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  1. Sailabout

    Brexit, WTF

    tell me, how do you see wealth in Sicily? would that be all the global business that started there? other than plum tomatoes what do they have? Does it look like Singapore these days?
  2. Sailabout

    Brexit, WTF

    the north is wealthy, have you ever been there?? If half the country is doing all the work and the gdp was same and larger than the UK you can see your argument holds no sway When the wall goes up it will be just under Florence to Rimini below that is north africa, the mafia is a net drain on the gov Italy has proven it can run without government or finances, nobody else in the EU can do that
  3. Sailabout

    Brexit, WTF

    they just make it up as they go You cant let any investor leave a ponzi scheme, its seems they are desperate to keep the UK in so their huge trade deficit to help fund it
  4. Sailabout

    Brexit, WTF

    I think the Scots wanted to have a vote but actually know they need to stand with the the former invaders PS I did hear Whiskey earns as much as the oil?
  5. Sailabout

    Miami boat show will be short one Beneteau

    Chatting to an ex Bene factory staff member, one of his many stories was, same truck driver shipping boats for years, pulls the span sets down on one and the supports go through the hull. lots of Friday and Mondays boats he said....
  6. Sailabout

    Brexit, WTF

    Italy not mentioned yet, its economy has stood still since the euro killed its export business nobody there thinks they have a bright future, I have worked for Italians pre and post the Euro
  7. Sailabout

    Brexit, WTF

    Lots of French travel to work in London everyday as they realize the UK has a future and France doesnt
  8. Sailabout

    Brexit, WTF

    yes, money just fall from the sky to pay for the dream....
  9. Sailabout

    Brexit, WTF

    if it was a business it would have folded years ago
  10. Sailabout

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    yes, its the removal of sulphur from the fuel which the industry then learnt was a lubricant. Cummins started to make fuel filters with some kind of lubricant in them as many engines had issues with seizing injectors and older ones with injection pumps Was an issue on lots of various high, medium and low speed engines
  11. This one is more complicated as the 2 companies had some kind of relationship where intellectual property was passed as in the 2 cases I highlighted above
  12. Sailabout

    F7 Folding Trimaran...This is interesting

    I guess this answers the question about who owns the molds in MHD or didnt get paid for them or something complicated? Boat building just keeps the entertainment coming and has for its whole history.
  13. is this going to be another Burge v Swarbrick story or a Kirby v Rastagar?
  14. Sailabout

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    water stripping muffler is the go, will make any size gen set silent. Water blowing out the exhaust is so 80's
  15. Sailabout

    Corsair Trimaran

    that was kind of an end of day comment