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  1. mfluder


    Why not? GD is already well aware of the abilities of other teams to outspend them, Ainslie outspent almost everyone in Bermuda, and then got beaten by almost everyone as well. Its not the size of the budget, its being able to spend the budget you have, wisely.
  2. mfluder


    How is it desperate? I'm just saying it could be possible if there was a simple protocol change. Are you suggesting none of the teams have either planned for "extra costs" and/ or don't have the ability/ means to cater for increased costs? Because I would suggest you are the one who is desperate to believe Dalton has royally screwed up this cycle. Ben Ainslie/ Ratcliffe will do anything they need to do to win the cup because they understand they don't make the rules, they just follow them in order to earn the right to make the rules next time around. As does Hap Fauth and Doug De Vos as well as Patricio Bertelli. The entered challengers have more than enough budget to hire another sailing team, just as Ellison has enough budget to hire 6 sailing teams and call them Team *insert name*. NZ will build two boats, and I believe they will also have a two boat testing campaign held during the Challenger selection series. Dalton has stated as much in the past. Its the only way to stay race sharp while the Challengers are racing in anger. *Amending* rules is well within the scope of the Defender and CoR if it is what the parties decide. Replacing class rules after they have written and after teams have begun designing is a whole different issue. So there is no hypocrisy in that, just negotiation.
  3. mfluder


    Can see Dalton easing up the two boat testing rule if there is only 3 challengers, as the 3 challengers entered certainly don't have any financial worries, and thats still potentially 6 boats on the water at any one time not including ETNZ's two boats if they end up going the 2 boat route. Potentially 8 boats training at one time would be great for this cycle.
  4. mfluder

    Team UK

    Why? At least the guy has won something recently, unlike that "other" Team Great Britain skipper
  5. mfluder


    Come to think of it, that sounds a lot like SailGP. Fake teams get given a boat and some team members and they all get paid by Larry.
  6. mfluder


    Well that depends...Has GD asked teams to sign a (Non Deed compliant) Framework agreement setting terms for the future of the AC before the current cycle has been decided? Has GD ever ch**t*d?
  7. mfluder

    Teams? America's Cup: Three new Challengers in the Waiting Room for Auckland
  8. mfluder

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The cheating was wrong. It was caught and it was punished. That is the way things are supposed to work. You are obviously not satisfied with the punishment. You are correct. It was wrong. Its always wrong. The problem is, it happened more than once. Once is a mistake, twice is a culture. When that culture is established, and the same team which was punished twice before implements a questionable system, its only natural to think it would happen again. Am I happy with the punishment? No, Do I think the only cheating happened in the ACWS? No, can I prove that? No, but they brought that suspicion on themselves by cheating in the first place, and establishing a culture of rule infringing. You can try and explain it away by saying it was meaningless, it had no effect, and neither did the spying infringement. But they were the only team that did it, the only team that were punished for it, and the only team who won. As far as I'm concerned, that isn't an excuse. Its up to them to prove everyone else wrong. Its like a criminal being released from prison, they can say I'll never offend again, its not up to everyone else to believe him, he has to prove he won't do it again. And they never did that.
  9. mfluder

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    "AC45 infraction" Cheating "It had nothing to do with" (it did next to nothing for boat speed) in a meaningless series Excuse "meaningless infraction" Cheating "you are compelled to mention this as an Excuse" Excuse These are all excuses for cheating in sport, often used by cheats who get busted. The only one making excuses here is you. Just admit it, You're a cheat.
  10. mfluder

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Who cares. If they were all dirty, they should've all been punished! Just because they were all doing it doesn't make it right! It just makes them all cheats! Why would I say ETNZ cheated? Where the f**k did that come from? You and your friend are saying. If you've been beaten, whether fairly or not, you shouldn't make excuses, because even though those guys are cheats, or they were doping, they beat you, you lost, so don't make excuses, even though you were clean. Sorry, but that doesn't sit right with Me.
  11. mfluder

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    You may think they are excuses. But they're also FACT. Oracle got caught cheating, and spying, and were punished for both. You may condone cheating, but not many sportsmen do, other than those who cheat themselves. Tell that to the guys that Lance Armstrong beat while under the influence of PED's. Their "excuse" is "Lance Armstrong cheated" as well. I guess they're just making excuses as well?
  12. mfluder

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Interesting how? Do I think they had the best sailing team in that Americas Cup?? No, I don't. Clearly Oracle Team USA had a crew stacked with Olympic medallists and Americas Cup winners in Slingsby, Ainslie, Spithill, Joey Newton, and they had an Olympic gold medallist and most successful Americas Cup skipper of this generation in Russell Coutts. Their problem was they hadn't learned how to properly use the tool they were given at the start of the Cup match. Only through watching ETNZ, learning from them and having the ability to make alterations to their boat did they finally over come the Kiwi's. The Kiwi's had a group of accomplished, yet understated sailors, most of who had come through from the 2007 campaign and who were monohull sailors by trade, but were forced to adapt to Multi's. They had Glenn Ashby who was probably one of the wise-heads on the sailing team who was able to fast track the crew in the subtleties of Multihull sailing. They were well versed in their own playbook, well studied on the nuances of San Francisco Bay, and they were well trained due to their decision to be conservative in their approach and to stop development at a much earlier stage than Oracle, but were they the best sailing team? IMO no they weren't. The professionalism and experience of Ainslie and co as well as Coutts and Spithill to handle pressure situations showed when it counted. They also had two full sailing teams, which meant they had depth in their sailing squad, where the Kiwi's had one sailing team so didn't have the depth of experience that Oracle had. At the end of the day, there are no excuses, ETNZ were out designed in San Francisco. Remember, the score was 9-8, so it was a closely fought battle, where Bermuda wasn't. Bermuda was a demolition job by a much better boat, sailed by a much better sailing team. ETNZ were beaten in San Francisco, albeit by a team who were guilty of multiple rule infringements, and as many have stated, a possibly suspicious control system implemented by Oracle. Questions do remain in many circles, and by many people regarding the Oracle win in San Francisco, and in many peoples eyes, an asterisk will remain next to that win. But no questions remain after Bermuda. No Asterisks, no suspicions. Bermuda was a hiding, plain and simple.
  13. mfluder

    Team NZ

    Or that time in Bermuda in Race 2 of the Cup match when Oracle came right back into it at the top mark only to stall in a gybe and ETNZ blew out to a 500 metre lead in about 10 seconds.
  14. mfluder

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    These teams must be glad all the best sailors are in the AC. Now these guys have a chance at winning something.