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  1. Polynesian Concepts 38

    I think the predecessor did some, and they developed that boat a little bit to make the production polycons. There isn't a ton of info out there, but it looks like some were built with balsa core and later boats may be foam core? Would love to see a rating just to get an idea of performance, but haven't found anything yet.
  2. Polynesian Concepts 38

    Came across this ad: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/6137163336.html, was wondering if anyone had any insight into the Polynesian Concepts 38/38? From what I gather is was designed by CSK but built by Schock? I don't have any affiliation, and I'm not really in the market, but I'm always kinda looking for small-ish cruising cats with good performance. Something that would be fun to daysail but could also do some cruising (more camping style cruising). If the displacement of 5,500 lbs listed on sailboat data is correct this should be a pretty quick boat, right? I did get to tour my dock neighbor's Woods Banshee 35 a few weeks ago and thought it was just about perfect. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/6137163336.html http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=3901
  3. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Any SF Bay interest? Would love to see a fleet come together here - I'm hoping to be able to place a deposit this fall.
  4. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Awesome boat, congrats! Start a new thread for the race prep, I'm sure everyone wants to follow allong.
  5. Appreciate your insight. I was thinking that on the spectrum of cruising cats the TRT is the most performance oriented (not too many boats faster than the GT), then quite a jump to the A42, then a ways down the spectrum is your typical charter cat. I'm not in the market, but in a couple years I hope to be looking for a fast-ish, fun to sail cat with the capability of coastal ocean racing and cruising. Green Flash seemed like the perfect boat, but it sounds like the delivery back from HI was maybe a little more exciting than planned? TRT CR looks like a nice balance between performance and comfort for more than a couple days. A42 looks great for extended cruising, but the price delta is considerable (Lightspeed is for sale at $369K).
  6. Not to totally hijack, but... Does anyone know if there were very many TRT 1200 CR brought to the US? What is +/- market price? The options for a used (i.e. more affordable), more performance oriented cruiser cat seem limited. Any thoughts on the performance of an Chris White Atlantic 42 vs the older Outremers?
  7. Crowther Bucaneer 33 daggerboard construction

    Also - I used clear western red cedar because that is what my plans called for. It is light and strong, but you may have something better/cheaper where you are?
  8. Crowther Bucaneer 33 daggerboard construction

    Sorry I didn't chime in earlier. I went through this process and posted a while back: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=158234&p=4804664 I updated the original shape and the result is great - had the boat up to 20 knots briefly and spent a lot of time in the high teens with no complaints from the board. This project took way more time than I expected, I think that Zonker's method with the circular saw would be far better than my router method. I used the same method for the trailing edge and it came out great (the battens provide a straight edge - I actually took the wood edge back a bit and filled between the glass with thickened epoxy so that the trailing edge is all epoxy/glass). Happy to answer questions, but this method worked well for me. One last note - I had the wood cut to the trunk width (or actually slightly less to accommodate the glass thickness) and run through a planner so that it was true. That saved a lot of time compared to making my own planks.
  9. Not for everyone: twice the speed and half the accommodation: http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/show-ad/?id=2385 Fantastic Bay boat and easy to single hand. (sorry for the shameless ad)
  10. R2AK 2016

    That's a great solution. Mark is a very good sailor - he's kicked my ass every time we race. The boat is fast and he knows how to push it in rough conditions. I think he has a really good shot at taking it (and I hope he does - really nice guy as well).
  11. Crowther 33

    Jabberwock is for sale, great boat but I'm moving.check the classified ads.
  12. Blokart Worlds 2016

    Looks fun. Is there a group or any racing going on near Salt Lake City? I spend a lot of time there for work.
  13. Shameless thread bump: Jabberwock is for sale, check the classifieds. Boat is in great shape and ready to go. The board has held up great - seen 20 knots boatspeed with no knocking or humming. Pretty tough to find a boat this fast in this price range - should be a great deal for someone. If I could keep the boat I would, but I'm moving and can't take it with me.
  14. Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

    Need crew? +1, seriously. Good for you to jump on it! Going to bring it back to the Bay?