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  1. GeorgB

    Best Sailing Knife

    I have similar experiences with Leatherman quality. I got my first one in 98 and i had it until three years ago when i lost it overboard. It was still as good as new when i lost it but all screwdrivers on my two year old wave are already broken, the tool rattles when you shake it and the pliers are twisted and stick when i open them...
  2. Yeah! I managed to repair it, works like a charm.
  3. GeorgB

    No-Wear Chafe Guard, Any good?

    Also look into UHMWPE tape from or 3M 5423.
  4. GeorgB

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    It's getting cold down there. "Lehtinen: VARUSTELEKAMERINOT,JOUTSENUNTUVAT&URSUIT&ZEALSKINGORETKEHIIN!" translates more or less as he is wearing merino, down, dry suit and gore-tex.
  5. ...tune in, drop out. You have power at the displays?
  6. I opened mine today using a hot air gun and a scalpel. Propeller bearings were brown with rust. They are sizes 950 & S684. I just ordered replacements, i'll let you know how it goes.
  7. GeorgB

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Text in norwegian says: "The first storm has given Are and Oleanna a fight. The boat was capsized twice while he was repairing the windrudder." Thought i'd share since it adds some context to the translation.
  8. GeorgB

    B&G Zeus < > Nexus - BTW off by 13degrees

    Old thread but in case someone missed it Garmin has a bugfix for he OP's issue. Data on the Nexus bus are corrected for magentic variance while that sent on the NMEA2000 network isn't. Update history here.
  9. The bearings on my nexus twin-fin transducer are shot and if someone managed to change them i'd like to know. If not, would there be any downside to replacing the nexus transducer with one that connects to the NMEA2000 network? Considering that the Nexus components on my boat are already 12 years old, i would prefer to keep options for future replacements open rather than lock myself into going the Garmin route.
  10. GeorgB

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    The message is in Finnish like an earlier one about antibiotics. It says (as far as i understand) "Rear panels connected in series. Supply 15W, i didn't disconnect/cut" I saw Lehtinen and the boat at the yacht club before they left Finland. Was nice to visit the boat in person and i recorded a cassette for Lehtinen. Don't know much about the solar installation except that it looked like the panels were custom manufactured for the spaces they occupy on deck.
  11. GeorgB

    Nexus NX2 intermittent GPS

    Thanks Jarcher, i'm going to try that tomorrow when i'm on the boat again!
  12. Last winter i replaced the Nexus GPS antenna with a B&G zg100. The Nexus server has been communicating with the NMEA2000 network without a hitch through the GND10 before so i thought the GPS antenna is just a question of plug and play. However, the information on the GPS navigator display has since then become intermittent. One moment everything works great, i get waypoint bearing and distance from the chart plotter and COG & SOG from the ZG100, and just a moment later COG shows whatever and SOG is replaced by three dashes. Meanwhile the NX2 multi instrument seems to show correct position, heading & SOG (all from the ZG100). I checked all cable connections but everything seems ok and the GPS navigator display is the only part of the system that seems to be affected. Any suggestions what to try next?
  13. GeorgB

    ClubSwan 36

    Juan K design.
  14. GeorgB

    ClubSwan 36

    So i just got an email with an invitation to Saint Tropez for the unveiling on June 11th. I'll be sailing the Baltic then but i think it's pretty cool Nautor is making a 36 again and we've got a couple of weeks to speculate. Juan K or Frers? Daysailor or racer/cruiser? Hot or not?
  15. GeorgB

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    Whatever you choose to do you need to start by sanding the old cabin sole. Don't commit to any solution before you now exactly what your working with. That holly & teak veneer might look good enough for varnish after all...