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  1. wal'

    Comrade Jacinda Ardern

    ..... I have, Frenchie......
  2. wal'

    Radial or Crosscut?

  3. wal'

    Random PicThread

    Thanks, was wondering about that one
  4. wal'

    The new phone book is here!

    Great...... now I'm 6 rule books behind.....
  5. wal'

    Where is Afterburner?

    He's floating around. I haven't seen him for a few ...... well.... quite a few years by now. I wandered off from the multihull scene in the early 90s. Much of it was on a Ross 40 'Jesse James' ( renamed Pangaia sp? ) which sailed out of Marina Del Rey for a while.
  6. wal'

    Where is Afterburner?

    Had a great day on the 'Burner in the Bay of Islands many years ago. ......... but the best day was beating it in the 1990 Coastal Classic by 54 minutes in the old Pink Pig (Split Enz)
  7. wal'

    Will Kevlar Edge be here tomorrow?

    Yeah dude. I missed the action itself but the fallout's been epic
  8. or cell phones with cameras in 'em..... ............ oooo darn.....
  9. wal'


    ?!? You're in Nelson..... You're in a GREAT place
  10. wal'

    LONQR 2

  11. wal'

    LONQR 2

  12. wal'

    Random PicThread

  13. wal'

    LONQR 2

    ............. so anyway, after I.... ( come on... there's a void there..)
  14. wal'

    walked into a foredeck union meeting the other day

    Good SHOT that man!!