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  1. GeorgB

    Festool abrasive for gelcoat

    See if you can get hold of Mirka Abranet pads. They go as low as 40, dust is even less of a problem and they last longer than traditional abrasive paper.
  2. GeorgB

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    50 cent clevis pins sounds awfully cheap, do you mean cotter pins? Low friction rings are a great and pretty cheap alternative to small blocks.
  3. GeorgB


    Fresh water can be worse in terms of blistering that salt water due to high mineral content. I would probably open the blisters through sanding, let it dry out and give the hull a proper barrier treatment. Is it possible you have a crack in the gelcoat somewhere close to the waterline from which water can get into the laminate?
  4. GeorgB

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    That's what i said back in May. The undersides of my floorboards were treated with Pinotex when they were new and i redid the treatment last summer. The piece closest to the mast had a bit of rotten wood and required surgery, the others were fine. As far as i'm concerned wood preservative is nicer to work with than epoxy and in this specific case works well enough.
  5. GeorgB

    DQOTD - cockpit speakers

    I have what DDW posted for the cockpit speakers but they are also covered by a grp "bucket" from the backside. Consequently, even if the deck plates are off the speakers a breaking wave would only destroy the speaker, not make it into the boat through the speaker hole.
  6. GeorgB

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Ice-hockey is a big deal in Finland and Tapio wearing the IFK shirt is a pretty funny dis at Harry Harkimo, one of the most well known ocean racers from Finland. Harkimo competed in the -86 BOC and in the Whitbread in -82 and -89. Today he is more known for being a business man and is the majority shareholder of Jokerit, the other hockey-team from Helsinki. Edit: Harkimo finished fifth in the BOC, his class being won by Mike Plant. He has admitted to have been miserable all the way, crying and wanting to be anywhere but there. I'm happy to see Tapio seems to be very much content at sea!
  7. I used G-Flex epoxy with a bit of colloidal silica and microballoons to fill the gaps and a couple of clamps. I sanded the seams when the glue was dry. I guess even superglue would be fine but i managed to gouge the plastic a bit while opening the unit so i wanted something which would fill the gaps nicely.
  8. I had a layer of red oxide inside the transducer too. The source of the rust was one of the propeller bearings. The vertical bearings in mine were ok so i changed only the horizontal ones with stainless bearings. I haven't had any problems since. I considered replacing also the vertical bearings but after cleaning them and considering the trouble of replacing them i decided not to.
  9. GeorgB

    Mirka Polarshine liquid nano wax?

    A worker in the boatyard recommended it for touching up gelcoat. He recommended going trough three grades of abrasion, polishing with one of those shag carpet pads.
  10. GeorgB

    Best Sailing Knife

    I have similar experiences with Leatherman quality. I got my first one in 98 and i had it until three years ago when i lost it overboard. It was still as good as new when i lost it but all screwdrivers on my two year old wave are already broken, the tool rattles when you shake it and the pliers are twisted and stick when i open them...
  11. Yeah! I managed to repair it, works like a charm.
  12. GeorgB

    No-Wear Chafe Guard, Any good?

    Also look into UHMWPE tape from or 3M 5423.
  13. GeorgB

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    It's getting cold down there. "Lehtinen: VARUSTELEKAMERINOT,JOUTSENUNTUVAT&URSUIT&ZEALSKINGORETKEHIIN!" translates more or less as he is wearing merino, down, dry suit and gore-tex.
  14. ...tune in, drop out. You have power at the displays?
  15. I opened mine today using a hot air gun and a scalpel. Propeller bearings were brown with rust. They are sizes 950 & S684. I just ordered replacements, i'll let you know how it goes.