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  1. Sailabout

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    if insurance companies just say no insurance for a welded keel they will go away.....
  2. Sailabout

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    keels should have PBO tethers like F1 uprights do
  3. Sailabout

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    so its not safe to go out on yacht with a welded keel as nobody knows when it will fall off? ( perhaps they should be sealed and pressurized, loss of pressure is the warning to get back to the dock)?
  4. Sailabout

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    The FEA is done on the drawing ( along with its impossible to weld design) not on the item after its made What fatigue life does the designer state? Do you get a log book for a welded keel for the annual grit blast and crack test/pressure tests to be logged..NOT Sounds like engineering in its infancy days
  5. Sailabout

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    so if you put a fabricated keel on a yacht what is the inspection timetable ( and what you need to do) that comes with it when you buy it?
  6. Sailabout

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    TP from Hong Kong, all went very quite very quick as it appeared it was self inflicted. The HK'ers on here will remember
  7. I think his LASER trademark trumps 3 and I think that makes it unique in the world ( 3rd party with trademark rights to name but 3rd party doesnt own the design)
  8. Sailabout

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    I loved that other designer ( on here) who stood up for his design when a certain TP52 lost its fin after the new chinese bolt failed after the original was changed just before a race.
  9. Sailabout

    what is it?

    on the other side from Malcesine is vertical cliffs and no hard stand like that on east side of the lake, no fence at FVM club
  10. Sailabout

    Progrip decking replacing old existing ? how to?

    epoxy is no problem the foam is the issue
  11. Sailabout

    what is it?

    I dont recognise that car park dont think its Garda? Sun in wrong place?
  12. Sailabout

    Direct lead acid to lithium replacement batteries

    comparing electric power to IC engines is hard as there appears to be no standard to measuring electric motors they do look good as usually peak torque available at very low revs just like a diesel with a cpp
  13. Sailabout

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    funny thing about foiling is everyone thinks they have designed the ultimate boat but in 12 months there will be a better one... Not a business I would invest in when you spend 12 months to develop something and its already superceded on launch ( yes met Michael in Lake Garda a few times)
  14. Sailabout

    Tankers turning off AIS to move sanctioned oil

    the ais MOB is a later message string so all get it BUT for sure older plotters etc will not recognise it. Perhaps with software upgrades they might?
  15. Sailabout

    Tankers turning off AIS to move sanctioned oil

    Some older Furuno radars have a menu to remove class B, the menu list has been posted on blogs before If you cant see it on radar it wont make much of a scratch is the rule of