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  1. There was that time when I screwed up...

    Racing 470s, in a tack i once clipped the elastic going down from the trapeze ring instead of the actual ring. Tenth of a second later i was in the water. Luckily i managed to hook a leg around the shroud and pull myself up. Another time we capsized the boat and the mast got stuck in the muddy bottom. We couldn't right the boat in fear of bending the rig and had to get someone to pull it out. Probably my worst experience at sea was delivering a wooden kub-rule boat from 1898 across the sea of Åland. It was getting dark and the boat was slowly beating towards Mariehamn in a building sea. Suddenly someone noticed water inside. The seaway had made the planking in the bow flex, every wave pounding water through the seams. The floorboards were floating and the water was almost up to the berths. We managed to lower the water level, bailing continously with a bucket and the bilgepump. It was tiring but kept the incoming water from overflowing the bilge. There was no VHF onboard but we decided to telephone the rescue authorities requesting an escort to the closest harbour. Unfortunately coverage was weak and batteries discharging rapidly in the cold september night so our calls kept breaking and the message didn't get across. A while later we spot a large passenger ferry, the kind that goes between Helsinki and Stockholm, and kept well off because our running lights were not working. Without warning a spotlight from the ship came on, searching the dark sea closing in on us. First we got embarrassed because we thought they were mad at us for not showing running lights but then two RIBs approached with six crewmembers wearing rescue suits and old-school Jofa hockey helmets. They asked us if we need some help and we told them a pump would be nice, they only had buckets to offer and that wasn't of any help since all hands were already bailing or sailing the boat. In the midst of it all a Super Puma helicopter arrived. Our sails started flogging and it became impossible to speak with the crew from the passenger ferry. Finally they managed to convey the message by VHF to the chopper that we were not in immediate risk of sinking but would appreciate an escort to Mariehamn. The helicopter left and the coast guard arrived by boat. They gave us a tow once we had sailed further inshore. Through the rest of the night we took turns sleeping in the harbour sauna and pumping the boat to keep her afloat. I learnt a lot from that trip.
  2. Help me replace this ancient sliding gooseneck

    Nice fix! How did you isolate the steel plate from the aluminium mast?
  3. Nexus Classic Instrument problems/fixes

    I have the 43mm transducer and it requires a 43mm or 1 11/16" hole in the hull for mounting. The thru-hull cylinder is 42mm x 86mm according to the installation manual.
  4. Nexus Classic Instrument problems/fixes

    Outer diameter of the transducer mounting thingamabob.
  5. Nexus Classic Instrument problems/fixes

    If you have the 43mm transducers Garmin sells replacements. The GND10 recommended by WHK works great connecting my NX2 instruments to the chart plotter, it speaks both ways. Might be obvious but did you check the transducer connections at the instruments? Any corrosion or loose wires?
  6. Mainsail cloth choice

    Hydranet +4
  7. Engine control panel wiring

    Thanks for all the good tips, ideas and opinions. I'll post pics when it's done but it might take a while since spring is finally here and i'm going to focus on sailing instead of maintenance
  8. Simnet cable 2 shield wire?

    I think the OP has a braided wire outer sheat, not foil as in the picture above but yeah, the same instructions apply!
  9. What are your 2017 fixit projects?

    Solar panel, new clutches, halyard bags, some new deck caulking... still need to install a few fairleads, wash the deck and bend the sails on and i'll be sailing!
  10. Engine control panel wiring

    Thanks for the suggestions! The cheapest faceplate for a b-panel i've managed to find is 90 € and i'm not over the moon about the quality of the one i have. Further, i want to get rid of the key. I already have all the components including G10, ip67 certified pushbuttons and even a nice ip50 certified buzzer. I do enjoy tinkering with electronics and find pleasure in building something bombproof. I guess i'll just have to prototype the circuit before putting it in the boat.
  11. Engine control panel wiring

    Good question Daddle! I couldn't find any spec sheet with electrical carachteristics for the buzzer but it is piezo so i assume it's probably not more than that of the leds. However, reason enough to mock it up before final installation to see that everything works correct.
  12. I'm planning to make a custom engine control panel since my yanmar b-type panel is not doing so well. The current plan is to salvage the wire harness & tach and replacing the ignition key with pushbuttons for engine on, start and stop. My question concerns the idiot light/buzzer assembly. In the current panel the lights and the buzzer are wired in parallell with diodes giving reverse current protection between each light and the buzzer. Schematic below: I would like to avoid making a pcb for this so i've been concidering what components i could leave out and how to wire everything neatly point to point and one solution could be wiring the buzzer in series with LEDs instead of the parallell incandescents. Indeed resistance would be greater but i reckon the circuit would work fine anyway. Schematic: What do you think?
  13. My only pair of topsiders have been like skates on ice since day one. They look good but i'll never buy another pair.
  14. Best chartplotter under $1,000?

    The Vulcan is compatible with anything NMEA2000.