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  1. +1 A centerboard is shallow when I need shallow, and deep when I can use it.
  2. There is simply no reason for your parents to have been unable to find interesting places to gunkhole down here that is directly attributable to the geography of - or development along - the west coast of Florida. Just look at the Nautical Charts from Anclote Key to the Dry Tortugas! You could spend weeks identifying all the possible cruising destinations and interesting places to stop and anchor. You could spend a lifetime actually reaching and exploring them. I always have a difficult time cruising north towards Tampa because there are just too many cool places I don't want to pass up! It should be a two day trip. but it always takes me five because I have to visit Cayo Pelau, Cayo Costa, Lemon Bay, Sarasota Bay, Longboat Pass, Egmont Key, Ft Desoto Park, Bishop Harbor, and ...... ..Going South, Uspeppa Island, Cabbage Key, St James City, Factory Bay, Ft Myers, Sanibel, Matanzas Pass, Naples, Marco Island, Ten Thousand Islands, Shark River, the Florida Keys, and..... The ONLY people I have seen who have a problem are the ones who ship a deep draft boat down, and try to go cruising here. If your parent's boat was the standard keel (deep) version, then that was their big mistake. A boat drawing 5 -1/2' to 6 feet, or more, is simply not going to "fit" well down here for gunkholing, and you will absolutely be "cut out" of many neat places to cruise. Stay under 5' of draft, and you can get to quite a few places. Stay under 4' of draft, and you can get to many, many, more.
  3. My experience has been that helm balance is also a function of the hull shape(s) when heeled - not just the CE to CLR relationship. In varying conditions and configurations, one factor can become the dominant factor over another. When the winds get much over 30, my mainsail usually comes down completely and is lashed to the boom. Sailing with just a partially rolled-up working jib upwind, I can still develop weather helm when heeled deeply. (...I will groan when a gust lays her down and she rounds up with just a headsail, ) Of all the wonderful boats shown on this forum, your's is near the top of the list of ones I'd like to sail. I think your boat looks like a happy little ship, and I enjoy your pictures and words very much! Thank you so much for sharing your story!
  4. St Marks is a wonderful spot to visit - but downright lousy for sailing. I had a Compac 16 (18" draft) that could not be easily sailed there (..I tried twice IIRC) - the water was too shallow. Alligator Point was the closest decent launch ramp, but for sailing out of there we were limited to the open Gulf (no protection) so some days we just couldn't go out in the small boat. Almost every place west (...toward Pensacola) offers better sailing, but then you are getting farther and farther away from Tallahassee.
  5. I love my plastic boat. I do have a little "Bondo" here and there (..small dabs, not large swaths), because after 48 years, shit happens! So, I've got 99.875% great boat. That's good enough for me.
  6. This picture was taken on a Saturday. The solid rail lifelines must have gone on by Thursday because the clearly superficial and cosmetic damage was all taken care of by Tuesday. Just a dent. Not a complete wreck ....
  7. So, basically, once it gets in the Gulf, it can go anywhere from Texas to Florida. I bet they could have told you that long before before computers got involved.
  8. ..Hmmmmm.. errr ...uhhh ...I don't know....
  9. ...It is thick-wall stainless steel tubing, and it weighs almost more than I can pick up. I had to transport the rudder from dock to garage on a hand cart. The new rudder uses a straight tube with some weldments added - but the original one is bent aft and a bit longer. Perhaps I may dissect it, dry it out, and see if I can rebuild it and keep it as a spare. If I can't do a good job, I'll give you the stainless steel. (..I could carry the new rudder out to the boat easily.)
  10. ..I thought this was a great idea! A Morgan 30 Scimitar Rudder Mailbox! ....What else can I do with the old rudder? It's taking up valuable space in my garage. Maybe I should just bury it in the back yard. Then, two hundred years from now, somebody will find it and have to figure out what it was: "..A Mailbox?" "No.".
  11. ...No worries about shots here. But, having the neighbor dogs always pissing on it might bother me ..eventually.
  12. Kevin, The Autopilot is a Raymarine ST-2000 - and it came with the boat. I've owned the boat for 11 years, and the autopilot was a few years old when I bought the boat. The only thing I have ever had to do it is repair/replace the plug on the end of the power cord after I have inadvertently stomped it while flaking the mainsail. (..I have done this three freakin' times - you'd think I would learn, but noooooo.....) Anyway, it has been a wonderful thing to have. I bought the boat in Jacksonville, and it was a 400+ mile trip home - mostly down the ICW, and mostly under power. The Morgan 30 is a pretty miserable beast under power, and without that auto-pilot I'm sure my trip would have taken much longer because 12 hour days at the helm under power and alone would have burned me out quickly. I regularly use it when hoisting the mainsail, and anytime I have to motor for more than 15 minutes. It has been a flawless piece of equipment, and I will buy another when this one dies. For single-handed sailing, it is ideal. While the boat can be made to self steer nearly anytime the wind is forward of the beam, off the wind she will absolutely wander all over the place. The auto-pilot is a great tool when sailing off the wind for long stretches. I do think that when I do a longer distance cruise some day, I may buy two of them to carry one as a spare - I really feel it adds that much to my quality of life under sail alone. I have no idea if they even make this model any more,but it has been bullet-proof for me. Your mileage may vary. - Tom Hi David, Great to hear form you! I haven't heard from you in a while - but I have been following your progress on your blog. Very nice! I think the fresh water environment you are in is less damaging to your rudder's metal parts. My rudder had salt water in it, and after 48 years, I just lost confidence in the integrity of the rudder's stainless steel bits. The blade was starting to split down the leading edge, and it had stress cracks up near the top, it was saturated, and I figured I could have easily spent near the cost of the new one trying to make the original one closer to sound. It was just time. Of course, now I have to figure out what to do with my old rudder. I wanted to bury it about half the blade deep out near the curb, and weld a mailbox atop the shaft to create a custom a Morgan 30 Scimitar Rudder Mailbox! ...but ...my wife gave me "the look" ..so that idea is out. ...I look forward to seeing some pictures and/or video of Blue Jacket sailing this year. You are really doing a good job! So, don't rush it ...but HURRY UP! Sail On! -Tom
  13. ..Ya know, I had 360` to chose from when drilling out the rudder shaft for the rudder head bolt. I got darn close to "right" using my TLAR method, but it seems I missed "right" by 1.2 degrees. Motoring home today, I hooked up the autopilot and stood back to see where the tiller settled when the boat was going straight and the pilot was making no corrections. It looks like the tiller is about one-ish degree to port while motoring straight ahead. Oh well, maybe the next owner will do better in 48 years. ...Perhaps when I get the new tiller cheeks made, I'll have them bent 1.2 degrees to starboard.
  14. After a couple of weeks of no sailing due to boat chores, today was a day to get back on the water! It was hot, and the wind was gusting to perhaps 4 knots, but Whimsy still carried me around the harbor so I could relax, reflect, and dream. I saw no other sailboats out sailing (..it was a power boat day), but I enjoy a good light air sail every once a while - particularly when I have nowhere to go, and no time to be there. Very relaxing! If you are so inclined, you are welcome to enjoy four minutes of the ride. Sail On!