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  1. NZK

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yep definitely from Persico - maybe flying from Pisa? There have been Antonov flights from PSA before... Assuming that they'll be taking parts of B1 into B2, I wonder if they're being a bit flexible with schedules and using weather windows to determine when they pull the plug on sailing B1? Maybe this spell of bad weather was used to do the change over and we're about to see B2 make an appearance? That would be a bit of a powerplay against LR and INEOS to be out sailing B2 whilst they're pressing their noses against hotel windows or stuck in the shed on the tools.... Or maybe I'm being a little too optimistic...
  2. NZK

    INEOS Team GB

    The INEOS cycling team were re-branded to INEOS Grenadiers this summer so I wouldn't be surprised if we see some more active Grenadier branding on the AC team once they launch in AKL. From a commercial perspective I would think INEOS have more to gain with the Grenadier through the AC coverage than for the petrochemical side...
  3. NZK

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I was just wondering about this; Luna Rossa - expecting to launch Oct 16th, I've lost track of where B2 is, has it left Italy yet? Some of the boat builders reappeared in Palma a week or so ago which suggests B2 is packed up... INEOS - B2 has been more or less fitted out before leaving the UK so we should expect them to make an appearance not long after LR (assuming 2 week quarantine starts about now) NYYC - no news on how B2 is coming along, do we think they'll hang back and let INEOS/LR launch first? ETNZ - Presumably the kiwis will keep their B2 under wraps for as long as possible, especially as we're assuming their changes will be less extreme and more systems/controls based than INEOS and NYYC who have entirely new hull shapes to play with... Will ETNZ install a lot of their B2 hardware into B1 first? There'd be no real way of telling (unless some donut leaves the 'B2' dyno label on and Weta gets a close-up....)
  4. NZK

    INEOS Team GB

    Nearest thing the French will have to an AC entry...
  5. NZK

    52 Super Series Thread

    It appears that Azzura have pulled the plug on their 52 campaign - couple of the sailing team announcing it on social media. If true it's the end of an era for the 52s and will be interesting to see if it has any knock-on effects for the fleet...
  6. NZK

    Best way to get code zero luff tension?

    Single line halyard with a 2:1 tack is the most common set-up I've seen . Just used a system over the weekend with a single line tack that exits out the end of the bowsprit with a Tylaska clip for 1:1 use on the kite but it has a Dyneema loop on the end of the sprit that you clip that Tylaska back onto to create a 2:1 purchase than is then slotted into the bottom of our KZ furler... Using the backstay seems to be a less than perfect solution that adds more steps to each maneuver. If you're getting a custom bowsprit then I'd think this set-up with the interchangeable 1:1 - 2:1 system should be quite easily achieved and at 60cm long your bowman should be able to change it over without having to shimmy out on the sprit.
  7. NZK

    MOD 70 fleet

    Based on the above links it seems like DNA in Holland built a set of foils for both Argo and Beau Geste from a Martin Fischer design. reports that, for Argo at least, these weren't successful and we're actually returned to the manufacturer... Now Argo have new foils in-build with Solid Composites in NZ and Beau Geste has added an extra 2m bowsprit to increase lightwind sail area (no mention of whether they've stuck with their Fischer foils or returned to original C foils).
  8. NZK

    MOD 70 fleet

    This feels like the forum equivalent of when you tell your wife that thing definitely isn't there and then she hands it to you after 5 seconds of looking... So Mana, the ex Spindrift, seems to have an Italian owner and is entered into the Middle Sea Race and the boards under construction in NZ are for Argo's ongoing foiling project...
  9. NZK

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Alex and Pepe lost the rig in the 2014/15 edition of the BWR offhsore from Brazil and he then lost it again with Guillermo Altadill in the 2015 TJV off the coast of Spain. Wasn't there another one in earlier race that happened right in the Bay of Biscay?? Or maybe that was an impact that they thought would bring the rig down - I remember talking to an ex shore crew member who said they got a phone call in the night and someone had to rush out to buy a load of serrated bread knives as these are the best things to cut through the old PBO rigging... A quick google search makes you realise just how many incidents AT has had in the past....
  10. NZK

