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  1. TsunamiMike

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    Another vote for the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and as stated above finished by Brandon Sanderson. First half a dozen books are great, then it starts to drag a bit. The last three (12-14?) are well worth the wait as Jordan left over 1700 pages of notes to the family before he passed, and Sanderson turned that into the final three books to clean everything up. The fact that he got it wrapped up from where it was at the end of 11 is an achievement in and of itself.
  2. TsunamiMike

    VANGUARD 15 North American Regatta

    I was asked to post this as a contribution to the thread. I have no skin in this game. https://www.facebook.com/Vanguard15/posts/2784804458220017?__tn__=-R
  3. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Area III

    One comment - I said nothing to COLYC regarding the scoring issue. My guess is it was called in by others, or they knew there was an issue when they went to create flags for the winners. My comments on improvements are at a much more strategic level that will take a significantly longer time to implement. At least the documentation took a step forward.
  4. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Area III

    Agree, the only assertion I challenge is regarding the J88s. This was handled correctly. And yes, I do call it slagging. If you are unsatisfied with the service, you have the right as a customer of that service to take your business elsewhere. We would personally prefer that no one make that choice, and instead enjoys our hosted events. I would also ask you to take a look at the documentation produced this year. You should see a marked difference. The regatta chair did not produce any documentation this year. Instead, an effort began in late 2018 (October IIRC) to rewrite all COLYC race documentation almost entirely from scratch. Myself and two other individuals (eventually one other) worked over the winter and spring to address the identified shortcomings - and there were many! We eliminated most of the long standing issues that should have been caught years ago, and while not the gold standard the documents are significantly improved. They will get reviewed anew over the winter again to address some additional shortcomings that were identified by various individuals (nothing game breaking). This year they were all posted on time or ahead of time. One concern that I have going forward is the production of quality SIs. While our working team can do this, it doesn't not include a certified PRO, and one thing I try not to do is step on someone's toes. The RRS state that this responsibility is that of the PRO for the event, and while the working party did review the documents we did not author them. Likewise, there was an amendment to the NOR for Colors in April that I fought tooth and nail NOT to do (NOR being the contract with the sailors, and late changes can affect whether or not a customer wants to partake in the event). Unfortunately, I don't have a guaranteed locked down solution here, and going forward it will be a point of effort. Rest assured we are taking time to address this. Last, I welcome criticism. No one should be above reproach. If I hose up a hearing, I should be appealed and I should be able to self evaluate enough to help the sailor with the appeal. I have had to stand up in front of 40 sailors and tell them the umpire boat I was on made a bad call. It is not fun, and as a result you try to get better each and every day so mistakes are not repeated. I was embarrassed for my Club last year after Colors. It was not fun working the NOOD only to be snickered at by non members who knew of the fiasco. I vowed that it would not happen again, and we had a good year. That said, we can always be better. Feel free to introduce yourself next time our paths cross. The only other event I have in Chicago this year will most likely be the Jaime Sheppard at COLYC. It always helps if you shove a Crown half rocks in my face as you say hello (once off duty of course).
  5. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Area III

