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  1. wal'

    Random PicThread

    I'd like to say quite a bit about the amateur hour arseholes who cut the corner and drove it on the rocks in the first place..........
  2. wal'


    Oh yeah - we've got 'em too..........
  3. wal'

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    Not doing it again til Fiona buys himself a better yacht. Yes, I am choosy
  4. First time I met Capey he was doing a damn fine job of preventing one of our crew mates from getting beaten up in Waikiki in '84 Worked with him at Sobstory Sails in Hamble Good bloke
  5. wal'

    Cheetahs chase tourists

  6. “Melania” is of Spanish and Greek origin and means “black,” according to baby name site Nameberry.com. Melanin? That'll annoy the bejebus outta the crackers ( if they had the wit to work it out.....)
  7. wal'

    When did No. 6 get banned, and why?

    Oh God.......
  8. wal'

    Federal judge accuses Mueller's team of 'lying'

    Well it's not like we've got anything better to do
  9. wal'

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    But you don't support him oh......... .....wait...
  10. wal'

    Drip Drip Drip

    Should be. You've been at it for long enough
  11. wal'

    Korean War to end.

    Dunno if it's real or not but I read someone asked Mao one day what he thought of the French Revolution. He said " it's a bit early to tell......."
  12. That thing that just swooshed over your head and went splat against the wall was called 'irony '.....
  13. wal'

    Commonwealth Games (or Australia Games)

    What's his real name?