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  1. Yes, I wasn't trying to argue against this. It was more of a tongue-in-cheek reference to some of the conversations I've seen on SA (and had IRL) as to whether all of those who get paid to race on big boats are worth the money...
  2. I think if there had been a significant gear failure we'd know about it - that sort of info spreads quickly and tends to break out of cones of silence as people are keen to shift the blame away from individuals.... As far as I know there's been no indication that this was the case?? Such a heavy lockdown on info suggests it was human error of some sort....
  3. Typically Superyacht regattas have had staggered, individual starts. The J's pushed to be excluded from this so they could have regular fleet starts - the resurgence of the J racing fleet saw owners get really competitive and push the boats very hard, fleet starts were considered a part of this. I think we've seen here a natural progression/regression(?) of this situation to a point where the limits of the concept have been reached - someone pushed a very big boat into a space that couldn't accommodate them and there was no way out (or maybe there was but they couldn't react quickly enough). With boats this big the consequences are also bigger...
  4. NZK

    INEOS Team GB

    I thought we'd already agreed on this...?
  5. Most of the 'active' crew will be paid - whether they're 'professional' is something that will start a true SA shit fight - but it's more or less a mix of the following: High-paid rockstars; Nav, helm (if applicable, some are owner drivers), tactician, crew boss (kind of the conductor, responsible for ensuring all the decisions from the brain trust are carried out properly), mainsail trim, headsail trim, downwind trim, bowman and mid-bow plus a few extra will all be very high level professionals. The roll-call of names on these crew lists is insane. Anyone in these positions will have AC, Volvo, TP52 Super Series credentials - likely multiples of each. On a J there's likely multiples of the trim and bow positions... Medium tariff: there's so much crew work involved that more people are needed just to move shit around, gather sails and help tail lines etc. The nature of the big boats is such that these people still need to know what they're doing and be familiar with the loads, how to handle the winches etc. The mid-range of the crew is often made up of long term big boat sailors, other superyacht crew and shore based industry people who work and supply the boats (riggers, sailmakers, composite/boat builders). The industry lot also usually end up being the ones working with the regular crews into night to fix shit the rockstars have broken during the day.... On some boats there'll be a few of these crew that are doing it unpaid (food and lodging is covered) just to get a foot in the door as part, being regatta crew is a bit of golden ticket. However, I doubt this is the case on the J's given the complexity of the boats compared to the more modern superyachts... Regular crew: The team of guys and girls who work full-time on the yacht - they're spread around between assisting in racing roles and also having specific duties; skipper usually ends-up near the back, maybe doing runners or similar just so he can maintain an over-watch as he ultimately remains responsible. The engineer is usually sat on a tablet nowadays keeping a close eye on hydraulic systems and rigging loads, getting ready to yell at the other crew if they get overexcited on the buttons. There's also a lot of scurrying into lazarettes and engine rooms... Owners friends: this is a mixed bag and can range from utter johnsons getting themselves tangled in their own shoe laces through to those who have sailed with the owner for years and are actually pretty handy. There are often a few ride-alongs from yachting media etc. Oh, and a special sub-category I almost forgot. The Grizzly Kiwi - there is a special group of slightly older Kiwis who have Whitbreads and Admirals Cups under their belts as well the AC and Volvo stuff. They are usually utter fucking units and have a hand shake you learn to avoid. They know their shit and aren't afraid to tell you about it. They know everyone. EVERYONE. They are also particularly good at remembering the names of the female stewardesses who are responsible for distributing food and drinks. To be considered part of this group you CANNOT be know by your regular name - it has to be a one word nickname such as Stinger or Meat (these are both real examples). Most importantly they're all good cunts.....
  6. Svea runs up to 36 tons through her forestay and J class backstay loads are around 20T. When you crash one through the other the potential for a couple of 50m+ masts to suddenly fall from the sky is pretty fucking high.... The 'panic' that everyone keeps referring to is the guests on board Velsheda being very quickly ushered down below to safety. Yes, the guests probably were panicking but they're allowed too, no one expects them to immediately comprehend the danger of falling masts but someone on Velsheda clearly did and acted accordingly. I don't see evidence of panic from any of the pro crew on the three boats in the video....
  7. A little bit more of what this thread was supposed to be about. How about we put the keyboard conjecture back in it's box for a while and just try and comprehend the size of that mainsail or the idea of hand hauling that kite down onto the foredeck (which I believe Velsheda still do rather than using a Deckchute).
  8. They'd need to have been pretty fucking special guard rails... In fact they may have caused more injury to the person that got flicked off the side by pinning them against the stbd guard rails until they failed.
  9. This rule is typically enforced quite strictly by each of the boats as it can be used tactically...there's usually at least one person with a distance scope keeping track
  10. Rigs stayed up but will both be getting pulled and checked. Good few hours of NDTing to be done, bring your sun hat...
  11. Latest report is that cracked ribs were the worst injury - hopefully this is correct (and I'd guess it was the poor individual getting punted off the side of Topaz). Damage to Topaz's deck looks surprisingly minimal from video but apparently the mast head twisted 90° so that could be a right-off....
  12. NZK

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I like the idea that the bowmans got Jimmy in his comms asking 'how bad is it??' Er....
  13. NZK

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I think it came from within the team - I've only seen it on someones phone from a whatsapp chat... I'm sure it'll be out soon enough
  14. NZK

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    There's a second shot of the boat in the cradle with a white tarp draped over the bow - looks comically similar to the INEOS picture with the photoshopped Corona mask....
  15. That crash is intense, trying to get updates of who get hospitalised. The impact was right into the brains trust/owner cockpit on Topaz. Hopefully nothing too serious, lot of weight and momentum involved there. Fuck knows how this happened, seems like some pretty shocking decision making on Svea but there might be more to it - possible that gear failure is involved.