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  1. WGW, very fun idea of the "Ransome trip", probably today's health & safety world wouldn't allow half of it!
  2. Thanks WGW. Not definitely day sailing only, hence two separate questions. The inland option would be for living on board. Thinking really in terms of two different types of holidays. C
  3. I would love to explore some picturesque part of the world inexpensively by means of a chartered boat. This leads to two questions: Where in the world can one charter a small yacht (let's say under 30') for inland sailing? I know that you can hire a classic boat on the Norfolk broads, and as somebody who grew up on Ransome that holds a certain appeal from a sailing point of view, but it is perhaps not the most dramatic landscape. Any other suggestions? Alternatively, where in the world can one charter a day sailer for exploring the local area? I've found one company in Lefkas, but nothing else so far. Any other suggestions?
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    Show your dingy sailing....

    Ok Rambler, I give up. What IS that? I could not identify it with a bit of Google detecting.
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    Seggerling Plans

    "Phantom seems to be the closest, very nice boat, but I could not find much info on DIY building." Phantom is pretty straightforward to build. The original full-size templates have been scanned, and are available as DXF files, nested onto 8'x4' plywood sheets. Build instructions are available from the UK class association, I can give you the contact details of the relevant person. As for costs, wood is cheap, epoxy a little less cheap, spars, sails and fittings much less cheap. It is certainly a viable alternative to the Seggerling, if you are after a wooden boat, and many people find it an attractive and elegant boat.