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  1. I think that's where the coverage could do a better job, at giving more info on the teams and the sailors. There are some absolute legends in that fleet plus some fucking awesome characters both onboard and in the shore crews who could definitely entertain in some interviews and 'behind the scenes' type videos. Also I reckon there is plenty of scope to go into more detail about the role of the shore crews - I think a lot of sailors would find this interesting because it's so much more relatable than with the F50s or AC75s... Admittedly it's harder to get excited about supporting some of the owner-drivers themselves, somewhat nefarious uber-rich middle aged men (and Tina), but the boys and girls in the teams are mostly good value.
  2. NZK

    INEOS Team GB

    Well that was a fucking turn-up. From the commentary it sounds like the shore team have done some huge work to turn the boat around and the results speak for themselves. Got to give it to the sailing team too - that was a dominant display. The difference in the mood onboard and the comms suggests to me there was no sandbagging in the Xmas regatta, back then they knew they were off the pace and their morale was well down, today they knew they had the speed and they were all gunning for a fight. Early days and today was medium range breeze but it does seem like ITUK have made the step up in performance and proven us doubters wrong.... Either way looks like we have some racing to watch!
  3. NZK

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Have we seen any photo or video evidence of this 'offset' grinding set-up LR are supposed to have. Fucked if I can find the reference anymore but I'm sure there was talk of the LR grinders having an assymetrical/offset handle position to improve efficiency....
  4. NZK

    INEOS Team GB

    I think LR confirmed it's a 50-50 split. Wasn't there a lot of talk about how ETNZ and LR were saying with the nature of the racing they just didn't see the need for a dedicated tactician? I think TH has used the combined tactician/grinder role to keep himself a slot onboard AM which you can't really blame him for - he seems to have done a lot of gym work to keep up... Back to INEOS - with 5 people 'controlling' the boat is there not a danger of falling foul of the old 'too many cooks' adage? I guess we'll find out in a few more hours...
  5. NZK

    INEOS Team GB

    It's a big call losing a grinder to have Giles as standalone tactician. The conspiratorial side of me can't help seeing this being a result of the inner circle keeping GS onboard or perhaps keeping BA happy after he requested a tactician who's not on the pumps. The logical side says they must have run the numbers and been happy with the power output in this configuration... When you see Terry Hutchinson managing to get stuck in on the handles on AM whilst checking his fore-arm display and chatting with DB it does make me wonder why INEOS felt they were better off with less power. Extra interesting when LR and ETNZ don't even have a specific tactician (I think this is correct, if not I'm confident I shall quickly be corrected...)
  6. I wasn't meaning to compare the two - the AC is indeed like you said but as the only consistently 'televised' racing circuit that is top level and in boats that are far more relatable for most sailors I thought the Super Series would get more interest... - they live stream on their own website via a Youtube feed. Their Twitter account also does live updates during racing. Also - Quantum do some great videos from onboard their boat via their media master Keith Brash, he's worth checking out separately for his other video work Francseco 'Checco' Naglia does some awesome drone work with the TP fleet (plus Maxi72 and J Class) - check out or his instagram Stoked these boats are getting a rebirth down in NZ - was disappointing to see the class mismanaged into a cluster fuck up here.
  7. Given the support here for monohulls with actual crew maneuvers and sail changes, I'm always surprised by the apparent lack of interest in the 52 Super Series...? It's quite exactly that; some of the best sailors in the world, including actual AC teams or affiliate teams, on planing monohulls with asymetric kites and the associated sail changes with free dedicated coverage. The coverage may not be up to the same scratch as the AC but's partly due to viewing numbers - if more people engage then it can drive more investment in the coverge... I'm torn about the AC disucussion - I do miss the extra crew maneuvers and sail changes but the new boats are phenomenal and a driving force in a lot of R&D across the spectrum....
  8. NZK

    Black Pearl - Botin 56

    Apparently they've already pulled out of the trans-at race. Not sure why yet, trying to get some details.
  9. In that video Ken recalls a conversation with BA earlier in the cycle about the twin skin main; BA apparently said "it may have well as been single skin"... this suggests that, at least early on, INEOS were not putting enough emphasis on the sail/rig package. I remember the early mainsails on B1 looked a lot rougher than other teams, particularly the deck sweeper sections. Could it be that INEOS are still playing catch-up?
  10. NZK

    Team NYYC

    @Rasputin22 after the Xmas regatta maybe this is more accurate?
  11. NZK

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    AFAIK Southern have built the spars for INEOS, LR, and ETNZ. Magic built their's in the US - I believe it was in-house/contracted staff building at the Offshore Spars facility. There's some pretty interesting tech employed on big superyachts that pulls a furled headsail or kite down below deck onto a large drum. Not sure what the weight penalty would be to implement something like this on an AC75...
  12. NZK

    Team NYYC

    Patriot's silhouette has always reminded me of a particular style of chef's knife...
  13. NZK

    Team NYYC

    About the return to non-foiling mono's - I heard recently that the origins of the AM challenge were similar to that of Prada in that Fauth and De Vos were both expecting a more traditional monohull package in this AC, that was what they fronted their money for (makes sense based on their histories in the TP and Maxi72 fleets). Apparently at least Hap Fauth has been so far quite unimpressed with the amount of cash he's been throwing at something that doesn't tickle his fancy - this may have changed since the Xmas regatta after AM put in a solid performance. Part of me would be quite keen on the 100ft mono proposal - as much as the 75s are spectacular it would also be quite cool to have the quality of video and comms coverage available today onboard a boat with actual sail manouvres and more 'dynamic' crew work (The go-pro vids of the Quantum TP team are about as close as we can get right now).
  14. NZK

    Team NYYC

    Wow, having the spectator boats as a fixed reference really shows the acceleration in the bear-away around that top mark! I think I've said it before but being an aft facing grinder in these boats must be a rollercoaster ride...
  15. NZK

    maxi 72 as an ocean racer

    As Tango mentioned, the latest 72s have next to fuck-all in the way of waterproofing - pretty much everything is led through the deck or cockpit walls for aero gains. This means serious amounts of water down below in moderate/rough weather which puts far higher loads through the boat than was intended. And the new ones are built light... Some of the older versions have had success - the previous Bella won line honours and IRC in the C600 in her time which would suggest similar potential for the Hobart but I reckon if you got a big blow then they'd be in trouble...