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  1. Sailabout

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    I thought it has a stability control computer and actuators on control surfaces to make it simple?
  2. Sailabout


    does it have a 2 piece mast factory or cut later?
  3. Sailabout

    Corsair 970

    IMHO the main was eased to the nose dive position as in like a 4kt SB DDW?
  4. Sailabout

    Corsair 970

    old 970, do you mean a Dash mk1 or 2? 970 has new style ama's so lots different on the water I presume with its bigger righting moment
  5. Sailabout

    8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    wow what a machine
  6. Sailabout

    Boracay Race on life support

    I think the boss has said the hotels must close so hence the regatta is toast? Perhaps a blessing so they get control of sewerage so it doesnt end up like Phuket where none of your crew would dare go swimming any more
  7. Sailabout

    Oyster Yachts gone bust

    I'd guess it could be fixed if RM purchases it but if any of those current guys are involved its toast
  8. Sailabout

    Get bent, let's get rid of the jackstays !

    how do they get hurt.... crew that cant hold on with one hand via a sheet when anything happens, should be part of a test before stepping on board. ( assuming rolled boat not huge wave, that takes 2 hands) Cant f'n stand it when they let go of the rope they were holding on to ( that is secure) and fall over or off the boat looking for next hand hold.
  9. Sailabout


    yes very true, there is one book by someone that was there. great read The Glomar had what became the first commercially available ( there were a couple of one offs prior) Dynamic Positioning system ( Honeywell) used acoustic beacons at 17,000ft, most today only work to 10,000ft Nothing since has come close to the weight and depth of that sub lift.
  10. Sailabout


    do you think anyone on this thread knows what vessel the Glomar was?
  11. Sailabout

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    whose greg, isnt it Grant,well he is in the photo?
  12. Sailabout

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    you were in the army with LB?
  13. Sailabout

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    commercial YM of 200ton is the British thing, doesnt exist under IMO regs. They needed to invent it due to the high volume of skippered charters in the UK re liability. at least they have something Commercial just means you did a BOSIET and GMDSS as well as your YM offshore.
  14. Sailabout

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    its the term commercial seaman use when looking at the lights on a 20m+ sailing boat as they know they never follow the rules and they are never enforced. Just like this thread has shown, dont even know there are location regulations for lights.
  15. Sailabout

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    can you read if I posted every countries rules they would all be the same DOH! Should I have said commercial vessels follow the rules re light positioning (which you said doesnt exist) and pleasureboats dont then you would be happy? which is what was was getting at. How many 20m+ yachts have correct lights, very few! ( they all get away with it in your home pond) Maybe WAFi's need the word pleasure boat on the colregs so they follow them?