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  1. tp 52 crop 2018

    more important, where are the old ones going?
  2. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    so have the ICLA shot themselves in the foot siding with Rastegar and nobody can get laser parts anywhere in the world except where the Ozzies are allowed to sell them? ( I guess that result was the court case in reality)
  3. Polishing stainless welds

    I heard the other day use Coke zero or diet as the phosphoric is inhibited by the sugar in the leaded version?
  4. GPS Spoofing

    We were lucky the last cycle but the one before the earth got hit. I was steaming in the Med slowly lost all gps's and coms for about 20minutes. Of course we forgot to look at the solar weather forecast that day. DOH! Guys offshore in some parts of West Coast Africa and Brazil lose gps everyday late afternoon. The DP vessels in those areas have INS to help cover the blackout periods
  5. GPS Spoofing

    for sure what about GOD? when he organises a solar flare, all sat coms are toast. We were lucky the last cycle but the one before the earth got hit
  6. GPS Spoofing

    so if your dumb enough to connect the ecdis to the autopilot....well darwin has rules for that
  7. GPS Spoofing

    if the gps gets turned off all the vessels keep going as the autopilot is only using the heading. crew are either looking out out the window or using the radar, or should be
  8. GPS Spoofing

    with Navstar, Glonass and Beidou, Galileo almost having 24hr coverage , no big deal if you block one of them. yes spoofing easy to do at sea level but the USA already thought of that when they made it so they can detect it.
  9. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    In WWII the navy had the biggest ships so everyone got out of the way. oops, now its different. Looks like they will need a $10 billion 10 year investigation to find out why the merchant fleet doesnt crash that often
  10. Clipper Does a Vestas

    why would they get their money back, they did it?? Aftica is going Northeast and combined with an over estimation of global warming lifting the tide issue, they had a good plan for a shortcut just 100 million years too early
  11. SCIENCE!

    saying that we dont get involved with height so happy to hear everybody else's info on it.
  12. SCIENCE!

    No Because wgs84 was just a location that everybody agreed on, as the earth is not round it doesnt work for survey work. The gps datum is a circle around the earth measured from space so once you measure using it you can know if you are going up or down. There are probably 75+ datums to cover the earth, large countries have several like the USA. I use them in oil gas GPS positioning on DP vessels, we never use wgs84 as all offshore measurements are based on a local land based datum so accurate for local work. ( the USA doesnt appear to have Federally based rules so in the Gulf of Mexico its measured in feet, US survey feet and metric, depending on which state surveyed it and when)
  13. SCIENCE!

    Except the bonus with GPS is its relative to the centre of the earth ( wgs84) so if the land goes up you know. How was that possible before GPS?
  14. SCIENCE!

    GPS can measure altitude very accurately, once you have a local differential station set up. https://construction.trimble.com/products-and-solutions/site-positioning-systems
  15. SCIENCE!

    If both heights are moving then there was no datum until GPS was in use?