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  1. TPG

    Protection or pressure - kid decisions

    This all fucking day long. Jesus christ, he's 11 and you're freaking out over "advanced placement math"? Really?
  2. I'll give it to you mikey, atleast you own it.
  3. TPG

    Anthony Bourdain

    Its really awful, I had a very close friend kill herself when I was offshore. You spend a lot of time angry at yourself for not "being there" and, you're right, wondering if there's anything you could do. And Happy, that's a bit of a fucking retarded thing to say (but again, this is SA, so it should be expected), most likely the end of his marriage had to do with the 250 days a year traveling and from all reports, it was mutual.
  4. You can smell the fruity assholes a mile away.
  5. TPG

    Anthony Bourdain

    He hung himself. Ripert found him.
  6. You're confusing a PLB and an EPIRB.
  7. TPG

    Anthony Bourdain

    And thats why this forum is a toxic shithole half the time lately.
  8. And they are very very effective.
  9. TPG

    Anthony Bourdain

  10. TPG

    Cutting Ultem. . .

    its also apparently hard as hell to machine.
  11. TPG

    Cutting Ultem. . . A friend works for this company: Good guidelines on the page. 10-14 TPI sabersaw might do it? (I'm assuming sawing means bandsaw on that page)
  12. Couple of my employees smoke, they ask if I want one now and then. I laugh at them then go militant. The vaping (douche flute) shit is just obnoxious IMO.
  13. So either A: you work for InReach or B: you work for an InReach dealer because I've seen a ton of posts like yours both here and on other boating forums.
  14. TPG

    Musto Vs Zhik

    Had that happen with an Isotak coat, they sent me a brandy new one (took a bit of time, and nagging, but it came) no problem.
  15. wheeee zombie thread. 3 years now.