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  1. SuperFoiler Grand Prix

    “moderately successful AC skipper” - is that on his CV?
  2. Manly Ferry & Yacht Collide On Sydney Harbour

    Yes. Thank god (whoever that is) for “The Lake”. It is the birthplace (genesis?) of everything that is good about our sport for at least a generation.
  3. Shed a tear for GGYC

    That is a very small number of people.
  4. Seems to me that a lot of the "improvements" to the LV/AC that are being promoted by His Royal Highness Russel and his (knighted) mates are all about bigger pay cheques for the sailors and more of them. They are cheapening the Cup to line their own pockets.
  5. Older well known IOR Boats

    Thanks. Very sad.
  6. Older well known IOR Boats

    Anyone have any update on what has happened to (this) Moonduster? http://afloat.ie/sail/historic-boats/item/31463-irish-yacht-moonduster-is-a-sad-sight
  7. Young 88 information

    Get a half decent crew.
  8. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Clean Could you please provide further details of the "big cash settlement from Donna B". Thanks in advance
  9. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Clean Rather than participating in the speculation as to blame, could you please do something useful and update us on the condition of the woman who was injured. Some of us are genuinely concerned about her. Thank you.

    Clean I'm waiting for part 3. Maybe the reason for the delay is that you are trying to sanitise and disinfect it before it goes to press. But you know what, you will never be able to remove the smell of bullshit completely. That's what this "interview" is. No wonder you don't like the term "journalism". Treat your readers with some respect. They are and intelligent and experimented group of sailors. And naturally some of them are cunts. Your term not mine.

    Clean I've read and reread part 2 of the interview. It's airbrushed, sanitised and disinfected. Riddled with the lawyer speak you claim to detest, and will translate nicely into a report to the insurer. I guess you have another chance in part 3 to stop being a lawyer and start being a journalist. While Captain Bailet may impress the insurers with the detailed account of his due diligence and the "act of god" that took the rig down, the readers of this forum are simply having their intelligence insulted. You are certainly doing a bad job of claiming that you left the legal profession behind long ago, because this sure isn't great journalism.

    Clean I have read the article in Latitude 38 by Moonduster and have read your interview with the skipper of Rainmaker. Moonduster provides a frank and honest account of what happened, gives an explanation of "where, when, why and how" shit went down, and some analysis of the mistakes he made and why he made the decisions that led to those mistakes. I have reread the article and narcissism is notably absent. Your interview, although presently incomplete, reads like the type of statement a lawyer has approved. It lacks the frankness and honesty of Moonduster's story, and as far as "Part 1" is concerned, seems like a typical ass covering lawyer speak version of events. You may have left being lawyer behind, but this interview is more about lawyering than journalism. Clean, you have a chance in parts 2 & 3 to reclaim some journalistic integrity, but to do so you need to do what Moonduster has done - provide an honest account of what happened, and an even more honest account of how and why it happened. Having read Moonduster's story the reader comes away having learnt and understood where he went wrong and how he lost his boat. I am hopeful that you can turn this thing around, but so far the way in which the story has been "revealed", incompletely, and more significantly, smelling of having been sent to a team of lawyers for approval before publication, can hardly be described as "sailing anarchy". It's lame mate. Your readers deserve better.
  13. So what news of Syd's new ride?

    No surprises - The deck broke. It happens when you stick an old deck on a new hull. But he saved a few $$$. Should be good to go by Boxing Day. And heavier.
  14. frank bethwaite: High performance sailing

    nodding thoughtfully expectantly now.
  15. frank bethwaite: High performance sailing

    i always try and look thoughtful and nod my head knowingly whenever it is discussed