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  1. CapSizer

    stormy petrel

    Ok, so the OP raises a valid question. Does anybody here have any experience of Entropy Resins? And is there anybody with the chemical knowledge who can comment on the merit of their environment friendly claims?
  2. CapSizer

    12 foot IMP dinghy

    To the best of my knowledge, yes. And they were pretty scarce, anyway. Why the interest in it?
  3. CapSizer

    12 foot IMP dinghy

    Wow, now you are really digging up ancient history. I seem to remember black and yellow sails. They advertised in SA Yachting in the early 80's, see if you can find somebody with a stack of old magazines from those days. Don't ever remember seeing many of them sailing.
  4. CapSizer

    420 vs 505 for beginner

    No, it wasn't a joke. I sent a PM to the OP suggesting that we get together for a few beers to chat about the subject, and he replied that he was simply completely put off the forum by the nature of the responses he had received. Hopefully we can still have the beers some time (he also had a bit on at the time) and get him to try some dinghy sailing. His naive question reflected the reality of the used dinghies cheaply available in Cape Town. As Major Tom has pointed out, don't assume that what applies in your area is valid elsewhere.