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  1. vij

    AC36 - The Venue

    Its not only big enough. Its already 4 Americas Cup boats there already. Would be perfect for the start up teams as people talks about going back to monos. I mean boats are already there. Just put them in the water and sail like Team Japan did. What could go wrong.
  2. vij

    AC45s For Sale

    And replacing the wings with a normal rig they would actually be useful and some one with to much money could buy them and sail then for fun with a professional crew. If it would not have been for the hate between Alinghi and Oracle I am sure that one or two would end up in lake Geneva.
  3. First of all they did not design a boat for the expected weather conditions. Second they designed a boat that was an updated, enhanced, shrinked ac72 beleaving that we where in a class by them self time last time so we just have to refine the systems and they would be good. Finally they under rated the other teams beleving that they wanted to copy OR. Not invent some thing new. I am pretty sure that Artemes would have been beating OR too. Not 8-1 but mybe 8-6
  4. vij

    AC36 - The Venue

    That's funny. I never realized how similar then maps are.
  5. vij

    AC36 - The Venue

    Its no way that ETNZ could pull out a 800 meters lead over OR at that course. Needs to be bigger to do that.
  6. Regulation wise it would be easy. You should be citizen and resident in the country you are representing at the date of the previous AC. That means that you did not get a quick passport for the next AC. It also means that it doestn not matter where you where born. means that it is very fair and cheating is difficult and still does not discriminate any one.
  7. Is this the famous magic "P" thing foil thing or was that some thing different?
  8. vij


    I am not sure that I would like to se them. I never trusted them and I still don't trust them. AC33 gaves deep scares.
  9. I think that Xerox team as a very similar average boat speed in this conditions but there tacks and jibes are unreliable and I think that this is up to there asymmetrical setup. Some times you think that omg where did they get that speed from and the next minute they are slower. Some times that tack and jibe very good, the next second they screw it up. I think that they are faster when they are riding on there high speed/wind foil then ETNZ. They are however not capable to do reliable tacks and jibes on that side. Riding on there low speed/wind foil they are slower but does reliable tacks and jibes. As long as they can not tack and jibe in a reliable way with there high speed/wind foils in this wind conditions they will not win. If they could learn to tack and jibe with 100% reliability on the high speeders then it would be different. I don't think they will learn as that is the reason for lower wind foils. The controllability. That's why you have larger foils in lower wind conditions.
  10. If ETNZ wins the next race he has lost more races then he has been winning. Interesting isn't it. Been in three AC, been winning two but still lost more then been winning.
  11. vij

    The big call...

    No. No one with a functioning brain would do a 40 knots head on collision to win a race. if you are lucky you would swim away from it. If not you would leave the regatta in a body bag so my answer is no.
  12. vij

    The big call...

    Of course he would not. If one boat makes damage to the other boat being (that has the right of way) they will automatically loose the race and the other team will win. In this case that would mean that ETNZ would win the cup. The second thing is that at this moment Jimmy is a very respected sailor. He might be an arrogant bastard but still a respected arrogant bastard. After a thing like that he would be dead as a sailor and people would spit on him.
  13. It is not much that they can do now with regards to big redesigns. If they did not have it in the pipeline since months it is way to late now. Update foils and rudders? How? They have been doing the research and testing for years. If they did not find any faster solutions during the last 3 years they will not be able to design manufacture, test and learn how to use in one week and I guess that they are not allowed to have another set of foils. Wing. Limited things that they can do. Same thing as above. If they did not manage during the last years its way to late. Any updates has to be designed, manufactured, installed, tested and optimized. Control system of foils and wing. A bit to late now. Same as above. Cyclores. Way to late. Even if they could bolt on ETNZ system they do not know how to optimize and use it. How many sailing days does ETNZ have with there cyclors? they are still learning and Improving. Crew change. Nice idea but who can jump into a new very complicated boat and do a better job then JS.To late. Weight savings? They would be stupide and terrible bad designers if they are not on minimum weight at this moment. Boat number two. In which way would that help. Not at all. What they can do is small tweaks, improve there sailing and learn how to use there equipment to 100% like they did in 2013, improve there tactics and how for better weather condition.
  14. vij

    Live Racing Thread

    Of course they can but they don't know how to use them.
  15. vij

    Live Racing Thread

    I would say 4-0 to Berling in the starts.