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    I don't know the other side of the story, which does have me wondering. But based upon what's presented, get yourself to an attorney. Florida isn't the best state to be a debtor in, but there is a statute of limitations on debt collection in Florida and I believe it is five years. Further, there are laws regarding evictions and I doubt that someone can simply throw you out. Get yourself an attorney. If you're providing services to underprivileged kids, you might even be able to find someone to represent you pro bono. Jim Clark-Dawe
  2. Annapolis boat show. Feds seize boat

    See https://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/maryland/mddce/1:2016cv03363/366249/19 It was a product liability case that the plaintiff attempted to bring under Admiralty law. The boat was seized to guarantee payment should the plaintiff won, as the manufacturer (boat builder) is in France. The case was dismissed and the boat released because product liability cases are not subject to Admiralty law. Jim
  3. Hobie cat repairs help

    Here's one thread that seems to maybe be your problem -- https://www.hobiecat.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=29187&hilit=hull+crack This is a picture of a cut-up Hobie 16. Notice the seam is up the very top of the sides and the deck is flat. Your crack seems to be a bit below the actual seam. It might be fixable by cleaning it out and applying a glue. I'd really go back to the Hobie forum and contact Matt Miller and/or Matt Bounds. What those two don't know about the Hobie 16 is not known by anyone. The Hobie 16 is a rugged boat, but we push them to the limit. There's video on the web of them in 60 mph winds. I know of one crew with 500 pounds trying to keep the thing down. If something isn't breaking on a Hobie 16, you're not using it right. I'm sure either Matt has seen your problem and know the fix, if there is one. Best of luck, Jim Clark-Dawe
  4. Hobie cat repairs help

    Hobie maintains its own forum at https://www.hobiecat.com/forums/ Lots of very knowledgeable people who know the Hobie 16 inside and out. I can't decide looking at the picture how much the mast supports are being compromised. The mast is supported at three points. The two side points rely on a piece of metal that's below the lip and is connected through a bolt (anchor bar to anchor pin). The anchor bar spreads the load out over a few inches and can be seen in your second picture. First concern would be whether the anchor bar is trying to pull through the hull. It's held in place by the thickness of the lip and sometimes you can get a crack from that pressure. This wouldn't cause a hull failure usually, but can cause a mast collapse if the shroud goes. This situation should not cause any leakage in the hull. Second concern would be the deck separating from the hull. That would have the potential for water going into the hull. This could be caused by a soft spot due to delamination. Does the hull sound solid when you tap it in the area? I can't see your pictures well enough to be sure where the crack is. I'd strongly suggest going on the Hobie forum for the 16s. Best of luck, Jim Clark-Dawe
  5. Boat as Home Office and the IRS

    Spend the money on an attorney that specializes in tax law. There may be several ways to get at this, including as a home office State tax law might also need to be considered here. Best of luck, Jim Clark-Dawe