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  1. The Mad Hatter

    gps round the buoys

    I bought a tablet for around $400 put it in a waterproof pouch which cost around $30 and then bought Navionics for the tablet for around $80. (VMG phone option is probably cheaper.) Four layers of coloured cellophane to cut the light down during overnight races. I was surprised to find the touch screen still works in the waterproof pouch under the cellophane. Also you could run RaceQ (free) on a very cheap phone which I have done. If you can get everyone else in the race to do that you can analyse what worked and what didn't, tacking angles, boat speed and VMG etc, all through the race, at your leisure after the race. Couple that with a GoPro and you can look at what needs to happen to improve crew work. It's all good fun but no substitute for time on the water.
  2. The Mad Hatter

    Low aspect fenced keel and board forward technology

    "low aspect fenced keel " maybe it is a skeg in the shape of a "T" with a plate on the bottom ? "board forward technology so the angle of attack of the rudder can be controlled and the center of lift can be changed relative to the sail plan " Maybe talking about how much the ruder kicks forward. Ie how much of the rudder is fwd of the pivot . This is all guess work at what this person is trying to say given the absence of any real info. Who is the designer?
  3. The Mad Hatter

    Advice on replacement ruddercase for 30' tri

    Mowgli, I haven't completed the project but I do have some pics of the work in progress. If all goes to plan , the rods will hold the rudders down and I will be able to adjust the exact kick under of the rudder. I will also be able to adjust the force required to kick them up. This will be done with screw threads so not while sailing. I will also be able to put the rudders down or bring them up or part way up from the cockpit. The mould was made from two pieces of 16mm thick MDF with a 1mm spacer so it could be collapsed to aid in removing the cases. I coated the MDF with contact. I have previously used contact with some mould release wax and that released really well. I will trim the flanges once finished but only enough that they don't catch water because they make the cases incredibly stiff. Last of all a pic of one of the rudders.
  4. The Mad Hatter

    Advice on replacement ruddercase for 30' tri

    I've just made two rudder cases for my trimaran floats. The rudders are to be kick up but held down with F/G rods. The cases are made using 8 layers of 200gm D/B carbon with the addition of multiple layers of 450gm uni carbon along top and bottom edges and around the inbuilt gudgeons. Just another approach.
  5. The Mad Hatter

    Corsair Trimaran

    I've put in a dual tiller. I have tennis ball on the end of each to act as a stopper while they slide through a bungie loop that hangs from the top back stay pulley . They are suspended around 18 inches above the deck . Not only is this a big improvement over a single tiller but having them hanging like that keeps them out of the way but still handy to grab.
  6. The Mad Hatter

    F7 Folding Trimaran...This is interesting

    Apart from below;- The difference between adversity and adventure is attitude.
  7. The Mad Hatter

    F7 Folding Trimaran...This is interesting

    I bet that is one of Ian's upgrades because what they have done is consistent with the way this is treated in the F85SR plans. This just gives a bit more space into the fwd berth. The ring frame is quite small near the seats however it is strengthened with a 50mm wide flange. That pic looks like this is done and they have missed painting under the flange which makes it look like a gap. Also the flange is supposed to be on the fwd side of the ring frame. Looking at pics on the Farrier Marine site the ring frame looks the same with the exception of the flange being on the fwd side of the frame. Could they have put the frame in the other way around? I think the only diff would be esthetics.
  8. The Mad Hatter

    C31 or c28r ?

    I have a carbon mast at 60kg it is around 20kg lighter than alloy.
  9. Having built from Ian's plans they are a tremendous resource and that should not be given away free. Not to charge just undervalues Ian's great work. Either the new company owner or the estate should be paid. Possibly a slightly reduced charge given the absence of support previously provided by Ian. On the other hand the worst case scenario would be to just lock them away.
  10. You make a very good point. I think that is something many multihull sailors and prospective trimaran sailors would like to know.
  11. The Mad Hatter

    Farrier type roller furling boom

    I took a different approach for rolling. I have a carbon boom 2inch by 6 inch. I can comfortably stand behind the boom with a leg either side of the tiller and steer with my knees. The fitting I made for the end of the boom, for the topping lift, takes a ratchet spanner the same size as needed to do up the beam bolts. As the main comes down I would use the ratchet to wind it up. After a while I realized I didn't need the ratchet and could just spin the rectangular boom by hand. I just need the main to come down a little bit ahead of my rolling. I have found that by tightening the outhaul there is no problem with the main going forward and binding on the mast when coming down. Let if off and I have big problems. I just need to let the outhaul right off before trying to raise it. My downhaul is 8:1 with an RF5 pivotting cleat either side of the mast. If extra purchase is needed one of the lines can go to the lazy cabin top winch. This is set up so the downhaul can reach the next reefing point. So in theory the sail could be pulled down to the next reef by the downhaul. Going up is good sometime and not others hence my question about boom angle.
  12. The Mad Hatter

    Farrier type roller furling boom

    There is mention that when raising the sail the boom angle is important for it to feed properly. Sometimes it works great and other times not so good. Just wondering what people find as the best boom angle . I would be interested to hear what people do when not going up well, should the topping lift lift the boom higher or let it down a little?
  13. The Mad Hatter

    22’ Maine Cat , I wanna go fast and party!

    A bit like using a feather to drive in a nail.
  14. The Mad Hatter


    I think The Evil Gnome is on the money. My steel trailer is 600kg. That boat has a lot of cruising gear 2 batteries, sink , pump, refrigerator , and it all adds to the weight. Gee I remember taking a bag of tools and ropes off my boat and dropping the weight by 80kg. So remove that extra stuff and I think one would be surprised at how much difference it makes. If the person is looking for a race boat it may not be the right boat with the centre board but if they are after a cruiser it is a great buy.