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  1. GeorgB

    Nexus NX2 intermittent GPS

    Thanks Jarcher, i'm going to try that tomorrow when i'm on the boat again!
  2. Last winter i replaced the Nexus GPS antenna with a B&G zg100. The Nexus server has been communicating with the NMEA2000 network without a hitch through the GND10 before so i thought the GPS antenna is just a question of plug and play. However, the information on the GPS navigator display has since then become intermittent. One moment everything works great, i get waypoint bearing and distance from the chart plotter and COG & SOG from the ZG100, and just a moment later COG shows whatever and SOG is replaced by three dashes. Meanwhile the NX2 multi instrument seems to show correct position, heading & SOG (all from the ZG100). I checked all cable connections but everything seems ok and the GPS navigator display is the only part of the system that seems to be affected. Any suggestions what to try next?
  3. GeorgB

    ClubSwan 36

    Juan K design.
  4. GeorgB

    ClubSwan 36

    So i just got an email with an invitation to Saint Tropez for the unveiling on June 11th. I'll be sailing the Baltic then but i think it's pretty cool Nautor is making a 36 again and we've got a couple of weeks to speculate. Juan K or Frers? Daysailor or racer/cruiser? Hot or not?
  5. GeorgB

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    Whatever you choose to do you need to start by sanding the old cabin sole. Don't commit to any solution before you now exactly what your working with. That holly & teak veneer might look good enough for varnish after all...
  6. GeorgB

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    Wash, scrape, sand and varnish/paint the top. Coat the undersides with your choice of preservative.
  7. GeorgB

    A brief history of instruments/electronics.

    I thought modern autopilots use machine learning...
  8. GeorgB

    Plotter pedestal guard mount

    Valid points but do you know of an off the shelf housing with a tube mount arm that articulates?
  9. GeorgB

    Plotter pedestal guard mount

    Ram has railmounts such as this or this. There is another manufacturer with a similar product called Rokk. Took me a while to find the reference but the hands down prettiest of the peg solution for this is the Navslide. I don't know anything about availability or price but i know who to call when it's time for an upgrade!
  10. GeorgB

    Plotter pedestal guard mount

    I use a ram mount to connect my Vulcan 7 to the pedestal rail. Something similar to this, except it has a rail mount. The thing articulates in all directions so i can move the plotter depending on where i am seated. It's cheap and works fine, the new ones look like slightly better quality than the one i have.
  11. GeorgB

    Spinlock XTR clutches

    I installed several XTR clutches last winter. Boat is a 37 foot masthead sloop. I've been quite happy with the clutches so far with 10mm lines. Old main halyard has been creeping a lot but if i press on the cam as i release pressure from the winch the halyard will stay put. I'm changing that halyard this spring and hope the creeping will be over after that. If i was to do this again or had a bigger boat i would probably use constrictors or jammers for the halyards and xtr's for the rest.
  12. GeorgB

    cordless hot knife?

    Since you will probably whip or splice the end anyway, why not just get a cheap ceramic knife and a small piece of plywood to cut against?
  13. I changed my babystay to dyneema a few years back. Easy to replace at sea and much kinder to sails and crew. I strongly recommend it!
  14. GeorgB

    Engine control panel wiring

    Getting there! But i s till need to finish the wiring and clean up the ugly mess i made with the sealant around the panel.
  15. GeorgB

    Engine control panel wiring

    Things are finally moving with the panel! The broken yanmar panel was mounted to port but the replacement is going to fit where it was originally on the boat, to starboard behind the throttle. It looked like this: And this is the new control panel taking shape. Buttons from left to right, engine power on, start, stop.