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  1. laugh or cry?

    3 sailin' at 20 knots BS, 221am, other boat was not unlit & we have already heard about traffic density. I rest my case. The conditions were 20-23 knots of wind and 1 meter waves. It was at night, cloudy and dark with at least 2 miles of visibility. Vestas was sailing on starboard tack with a speed of about 20 knots, with full mainsail, fractional code zero and J3 staysail. About 1 minute before the incident, Vestas luffed 10-12 degrees to pass in front of a vessel. Another vessel with some light appeared approximately 20 meters in front of Vestas on the leeward side of her bow and they collided about 2 seconds later with serious damage to Vestas. The other vessel ‘s type, activity, course and speed have not been identified. The sequence and the precise points of impact between the two vessels have not been identified.
  2. He can catch BJ with a $395 flight. Send Rimas a picture of BJ's boat. Tell him it's free - yes it's nice Rimas - boats are cheap downunder mate just step onboard A few go pros to capture of the ensuing shenanigans. What should we call the YT channel?
  3. laugh or cry?

    About the same as Luna Rosa w Jimmy. Chinese are onto world surfing now with Aussie help of course. https://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/sport/gold-coast-champion-to-help-chinas-national-surf-team-make-waves-at-olympic-level/news-story/70e96728d0a39381e768899649f64a58?nk=06cf006a3197471c1caf1e7be6b90342-1521248013
  4. laugh or cry?

    Hong Kong was ranked the sixth-busiest port in the world from 2007-2016, according to the International Association of Ports and Harbours, with an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 vessels entering and leaving annually. “When you sail out of Hong Kong on the first night, it’s a shocker,” said Hong Kong policeman Justin Shave, who has raced on Hong Kong boats Ragamuffin and Scallywag. “Fishing boats and nets are everywhere – it’s a nightmare.” “They are extremely hard to predict and the navigation lights are not clear. Fishing vessels may drop miles of fishing lines in the water with sailing boats having to duck and weave through.” Weaving through the heavy marine traffic and avoiding boats and fishing lines requires extra concentration at the best of times. Introduce seven 65-foot long, 10-storey high Volvo Ocean boats to the mix and the chance of accidents surely increases. Former America’s Cup China team member and Hong Kong Catamarans project manager Thierry Barot said the competing sailing boats’ speed – travelling at roughly 20 to 30 knots – may have played a role in the collision, which Killed one of the 10 person fishing crew. “The boats go over 20 knots, so the distance to see [in front of you] and react becomes shorter and shorter. It makes a difference, just like if you’re driving on the highway. http://m.scmp.com/sport/hong-kong/article/2129816/fishing-boats-and-nets-everywhere-its-nightmare-why-hong-kongs
  5. laugh or cry?

    There's an out of work hitman at the RHKYC you could hire.
  6. laugh or cry?

    I don't expect they'll air the footage that's just a dig at those that think Vestas was 100% in the right. Can only conclude it paints them in a bad light if they haven't released it. It's not out of respect for the dead, otherwise they wouldn't ask for redress. What do you think it will show? Vestas doing 10 knots under reduced sail, seeing the boat, changing course & the other boat mowing Vestas down? EDIT: Jack, you know what time it is? Sherlock Holmes time.
  7. laugh or cry?

    They did have several people on deck including someone looking under the genoa & a guy at the Nav, other boats reported having someone in campionway relaying between Nav & Helm. That's about as good a lookout as you could ever have. Certainly better lookouts than the shipping in the area had or fishing boats. Depends on what they deem as "proper" I think they've got a pretty good case for Rule 5. I think what let them down is Rule 6 it's worded pretty clearly. Cant wait for that footage ...
  8. laugh or cry?

    Can't see the Sponsor wanting to bring it up again. Vestas got off lightly - getting the boat released etc. Esp if they knew it was risky ie - getting a no.
  9. Melbourne Osaka 2018

    That's awesome. Good luck to them.
  10. laugh or cry?

    Show me those reasons in the colregs. Have a look at the damage pics. The tracker. The weather. The crew accounts. They didn't bump into them with eyes wide open doing 5knots.
  11. laugh or cry?

    How can it be that they had a proper lookout, were traveling at a safe, took avoiding action & still hit the other boat & sunk it? What if the fishing vessel had one all round light & was not fishing & was parked? The most likely scenario is that they were pushing too hard in the dark & hit a poorly lit of unlit boat. I still think Vestas is responsible for some of the blame for failing to see it & failing to avoid it, say 10% if lit 5% if not lit.