at 12.5% increments but I have done sails with bigger jumps. One common one is to do the first and second at 12.5% and 25% and then push the third up to 40% or even 50%. I like to think of it as the transition from sailing to surviving. If you are thinking third reef there's plenty of wind to get the boat moving and the extra control and comfort of a super deep reef.
  6. Find a way to keep the bottom drum from spinning. Some methods we have used are dead ending the furler to the end of the sprit, go to a 2:1 tack line, or attach the tack with a non spinning shackle and set it up so the tack line is bottomed out at the end of the sprit so the line can't spin. As for the top not furling correctly i really like top down furlers for zeros. See if your furler has a conversion kit to a top down set up. Zeros and screechers tend to have a lot of leech and depth in the sail that a top down furler sucks up better. If you had more hands I'd recommend having someone hold the sheet down towards the deck for better furling as well but that's a bit hard on your own.
  7. Bad Andy

    20-25' Sport boat Suggestions

    Sorry typo in the OP, supposed to be $10-15k which should open it up a bit
  8. Bad Andy

    20-25' Sport boat Suggestions

    I honestly do not know much about these other than they're home built. Do look like fun though, whats the scoop?
  9. Bad Andy

    20-25' Sport boat Suggestions

    It got sold and lives in Wisconsin now.
  10. Bad Andy

    20-25' Sport boat Suggestions

    M24 is in consideration, 110 is not . I've done a few 110 regattas, really fun boats but my wife would kill me!
  11. Bad Andy

    20-25' Sport boat Suggestions

    Cleared it out and sent you a PM
  12. Alright hive mind I have another of those which boats should I buy threads. I want a fast pocket rocket that fits on a trailer. The wife needs something that is not a dinghy with at least some cockpit, which rules out a Viper 640 or VX. Requirements Planing sportsboat with an asymmetrical Small outboard set up Must be able to live in the water and be launched on a 4 ton crane Cockpit that can fit 2-4 people Price range $10-$10k Nice to haves No backstay so I can make a square top mainsail Lifting keel I don't mind a bit of a project and will can easily replace/turbo sails. The boat that we have both agreed on is a Rocket 22 but they're hard to find. The Ultimate 20 also ticks a lot of the boxes as well. What am I missing?
  13. Bad Andy

    Keeping Me Man-Parts Warm

    Start here with a wetsuit guide: Here is what is in my kit bag for water in the 50's and up: 3/2mm wetsuit dinghy smock dinghy bibs (no lining) neoprene boots Neoprene gloves long sleeve rash guard Gill hydrophobic base layer pants Mix and match as needed when the water and air temp changes. I find myself in spray gear over wetsuit on the coldest days. just a wetsuit as it gets warmer, and in a spray top with the hydroponics and board shorts when its nicer out. My spray top usually finds its way on the boat in almost all cases as its the easiest layer to change out. I have always used gill gear because it seems to fit best and I have had no water proofing issues with it. Go try a couple of brands on they all run a bit different depending on your body type and preferred fit. Also if you are new and plan to be swimming often dress for the water temps. If the air is warm and the water is cold hop in the water before you leave the dock to get the wetsuit wet. Itll be a lot more bearable
  14. I sailed with a much older man from Texas for years, we had very different political views. We got along great, I drove his boat and managed of the crew. He trimmed the sails and made sure the boat was ready to race. We won a lot of races. We rarely delved into politics but learned to find common ground. It was refreshing to talk with someone outside of my normal bubble. He eventually introduced me to my wife and our success on the boat led directly to me getting recruited to be a sailmaker. Don't let petty bullshit ruin otherwise good opportunities.