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  1. Living in SW Florida, draft is a huge factor that influences how viable a boat will be for cruising, sailing, and enjoying the areas where the shore and water meet. Draft can also be viewed as a safety factor as well, because if your boat draws too much, you may not be able to safely get through a pass (between Gulf to inland waters) when bad weather threatens, leaving you with some uncomfortable options as a result. But, mostly, deep draft limits your cruising destinations and routes. There are few shoal draft mono-hull cruising boats being built nowadays, and if there were it seems many would likely be ugly and expensive. So, this is my list of 30 shoal draft mono-hull sailboats I'd consider buying with the only stipulations being that they sail well (subjective), be larger than 25 feet, draw less than 5 feet, and that examples be found in reasonable (not zombie) condition for under $50,000. I'm sure there are some boats I've left on my list, and I'd enjoy seeing what designs you think would fill the bill. Again: Sails well (no sea pigs!) Longer than 25 feet. Draft less than 5 feet. Price below $50,000. No Multi-hulls.
  2. I'm back in MS Paint again. I prefer drawing rather than dragging. This is 1 hour (Yes, it is "full" forward - but it is fairly narrow.
  3. QUOTE: "On the other hand as I pointed out farther up thread, I think you could get some joy out of real drawing. Do you have a set of battens and ducks?" Not any more. I had some as a teenager that were a gift from a fellow named Joe Byers who dabbled in Yacht Design and lived nearby. I got my obligatory copy of Skenes's Elements of Yacht Design at age 14, and I hand drew many designs as teenager. I was basically trying to sway my parents to support my desire to work toward becoming a designer. But, my father was an engineer who had little respect for architects of any type, and my mother felt that being a Yacht Designer would not provide a decent living for me - that I needed a real job and could do yacht design as a fun thing later. (..Always later!) She used Joe Byers as an example of needing another "real" job, and I used him as an example of someone who was a responsible adult who drew boats and made money. We just didn't see eye to eye - but lots of kids and parents didn't. I'm 56 years old now. It's quite late. And, I'm not going to be a Yacht Designer. But, I do get great enjoyment from drawing boats. It used to take me about a 8-10 days to hand draw a set of hull lines - and a LOT of erasing along the way. But there was a great sense of satisfaction to see the shape I had in mind being replicated onto paper. I liked the process as much as the result. I liked stepping back, walking around, and looking at the line I just drew from all sorts of angles - and being happy when the result was always good. MS Paint is no faster - but the erasing is less eroding.
  4. What would be cool to see is someone develop is a computer program that practically replicates manual drawing in it's operation. Give me the ability to draw a grid ...set stations ...bend a spline ..and draw a line. Make my blank screen a piece of paper, and let me draw. That's what I do with paint - but I can't show anything in 3D, or get any of the other cool products a real design program offers. Otherwise, I need some good training and education on the efficient operation of these various programs because to become proficient while being self-taught takes a LOT of time. I'm too busy sailing and doing other things to develop the proficiency I'd need on my own. I need to see if the local community college has a course I can audit. I bet 10 hours of instruction would replace 2 years of fiddling around.
  5. I like wide asses on narrow boats.
  6. I find the drawing process to be odd. I can't really draw what I want to draw - I just end up with something that is "acceptable". I can draw A boat, but not so much the boat i WANT to draw because the program seems to only allow variations on a set shape. Here is a boat I drew - which looks very little like what I wanted to draw when I sat down. But the process of moving around and tweaking leads me to lose the big picture and focus on the action that will make the shape "work". The result is a boat shape - but far from the boat I wanted to draw. If that makes any sense at all?
  7. So, I have had some time to play around with the Delftship program. I have managed to draw a boat - but it is not the boat that I wanted to draw. I do not enjoy the process of dragging points to create shapes - I'd like to draw what I want to draw. The program begins with a basic shape that you must alter - and that basic shape sorta sets the design. Sure you can tweak it (wider, deeper, volume aft , etc.), but the program is really driving the shape. Are there any free design programs that let me draw? I have an idea in my head that I'd like to translate into a drawing, but Delftship seems to limit my range of shapes. I end up with something that is rather pleasant looking, but far removed from what I wanted.
  8. ..It was a suggestion because the OP said: "My issue is not necessarily size but having an inboard auxiliary. I am getting too old to hang over the transom messing with the engine and bracket" For him, it could have made sense.
  9. If your Catalina 25 is the wing keel or fin keel version, I have seen one that have had an inboard saildrive installed as a retro-fit. It would be expensive, but cheaper than a new boat.
  10. Mine is not original. Not sure where or when it arrived on board. It's probably from when the boat was in Michigan because nobody in salt water would add mild steel hardware like that. I'm thinking about swapping it out for something like this aluminum unit by Garelick for around $150.00.
  11. There ya go! It is located in North Carolina already. He could by it for cheaper than a Precision 23, and it draws more so he will learn what 4'-3" of draft means for cruising on Pamlico Sound. After two years of ownership, he could probably sell it for whatever he paid for it. Excellent find "B.C." !