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  1. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    I love the simplicity of that suggestion.
  2. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    Russell, I have the same concerns re side controls to induce rotation. When I sail a friends boat with that feature we never remember to let it off. Looking at putting a system to induce rotation on my boat I bought a couple of those pivoting clam cleats that release when the load gets too high. There is an adjustment screw to fine tune the load triggering the release. Hoping that with the correct purchase and cleat setting I can get them to release when I forget to do it.
  3. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    The OTB racer like the DIAM will almost always have lower windage than a boat with accommodation. You can do what you like with the sail area, boat length and weight, if windage is not accounted for in the calculation , you run the risk of the fleet members that want to be competitive all moving towards the Off The Beach racer. The owners that don't want to give up their accom will quite possibly just drop out. Is this worth considering?
  4. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    "I believe one of the purposes of the rule is to encourage development not penalize it. " I thought it was about evening up the performance of the boats so the competition is between the crews not the designers.
  5. Jesus shackle

    I got one of these for $50 https://www.ronstan.com/marine/product.asp?ProdNo=RF641
  6. Bucket List

    I agree, it would have been good to see it work.
  7. Proa Why Not? completed.

    It would be really great to see a video of the proa sailing when you get it in the water. I would also be interested in your impression of how it sails and just how you like the various aspects of the design. Thanks for the video. It's great to see someone working outside the box.
  8. Bucket List

    How is Bucket List going?
  9. Recommendations for first time boat build.

    Rob, You make a very good point about it taking a lot out of you.
  10. Recommendations for first time boat build.

    I have built many boats. several CLC18s, many Off the Beach cats , 32ft cedar strip cat and my most recent and last one being my Farrier F85 Mad Hatter. So I've built in ply .cedar and foam. From my experience , my advice would be to go buy a Corsair 24 if you can afford it. If you cant then you probably cant afford to build either as it always works out 2 to 3 times what you think it will cost and take 2 to 3 times as long.. Buying second hand will almost always be cheaper than building and you get to sail now, not in 5 years time.
  11. Arrogance and Boat Design; does one cause the other?

    Peter that is an excellent explanation!
  12. Arrogance and Boat Design; does one cause the other?

    darth , well said. A number of people have offered to pay me to fix their boats over the years and I have always turned them down. If they can't do it themselves they will not appreciate what goes into it. I have been a compulsive amateur boat builder for the last 30yrs and if someone is working at fixing their own boat, that is a completely different matter, I'm more than happy to lend a hand.
  13. Arrogance and Boat Design; does one cause the other?

    No doubt arrogant people are in all walks of life, even boat design. I have not had the same experience as you but I have also not dealt with the same designer.
  14. Arrogance and Boat Design; does one cause the other?

    I think designers don't think they are better or smarter any more than anyone else, just they have put much more time working on aspects of the design than anyone who may challenge them. Just think if you spend 100 hours to get a solution balancing all the variables (knowing any design is just a series of compromises) and someone looks at if for 5 mins and says they have a better idea. What is the chance of them being right? Please note that this is no excuse to be insulting. If you have a friend who designs boats and is arrogant my guess is he would be arrogant if he wasn't a boat designer. The underlying cause of his arrogance is probably something else. I don't think market share is a proper way of judging a design. There are many reasons for not achieving market share other than the design. How well the design meets its objectives is the only way to judge a design in my view. Now if it does that well and is marketed well and someone puts money behind it to get it off the ground only then does it have a chance to achieve market share. Of course there also has to be a need in the market for it, as the brief given to the designer may be for boat that only suits the client and very few other people. If the designer came up with the brief and he can't read the market,his design could still be very good and his understanding of the market is bad. Nothing is simple.
  15. Arrogance and Boat Design; does one cause the other?

    As a general rule -I think low achievers are much more inclined to criticize those who achieve and are always striving to do better, This may be simply because Idle people have the most time to find something to complain about. I think when it comes to boat designers, a boat design is a huge personal investment and they just get sick of being bagged out by couch potatoes. Others may see this as arrogance but in reality they have put everything they had into the design and little energy left to massage the egos of the idle. The more they have personally invested into the design the less inclined they are going to welcome people changing it as 90% will just create something they would not want their name on. The average observer wont know the boat was not built as designed and blame the designer and this affects their reputation. That is just my observation. Is that arrogance?