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  1. Little Betty

    Ed's Outburst

    I think that way when I see bumper stickers plastered all over a car.
  2. Little Betty

    James Cook - 250th Pacific Voyage Anniversary Calendar

    AmazonSmile: Narrative of the Voyages Round the World, Performed by Captain James Cook : with an Account of His Life During the Previous and Intervening Periods eBook: Andrew Kippis: Kindle Store
  3. Little Betty


    Can you believe the Weather Channel? They didn't get the Hurricane destruction they were hoping for, so they are trotting out old videos of Hurricane Harvey. Pathetic.
  4. Little Betty

    What about the Sailors?

    Wow bigpowr, For the first time in my life, I wish I was someone else. YOU. You knocked it out of the park with that post, and the rest of us can only wonder how we didn't think of it first." Hand on my cock" in lieu of Hancock, Just...WOW. I know Moorpark is the epicenter of critical thinking, but I think we know who the KING OF MOORPARK is...You! And it only took a little over 1400 posts to work your way up to perfection. Good on ya! Many of us wish we could bask in the glory that is bigpowr, but we are afraid that most of your brilliant comments would just whisk over our heads, while we stood there like slack jawed yokels wondering "what the hell just happened?". Thanks a lot, bigpower, now we have to shut down SA for good, nobody can top that one. Hell let's just shut down the whole damn World Wide Web, because you JUST WON THE INTERNET!......Brilliant!
  5. Little Betty

    At Last! We go back in the water tomorrow!

    I am hull 93, a 1970 R26. I was able to get parts also. Glass windows, and a newer cooler step. I am looking for chocks to lead the dock lines. Mine are crumbling. Got anything like that on your parts boat? Chris
  6. Little Betty

    At Last! We go back in the water tomorrow!

    I have been working on my Ranger 26 as well