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    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Delam or wet core donor IIRC
  2. I’m allergic to all The privacy policy does seem riskier to the club / for the club to hold, than to it’s members. BTW i’m allergic to all but top shelf scotch & I vote for Pedro!

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    I better go find the keys

    Ramp launching is AWD necessary ?

    Pro Tip for 2WD launch: Put the handbrake on a little bit or “play” it if you lose traction it applies extra force to the spinning wheel sending more drive to the other wheel.

    hugo boss already for sale?

    A. More boat builders required - less computers IMO B. They put it on the market, doesn’t mean it’ll sell.

    What is considered running a "Good Program"?

    C’dore has a TP52, good boat for our offshore races inc Sydney to Hobart but can’t get out most days due to depth round here. Our offshore races attract TP’s but they aren’t from around here. VX One, Finn & Etchell are probably the strongest inshore only fleets. The popular boats here are 35-40’ because you can race inshore & offshore & because everyone else has the same idea. Farr 40’s, Cookson 12, Sydney / BH 36’s-38’s-39’s-41s, HH42, MC38, X41, Numerous J’s, Bene 40’s & 40.7s & an assortment of other stuff. & here is why they are popular, this is a taste of the racing available within 600nm in either direction from us. Pretty decent I reckon!

    What is considered running a "Good Program"?

    The topic is what is considered running a “good program” not how to win OD. FWIW we have collected the owner plenty of IRC podiums inshore & offshore, can’t ask for much more from a bunch of weekend warrior mates racing mixed fleet.

    What is considered running a "Good Program"?

    1. Program of races put out well in advance. No chasing ppl the night before 2. Core crew (say 7 of the 10 the same for all races) 3. Any floaters know their place & listen to the established hierarchy on boat. 4. Owner who likes to push & doesn’t whinge when a kite blows up 5. Owner has a good inventory of sails & happy to upgrade within reason 6. Boat is ready to go within 30 mins of you showing up. Sure a tidy up & set up but no going for fuel or chandlery on race day. Good owners attract good crew who are happy to put in after the race or a couple of hours during the week to get it ready for next weekend. 7. No big ego’s unless they have SERIOUS race results, not club level wins 8. Beers & off water socialising with the ability to leave any mistakes on the water. ie stay friends get over it & move on almost got 10, fuck it; 9. Hookers 10. Cocaine

    hugo boss already for sale?

    Yeah if any race is not all about winning it’s the Vendee.
  10. SCANAS

    hugo boss already for sale?

    She sails with Boris I think.
  11. SCANAS

    hugo boss already for sale?

    By charter they mean you hire it off them to race it - maybe with their shore team.
  12. SCANAS

    Everglades Challenge 2021

    Keep em coming. Love the idea of this race.