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  1. foiling mono maybe giant foiling kite board?
  2. Lead free avgas is coming, but sure when but it will still have all the advantages or longterm storage and no alcohol
  3. I reckon a giant Quant, grinders putting the foils in the water so a tactical decision to use them or not and canting keel as well.
  4. YES, the Italians like to sell expensive goods to wealthy people, who couldnt give a Sh1t about beach cats. They had zero interest in the last cup, so just maybe they like mono's? lets just divide up the vessel ownership pie with a few generalisations, people who own and sail multis are poor. Did all those megayacht owners in Bermuda have foiling cats, maybe they do and I am wrong. The media was a flop if you didnt notice ( the technology was very good though)
  5. who funded the kiwi's, and what do they sell, DOH!
  6. Do people who buy Louis Vuitton hand bags buy foiling beach cats ( or their boyfriends) nope. So if no sponsor interested why would TV/media be interested? Lots of expensive cars/watches/handbags in the carpark of a J class regatta foiling mono is the compromise
  7. Do you remember the J24 worlds in Italy where the builder had altered the boats so much you tell when you just looked at them, the Italian measurer's had measured them in for the the Italian and Europeans. I think they got lifetime bans
  8. avgas makes that all go away
  9. Tohatsu 6hp 20" works. Yes jap carbs are a nightmare
  10. so what was the court case about, how does a yacht club end up in court?
  11. looks like the US navy has learnt nothing since the RAN( aussie) Melbourne cut one of theirs in half in a similar event. They just dont put any focus on shipping/nav its all war based hence you can end up with crew on the bridge that can dodge a missile but not another vessel
  12. once you are down the road it will either be B&G because you need the data and accurate calibration or back to Raymarine coz you dont Post in 2 years and lets us all know
  13. I hear that as the Japanese have the vhf and radar tapes plus the VDR off the container ship hence the investigation was over in 5 minutes. It will be kept very quite Lucky the Container ship turned at the last minute as it might have cut that thing in half, the bulb went way in.
  14. Warships dont transmit AIS and clearly USA ones dont receive it either Fishing vessels not required to have in most countries either