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  1. Far right now calling for Orrin Hatch to be ousted for his speaking out against the skinheads and kkk.
  2. In Charlottesville
  3. He said it was albright "You mean alt-right" No albright. You. Can't. Make. This. Shit. Up.
  4. Regurgitating 20 year old ideas. This isn't new.
  5. So I'm hearing from the far right they're claiming the gray car was attacked, yet if you watch the video from behind it, it just drove straight down an open street full speed into the people. TM, do you actually believe the shit you're posting? Really. Honestly.
  6. Jesus christ some of you are some goddamn retarded cunts and should find the nearest tree or shrub and apologize for wasting the oxygen it produces. The orange retard got slapped like a little bitch by Mattis and Kelly for running his mouth, you'll find him hiding in the clubhouse in that shit state Jersey crying about how he's in charge and not them.
  7. This still holds true. Lots of holding companies for procurement for the non profit research companies. Good times.
  8. You're new here huh?
  9. https://www.instagram.com/shaylaren/?hl=en
  10. are there cliff notes?
  11. I believe the phrase "if it ain't broke don't fix it" should have probably come into play here.
  12. But but but.... Everyone said Uncle Larry was gonna save sailing!
  13. I think the lack of "this is the return on your huge upfront investment" is one of the issues that plagues clubs.
  14. So in "the team you love to hate" news, the Patriots now own 2 767s. All first class seats in them. Gronk will get hurt and Belichick will have atleast one pilot as a TE fill in and have a record breaking season.