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  1. Is your question how to connect N2K cable such as in the picture below to a connector? Normally you cut the 3 shield wrappings flush with the jacket and only worry about the uncovered drain wire. You want to put small diameter transparent heat shrink over the portion that sticks out of the outer cable jacket and connect it to the grey terminal on the N2K connector. In your N2K network the shield should be grounded to an RF ground only once, normally at the power tap.
  2. Yes, I have used the Actisense DST-2 depth/speed to NMEA0183 module combined with the Actisense NGW-1 NMEA0183 to 2000 converter.Depending on your network topology, you may prefer to connect the DST-2 directly into the H5000 CPU. Some points to note: 1) the sea water temp signal from the Nexus depth transducer is not compatible with the DST-2 2) when the DST-2 does not receive a speed pulse (when paddlewheel is out of the water), the DST-2 does not broadcast any speed data (it cannot be set to broadcast a speed of 0) which means that boat speed is missing in the H5000 network. You then have to manually set the H5000 to use SOG instead of boat speed, etc. Someone on the forum was suggesting to use the Garmin converter which broadcasts BSP at 10Hz instead of 1Hz with the above set-up. However, I chose to go with the Actisense set-up because I also needed to connect the Nexus depth transducer. Actisense may be working on a new DST module, you want want to contact them and check. Hope this helps
  3. I have been thinking about the same setup for a while, as I only have space for Vulcan 7'' at each wheel. I have some questions about H5000 / Zeus 2 / Vulcan integration though: 1) can the Vulcan control the H5000 A/P, and 2) Is it somehow possible to network the Zeus 2 and Vulcan over wifi in order to share route information? An alternative setup I am looking at is the Argonaut M7 touchscreen (https://www.argonautcomputer.com/products/m7-smart-touch-monitor), but have not found any reviews / user experience on this screen anywhere on the web.
  4. yes living in Singapore means your shipment gets to you. you should live in the Philippines and try that. as they say. it is fun in the philippines!!I used to live in Manila (1998-2000), I sympathize! WRT customs, Singapore is a dream come true.
  5. Same positive experience with Kaelig at KM Nautisme to purchase Karver gear and ship it over to Singapore where I live. Competitive prices and good service.
  6. For the depth, from Airmar documentation I know blue is positive and black negative but that's not sufficient for me to figure out the whole story. From Nexus documentation I suspect both are 12v powered without further useful info
  7. Does anyone know how to connect Nexus TH43 depth and log transducers to a H5000 CPU? The depth transducer (Airmar CS-P502) has 3 wires: blue, black and screen. The log has 4: green, yellow, white and screen. I would like to connect them to the H5000 CPU's analogue and speed inputs (see picture) but dont know where each wire goes. Any help appreciated.
  8. I am thinking of retrofitting one of my Antal XT 52.2 Race primary winches into the new 52.3 three speed version for continuous furling line duties, but would like to hear comments and reviews before committing. http://www.antal.it/eng/XT52-3RD_en
  9. Line driver, made by Antal: http://www.antal.it/ENG/240-010_en
  10. Going back to top down furlers for flying sails, has anyone here got any experience with luff tension adjustment via a swivel on the anti-torsion cable? Bamar seem to be promoting theirs in a big way these days. I know Karver have a swivel on the catalogue as well, but the dont seem to be pushing it at all. Would this (combined with a slightly shorter luff on the sail that can be allowed to raise when the sail is unfurled, and tightened before furling) allow for more trouble-free furls?
  11. Lono, it looks like you can program one simplex working channel, in addition to Ch. 16.
  12. For many of us living or sailing in developing countries, public rescue services are either non-existent or strictly fair weather affairs. In many distress scenarios, the only likely help will come from privately-owned ships, whether merchant vessels, private yachts or fishing boats. Therefore AIS and DSC VHF are better distress signalling and communication systems than any public / MRCC system. As an example, in Phuket area in Thailand, I was once sailing back from Phi Phi island to Phuket on a Sunday afternoon by postcard perfect weather. There was in the vicinity a Singapore frigate trying to raise the Thai naval command on CH16 because they had an injured sailor on board and they wanted to send him to the local hospital. Took them 1 hour to get a response on CH16, another hour to get the Thais to send a small boat pick up the injured less than 10 nm from Ao Chalong port. Just imagine what it would take them to move their asses for one of us out at night in a storm...
  13. Intersting point. If your AIS transceiver shares your VHF's masthead antenna, then you can get decent range -- 12 nm in my case with an antenna 25m above sea level. If you have a separate AIS antenna on the pushprit, not much..
  14. Alcatraz, Dacapo, thanks for the suggestions. I will explore these 2 options. Nicolas
  15. Hi all, I am looking for a replacement Nexus NXR cable w/ mini connector such as the one in the below picture. The corresponding Nexus part numbers are: 22816-1050 (5m long) and 22816-1100 (10m long). Would anyone know where to get one? Apparently Garmin / Nexus does not sell these products anymore. Alternatively, if anyone knows where to get compatible connectors from third parties, that would be great. Thanks in advance Nic