    As most people know that post here, it takes a certain kind of special to call something or someone out on these forums given my volunteer position at COLYC and with US Sailing. Perhaps it's just a bad day in a bad year, or a bad day following a bad evening. In any case, here we are. I cannot speak to the actions of my Club regarding the Stein regatta or the obvious rating discrepancies in the 3CF scoring. I can unequivocally state that our current state of affairs is better this year than last, and I firmly believe next year will be better than this one. Like any yacht club, we face challenges throughout the year assembling volunteers in many capacities for various events, and I believe we met those challenges this year. This doesn't mean we are perfect, and this doesn't mean we won't make mistakes going forward. This does mean feedback is important, and we will learn from our mistakes. Feel free to ask the T10s or the 36.7s how we did this year, and while there were some minor issues (despite what people think, no event comes off perfect) we succeeded for these fleets this year, and in the case of the T10s certainly improved over last year. This brings me to the crux of my mini rant. Marcus, in three separate posts on this page (not thread, page of this thread) you make the following statements (first quote above, last sentence, plus the following): I don't know who wronged you when, however it seems quite clear that you have something against the folks that willingly give their time so you can enjoy yourself racing a sailboat. Feel free to try racing without any officials. Yes it can be done, as a matter of fact the unofficial Wednesday series out of the Monroe area is a success story in that regard. They still need someone to collect, tabulate, and compute those scores. Now try the same thing with a Local Fleet, National, North American, or World championship. Try it in a fleet composed of professionals that expect a certain level of service. While there are exceptions, the vast majority of these events have and need volunteers. Very few are compensated, and with the recent tax changes many of those volunteers actually end up paying money to donate their time. Yes, it costs us money so you can go on enjoying yourself. I do have an equitable solution for you. Feel free to talk to me about becoming a judge, or to one of my friends about participating as race committee. With your vast experience (60 years as a boat owner and / or crew in many capacities, from another thread), I know I would welcome someone willing to volunteer that already has a tremendous amount of experience. Perhaps you wish not to, perhaps you feel like you give enough (for the record, my stance has always been boat owners give enough already), or perhaps you would like to but don't have the time. That's all up to you. Regardless, taking multiple opportunities to throw shade on people who are contributing to your enjoyment seems a bit off target. An unfortunate side effect in my current role is I hear about many wrongs involving officials (or lack thereof) at Midwest events. This year was an all time high since I took office, with five different situations crossing my desk. I am well aware of the J88 situation. That one was handled appropriately, and it was well staffed (high level, experienced certified judges). I can understand others in the fleet being put off by this, and there was a solution available if something else was desired. To my knowledge this solution was not pressed for or enacted. Regarding the bowsprit protests, this happens everywhere (I participated in a hearing on the East Coast regarding this subject), and as someone else said in this thread, "Just follow the damn rules". Judges are stuck with what the class has written in their rules, and unless certain items are marked DP in the SIs we don't have any flexibility or leeway on these decisions. To close, I am usually very available to discuss these items (and more) in a friendly, cordial manner. Over a beverage is preferred. I don't hide behind my avatar either, but in the event there may be confusion with who you are talking to I have included my details below. Going forward, I would simply ask that you look for solutions instead of slagging the people that are willingly donating their time so you can continue enjoying sailboat racing. Thank you for reading, and I apologize if you (or anyone else) feels offended. My intent was to inform, that is all. Mike Kaspar Regional Area Judge, Area K, US Sailing National Judge, National Umpire, former Beer Can volunteer Columbia Yacht Club member since '05
  6. TsunamiMike

    Team Racing

    http://www.sailing.org/41456.php The above link is for umpires, and it provides guidance on a huge percentage of situations that arise on the race course. We recommend competitors become familiar with this, in addition to Appendix D of the RRS which changes several rules in the book.
  7. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Anarchists...

    Check PM sir.
  8. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Area III

    CRW is bookended with Columbia Cup on the first weekend of August, and Verve Offshore on the second weekend. In between there will be various one day sailing activities. The "Super Beer Can" you speak of is for the Monroe circles. I am not aware of what Belmont / Montrose are doing. I also do not have information on the events Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  9. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    News link from yesterday. No investigation. Extremely unhappy about this: https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2018/09/21/questions-swirl-around-the-death-of-mackinac-sailor/
  10. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Area III

    Folks, Not attempting to dredge up some bad memories, but I find this deplorable. Link posted in other thread. In short, no investigation (that we know of) of John's demise. CPD didn't look into anything since there wasn't a crime, USCG didn't look into anything since it wasn't a commercial vessel (I find this odd as they hassled a support boat that was following the rules and the law Sunday for flying a drone to film the M32's), and all the evidence was destroyed. If CYC is investigating, they aren't saying anything - unlike the Wingnuts incident where an investigation was announced.
  11. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Area III

    Given the events of the previous weekend, and the ongoing BS from "jzk" in the other thread, bumping this for the benefit of others.
  12. TsunamiMike

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Finish 4106 distance 7502.6 nm time 21d 10h 49m 57s Nicely done Stu.
  13. TsunamiMike

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Man I need to check other forums more often. Couldn't find this thread. If someone could add me, boat name is Tanuden. If it would help, I can just join SAYC to make it easier. I went W with Mom early after looking at the in game forecasts regarding the doldrums and the equator. Went stealth mode yesterday so I won't pop up until tomorrow or the day after. IMHO The cards are not that big of a pain. The cost of the individual items is not ideal in some cases (scaled cost of cards for WP's, really?). The help cards will occasionally show you something you forgot, and for that one card every now and again is worth it. Example - on the Allicante - Lisbon leg, a help card showed me more distance with the Code 0 saved me two hours to a point ahead. The significantly bigger pain point is the cost for the pro kit being "per leg". In the overall scheme it is not a big expense, but quite the PITA because you don't know the up front cost. Nobody wants to pay for something without knowing the cost up front. Lastly, thanks very much for the Zezo link. According to it I am hosed over the next week so I will try to minimize my losses. TIA
  14. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Area III

    500 ft, unless the area is considered congested (or not considered open water), in which case different distances apply. The catch all is in the event of engine failure, you must be able to glide to shore. It's in FAR91 somewhere, I think in the teens or 20's.
  15. TsunamiMike

    Chicago Area III

    Congrats to Dave Rearick and Matt Scharl for first to finish in leg 2 of the Atlantic Cup