    MOD 70 fleet

    There seems to be a general appreciation of the MOD70s on this forum so I thought it'd be worth a thread to keep track of them. To kick things off can we do a roll-call of the fleet - I've lost track of where they've all got to and what iteration each hull is in - my current roster is; Concise/Powerplay (ex paprec) Maserati (ex Gitana) Argo (ex Oman) Mana - ex Spindrift sold end 2019 to new owner??? Beau Geste (ex Pheado, ex Foncia) Orion? (ex Veolia) I think this is still running in SF area as a youth sailing charity after Siebel 'donated' it... Race for Water? Is this the one stuck in the roof of Multiplast or somewhere similar in France? Also the state of various attempts to create a foiling MOD70 - as far as I can tell there's Soldini's Maserati, Argo and now something being referred to as the 'lighter than air' project with Solid Composites in AKL building the foils (or are these for one of the 2 existing foiling boats??). Neither Maserati or Argo seem to have got a fully functioning set-up - Maserati seems to struggle with reliability and Argo went really quiet after their re-launch and I heard rumours it had been the opposite of a success, maybe I'm wrong and just haven't seen the latest footage?? Anyone got new info on the foiling projects or general updates on the fleet status?
  11. NZK

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Something is going on - I know a boat builder from Palma has just headed up there for a stint... maybe it's gonna re-appear with foils? (sarcasm font)
  12. NZK

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Man these things are amazing - I really hope the media output on the JV attempts is good as this should be awesome to follow. Also, I thought Spindrift were also on standby for JV attempt?? You'd think they'd need to get away first to have any chance of laying claim to a new record, even if it is only for a week or so until the Ultimes go round....
  13. NZK

    Are all the fastest sails black now?

    It's all relative - they may not be looking for longevity like in a cruising sail but there have been other materials that were tested before carbon but were too unstable under UV even for racing sails (PBO being an example). Also more grand-prix classes are adding quotas on how many new sails can be used each year so managing sail life is still a concern for teams such as the 52 Super Series fleets etc. With carbon having a relatively decent stability under UV it means the fibres can be left exposed rather than needing UV protective scrims as an outer layer - means less weight overall...
  14. NZK

    Foul weather gear

    "Featuring two chest pockets, large front cargo pockets and an inflatable head pillow for additional in-water support and buoyancy happy hour" I fixed their marketing to be more sailor orientated.... That thing seems to have mid and outer layers ticked off.
  15. NZK

    Foul weather gear

    If you're expecting to get very wet/submerged (i.e dinghy or sportsboat sailing) then I agree with a drysuit. If it's more cruising orientated then I don't think sailing specific gear can really add many benefits - I think it's only once you're looking at very high intensity or offshore sailing that sailing specific clothing really shows unique features (double/internal cuffs, neck seals etc to keep water out, specifically cut hoods for best viz vs coverage, longer cut jackets to shed water). I've ended up using a skiing jacket to do bow on a 30ft sportsboat in the UK winter and can't say I noticed much of a difference... Having grown up with some pretty basic kit and then testing the rest of the spectrum through to getting my hands on some top of the range sailing and ski kit i think it boils down to the following; - base layers - spend some money on these, I used to wear cotton sweat pants and socks under a drysuit as a kid and f*ck me if I didn't end up absolutely freezing. Merino wool is awesome but I have some really good Musto layers that are mainly synthetic and weren't as pricey. Smartwool do some really thick Merino socks and I've dug a few pairs off the rails of TJ Maxx/Marshalls for about 30% of retail. - layers, too many is just as bad as not enough - don't end up compressing yourself and limiting mobility by stuffing too much under your outer layer... - outer layers, whatever they are keep them clean and re-proof them with the water-repellent coating. Doesn't matter how expensive your shit is, if it loses it's repellent coating then it'll hold water and stop being breathable which will make you colder as sweat accumulates inside.... - down jackets, less common in sailing circles becasue traditional down was useless when wet but with synthetic stuff they're getting more common and if you're not expecting to get waves over your head then any sort should be fine.still one of the best warmth vs weight options out there.... - TJ Maxx and Marshalls are your friend, I've gotten so much decent gear from these places that I'd never normally be able to afford down jackets, Merino socks, softshell mid-layers, base layers.. ignore the labels and look at the materials....