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  1. While respect the go-for-it attitude, you might consider doing the race with someone who knows the waters. Unless you're a troll.
  2. Jebeezus, start a new thread. Two years of bitching about phrf certs? Really?
  3. Guys, he hasn't even cut out the 1/4" plexi Windows yet. Clearly under pressure, he launched ASAP and put off deta,ils like the leaks in the stern, a means of propulsion and seeing where you're going for another paycheck.
  4. Indeed. 'nother nice day, missed the Benetaus, tho. Made that a little more accurate for ya. So that's how you do that...
  5. Great day. Good breeze, great competition.
  6. Um...why?
  7. Have we invented 'sailor's remorse'? Or, maybe, 'floater's remorse'?
  8. Rabbit hole.
  9. What is your point, please?
  10. And the guy with no arms or legs on your door stoop? Yup, Matt.
  11. Bump.